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Cover Reveal – Tying The Knot

 Tying The Knot cover

Title : Tying The Knot
Author: Jennifer Bene
Cover Designer: Laura Hidalgo of Beyond DEF
Thalia Series Box Set – Cover Reveal for Tying The Knot
Release Date: March 20, 2018

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2t4Zqni

Tying The Knot is being re-released in a box set of the Thalia series, with a bit of spit, a splash of polish, a new cover and now in one collection for the first time ever. The standalone book will be updated with this new cover after the boxset release.


Over two years after the trauma of her kidnapping, and the auction that brought them together, Thalia and James are finally getting their happily ever after! Celebrating their love is a piece of wedding cake, but with the help of their wild and crazy friends from Purgatory, it’s destined to be a wedding day no one will forget.
A thrilling mix of kinky fun, laughter, surprises, and the same sexy heat you’ve come to expect from James and Thalia — Tying the Knot is the perfect conclusion to this series that has brought readers to the darkest of lows, and the highest of highs.
Now, it’s time for the light. It’s time to celebrate. It’s time to get married!

Publisher’s Note: This is a romance that includes elements of BDSM, power-exchange, and references to darker content. It is the final book in Thalia and James’ story, but there may be more to come on other characters, speak up if you want more!

Tying The Knot… What Reviewers are saying…
“What a fabulous and sexy conclusion to this amazing series. Jennifer Bene knows how to take her readers from the pitch darkness to the beautiful sunlight in this unforgettable series that sticks with you long after you finish reading. I cried tears of joy when Thalia and James got their happily ever after. If you haven’t read the series yet, start at the beginning. Buckle your seatbelt and let Jennifer Bene take you on the ride of your life.”

“This has got to be one or THE best endings to a series that I’ve ever read!! I absolutely LOVED the Thalia Series. LOVED. After reading the first book I couldn’t put it down until the last book was finished!”

“This book is the capstone of a captivating story that has held me in its grasp. The darkness of the previous books with glimmers of what could be led to this delicious ending. With each turn of the page, the author kept us on edge until the very end when we are begging for release – and yes I had a whimper or two.”

Jennifer Bene (JE-ni-fer BE-nay) is a USA Today bestselling author of erotic romance. She’s been in the Amazon Top 50, and had #1 top-selling books in BDSM, Suspense, Thrillers, Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror. While she’s been writing for years, it’s always been the dark stuff that makes her tingly, so her books are full of aggressive alpha males, feisty women who may or may not have a submissive streak, and intense, psychological story lines. Don’t worry though, she always insists on having a nice little happily-ever-after, because without the dark we’d never appreciate the light.


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