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Philanthropy Book 2
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Publisher: Chandra Press
Date Published: 11/14/2019

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The exciting sequel to Fusion World.
A world on the brink. A team divided.
It’s been months since Vai and Edam disappeared through the portal created by the destruction of the Fusion World machine. Unfortunately the machine contained the last known Dark Orb, the critical component to interdimensional travel. Luckily, a prototype is found in the vault of its creator, Dr. Charles Vindia. Vint SawWood, Vindia’s protégé, is pressed into service and can reactivate the device. But it is decades old and may only work once. There is no way to know.
Undaunted, Sajaeler and Raven lead a mission to find and rescue their missing teammates. What they discover is a world in the midst of a civil war. A shapeshifter has rallied an army of disaffected citizens to his cause and will stop at nothing until he subjugates the planet. To make matters worse, Raven becomes gravely ill. Coming to this world of mythical foes and allies has triggered something within. She must face her past in order to survive.
With the war boiling over, the team at odds, and Raven on death’s door, can Vai, Edam, Sajaeler and a new band of friends save the world and each other?
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Excerpt:  From Chapter 16:  Escape Into The Desert

Taldale stumbled forward, his boots kicking into the dirt below his feet.  He clutched the pink orb in his palm, and ran as quickly as he could, ducking down towards the beach, and heading southbound to High Cliff.  He ran up a ridge, and down on the other side, he was met face to face by one of the Hellgate leaders.  

Coby Churchlin held a blob of powder in his palm, about the same size as the orb that Taldale held in his.  He hunched it back, ready to toss it at the deputy. Taldale froze, and his fingers twitched as he considered drawing for his gun.  Coby noticed this twitch.

“I’m watching you, deputy,” Coby warned sternly.  “Before you even move your hand to your weapon, I will have thrown this directly in your face.  You will be lucky if your head stays attached to your neck.”

“It don’t seem like I have much of a choice, does it?”  Taldale asked.  

“The machine we confiscated from that scientist,” Coby nodded to the Time Orb in Taldale’s palm.  “Give it to me.”  

“Why not just kill me and take it?”  Taldale asked.  

“Because I’m giving you a choice.  Give it to me, and I’ll let you walk out of here,” Coby offered.  

“Bullshit,” Taldale muttered.  “As soon as I hand it over, you’ll kill me.”  

“Do you have any other choice?”  Coby asked.  

“None,” Taldale realized.  He reluctantly handed the orb over to Coby.  Coby gently tucked the device inside of the leather satchel he wore at his side, underneath his black duster.  Taldale flinched at the man’s every movement, trying to predict when he would throw the explosive in his palm. Taldale figured if he could see the projectile soon enough, he would be able to dodge, and unleash a counterattack, but as he watched, he saw Coby place the power into a pouch attached to his belt.  

“Much appreciated,” Coby said to Taldale.  He stepped past the deputy and started on his way towards Rasterol.  Taldale turned and watched him leave in confusion. He drew his pistol and pointed it square at the back of Coby’s head.  

“I could kill you right here, right now,” Taldale warned.  Coby stopped in his tracks. He turned his head to see the deputy through his peripheral.  

“Then why hesitate?”  Coby asked.  

“Why didn’t you kill me?  Why turn your back on me when you know that I have a loaded weapon?”

“You’re a man of honor, Taldale,” Coby replied.  “Aren’t you?” Taldale did not give a reply, but Coby already knew the answer.  “I let you live. I trust you will do the same.”

Taldale hesitated, and then spun his revolver around on his finger, and shoved it back into the holster at his side.  

“Then we have a mutual understanding,” Coby replied.  He turned his head forward and trekked forward towards Rasterol.  Taldale turned his back towards Coby and continued on his way towards Bastion Sax and High Cliff.  

About the Author

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Joseph Lewis Tamone lives in Wilmington, Delaware. Despite getting a degree in Environmental Engineering, Joseph has always found an escape in his quirky imagination that lent its way to his passion for writing. Joseph is an avid animal lover and history buff. When he is not writing, he enjoys escaping into the world of video games, nature, and most importantly, reading and researching. He lives in Delaware with his lovely wife, Erica, and their house full of animals.

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