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Along the Waterways – Blitz

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October 2018
Publisher: Xlibris
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the Waterways is book two of the Dreamtime Mysteries trilogy. Anthropology
student, Rex Graham, is presented with a second set of ancestral paintings
encoded with clues about the forgotten legends that formed the Dreamtime
legends of his people. Rex revisits a sacred tree in his native territory: the
resting place of his deceased grandmother, where the atmosphere of the bush has
a hypnotic effect on his mind.  After
falling asleep, the bush springs to life and ‘Gran Yan’ shares more history
with the Australian bush about a bygone era of indigenous peoples: their
journeys, adventures, social gatherings and way of life.
Booran people, territorial owners of the region, returned to their homeland
many generations after journeying to the desert in the wake of catastrophic
wild-fires, guided by their migrating bird totem, the pelican.
their return to Yaraan Grove, the first-born child was named after the great
eagle, Mullawaa that guided them home. The boy proved gifted beyond the
people’s understanding, and his innovative projects proved unacceptable to
their tradition-bound culture. Fearing the youth would anger their earth-mother
and punish them with more droughts, they called upon Mullawanda to utilise
inventive gifts to rediscover lost skills due to their time spent in the
desert, and concentrate on practical needs such as boat-building.  Defying the elders, the youthful adventurer
landed himself in unexpected situations and encounters with some unique
communities.    Some unsolved mysteries
that were raised in book one unfold, as Gran Yan shares the stories. Action,
suspense, intrigue and a dabble of romance add flavour to the story, along with
the unique inclusion of illustrations created by the author, together with her
front and back cover paintings.
book is divided into seven parts and includes a glossary of indigenous
languages, index of characters and their tribal groups, plus a bibliography of
cultural research.
Books in the Dreamtime Mysteries series:
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Companions: Dreamtime Mysteries
August 2018
Graham, a part-Aboriginal student of anthropology, is searching for his own
indigenous ancestral history: customs, language and dreamtime legends. Due to a
lifetime bond to his Aboriginal grandmother, he is enlightened after her
passing, when he discoverers the key to his lost people’s history and
traditional history: preserved in artwork bequeathed to him on her deathbed.
Driven by a passion to learn the truth about the simplistic drawings, the
legends unfold as epic mythology: filled with adventure, drama and a wealth of
traditional Aboriginal survival and culture.
captures the strong bond the Booran people have with nature—how they lived off
and with the land, communicating with it, respecting it, learning from it. Like
any good collection of myths, there is also the educational aspect of these
tales. Readers will learn about the spirits the Booran people believe in,
manhood initiation ceremonies, and other cultural practices such as
communication rules and skin signs with other tribes. Blending a fictional
premise with well-researched legends, this book is a great starter read for
those interesting in learning more about Aboriginal stories, and includes a
glossary of mixed aboriginal language, index of communities and bibliography at
the end of the story.
the Author

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Barnett was born and raised in South Australia. During her college education at
Glenelg, the author developed an interest in archaeology and indigenous
societies. Further to an extensive nursing career, Jennifer embarked on studies
in traditional medicine with which she is still involved.
a registered Traditional Western and Chinese Medicine practitioner, the author
has done considerable research into early indigenous cultures. While enjoying
creative writing and drawing, she decided to combine the two art forms and
incorporate them in a traditional, pre-European setting.
her youth, Jenni spent considerable time working in remote regions of Central
Australia, where she learned about many aspects of Aboriginal culture. She
developed a respect for certain Aboriginal people of the time, whom were still
practising certain traditional ways of living, including bush foods and
medicines as well as arts and crafts.
The author is particularly fascinated by the ability of Australian
indigenous bush-men to access a higher sense, or instinct. Their survival
skills in remote regions of Australia where early pioneers often perished are
emphasized in her writing.
a semi-retired traditional medicine practitioner, Jenni resides with her
husband in Queensland Coastal region, dividing her time between writing,
sketching and her health practice. Along with her husband she has spent
countless hours establishing a bird friendly environment by cultivating native
plants and an eco-friendly environment.
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Fantasy Fiction
Date Published:  03-18-2017
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Fiery fissures close, and thick descending clouds dissipate, revealing the heavenly skies of Wanderamid, and its neighboring worlds. Nevertheless, evil lurks amid the celebration of sustained existence. A demon known as, Lepper, discerns one whose blood runs through pulsating veins, like his own. It provokes his diabolic interest to heighten, and motivates him to search for this individual. He embarks on his pursuit by going through electrifying portals, no longer accessible to mortals, ever since Wanderamid’s crystal ball was placed back to its rightful place, in palms of stone.
Emera, Wanderamid’s powerful witch, finds out about her son’s imminent transformation. His demonic fate leaves her in grave disbelief. She has no notion where he could be, and unaware that he is the purpose for a demon’s hunt!
The peephole’s first vision was that of a man sitting beside an old woman, seemingly ill, and oddly grinning down at her, while she, surprised, looked up at him.
“Why did you come back?” she asked sadly.
“You don’t seem at all happy to see me, Mother. I wanted to make sure you were on your way to the heavens you’ve always dreamed your ‘spirit’ would rise up to.” He smiled with his arms raised high.
“I’m not departing any time soon, my son. It’s only my weakness increasing. I’ve always wished the same for you too, but you chose to accept eternity in the deep depths of ….” She turned her head away, unable to finish.
“You can’t even say it.” He chuckled. “Use ‘eternal flames’, or ‘darkness’, Mother! Can your cracked old lips say those words instead?”
She forced herself to see his red glaring eyes again, and when she did, she reminisced about the day she had given birth to him. If only he had not chosen to welcome his demonic inheritance.
“I tried to save you… both of my sons. I would have given my life.”
“Hmm,” his voice murmured, unimpressed by her boring statement of unconditional love. “Daeg is not as I. He has more of your soul… your ‘pathetic’ soul. Besides, when death finds him, he will be shunned out from any ‘darkness’ and rise up to your precious heavens!” He laughed. “On the other hand, you saved Father! Be glad for that! You turned his soul to be weak as yours with your ‘love’—and now he’s dead!”
Tears escaped her solemn stare.
“I’ve prayed that my boys would find someone to love them as much as I did your father. He loved me the same, yes, but he was not weak. His love was strong. That’s how he became free from the temptations with the dark world.”
“I don’t have any storage for sympathy; Mother,” he replied, “and I don’t have a heart to share with anyone.”
“How can you say such a thing? You have a heart. When you were born… you had a heart. I felt it beating… and nurtured it,” she said, even though he was visibly dispassionate.
“Oh, I will deceive someone, with my fake heart, and she will bear my child. That child will follow me after choosing my ‘gift of eternal darkness,’ and then walk beside me.”
Even to imagine that as her unborn grandchild’s fate sickened her more, as she lay in a fragile spell.
“Please—don’t encourage an innocent child to a life of despair,” she pleaded. “If you can do anything for me, I beg of you, grant me that.”
“I’m your son! You didn’t steer me your way!” He glared at her ferociously.
“Your father and I both gave our sons love. What you boys choose will be your destiny. It’s not up to me, although I tried my best!” she cried.
About the Author
I. V.Phillips has always been fascinated with the paranormal. Her supernatural beliefs inspired A New World Fantasy Novel Trilogy.
Born and raised in New Jersey, she now resides in Florida.
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