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Losing control is unheard of until he meets her.

Leo is the calm guy. The nice guy. The one nobody screws with. So could someone explain that to Meena so she stops driving him insane–with desire.

When Meena literally throws herself at Leo and declares he’s her mate, his first reaction is to deny–and run far, far away. This lion/tiger mix doesn’t do drama and chaos. Problem is, once he sets eyes on her, he can’t help but want the vivacious blonde with plus-sized curves, perfect for a big man like himself.

He wants her even if it breaks all his rules when it comes to women.
Wants her even if she destroys his serenity.
Wants her more than a perfectly grilled piece of steak with a dash of garlic, pepper, and salt.

Thing is, someone else wants her too.

This poor omega is about to have his world turned upside down, which means everyone better watch out because when Leo experiences love, jealousy, and frustration for the first time, he doesn’t just snap–he roars!


WHEN AN OMEGA SNAPS is my favorite in this series! Leo is the Omega of the Pride, and this means he is able to calm others down when they get angry. Even if he has to punch them. This seems to be his method of choice, because it is faster and he doesn’t have to talk much. When Meena is banished from her Pride and sent to Arik’s Pride until everything settles down, Leo is about to have his quiet world shaken up. When she sees Leo she deliberately misses the Frisbee and hits Leo in the head. When she goes to pick it up, she lets Leo know that he is her mate. Well, Leo does not want a mate. For to have one, especially her will create havoc in his nice quiet world. When she is in danger of being kidnapped, he can no longer fight the desire of his mate. he must claim her to so the kidnapper will quite pursuing his mate. Meena has always been teased about her size, and has hurt other men that she has dated because of it. With Leo he can handle her just right. This is such a fun laugh out load book that had me almost falling out of my chair when reading it. I give WHEN AN OMEGA ROARS 5/5 STARS.