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I have been having too much fun to write. Yesterday I chased off three cats who were in the backyard. That sure was fun watching them scatter. The squirrel has been pestering Cissy and me here lately. I went outside the other day to do my business and I was dive bombed by a crow and that blasted squirrel. I would have had both of them if I was not chained up, because I like to go exploring out of the yard. The squirrel likes to tease me by walking on the fence or hiding in the tree. If it would just stand still and let me play with it we would have so much fun. the squirrel always runs away.

Also when they let me back in the house they still will not share their food with me. Like the other day they had pizza and I wanted some and they would not let me have it. I begged and pleaded, and even tried talking earnestly with my master but she still would not let me have any. I also tried to see what she was drinking in her cup the other day and licked her straw and her sister caught me. They then started calling me a freak because I like to lick their straws. I have been having so much fun. I also was taken to the pet store to pick out some cookies, because we ran out. I don’t know who is eating them all but they have to quite. I have been terrorizing Cissy and it has been great. I constantly hide her toys and when she is not looking I steal her treats. Heh… Hehh.

Well it is time to go to bed and I just thought I would try to catch you up on some things. I will talk with you tomorrow. Charlie out.

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CHARLIE    Hello everyone! The day starts off like every day. We get up and are let out to do our business, and come back in to eat. My master she gets ready to see her mom at the THERAPY place and help her out, and also take her father up there also. The master’s daughter she gets up and gets ready for work. I wish she didn’t have to go back to work. It as fun having her off for the time that she was with her injury. She played with me a lot. And I as able to sleep in he lap almost all day. Now I have to wait until someone comes home to play, or let’s Cissy  play with me. Then I have to be carefully that she might go all cujo on me.

Anyway the day started like any other day and we are let outside, when this squirrel comes flying out of the tree right on Cissy’s head. That as kind of funny because of the look on her face. It was a mix of “What hit me, and you are gonna die.” I was backing away from her and telling her that it was a squirrel while trying not to laugh. The squirrel was standing behind her just chattering away. Cissy finally looks behind her and how ballistic. She charges the squirrel and the squirrel jumps over her head therefore making Cissy have to stop and turn around . Me , I am just watching the show to see who will win Cissy or the squirrel. Cissy chases the squirrel all over the yard, and making me a little dizzy with some of their back and forth motions. When the squirrel finally gets tired of playing and zips up into the tree. Now Cissy is determined to get that squirrel and attempts to climb th tree and falls to the ground.

The squirrel just laughs at her even harder. This makes Cissy even madder. Then we are called in by our master’s. We go inside and eat, then we play until we get tired.  The squirrel was the most interesting part of the day, unless you count all the belly rubs that I received. Well I am getting tired so I am going to bed. Charlie out.

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Twas a Charlie Christmas

Snapshot 2 (10-9-2013 3-57 PM)It was the night before Christmas and the masters forgot to lock me up. I sat in front of the Christmas tree watching the lights blink on and off. When I heard such a ruckus on the roof around the fireplace. I run to the other room to see what was going on, when I see some dog cookies bounce across the floor. I rush to get them, because I like cookies so much. When a jolly, fat man pops out of the fireplace without a speck of soot on him. With a twinkle in his eyes, and his Rosie cheeks he bends down and pets me and tells me what a good girl I have been. He then straightens up slings his bag on his shoulder and continues toward the Christmas tree.

He then starts to pull out presents to put under the tree. A few for Jade, Wendell, Tom, a few more for Kirk, Jennetta, Gladys and Jennifer. Then he starts to pull out the ones for Chester, Cissy, and then Me. I had a new bed, toy, harness, and a Dallas Cowboys jersey. He then left a few more things in the stockings, and away he went. To give more joy to every boy, girl, dog, and I guess cat, and a few others. I won’t tell anyone that I met Santa, for that is my seimagesCA7AYLRPcret. My little Christmas miracle, because before I did not believe.

I look outside way up into the sky, and I see his sleigh, and it starts to snow. I smile and I know that tomorrow will be a very good day. For I got to see Santa, a site so few get to see. So if you are very good, and patient you just might get to see him too. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM CHARLIE AND HER FAMILY.

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Why is it when it is freezing cold outside you tend to have to go potty more? I swear I have to go at least three times more than usual. When you are let outside you are freezing so bad that it basically freezes inside you.Then when you are let back inside and you thaw out, you decide that you have to Lee.So you find a place inside the house, then they find it and you give then this sad puppy dog face with a little shiver. THEY JUST SIGH AND FINALLY SAY”YOU Must Have Been To Cold for you to go to the potty.”  I give them one more good shiver and they clean up the mess.

Now don’t get me wrong this does not work all the time, just some of the time. I hate the cold with a passion. I am so glad that they have a better for me otherwise I would freeze to death. Yes I have a blanket, but that helps a little. Sometimes Sissy lays on the bed with me , but she usually is in her cujo mood. I usually warm up by chasing Sissy around and trying to take her squeaky toy away. I will definitely be glad when it warms up.I do not like going outside when it is cold, and wet like it is today. Tomorrow is the same, and we might even have snow.

Now I won’t only be freezing I will be wet also. My days just keep getting better and better.

Stop your whining CHARLIE! You would think that you were the only one that didn’t like the cold. Well I don’ either.

Who asked you Sissy?

Nobody, but I was getting tired of your complaining.

I was not talking to you, now WAS I!!!

It is kind of hard not to hear when yo so loud.

I am not the one who talks loud.

So you want to start a fight now, in  everyone?

No, I am not trying to start nothing.

I am sorry about this folks.Let me take care of this little disagreement, and I will get back to you. Charlie out.




I had a traumatic experience last night. I got out of the backyard, because somebody left the back gate open. Well I decided to go exploring and got a little lost. My family came looking for me and finally found me after walking the whole back alley. I heard them calling my name, and I jumped out from behind a dumpster. I barked and they found me. Everyone was happy.

I was so scared that I am still shaking. It took me a while to calm down. I stayed in my masters arms for quiet a while, until it was time for bed. Man, I thought I was going to have nightmares after that ordeal, but so far nothing. Now I am permanently on the leash when I go out now. I don’t get to roam the yard, because I won’t come when they call.

So I guess I am permanently grounded. Bummer.  I guess I better get back to tormenting Sissy. It has been a quiet day today, not much happening. We have been

lazy. So Charlie out until next time.Snapshot 2 (10-9-2013 3-57 PM)