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Brandon Brothers, Book 1

Historical Romance, Historical Fiction

Date Published: April 2021


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Meet Adam Brandon … acutely intelligent and master-swordsman but gradually
realising that he isn’t yet ready for the future he had previously


Victim of a cruel deception, Camilla Edgerton-Foxe has a jaundiced view of
the male sex and a tongue as sharp as her wits … but she also possesses an
extraordinary talent.


A peculiar encounter offers Adam the kind of employment for which he is
uniquely suited and which will exercise his mind as well as his muscles. The
fly in the ointment is that Miss Edgerton-Foxe comes with it … as does
Rainham, viscount and master of disguise, with a frequently misplaced sense
of humour.


From Paris, via London, to the mists and mysteries of Romney Marsh, these
three are sent on the trail of something darker and infinitely more
dangerous than the kegs of brandy that come ashore at the dark of the


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A Trick of Fate

Brandon Brothers Book 1

B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree.

Max Brandon is receiving bills for services he never ordered and goods he
did not buy. For reasons he can’t begin to guess, someone is ‘borrowing’ his
identity to cause him maximum annoyance.

When the games move closer to home, almost forcing him to fight a duel …
more particularly, when they draw in Frances Pendleton, a lady he never
expected to see again … Max vows to catch the man behind them, no matter
what the cost.

The result is a haphazard chase involving ruined abbeys, a hunt for
hermits, a grotesque portrait … and a love story which, but for this odd
trick of fate, might never have been given a second chance.



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Within twenty minutes of bidding his friends good night and leaving the tavern, Adam Brandon became aware that he was being followed. This was annoying on several counts. He had no idea who would go to the trouble of se ng a tail on him or why  they would since, just at the moment, he didn’t imagine he could be of any par cular interest to anyone. Admi edly, that wasn’t always true … but right now it was. Then there was the possibility that this wasn’t the first me someone had dogged his steps; that it had happened before and he hadn’t no ced. That pricked his pride. He’d thought himself be er than that. 

He con nued on his way without altering his pace. He considered luring the tail into a dark alley where he could be grabbed, pinned to a wall and ques oned. It wouldn’t be very difficult. On the other hand, it might be premature. There was a chance, however small, that he was merely being followed by the only footpad in Paris stupid enough to tackle an armed man for the sake of a few coins. And that being so, the sensible course was to simply stroll onwards, taking a few sudden detours, to see if the fellow stuck with him. 

He did … and was s ll there when Adam reached his lodgings on the Rue des Minimes. With a brief nod for the concierge, he ran swi ly upstairs to the nearest window and was just in me to see his follower raise a hand as if signalling to someone before mel ng into the shadows on the far side of the street. 

Not a footpad,  thought Adam with a sort of amused grimness. And not alone. What, then? And why? What possible reason could anyone have for wan ng to know my every move? But whoever it is, they’re making a mistake because now I’ll have to do something about it. And that’s just resome. 


About the Author

Stella Riley

Stella Riley is a British writer, living in Kent. She is the author of six
novels set in and around the English Civil Wars and the award-winning seven
book Rockliffe Series – of which, Book Six, Cadenza, was the 2019 Readers’
Favourite for Romance and a 2021 Book Excellence award winner.

Under A Dark Moon is the second book in her Brandon Brothers Trilogy,
sequel to A Trick of Fate.

When not writing, she enjoys theatre, travel and playing the


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