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Things are not looking good for my Grandmother

We had the neurologist come in later today and gave us news saying that they are giving her a 10% chance to make it. If she makes it thru the night she has a better chance. The Doctor’s that have seen her have been all doom and gloom. Her heart doctor was more optimistic that the others. He is also the one that suggested a second opinion. She is talking, writing her name, she knows who everyone is, she is even moving her head to the left. Not very far, but she is still moving it, she is doing more that some patients that have had a major stroke.

Also we found out she should have been on oxygen since was admitted on Saturday and she hasn’t, and she should have been in the ICU unit also. These doctor’s have done everything back a$$ backwards. Sorry for my language. It has just been frustrating and exhausting. I am trying to stay strong for my mother and sister, but each day gets harder and harder. Today I did not even go into her room because I knew I would lose it. I am already such a tender-hearted person that if I look at you and you are crying, I will cry. I will keep you updated. Keep the prayers coming her way, they will help. I appreciate all that everyone is doing. Thank you.