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Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Date Published: 06-08-2021

Publisher: Sandpaper Press


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Three thousand years ago the three races of Vinge, Human, Dak’or, and
Fingalin, fled into space at the destruction of their planet. Now The
Alliance between the three governments is at its breaking point. Between
racial tensions caused by the elitist and wealthy Fingal trying to claim a
divine right to rule, a deadly new quarantine-resistant plague that is
sweeping through the primarily Drak’or outer colonies, and lack of funding
and success in terraforming efforts, the treaty seems to be at an end. As
people begin to turn to religion to save them, The Descendents, a powerful
religious sect worshiping the Goddess Vyanna, readily fill the void.

Now the crew of a small mercenary vessel, captained by a man calling
himself the devil, are on a relief mission to replace equipment for Deep
Space Initiative Station 3122’s failed life support. Lieutenant Commander
James Aiunys, the newest member, and tactical officer of the legendary crew
is shocked when they are unexpectedly pulled out of hyperspace, and informed
that the quarantine zone has been expanded to include the station. The
mysterious Drak’or captain is undeterred. In a feat that seems more like
magic than science, he turns the battle on its head, defeating one of the
most powerful warships in the galaxy, leaving it paralyzed in space.

Upon their arrival however, the station is not what they had expected. The
crew becomes concerned when they discover the station empty, an eerie
resemblance to another station they had visited at the bequest of strange
women with silver hair who smelled of apple blossoms.

When the power core fails during their investigation, The Captain is once
again forced to do the impossible, leaving James with more questions than
answers. With the government collapsing into chaos, the crew of The Shade
find themselves on the run, caught in the middle of a sinister plot that
will change the galaxy forever.

But there are darker shadows than the machinations of mortals lurking in
the far corners of civilization. Brought face to face with their own
humanity in a conflict older than the concepts of good and evil. They are
forced to question everything they understood about themselves, religion,
and even the very fabric of reality.




“Now then. Are you ready to talk?” 

“I already told you I don’t know anything.” Meghnah spat, all traces of the pathetic girl from the cell vanishing, that facade wouldn’t do her any good here. 

The interrogator let out a sigh and activated the data pad. An image of Chloe and James being escorted by Descendant soldiers appeared on the screen. “It is no use fighting us anymore, we have the rest of your crew, all we need now is the traitor. Give him up and it will make your life a lot easier.” 

Meghnah leaned forward in her chair, wiggling her hands underneath her body as much as the restraints would allow. “Look, if you think there is that much loyalty on that ship you have another thing coming. Trust me, if I knew anything I would tell you.” 

The interrogator brushed back a strand of bright red hair that had fallen out of her bun, leaning over the desk a empting to intimidate Meghnah with her gaze. “That does appear to be your track record, miss…” she spun the data pad around and entered something, “Te’kell, is it?” 

Meghnah flinched at her last name. It had been years since she had heard it spoken aloud, longer still since she had last used it. 

The women grinned. “You were all but nonexistent until about two years ago.” She continued, scrolling through the datapad. “Something must have happened to bring you out of the shadows. If it isn’t loyalty, what is it?” 

Meghnah inhaled slowly, then exhaled. “Light and darkness reflect in us your providence.” She thought the ancient chant in her mind, bracing against the pain. She twisted her torso to the side, using the weight of her body against the chair as leverage, her left shoulder pulled out of its socket. “The pay was good, and until now, we had never been caught.” 

The officer watched her, a blank expression masking her face. “What are you doing?” 

She brought her legs up, placing her feet against the underside of the desk. “What does it look like?” 

The Descendants’ eyes widened but it was too late, Meghnah straightened her body, kicking out with both legs. The heavy desk rolled backwards pinning the officer behind it against the floor. Meghnah hit hard as her own chair fell, landing with her back to the ground, she pulled her hands underneath her, and rolled off the chair. Pain shot through her arm, reminding her of the dislocated joint. 

“Help!” The women screamed. 

Meghnah jumped to her feet, it took the guard a second to override the lock which gave her time to get into position, and pop her shoulder back into place. There was a click, and the door slid open. 

“What’s going on in here?” 

Meghnah clasped her hands together, she stepped in front of him, bracing herself, she swung her arms hi ing him with the heavy restraints across the temple. The man spun as he fell, flying several feet from the force of the impact. 

He struggled to stand, Meghnah lunged through the air, landing on top of him, she pressed him against the floor, then wrapping one arm around his neck and leaning back squeezed his windpipe until he went limp. 

She rolled off him springing to her feet as the officer managed to extract herself from underneath the desk. 

“You will never get off this ship alive!” 

Meghnah exhaled the remainder of her breath, then inhaled slowly, leveling her gaze at the woman she turned her shoulder to her like the blade of a knife. “I think I will take my chances.” 

About the Author

Ezra Sandborn

Ezra Sandborn got his start writing fiction as a dungeon master in online
role-playing games . He draws on inspiration from his childhood, sitting
under the trampoline and inventing new worlds and characters. Ezra became an
author by accident, during a particularly difficult period of his life he
was suddenly struck by inspiration for a short story. After sharing the
story with friends and family everyone wanted to read more, and so he
continued writing. In less than a month as the result of that novel accident
Seph – The Reflection of Divinity was created. Ezra’s writing is defined by
his complex characters, deep immersive worlds, and unique stories that
challenge the conventional narrative, while exploring the deeper truth of
human nature.


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