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Folder Blitz


Folder cover

YA Fantasy, YA Sci-fi, Science Fiction

Published: November 2020

Publisher: Regilius Publishing

Eric Folder has moved to Oregon to attend Portland State University when an automobile accident leaves him stricken with migraine headaches. The resulting visual effects—something medical professionals term an aura—render him virtually blind and defenseless when a gang of street thugs attacks him. Desperate to see and needing to protect himself, Eric reflexively tears at the luminous lines of light and finds they have become tangible. When he pulls them aside, his present reality folds away with them, leaving him in better circumstances with his enemies vanished. Attempts to fold his way out of subsequent perils leave him in increasingly strange situations until, eventually, his world becomes a nightmare.

Praise for Folder:

A wild young-adult alternate-worlds adventure that will leave you guessing right up to the end! Fans of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials will love this!” – D. J. Butler, author of Witchy Eye

A big, engaging ride across our infinite possibilities – and our choice to be heroes.” – Anthony Dobranski, author of The Demon in Business Class

Folder tablet, phone, paperback




I’m lost.

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry when I say this, because I sound as if I’m repeating words from a hymn or I’m in need of a compass, or else I’ve given up completely. The thing is, I’m terrified because all these things are true and I don’t know how to fix them. I would say a prayer if I thought someone could hear, but even if they did, I don’t think this is a place where prayers get answered. If I had a compass, knowing whether I’m facing North or South wouldn’t take me away from this place, let alone back to where I started. In fact, no one can get me out of the mess I’m in, except maybe me, and I’m as scared to try to change what has brought me here as I am afraid do nothing.

I remember when my friends and I were kids and we hid in the bushes and pretended there were monsters coming after us. Well, now the monsters are real. I’ve been listening for what seems an eternity to their angry snorts and the clatter and scratches of their claws on the large stone surface where those creatures are gathered. Every now and then, one of them hisses and another does the same in response. The rate of their footsteps escalates and I imagine two of them colliding and squaring off in an expression of indignation. It’s too dark to see whether this has actually happened, or if it’s just my imagination, but the pounding of my heart in face of the impending danger keeps me riveted on what’s happening.

As I hide in a clump of bushes and the minutes pass, I’m more than a little relieved that they’re taking so long to find me. Unexpectedly, the full moon peeks through a break in the cloud cover and the scales on the bodies of several great beasts glisten. Each is twice the size of a bullmastiff and I count six of them several yards from here. Their eyes glow whitish gold and appear to have vertical slits, although it’s hard to be sure at this distance. As they circle a spot where I was standing a short while ago, sniffing the ground in several directions around it, one of them raises its head and opens its mouth, baring rows of long, needlelike teeth. I expect the creature will howl. Instead, a rasping reptilian sound emerges and I shudder, wondering what kind of beings they are.

Although I’ve recently arrived, from my earlier experiences and the landscape’s layout, I recognize this place as being near where the street car used to stop in a time that’s lost to me forever. The place where I’m hiding used to be the parkway where Park crosses Mill—or what used to be Park and Mill before everything transformed into this new reality. There aren’t any streets anymore and I’m surprised there are even deer trails to mark where Park and Mill once intersected. This used to be Portland State University, but now everything’s grown over and forested. The clock tower has vanished, as have the student union and the rest of the buildings that were part of the campus.

Without warning, a thought bubbles up from a world I’ll never see again and I almost cry out loud. Cursing this lack of control, I force my idiot self to keep quiet. Still, there is some truth to the thought that this situation is what Dad would have called a mixed blessing. It’s because it rained so hard that those things haven’t discovered me already. Here I am, kneeling on a thick bed of leaves. If they weren’t so soggy, they would crackle each time I move and announce my location. Instead, their wetness muffles whatever noise I might otherwise make. On the other hand, because the night is so cold and water is starting to soak through my pants, I’m beginning to shiver and I’m afraid I might sneeze any minute. If I do, those creatures will certainly hear and I know I will die because I’m sure they can out-run me.

The breeze that’s been chilling me starts to increase and I wonder if another storm is building. The last of autumn’s leaves whip though the air and there is a sharp crack above me. The creatures turn in my direction and two cock their heads. A third one starts walking toward me and I hold my breath, wondering whether it will continue to advance, when a second crack drops a large bough into the bushes a few yards to my right. The creatures stop and stare at the spot where it landed. Then, apparently satisfied they understand what caused the disturbance, they resume their search in the original location. Realizing I’ve been holding my breath and that I need to breathe, I inhale deeply, then exhale. My breathing is starting to grow normal when something grabs my shoulder.

About The Author

Raymond Bolton lives near Portland, Oregon with his wife, Toni, and their cats, Max and Arthur. His epic fantasies are published by WordFire Press, publisher of the Dune and Star Wars novels, and have received endorsements by the late Mike Resnick and award-winning author Paul Kane.

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24 Symbols

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The Gotten Blitz


The Gotten banner


The Gotten cover


YA Fantasy, Historical Fantasy, Young Adult


Published: November 12, 2020

Publisher: Tell-Tale Publishing Group

For Fans of Neil Gaiman, Divergent, and Stranger Things…

No one knew about the doorbell until the news story of the boys’ mysterious disappearance.

If certain people couldn’t own the doorbell or if it rejected them, they wanted to destroy it and the boys behind it, calling it a hoax.

Ivor and Inge Borg have been tracking Astrid Sims, who has escaped from the ancient Norse myth as Skuld, the weaver of the future, fate and destiny of humankind. She’s the norn of the future. Urd of the past and Verdandi of the present. Ivor and Borg need her return so they can continue to spin the threads of life and decide the fate of all human beings. Skuld was reborn and escaped into a new childhood existence. She emerged as a teenager in the 1950s and later as a wife and mother in an American heartland town.

The Borgs recruit disappointed miracle seekers. When they threaten the boys to force Astrid’s / Skuld’s return, much to the anguish of their parents, their sons have to disappear. Accused of being a witch and a demon, Astrid spirits the boys into the future. They don’t find what they expect and they don’t like what they find.

The Gotten tablet, phone, paperback



A profound silence stretched through the endless serenity of the massive forest. Blisters of unidentifiable sounds periodically erupted among the treetops as some form of communication. Invisible creatures brushed against the boys verifying their existence.

Where are we?” asked Steven. “What are we doing here?”

The boys had been disoriented since the moment of their arrival. They had no choice but to trust where Astrid was leading them. They could not make sense out of what they encountered unrelated to their former lives.

I brought you here to save you from the seekers who want to control you,” said Astrid. “Ivor and Inge were sent to bring me back to my origin. Since I refuse, they will punish me for desertion by taking your lives because you are my friends.”

Do you mean we’re stuck here? We can never go back?”

No, I have a plan, but it’s dangerous to all of you and to me.”

Tell us what we have to do,” said Ray. “We can handle it.”

What do this Ivor and Inge want from us?” asked Steven.

They want to control the present and the future. They want to determine your future rather than letting you decide. That can be done only through me. The doorbell works only through me.”

How do we decide?” asked Eddie.

You have to find your way. You have to each decide how to create your future.”

You mean we can make up what happens to us?” asked Ray. “I like that.”

That’s because you like to make up stories,” said Steven. “Stories aren’t real.”

Are what we doing real?” asked Clement.

That’s up to you,” said Astrid. “What you imagine can be real to you.”

What about everybody else?” asked Eddie.

What others see about you is back in the present,” said Astrid.

What are we supposed to do?” asked Steven. “Where do we go? There’s nothing here but trees and woods.”

This is my world,” said Astrid. “This is where I came from.”

Then you really are a witch,” said Steven, “if you came from a forest and brought us here like this.”

I prefer to be called a wicca,” said Astrid.

That sounds like witch to me,” said Steven.

Are there others like you?” asked Ray.

There are others in my world, but no one like me.”

So, what are we supposed to do?” Steven asked again. “Where do we eat and sleep?”

What about going to the bathroom?” asked Eddie. “Do we just go behind a tree? And where do we get toilet paper?”

Astrid laughed. “The things that concern you I find amazing.”

Well, it’s true,” said Eddie. “This is like camping out in Scouts, only we don’t have any camping equipment.”

You don’t need camping equipment. The world in the future isn’t the same as where you came from in the present. Your needs are not the same.”

Well, I still need food,” said Steven. “I’m hungry right now.” He looked at his friends. “Isn’t anybody else hungry?”

Yeah, I’m hungry,” said Clement.

Yeah,” Ray nodded. “I could use a hamburger, fries, and a Coke.”

Nothing is real here because the future isn’t real. It’s only imaginary. So you can imagine whatever you would like.”

And we’ll get it?” asked Eddie.

And you’ll get it,” said Astrid.

Does it just appear out of thin air?” asked Eddie.

What you imagine appears only to you and stays in your imagination and you can do with it in your imagination, but it won’t actually exist.”

I’m liking this,” said Ray. “It reminds me of The Twilight Zone.”

The future is beyond The Twilight Zone,” said Astrid. “The present will become your future. It is your experience and will eventually become your reality.”

That’s weird,” said Clement, “but I kind of like it too. Someday, we can get what we wish for.”

Not necessarily,” said Astrid. “A wish is only a wish. It’s not reality. It might be a starting point but you have to do the work to make it happen. That’s why you go to school.”

I’m not learning anything in school I want to do,” said Steven.

Of course you are,” said Astrid. “You’re learning basics you’ll need for later.”

You sound like my mother. When I grow up, I want to do something that’s fun.”

What do you think that will be?” asked Astrid.

I don’t know yet.”

That’s what I mean. You have to discover it.”

What do we do here?” asked Eddie. “We don’t just want to stand around. It is a woods. I like woods but I don’t just want to stand around.”

What you’re going to see is beyond the trees,” said Astrid.

Something keeps touching me,” said Ray brushing at his shoulder. I don’t see any insects, but it doesn’t go away.”

It likes you,” said Astrid. “It just wants to be your friend.”

What likes me? There’s nothing there.”

There are other forms of existence in my world,” said Astrid. “Some are more advanced than humans.”

That sounds like my kind of story,” said Ray. “What are they, aliens?”.

No, they were once human creatures just like you. They decided to stay in this world rather than go back.”

You mean they’re spirits?” asked Ray

Actually, they are your spirits.”


Yes, from the future. They are going to accompany you.”

Where?” asked Clement.

You will see soon enough,” said Astrid.

Wait a minute,” said Eddie. “What do you mean they decided not to go back? If they’re us, we don’t want to stay here. We want to go back.”

I don’t mean you can never go back. While you’re here, your spirit has separated from you and is prepared in case you decide to stay.”

If we decide to stay, does that mean we’re dead? We die?”

Death is in everyone’s future,” said Astrid. “You don’t have a choice of when that will happen to you. You will be gotten.”


About The Author

Multi-book author and retired business and management consultant with large, medium and small companies in a wide range of industries throughout the country, Rob Tucker resides with his wife in Southern California.

He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara and of the University of California, Los Angeles with Bachelor’s and Masters of Fine Arts Degrees. He is a recipient of the Samuel Goldwyn and Donald Davis Literary Awards and has also worked in advertising, corporate communications, and media production.

An affinity for family and generations pervades his novels.

His works are literary and genre fiction that address the nature and importance of personal integrity.

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Ninja Girl Adventures Blitz

Ninja Girl Adventures banner


Ninja Girl Adventures cover


YA Fantasy


Date Published: November 2020

Publisher: Networlding Publishing, Inc.

Sister Power at It’s Best

Moira Mackenzie is just 14 years old. Her sister Mindy is 15, and their younger sister Marci is 9. The girls have lived their lives until now believing their father, Scottish billionaire Stephen Mackenzie, is simply a businessman whose KogaTech Consolidated (KTC) is the world’s most successful technology company. Their father was married to a Japanese woman, Kameko, whom the girls are told died in a car accident.

The girls’ idyllic existence in New York, where KTC headquarters is located, is shattered when their father disappears. He is legally declared dead by their Uncle Jiro Akiyama, Kameko’s brother. Uncle Jiro wants to possess the company for himself. What he doesn’t know is that Stephen Mackenzie changed his will so that Moira inherits the entire corporation.

An overwhelmed Moira must contend with the unraveling of her family. She has the help of Morton Gerardi, Stephen Mackenzie’s best friend, but he’s not the girls’ father and there’s only so much he can do. While Mindy rebels and Marci, a child genius, disappears deeper into her computer, Moira is further frightened by an intruder who invades the girl’s Manhattan apartment. Not long after this, Moira is visited by Uncle Jiro himself, who offers to provide for the girls financially as long as Moira signs the company over to him.

Moira considers giving in but doesn’t. Suddenly, out of nowhere, black-clad figures, who can only be the mythical ancient ninja of feudal Japan, attack the Mackenzie sisters. The girls are saved by an elderly Asian woman who heads a ninja clan of her own. That woman removes her face mask to reveal that she is Aiko Akiyama, the girls’ grandmother. Moira immediately has many questions. Why has Aiko only now revealed herself?

Aiko explains that Kameko, as Aiko before her, was a member of a Koga ninja clan of Kunoichi — a female ninja. Aiko was forced to fake her own death because of Jiro’s ambitions. She vows to teach Moira to become a ninja warrior and fulfill her family destiny. As Moira beings to learn the ways of the ninja, Aiko’s Yoda-like lessons give her greater self-confidence as well as physical martial arts skills. She passes these lessons to her sisters… but there’s more. Legends claim the ninja were shape-changing tengu, forest spirits with magical powers. Aiko reveals that these stories are true. If Moira wishes, she can learn these mystical abilities. Jiro himself can become a wolf and other ferocious beasts. Moira can learn these same skills, just as Aiko has.

As Moira trains and learns more about herself, she helps her sisters to grow more confident and more disciplined as well. Soon, Mindy is using her gymnastics skills to have ninja-style adventures of her own, as genius Marci helps both of her sisters using her knowledge of computers.

As they grow in their abilities, the girls uncover a plot by Uncle Jiro to misuse “sleep learning” technology developed by KTC. This is why Jiro wants the company. He believes the technology can be used to control minds, ultimately giving him control over the city — and perhaps, one day, even more than that. As the girls use their new abilities to chase down clues that point them to Jiro’s sinister ambitions, Jiro grows tired of holding back. He instructs his ninja to kidnap Mindy and Marci. He then tells Moira she has no choice but to sign KTC over to him if she ever wants to see her sisters again.

To get her sisters back, Moira will have to face her greatest fears. With only partial training, she must conquer her own doubts and apply the lessons of empowerment and confidence that Aiko has given her. The story climaxes in a battle between the two rival ninja clans wherein Moira must first save her sisters and then defeat Jiro himself. The fate of New York City hangs in the balance, as does the fate of Moira’s family and of her father’s company.


Ninja Girl Adventures tablet


About the Authors

MG Wilson is the pen name for Melissa G Wilson who has spent the last 25 years writing non-fiction and fiction that has included five best sellers including a #10 book on Amazon for an entire year and a Wallstreet Journal best-seller. Her passion is centered in helping young and new adults get better starts in life by mentoring them in the world of publishing.

Phil Elmore grew up reading his father’s collection of “Mack Bolan” novels. As a teenager, he had no idea that he would one day ghost-write more than a dozen entries in Harlequin Enterprises’ long-running “Executioner” series. Today, Phil publishes fiction and nonfiction on a variety of topics, through multiple outlets, including his own publishing company, Samurai Press.

A technical writer by trade, Phil Elmore is also the Senior Editor of League Entertainment, an Intellectual Property development company based in Florida.

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Beyond Relatively Normal Tour

Beyond Relatively Normal banner

Beyond Relatively Normal cover

YA fantasy

Date Published: January 21, 2020

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


Jack Galloway has had enough of life and is chasing a high he just can’t
seem to find. Upon meeting with a drug dealer from his school, he is given
some mysterious, bean-shaped pills that just so happen to be nothing but
beans. However, Relatively Normal beans do not grow miles and miles into the
sky overnight, drawing attention from everyone around and destroying the
very idea of reality on Earth.

Now, in order to restore his Relatively Normal world, Jack must embark on a
mission with a girl he barely knows from high school, Red Crawford, who just
so happens to be the only one he knows who has encountered a tear in the
non-magical reality they live in.

The beanstalk, too tall and too wide to climb, leads them down a rabbit
hole to the strange and nonsensical Underland, where they must go through
insane trials in order to reach the answer to their problems — the Giants,
magical creatures who live in Overland and can rid the Relatively Normal
world of that pesky beanstalk. However, the beanstalk and its effects on
reality might just be the least of their worries when they reach the dark,
mysterious Overland.

Beyond Relatively Normal tablet



“You’re not looking in the right place,” the voice said again. It was distinctly male, although it didn’t necessarily sound human. It was soft and silky, almost like a purr. 

Jack frowned, looking all around him, and jumped so hard he crashed into Red when he saw a pair of yellow eyes and a wide, ridiculous smile with pointed fangs on top of the hedge. Slowly, a fuzzy face started to materialize around it, and then a long, thick body and a fluffy tail. A cat, although it didn’t look like any cat Jack had ever seen before. The smile was all-knowing, mysterious, and unnerving. The fur was striped bright blue and dark purple. It studied them with eyes that seemed to peer right into their souls. 

“Could you help us find them then?” Jack asked, then rolled his eyes. He couldn’t believe he was talking to a cat, and almost without hesitation. He was starting to think he might be losing his mind. 

“I mean you’re not looking in the right place for your question.” Somehow, it seemed as if the cat’s eyes had grown larger. He sat up, tilting his head to stare at them, and began to lick his paw. 

Jack looked over at Red, but she appeared just as confused as he felt. His skin prickled in fear as Red said, “Question? What question?” 

“I don’t know,” the cat purred. “You tell me. I know you have one. I see it all over your faces. I just know the answer isn’t here. Not with me, not with the queen.” 

“The queen?” 

“Yes. The Queen of Hearts.”

About the Author

Mikaela Miller has not exactly found her place in the world yet, and she’s
still trying to understand herself, so there’s not much to say. She loves
writing, memes, her friends, and her fur children. She is currently living
the small town life but has high hopes of moving to a big city to live out
her dreams one day. She loves the darker side of all fairytales and has
recently discovered a love for horror novels. This book idea came to her in
a dream, as many of her strange ideas do, and she hopes for a bright future
as she delves further into her characters’ lives. One day, she would like to
be able to rescue lots of homeless animals and be the crazy old cat lady
down the street.

Contact Links


Twitter: @mikaelamauthor

Goodreads: mikaelamauthor

Instagram: @mikaelamauthor

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The Boatwright TOUR

The Boatwright banner

The Boatwright cover

Book 3 of the Verduran Pentology

YA Fantasy

Date Published: October 9, 2020

Publisher: INtense Publications LLC


Dalat was Prince Regent. But he didn’t think about it because it was too far in the future. He thought about the game, beating his opponents. And not simply winning, but crushing them, completely humiliating them.But then disaster struck. His father’s entire empire collapsed. Enemies took every city. Judgement came. The kingdom was proclaimed ended by some being that seemed to be a sort of Lord, even though it was only a bird. His father was struck dumb and deaf, motionless, empty, but not dead.Well, someone had to take charge. And he, Dalat, was supposed to be the one. He determined to be king, no matter who stood between him and the crown. No matter that he knew nothing about being king. No matter that no greater crisis had ever faced the kingdom. So he grasped the crown and put it on himself. But the crown took him to another world, another life, a multitude of other lives, each one more difficult than the last. They were designed to train him, to prepare him to be the king he ought to be. But would he learn? And could it make a difference to his people?

The Boatwright tablet



From Chapter 8: The Green Corn Dance

…one dance, done with feathers, particularly interested him. The dance boss watched him, and as the dance concluded, he extended the dance stick to Sabal, meaning that he was to lead the next dance. Sabal hesitated. But when the man started to take the feathers back to the tchoc-ko thloc- ko, he gestured for him to bring them back.

He set the stick down, took some feathers, and stepped into the leader’s spot. After he had placed feathers between his fingers, he held his arms down, straight and tight against his body so that the feathers splayed down toward the ground. He closed his eyes for a moment and gave himself over to thought. That bird, he mused. He remains in my mind, though I do not know whether to love him or to hate him. But then he opened his eyes and nodded.

He knew the story of Ispri. He had heard it in his creche. He began to dance the story. He raised his arms very slowly from his sides until they formed a straight line across his shoulders from hand to hand, feather to feather. Everyone in the dance circle turned slightly and stretched out their arms similarly.

He fluttered the feathers. They fluttered their fingers. Then he moved his hands – slowly, with deliberate grace – up and down, and up and down. He arched his back and began turning his arms so that the hands made small circles in the air. The others mimicked his circles.

Then he swayed his upper torso, gently, undulating. The others followed. He continued to do so as he stepped from one foot to the other, side to side. The entire line swayed and stepped from foot to foot. Then he waved his arms more swiftly. And when they were moving very swiftly he jumped.

He broke the circle, skipping and jumping. From place to place to place he skipped and jumped. The circle became a line, following him, a line turning and crossing and undulating. And then he tumbled to his knees. All the others fell, likewise, to their knees. His arms still made circles, but smaller, more slowly. Then he settled to his haunches, arms slowing still more. All did the same. And now, he gently rolled and waved his arms, gently, gently, feathers extending from the fingers, until he pulled them in upon himself, cradling himself.

He let his face fall forward and touch the ground, rise again slightly, and then fall again, unhindered, into the dirt. All the other men set their faces in the dirt. Sabal allowed his fingers, and the feathers, to ripple slightly, and then he was still. No one moved. No one made a sound.

The fire crackled softly. A few night birds sounded in the distance. Sweat trickled down Sabal’s down-turned face and dripped to the ground with a tiny hiss. An animal called in the distance. Crickets sang. Sabal’s forehead remained in the dirt. The dancers remained still.

But then Sabal moved a feather. He moved it and was still, but it had made its scratching sound on the earth.

And then he moved another. He rippled his fingers gently, first on one hand, and then on the other. Stop. He did it again. The others began cautiously to move their fingers, to turn their faces sideways to watch.

Then Sabal pulled an arm out from underneath himself, stretched it once and put it back. Then the other. Then both at once. Now he raised his head a bit, arching his back and shoulders, then straightening them, bending back down. And then he was up again, undulating. Slowly, slowly, arms gaining speed, circles becoming larger, he rose to his feet.

Then suddenly, instantly, wildly, he waved and turned and shouted and jumped… running to the edge of the dance circle… running along the edge, jumping, waving his arms. The dance followed. They all jumped and leapt. He led a wild, shouting procession all around toward and away from the edge of the dance circle, waving and weaving, exulting and leaping. On and on.

But finally—slowing, quietening, gradually—he led them back to the center of the circle. He led them back to the center and to stillness.

After a time, Sabal took the feathers from his fingers, picked up the dance stick, raised his head briefly, nodded at the dance boss. Then he bowed his head again.

The dance boss approached Sabal and gently took the stick from the ground in front of him. At that moment everyone broke out in cheers. But Sabal wept.

Keeta led Sabal from the dance circle. As he neared its boundary, did the single rotation and bow required, and stepped out, Chono approached. She took his hand in both of hers, gathering it to herself as one does a precious thing. He said nothing because he had no words. He had shared himself in the dance. There was nothing left to say, nothing left to share.

About the Author

Growing up in Boston, and living in four countries in Europe over 25 years,
gave Dr. Saunders a desire to know and share the history that has shaped the
world we live in today. He is excited to share how similar the founding
concerns and events of our country are to what we are experiencing


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