The Thalia Series Boxset -Spotlight

Thalia Series COVER

Title : The Thalia Series

Author: Jennifer Bene

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Kidnapped late one night, Thaila is thrust into the violent, controlling world of a man who forever alters the course of her life. Brutally trained to be the perfect submissive, Thalia’s world crumbles around her as everything narrows down to the man, his expectation sand her unpredictable future.

What follows is an intense, psychological journey that takes readers through the turmoil Thalia faces as she tries to come to terms with her newfound submission, and the difficult decision of whether or not she can find her place in this new world.

The Thalia Series is a dark, gripping, and emotionally harrowing story that takes you on a roller coaster ride from the deepest of dark romances all the way to the light.

Featuring all five books in one box set:
Security Binds Her, Striking A Balance, Salvaged By Love, Christmas At Purgatory, and Tying the Knot plus a surprise, brand new, short story.

WARNING: This book contains BDSM, strong language, and scenes of violence and dubious consent which may be triggering for some readers. Intended for mature audiences.

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Night of the Drakoryans – Teaser

Night of the Drakoryans cover

Night of the Drakoryans

A Reverse Harem Dragon Fantasy

from Ava Sinclair.



Night of the Drakoryans cover 2


I see something in her eyes now, something encouraging. It is the first glint of curiosity.

“Syrene, my beautiful Syrene. Let me show you.” As I speak, I reach for the hem of her gown and pull it up. I can feel her tremble. I can feel her tense. I hold my breath, fearing that she will bolt. But she stands still. I put my hand on the curve of her hip, and my cock bobs at the feel of her soft, bare skin. I slide it down to the front of her thigh, then to the inside, higher and higher until my hand meets tight, downy curls. I slip one finger into the seam of her pussy, dragging it upward until I find the fleshy hood at the apex of her cleft. I slide my other arm around her waist as I touch the hard knot of her clit, moving my finger in slow, circular motions.

Syrene’s eyes open wide. She rises on her tiptoes, emitting a little “oh” of surprise. I tighten my grip as she begins to wriggle.

“Oh,” she says again.

“Let yourself feel,” I say. “Let me take care of you. Let me give you the pleasure that is your birthright as a woman.”

She is panting in my grasp and moves her hands up to my chest as if to push me away. Her pupils are dilated in excitement, her full lips parted. But she is on the cusp of resisting, and I know this is because she has been conditioned to deny her own needs. I must take control, and I do. I begin to move my finger back and forth, manipulating, teasing. I am rewarded by a surge of wetness, the sweet dew of her first arousal. I sink down to my knees, grasping her hips. I cannot stop myself now, and I sense if I do, she would flee. I must take her over the edge.

I hold her tightly as my tongue dances through the seam of her pussy, lapping velvety petals blooming with arousal. I lathe her aggressively, hungrily, and she cries out. Her hands, which had been pulling my hair, now grasp it, and to my sudden surprise I feel her not pushing me away but pulling me to her. I find the little nub of her pleasure, fully emerged now, and seize it in a gentle sucking bite.

Syrene’s moan becomes a wild scream of pleasure. I grab her round ass, squeezing as I lick and suck and feast on her sweet pussy. I feel her tense and shudder with the force of her first orgasm, but I keep my face pressed tightly against her until the shudder slows to a gentle spasm. Her knees buckle as I stand, and I catch her in my arms and lay her on the bed.

I slide my body over hers.

“What was that?” she asks.

“That was pleasure’s peak.” I smile down at her. “And it was my distinct honor to guide you there.” I smooth her hair away from her face. “Did you like it?”

“Can you do it again?”

I almost laugh from happiness.

“I can do it as many times as you would like me to.”


About the Author:
Variety is the spice of life and Ava Sinclair writes a little something for everyone, from dark romance to menage to kinky AF age play. But the one thing that is consistent in her books are strong storylines, alpha males, and strong women whose hearts and bodies aren’t given up without a fight.

Ava lives in southern Virginia, where she enjoys hoarding books, hiking, running, spoiling her cats, and spending time with her Eurasian eagle owl, Lucius.

Connect with Ava:

Web site

Facebook Page:




Twitter: @authoringava

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Broken Bitch – Blitz

Broken Bitch banner

Broken Bitch cover

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: January 1, 2018
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Callie McKenzie hadn’t had a good introduction to life.

A drug addicted mother caught in the crossfire of a bar shootout saw her dumped in the foster system at the age of thirteen.
Life finally seemed to take a turn for the better when she was offered adoption by a kindly couple but, she knew it couldn’t last. Tragedy puts an end to her dream of a happy life when she is taken to the isolated farm of an abusive distant relative.
At the age of seventeen, beaten and bruised, fearing for her life, Callie flees.
In the dead of night, on a lonely road, Jake Prentiss – President of a motorcycle club, finds her stumbling to freedom.
In the weeks that follow she is slowly pieced back together and falls hard for her knight in shining leather. It doesn’t last long and tragedy once again strikes.
At the age of eighteen, Callie finds herself alone again and in prison.
Her cousin always said she was a BITCH.
Now, she was also BROKEN.

About the Author


I’m a Queensland, Australia gal and live in a small village in a rural area where the noise is that of birds and the air is clean.
For 35 years I worked as a Nurse in ER and Theater. I retired in 2011 and since then I have been able to devote my time to my first love and passion – storytelling.
Married to a Naval Officer for 44 years, we moved around the country on postings and lived overseas in Papua New Guinea for 3 ½ years. Living in a place, experiencing what the cities have to offer, their own unique beauty and way of life, gave me great ideas for stories I would later write.
Under my real name – Susan Horsnell, I write Western Historical Romance set in Texas or South Dakota (as I have travelled extensively in both) and so as not to confuse my readers, I write Steamy Contemporary, M/F, M/M, Menage and even a Shapeshifter under my pen name of A.L. Simpson.
I love exploring different genres and using life experience to weave into my stories. I love drama, twists, hard heroes with a soft center, which is sometimes hard to find and strong heroines who find themselves completed when they find their soulmate.
In our retirement, my husband and I travel a great deal although now, with an aging and ailing dog, we have confined it to exploring the beauty of Australia in our very well-appointed caravan as we are able to take her with us. I document our travels on my Facebook page for all to enjoy with me.
I hope you will take the time to pick up one of my books and I look forward to hearing from my readers either via Facebook or email.
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The Gorilla Picked Me – Blitz



Children’s Picture Book
Date Published: Spring 2018
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Olive felt ordinary. Always last to be picked for teams at recess and never a Valentine placed on her desk. Olive blended in. Until one day at a daddy-daughter dance, the dancing gorilla picked her from the crowd!
He scooped her up and twirled her around the dance floor. Olive’s soul sang! THE GORILLA PICKED ME is a fun, sentimental story that reminds little girls that they are all worthy of attention.  No little girl is ordinary! 
About the Author

Michele McAvoy is an award-winning children’s picture book author. Her debut picture book MY SUPERHERO GRANDPA received a 2016 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award. Michele grew up in a small town in northern New Jersey until she moved to New York City where she attended NYU and law school. Michele enjoyed the crazy, busy, single life of New York for over 15 years until she got married and had her first child.
With a small one bedroom apartment and a baby that did not sleep, Michele moved back to her small hometown. She settled back to her roots and traded in the noisy city streets of NY and extra dirty martinis at trendy bars for manicured lawns and backyard BBQs. When she’s not being a lawyer or a mom, Michele writes uplifting, whimsical stories to help children understand and respect their emotions. You can see more about Michele and her books at
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Ride With Me

Ride With me BANNER

Ride With Me

by Ashley Hastings
Publication Date: April 5, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Ride With Me cover

A bad boy cop and a straight-laced student are about to go on the ride of their lives…

He’s the law, but she’s the one making the rules.

Graduate student Lucy wants order and predictability in her life. She always has a list to consult and a plan to execute.

Police officer Grayson wants to chase skirts and live free. He isn’t interested in being tied to one woman.

Until he meets her.

Lucy agrees to do ride alongs with Grayson as part of her thesis project, and all Grayson wants to do is handcuff her to his bed for a life sentence. Lucy isn’t so sure that Grayson fits her life plan.

Can Lucy resist Grayson’s arresting personality, or will Grayson be able to plead his case and make her his?

About Ashley Hastings

Ashley Hastings lives with a menagerie of animals, and one day aspires to be a crazy, old cat lady. She has a starter set of three cats right now. Ashley likes to take long walks each day while she dreams about what her characters will do in the future, and is already hard at work on her next novel.

Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Newsletter | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Tumblr | Amazon| Facebook Group

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