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A Story of Bad Blitz

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A Murder Mystery… A Romance… Intertwined

Mystery, Romantic Mystery

Publisher: Global Authors Publications


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A Story Of Bad features a woman and a man, both intelligent with strong

She is June Replyn, a city reporter working the business side of the
fashion world. June is asked to write a story about how a small company, a
clothing factory, survives the death – by murder – of its inspirational

He is Detective Terry Stans. Reviewing clues and interviews, Detective
Stans comes away with the impression that the dead man knew his assailant,
and his dedicated workers and bereaved family are all prospective

One day June is at the clothing factory gathering additional material, and
Terry is there, continuing his investigation. The detective is stuck. The
case is going nowhere, and he believes that the fashion writer has a better
view of the inside workings of the company than he has been afforded. Hoping
that fresh eyes will see something he hasn’t, he obtains a promise from her
that nothing will be printed without his permission, then he invites her to
come to his precinct station and review the file. Not long after, he invites
her to dinner at his favorite ribs joint.

This novel is about a reporter and a detective, both asking questions about
a murder – although from different perspectives – who become ensnared in a
romance. Their relationship raises questions about confidentiality, loyalty
to one’s employer, professional ethics; she is trying to write a story for
her readers, he is trying to keep control of an investigation. Both of their
bosses caution them about the dangers to their careers raised by this
situation. And there they are, lovers.

The tale is designed to intrigue with two intertwining stories, the mystery
of the murder and the unexpected love affair. As the relationship grows and
the mystery is solved we visit the worlds of Cambodian employees in America,
police investigations, newspapers and their editorial policies, and drug

There is no graphic violence or sex in the novel.



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In this excerpt June Replyn is interviewing two sisters, Cambodians, about
a cousin and co-worker who was murdered in front of them. Because their
English is quite limited, June has brought along Salath Doeung (Sal), a
college student born in  New York to Khmer-speaking parents.


            The four sat in silence for a moment, sipping the hot green tea, eating the
sweet, wonderful dessert, and then the conversation began again. June wrote
some clarifying comments next to the notes she had hastily written as he was
speaking. She took her time, her head down, not wanting to convey the least
impatience. Silence, and she glanced up to see him writing. Then he said
something else and the cousin’s smiles disappeared. They paused, and then in
lowered voices began to speak. June felt like screaming, she wanted
simultaneous translation. What were they saying? But she waited, waited.
Finally they paused, and he turned back to her.

things. The first is that she had done a little dating here but no
boyfriends, and she liked it that way, she thinks it isn’t easy to be a
married woman with little kids here, not if you don’t speak English. Like I
said before, she really wanted to go home, planned on it, and pretty much
was at work or here or a local restaurant, not out late, no mysteries. As
far as your guess, the one you mentioned in the car, I think your impression
is right, correct.”

head down, nodded slightly as she wrote.

someone at work, guy who unloads boxes and helps the cutter, assistant
cutter I guess, had a fight with her about some boxes or materials or
something. Something at work. They don’t know what it was about because Rith
didn’t want to talk about it, most unusual, she liked to gossip. They had a
fight, and after that she avoided him.”

scared or avoided mad at?”

turned back and there was a brief flurry of Khmer.

but she didn’t want to talk about it.”

they tell the police about this, and if so, why not?”

            Even as
she said it she realized her mistake; anyone living here, especially in
lower-income neighborhoods, knows the word ‘police’ no matter what their
language background or skills. The sisters visibly tensed.

            He started to turn, but she stopped him.

            “Wait, I
just made a stupid error, they recognized the p-word and they’re already on
guard. I really want to know the answers, hope you can
 fix things.”

winked at her, a youthful show of confidence, and turned back to the two
young women, who now sat holding their tea cups tightly in their laps, their
backs straight. He spoke for some time, they both listening intently,
occasionally glancing at June. Then he stopped, and no one spoke for almost
a minute. Then Sopheara Moeun softly began to speak, said only a few words
and her sister spoke sharply to her. Sopheara responded in a raised voice,
Sopharath responded loudly, and suddenly both were standing on their feet,
noses inches apart, screaming at each other. In the midst of this June noted
that they carefully placed the teacups back on the tray, a gentle, delicate
gesture while they shouted as loud as they could. Suddenly Sopharath whirled
and looked at June with a startling combination of fear and anger, tears
starting to run, and held out both hands, palms up, pleading, and said “You
all make dead.” Her right hand changed, index finger pointing, and pointed
at herself and her sister, back and forth, pointing at each several times.
“You all make dead, you all make dead.” She ran from the room.

wasn’t sure what to do next, so she did nothing. She lowered her eyes,
giving up any control, trusting that her interpreter, who had done so well
so far, would know what to do.

            He said
something softly, and Sopheara sat down again. He paused, then turned to
June. “They do know something, they may even know who did it. They are, as
you can see, scared. They didn’t say anything to the police for that reason,
but now Sopheara feels that she has to make it right, has to help the
Americans…I mean, the government, punish him.”

took her time, spoke slowly and gently, nodding at Sopheara Moeun, trying to
be positive, reassuring, conveying not only through the words to be
translated but with her demeanor and tone of voice. “Please tell her this.
First, she is doing the right thing, honoring her cousin’s memory, and that
she is very brave. Second, I have.. friends… in the police department, and
I promise her that they will be very careful, move cautiously, and not do
anything that will…. No, that doesn’t work. Sorry. Say this, say that I
will explain the situation and ask the police to be very careful.”

Khmer began again, both speaking in soft voices for a short time. Then Sal
leaned forward and gently patted Sopheara on the shoulder, looked her in the
eyes and said something. She smiled shyly, got up and started to leave the
room. She stopped in front of June and, while looking at her, said something
in Khmer. Salath Doeung translated “I hope you are the one who wins.” Then
she was gone.


About the Author

Edward M. Krauss is the author of A Story Of Bad; Solomon The Accountant (a
gentle love story set in a middle-class Jewish community in Toledo, Ohio in
1950); Here On Moon (betrayal, divorce, recovery).


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Born Yesterday – Blitz

Born Yesterday banner

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A Pine Lake Adventure, Book 1
Romantic Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Date Published: March 2017
Publisher: El Cid Publishing
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It’s 1964. People in the resort town of Pine Lake, Wisconsin are unnerved when a stranger is found unconscious in the park. He’s taken to the hospital with severe head injuries and subsequently slips into a coma. All efforts to identify him fail. A young nurse is enamored with the sleeping stranger. Waking only complicates matter when the man has no memory of who he is or what happened to him. Together, he and the nurse journey across the state in search of his past.
Other Books in the Pine Lake Adventure Series:
 photo Battle Born 2_zpskbfvx3yk.jpg
Battle Born
A Pine Lake Adventure, Book 2
Publisher: El Cid Publishing
Published: January 2018
The War is over. Nora Jensen must now work past the horrors of human carnage she experienced as an army nurse. Angry and bitter, she’s turned her back on God and is at war with the army for the physical attacks and abuse she’s had to endure. All she wants is a life free of military rules and regulations, and to no longer be a triage nurse, having to choose among the wounded who is the first to treated, often determining who lives and who dies. A chance meeting with a fifteen-year-old girl could once again put Nora in a life and death situation
From a small town in Wisconsin to the high desert of Nevada, journey with her as she tries to stay one step ahead of the law and those that want to tear her world apart. A lover from the past may be her only ally.
 photo Born Yesterday on tablet 2_zpsapcfkoay.jpg
About the Author

 photo Born Yesterday Author Joe Van Rhyn_zpsrigd0tr6.jpg

Joe Van Rhyn grew up in a small resort town in Wisconsin. In school, he divided his time between sports and the theater. His first love was being on stage. Among his credits, he was Pish Tosh in the Mikado, the Prince in Cinderella, and the villain Cassius Carstairs, in an old-fashioned melodrama. Joe uses his theatrical experience in his writing to create memorable characters, compelling dialogue, and an intriguing story. “Born Yesterday” is the first in a series of novels centered around the small resort town of Pine Lake. “Battle Born” is the second, with a third due out in early 2019
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Romantic Mystery, Women’s Romantic Fiction
Published: May 2016
With a little mystery and a little romance, WANTED: AN HONEST MAN captures the bittersweet growth of a young woman trying to make sense of her turbulent life.
Lindsey, a beautiful, talented teacher is a fighter and a positive thinker, but after the man of her dreams betrays her, then steals her beloved dog, she struggles. Strange, threatening phone calls begin to haunt her. A stalker, perhaps? Though she doesn’t want to be alone, she isn’t ready to go looking for new love, but men find her anyway.
A handsome college student involved in some tricky human research gets into trouble in more ways than one. His inherent propensity to play detective, though helpful at times, seems to attract Murphy and his darned Law far too often … and now his eyes are on Lindsey. Will his heart follow?
Praise for Wanted: An Honest Man:
“Charming … unexpected … emotionally charged!” – Amylynn Bright, author of Finish What We Started
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Romantic Mystery, Women’s Romantic Fiction
Published: May 2016
Mysterious, romantic, and sprinkled with a few heartwarming students and a delightful dog, LETTERS, LOVERS, & LIES captures the importance of persistence and the power of love.
Jake and Lindsey are in love, but so much stands in their way. Letters from a dead man. Unwanted advances from a transgender acquaintance. Separation and jealousy. A few things in the couple’s favor? They are smart, multi-talented, and they love to laugh.
Lindsey Lark, keynote speaker, goes on tour while her boyfriend, Jake, writes a detective novel. Sounds simple enough, but a mystery soon dominates their lives when bizarre notices of her ex-husband’s funeral arrive. Foul play is suspected and murder is on someone’s mind.
Lad, a retired Secret Service agent, is Lindsey’s right-hand man for the duration of the tour. He’s handsome, he’s a man of few words, and, as the list of threats lengthens, he takes on the role of bodyguard, much to Jake’s dismay.
Praise for Letters, Lovers, and Lies:
 “Cozy mystery lovers and romantic drama buffs will enjoy the twists and turns as Jake and Lindsey rush to solve their personal whodunit before it’s too late.” – John Reinhard Dizon, author of The Nightcrawler Series
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Romantic Mystery, Women’s Romantic Fiction
Published: May 2016
Thrilling, romantic, and sprinkled with humor, HIT THE ROAD, JAKE! reinvents the ‘buddy movie’ concept with the written word … and a pretty woman.
Jake and Lindsey were good at tracking down offenders responsible for petty theft and blackmail, but when new mysteries turned personal—slashed tires, spattered blood, steamy love letters, a stolen pet, everything changed. Who was this enemy that secretly harassed them from town to town? Jake called in some favors and managed to finagle the DNA testing of several blood samples. The results were shocking, and the dangers they faced became deadly.
Practically newlyweds, the couple thought they’d created the perfect win-win plan. While traveling between Tucson and Estes Park in their RV, Jake would solve embarrassing mysteries that schools wished to keep under wraps, and Lindsey, being the ‘cover’ for their presence, would conduct workshops for teachers. Then all hell broke loose.
Praise for Hit the Road, Jake!
“Cricket Rohman really nails it! She gives her readers a ton of depth in both the story line and character development. A great, fun read!” – Lala Corriere, author of Bye Bye Bones: A Cassidy Clark Novel
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No pillow talk or sweet words were uttered. Lost in our own tiny space on the planet, we were too breathless to speak. Then, another surprise . . . in one swift and masterful movement I found myself gazing up at Jake’s loving face, which was framed by pine tree branches and glimmers of sunshine. He’d made it to the top without skipping a beat or the rocking rhythm, and so we continued. Oh, the sounds of love. The heavy breathing, the not breathing, the moaning, the groaning . . . the groaning? The groaning wasn’t us.
I tapped Jake on his back and whispered, “Jake, I hear something.”
“Me, too, my forest nymph babe, and I’m loving what I’m hearing.”
“Then you are not hearing what I’m hearing.”
“It’s probably just another deer or . . . wait, I heard it. That was neither a deer nor a squirrel.”
That was no longer a funny word, still interesting to Wendell, but not funny to us. The groaning, the creaking, was like something from a monster movie and it was getting louder and closer. We noticed that the dog was sitting, staring specifically in one direction. He didn’t look terribly anxious, but he was, without a doubt, alert and listening to the noise, too.
Our magical moment was gone. We’d find it again some other day, but for now, we needed to get back to the safety of the RV. A low-pitched squeaking noise that reminded me of fingernails on a chalkboard (really big fingernails) joined forces with the groaning for a few seconds. The combination sent chills up my spine. Wendell’s bravery waned and he whimpered. He had no frame of reference to make sense of all this. Well, neither did we. If Jake or I had been sitting on the ground, Wendell would have suddenly transformed into a lap dog. No laps were available so he merely leaned up against me. I gave his ears a rub and a tickle, just the way he liked it. We were all feeling tense.
“Jake!” I didn’t need to yell, he was only a couple of feet away hurrying into his clothing, but I couldn’t help it. I wanted to run. With his pants now on, he was ready to comfort me and the dog before taking on the woodland monster. We knew the general direction the sounds were coming from, but still we saw nothing.
 Then came the snapping, the splintering, the crashing. We stood paralyzed . . . it took a few seconds for us to comprehend the source of those sounds. The ground beneath us trembled with each impact. Boom! Thud! Thump! Then, it was over. What followed was an eerie, profound silence.
A dead, medium-sized pine tree had fallen in the forest and taken two smaller trees along with it. We all ran over to get a closer look at the phenomenon.
“You heard all that, right?” Jake had regained his sense of humor.
“Yes,” I answered, now able to smile, too. “Three trees fell in the forest and I heard them all.”
“But you know, we’re lucky that I selected that spot over there for our nap.” He pointed in the direction of our bed of pine needles. “Or this could have ended badly. We could have been killed.”
“But it didn’t. We’re still here, alive and well. And I am very thankful for that.”
“Let’s go home. I need another nap.”
About the Author

Cricket Rohman grew up in Estes Park, Colorado, and spent her formative years among deer, bobcats, coyotes and beautiful blue columbine. Today she is a full-time author writing about the great outdoors, teachers, dogs, love, laughter, and life’s little mysteries—think romantic suspense.
Prior to writing, Cricket’s career path included the following adventures: actor, singer, audio/video producer, classroom teacher, school principal, and U of A, College of Education assistant professor. All of the above led the way to her first three novels, WANTED: AN HONEST MAN … LETTERS, LOVERS, & LIES … and HIT THE ROAD, JAKE!
All three books are works of fiction. REALLY! (Well, except the part about the dog; she really had a dog like Wendell, the mastiff, who appears in every book.)
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