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Historical Fiction & Satire
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What would happen if a politician decided to tell the truth—the whole truth?
Richard Youngblood, aspiring Congressman, is about to find out. He’s running on a platform of honesty and transparency—and against the advice of his friends and advisers he’s decided to start with himself. His autobiography will lay his entire life bare before voters just days before the election.
And what a life he’s had. Born in a commune and named Richard Milhous Nixon Youngblood as an angry shot at his absent father, Richard grows up in the spotlight, the son of an enigmatic fugitive and the grandson of a Republican senator. He’s kidnapped and rescued, kicked out of college for a prank involving turkeys, arrested in Hawaii while trying to deliver secrets to the CIA…Dick Nixon Youngblood’s ready to tell all.
He’ll even tell his readers about the Amandas—three women who share a name but not much else, and who each have helped shape and define the man he’s become.
Are voters really ready for the whole truth?
Are you?
Pianist in a Bordello is a hilarious political romp through the last four decades of American history, from a narrator who is full of surprises.
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Praise for Pianist in a Bordello
“Pianist in a Bordello is so well crafted it compels readers to surrender and enjoy this irreverent, madcap portrait of a politician. A steady flow historic nuggets, shrewd insights, passionate encounters, and all-out hilarious moments, make it difficult to stop reading.” – Underground Book Reviews
“With an interesting combination of literary tools to keep Erickson’s plot constantly moving–opening chapters with sarcastic quotes, alternating between the abovementioned scenes, various plot twists, and closing on a humorous, yet thought-provoking note, Pianist in a Bordello is definitely a fun read for all.” – San Francisco Book Review
“The author combines highly effective Joseph Heller-style political and social satire with some surprisingly touching personal moments… Erickson welds all of these elements together into a hugely enjoyable comic novel. A fast-paced, raucous tour through the last half-century alongside a modern-day Candide.” – Kirkus Review
‘An original setting, carefully researched and vividly portrayed.’ — The Times Literary Supplement
About the Author

Mike C. Erickson grew up in the idyllic college town of Logan, Utah, but because of a twist of fate he graduated from high school in Honolulu. He left Hawaii brimming with aloha and enrolled at Utah State, where he was awarded two degrees and self-proclaimed minor intellectual status, which was of dubious value when the US Army invited him to vacation in South-East Asia. Ten days after leaving Vietnam, he began decades of dispensing pearls of wisdom as a high school history teacher, academic decathlon coach, and on occasion, as a community college instructor in the Sacramento area. Mike and his wife Trudy, have two grown sons and a grandson born soon after this novel is published. When not in Hawaii or another exotic locale, they live in Gold River, California. This is his first novel.
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    PREORDER ALERT!!!! Alien Healer is coming your way August 29...   ★☆★Preorder Blitz★☆★
Spirituality, Inspirational Date Published: February 2019 Publisher: Book Art Press Solutions “Living for a Higher
  Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts Now Available!     Available Wide!! Amazon US
Thriller Date Published: July 2019 2019 Book Excellence Awards Winner - The Lost Ones -

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Alien Healer by Sadie Carter – Preorder Blitz


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Alien Healer is coming your way August 29…


Alien Healer cover

★☆★Preorder Blitz★☆★


Racar is determined to find a way to ensure that human females live as long as their Zerconian mates. Solving this problem has become the focus of his life. To the point that he hasn’t even noticed his own mate is right under his nose…

Trying her best to be noticed.

Ellie has tried everything she can to get the clueless, hunky healer to actually see her. Short of running around naked screaming his name she wasn’t sure what else she could do.
And frankly, she wasn’t even sure that would work.
When Racar discovers she is his mate, she doesn’t know whether to trust in him. To believe him.

To let herself hope.


About the Author

Best selling author, Sadie wanted to blend her love of writing, Sci-Fi (why did they cancel Firefly – sobs) and sexy, dominant males. She lives in NZ with her husband, crazy cats and the OverLord.

Join her reader group to be the first to get sneak peeks and to talk about books and sexy aliens!
Sign up to her newsletter (https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/p8f0e4) to receive information about new releases, excerpts from upcoming books and deleted scenes.
  A Wilder Novella Paranormal Romance Date Published: August 6, 2019 I am Shala Wilder.
TWO FULL NOVELS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Fans of Lyndsay Sands and Gena Showalter
  Paranormal Romance Date Published: 6/25/2019 James Stonewoll is an Elite Assassin for the Under
    I grew up in Southeast Missouri; home of the Throwed Rolls, high cotton,

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Living for a Higher Purpose – Blitz

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Living for a Higher Purpose cover

Spirituality, Inspirational
Date Published: February 2019
Publisher: Book Art Press Solutions
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“Living for a Higher Purpose” is an enthralling story that will keep readers interested at every turn of the page as it gives a unique perspective of the Viet Nam War from an eye-witness and survivor. Viet, the central character, has experienced firsthand the after-effects of war in his “broken homeland” under the Communist regime and struggles with “hunger, thirst, heat, sickness, waves, violent storms, sharks, Communists, pirates, ideas of cannibalism, and death” in his escape. War indeed could not bring happiness and security to the people but instead grabbed them of these things. The contents of the story are raw, honest and powerful, coming directly from experience that has been indelibly etched into the memories of Viet. The book is not just a story of struggles, difficulties, and despair but also a story of hope, redemption, and transformation.
The difficult situations Viet found himself in are relatable and parallel to the struggles of the modern-day readers, and the triumph and new sense of purpose that Viet gained will also be something readers will relate to. This book is such an inspiring, life-changing and uplifting read. Anyone who has been through the toughest times of their lives can find comfort and security in reading this book. Viet’s story inspires readers to find their own higher purpose in life.
Living for a Higher Purpose tablet
About the Author

Rev. Peter G. Vu has been a Catholic priest of the Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan for twenty years and also a chaplain at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. He was born in Saigon City (currently Ho Chi Minh City), Viet Nam and was a young boy when the Viet Nam War ended. He witnessed the war with great horror and deep appreciation for peace. He grew up with the Communist government system and endured many hardships for more than a decade. What helped Rev. Vu and his countrymen tremendously during those dark days was their faith and prayers. His love for prayers and meditations blossomed. He also exchanged new ideas about prayers and mediations with his Buddhist friends. They got along quite well despite their different faith traditions. After high school, Rev. Vu escaped Viet Nam via boat and came to the United States to begin his seminary training. He attended one year of high school here in the US (Union High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan) to learn the language and new culture. He then attended Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan for two years while staying at Christopher House Seminary. Then, the Seminary sent him to attend his last two years of college at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He graduated with a double major: Mathematics and Philosophy. I then attended graduate school at the University of St. Mary of the Lake and Mundelein Seminary in Chicago, Illinois for five years. He graduated and was ordained with the Master Degree of Divinity and the Sacred Theology Baccalaureate.
Rev. Vu has ministered the People of God at six different churches over the last twenty years. Most of them have schools. He has worked extensively with children, especially at School Masses. He has led children in prayer and has seen first-hand their desperate need for it. He was also trained in Clinical Pastoral Care in a hospital and nursing home setting and practiced it at a General Hospital in Oxnard, California. In addition, Rev. Vu has been a chaplain at Grand Rapids Home for Veterans for almost ten years.
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THE WEDDING QUILT BRIDE Marta Perry Series: The Brides of Lost Creek Book 2 Genre:
  Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts Now Available!     Available Wide!! Amazon US
Thriller Date Published: July 2019 2019 Book Excellence Awards Winner - The Lost Ones -

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Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts – Release Blitz


Mastered by Malone teaser 1

Mastered by Malone by Laylah Roberts

Now Available!


Mastered by Malone cover



She’d seen one dead body too many…
Mia Alcott was in a whole crap load of trouble. The only witness to a horrific crime, she’s on the run, trying to figure out who she can trust and who is out to get her.
In come the Malones. They’re loud. They’re violent. They’re rude. And right now, they’re her only shot at survival
Of course, she has to survive living with them. She also has to resist her attraction to Alec Malone. It should be easy, considering he’s an arrogant, bossy ass.
But oh, what an ass he has…


He never should have agreed to take her in…
Alec Malone didn’t know what he was thinking. He wasn’t looking for a damsel in distress to protect. He had enough going on just keeping his brothers from killing each other.
She was cute. She was sweet. She was everything the Dom wasn’t attracted to.
So then why couldn’t he stop thinking about her?

Warning: Contains one wild, crazy family, a sweet and fiery sub and an arrogant Dom about to break all the rules.

Mastered by Malone teaser 2 Mastered by Malone teaser 3


“Honey, you’re not yourself. And I’m not leaving you alone like this. So your choices are a shower with me then bed or I run you a bath and you have one while I shower then bed.”

Some choices.

She didn’t want to wait until the bath filled. “I want a shower by myself.”

“That wasn’t one of your options, now was it?”

Shit. His voice had turned to steel. And she was weak. Weak because she couldn’t resist when he used that tone.

“What’s it going to be, baby?”

“Please stop calling me that.” Because she couldn’t resist him when he called her that in that low tone of voice. As though they actually meant something to one another. As though they had some sort of relationship. When, in reality, she was just an obligation. A debt to be repaid.

Tears stung at her eyes and she blinked, shoving them back. Nothing good came from crying. She’d learned that.

“This is going above and beyond, isn’t it?” she asked. That fatigue was really hitting her now and it was making her feel melancholy. Because the only reason he cared about her was the obligation his family owed her cousin. No other reason. And while his brothers might be friendlier, she was still just a guest. When she left she’d just be a memory. Hell, mostly, they were more interested in her cooking than anything else.

But sometimes she could pretend she was part of this crazy family. It made her feel less alone.

“You’re really not with me, are you?” he murmured. “Okay, sweetheart, I want you to just relax. I’m going to make all the decisions right now and all you have to do is what you’re told.”

“You like to boss people around, don’t you?” she mumbled.

“It’s what I’m good at.”

With that, he pulled off his jeans.

She immediately slammed her hands over her eyes. “You have no underwear on. Why don’t you have any underwear on?”

“Mia,” he laughed. “Jesus, in all my years, me stripping has never made a woman cover her eyes and ask me about my habit of wearing underwear.”

Okay, so she got that her reaction was maybe a little childish. And probably more than a little insulting. But he was naked. Alec Malone, the man who centered in so many of her dreams was standing there naked.

And she . . . she was standing there in her underwear, covering her eyes like an idiot.

“This . . . I . . . shit.”

“Second time I’ve ever heard you swear,” he commented. “Not sure I like it.”

She removed her hand from her eyes, looking straight up at him. “Fuck.”

About the Author:
Laylah Roberts grew up in rural New Zealand. She worked her way through several libraries, devouring romance books. She finally worked up the courage to write her own story and she’s never looked back. She loves dominant, Alpha men who meet their match in her strong heroines. When she’s not writing, she’s busy running after her young daughter and trying to tame her never-ending pile of laundry.
You can find her here:
Twitter: @laylahR
  Now Live! Daddy's Little Darling by Laylah Roberts!     Available on Amazon and
  Preorder Alert! Daddy's Little Darling by Laylah Roberts coming August 1!   Daddy's Little
  Reveal Me Sir by Laylah Roberts OUT NOW!   Available Wide: Amazon US →
PREORDER ALERT!!!! Reveal Me Sir by Laylah Roberts is coming your way April 23 YOU

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Milestone Trilogy – Blitz

Milestone Trilogy banner

Milestone Trilogy cover
Date Published: July 2019
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2019 Book Excellence Awards Winner – The Lost Ones – Adventure
2018 Book Excellence Awards Finalist – Eagle Shield – Thriller
2018 Readers’ Favourite Honours – Eagle Shield – Thriller
2018 International Book Awards Finalist – Eagle Shield – Thriller
Milestone Trilogy banner
The long-awaited award-winning series is finally here.
New never before released chapters and bonus content.
Eagle Shield.
A trained killer must learn to forget everything he has come to know as a well-beaten path. He must become both father and protector to an orphaned ten-year-old girl.
Project Amber
What will she do when she discovers her life was planned from the beginning? How will she handle being recruited into the intelligence community? Will she do more harm than good? Or will she manage to stop the unimaginable?
The Lost Ones.
With the nuclear reactor dying, the horror of lasting through winter plays heavily on their minds. To survive, they must evacuate and escape to Australia. But the reality of the Australia they’d heard about is far from the images that live in their minds.
About the Author

Carl Lakeland lives with his wife in the sleepy town of Snake Valley, 36 kilometres south west of Ballarat in Australia.
Lakeland grew up during the early seventies western suburbs of Sydney. Having enlisted into the military at the age of seventeen, he draws on his experience to create powerful and engaging speculative fiction.
“Sometimes, I can’t let things be,” says Lakeland. “I write stories with passion that others might see as being obsessive. I live and breathe it. I dream it when I sleep. But I never write down my dreams. If I can’t remember those things I’ve dreamt, they’re not important enough.”
Carl Lakeland’s stories revolve around the element of ‘what if?’ He pushes the boundaries of his stories to the edge of the Official Secrets Act, which will have the reader wondering about the aspect of creative licence, or the possibility of fact in his writing. Either way, the reader will be left to make up their own mind. His books are fast paced, edge of your seat thrillers which are distinctively written in a way that will have the reader guessing which way the story is about to head.
“As a writer, unpredictability is the key essence. If I write something that can be foreseen in coming chapters, it’s not good enough. I will scrap it. My goal is to keep the reader wondering, even sometimes to the detriment of my good guys!”
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The Cleansing by Richard Luciano Publication Date: June 2, 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Suspense, Thriller
The Cleansing by Richard Luciano Publication Date: June 2, 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Suspense, Thriller
  Mystery, Thriller Date Published: March 2019 Publisher: Black Rose Writing "The Last Van Gogh"
  Mystery, Thriller Elise De Jong/Sami Ali Book 1 Publisher: Penwood Published: May 2018 Imagine


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