Wine Dark Deep Reveal


Wine Dark Deep book 1 cover

Science Fiction, hard sci-fi space opera

To be Published: Oct 12, 2020

Publisher: Uphill Downhill Press


When the solar system’s key asteroid mine is seized by revolutionaries, it
puts the secret mission of the spaceship Ulysses in jeopardy. Without a
refueling launch from the asteroid, the survival of the ship and its crew is
uncertain. The safest course for the Ulysses? Abandon the mission and limp

But Cal Scott, captain of the Ulysses, is an astronaut of the old school
and failure is not an option. He has a plan: head straight for the asteroid
belt and get their fuel—one way or another.

Wine Dark Deep book 2 cover

Book 2

Releasing 10.19.20



Wine Dark Deep  book 3 cover

Book 3

Releasing 10.26.20


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About the Author


R. Peter Keith is the creative director of a NASA Space Act Agreement
partner company that specializes in the design, fabrication, and exhibition
of museum exhibits and interactive experiences.  He’s flown the
NASA-Langley Lunar Lander Simulator to a landing in front of the Moon
McDonalds* and has spent research time inside an original Apollo LM and the
Orion Spacecraft with one of its engineers.

For the past five years, Keith collaborated with NASA to produce a
simulation-based exhibition that focused on the basic concepts of
spaceflight and their possible application in the colonization of our solar
system.  On its premiere, the exhibit broke all attendance records for
Space Center Houston, the official NASA Visitor Center for the Johnson Space
Center, home of the astronaut program.  The many long, thoughtful, and
technical conversations with NASA experts and advisors from Houston, Langley
and JPL that occurred during the creation of this exhibition and its seven
simulations and related programs provided the germ of the idea that became
the WINE-DARK DEEP series.

Keith lives in Vermont with his wife, kids, and dogs.  He has hung on
to an old car for so long it has become cool again and has done the same
with a few pairs of pants. He has an unreasonable love for all speculative
fiction, having grown up with both classic literary and film works as well
as the wonders of Marvel comics, Star Trek and Star Blazers.  He’s an
avid video game fan as well as a voracious reader.


*There really is a McDonalds on the moon in that NASA simulator.  He
has pics.



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This is your SHIFTING season Blitz

This is your SHIFTING season banner

This is your SHIFTING season

Christian, Spiritual Growth, Religious, Inspirational

Date Published: May 2, 2020

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Have you ever found yourself in a tough life situation and couldn’t find a
way to get out of it?

Have you ever wondered what your true capabilities are and how to reveal
your full potential?

Or maybe, you are seeking a tool that would boost up your motivation and
teach you valuable life lessons?



I think this book will definitely make a shift in your life, so keep



“THIS IS YOUR SHIFTING SEASON” – a book that is going to
change your perception about your true inner power,  teach you valuable
life lessons and show what is possible with dedication and the right



We all had good and bad times in our life, we all made mistakes, and we all
have regrets.
And it doesn’t matter what those times, mistakes or regrets
are. If you are still living on this planet, you have the right to get
better and move forward, just like I did…

Being lost for about 22 years, I finally found my life path, discovered
strategies, and rules that led me out of the very bottom of my life.
spent in and out jails, drug and alcohol addictions are now my past. I even
managed to get them out of my brain. After so many years of darkness, I
decided to dedicate my life to help others to find their own life


Here is just a short brief of what you are going to learn:


How to find your purpose in life?

RULES OF MANUAL TRANSMISSION – learn how to accelerate your

Find your real destination. What is truly important?

The best way to start your SHIFTING SEASON

What is your real potential – a self-identification guide

Much much more…



And it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not, you are 20 years
old or 60 years old, male or female, the strategies and rule inside this
book will help you as much as it helped others.

Now it is your turn to make a decision, to take the first step, and turn on
your unlimited life engine.


About the Author

Michael Mickey Williams Jr. an Atlantic City New Jersey native was once
homeless, eating food out of trash cans, suicidal, addicted to heroin, and
crack cocaine. He spent 22 years of his life in-and-out of jails and
rehabilitation centers since he was a teenager. Nowadays, however, he’s
married, a substance abuse counselor, a minister, and a ten-time published
author with titles like “Pushed out the Crack House into God’s house,
My Purpose is Greater than my struggles, and I’m a Giant Killer to name a
few, he’s also one of the Co-founders of The Minor Adjustments Program which
is dedicated to preventing and reducing crimes, their primary purpose is to
teach men and women how to make the “Minor Adjustments” that are
necessary for their lives, Their motto is “Anywhere but backward”
Mr. Williams is a dedicated advocate for those who are struggling with
addictions or criminal lifestyles, mainly because he struggled with those
same barriers.

Beyond the Minor Adjustments Program, It is said that he was named
“Preacher Boy” by his beautiful wife Lernell Apple Williams, his
style of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes it easy for him to
communicate to both the common people and the religious, his stated that he
tries to use everyday language already familiar to his culture, with a
purpose to always try to touch individual personal needs at the same time
communicate spiritual truth.

As a father of seven, with four grandkids he credits his parents as the
source of his perseverance and sense of self-reliance. After 22 years of
being in bondage to addiction, Mr. Williams continues to be one of today’s
most inspirational, encouraging, and influential men today.

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The Fall of Polite Tour

The Fall of Polite banner

The Fall of Polite cover

Post Apocalyptic

Date Published: April 30th 2020


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


In a freshly lawless New England in the dead of winter

A bloodied and barefoot 17-year-old, grieving the loss of her father,
trudges around a smoldering pileup on the road out of town. She’s
endeavoring the 120 mile trek to her only living family member through
blizzard conditions…

A once kind-hearted lumberjack splits a teenager’s nose in half with
the rim of a metal gas can. Since the day his family was slaughtered before
his eyes, he’s been consumed with an undying fury that can only be
quelled through acts of violence…

A two-time college-dropout, trying to do good, howls in agony as her face
is slashed with a razor-blade. The crackhead who did the deed is taking back
her five-year-old child who the drop-out was trying to protect after finding
him abandoned in a dumpster…

Anyone wishing to live must harden and adapt to the new rules of a world
post-fall of polite. This dangerous new world will make you into a
survivor… or a corpse.



The Fall of Polite paperback


That reminded Maria to check in on Stacey. Their calls had to be quick since her dad didn’t like her using her cellphone, but they had stayed in contact anyway. Maria was dismayed by the panic and urgency in her voice.

‘Hey, Maria, I can’t talk.’

‘Are you all right?’

‘I, uh- I don’t know.’

The pastor’s voice boomed behind Stacey, ‘I said no phone calls! They’re listening!’

‘Maria, I gotta go-’ Stacey’s dad yanked the phone from her hand and slammed it off the living room floor. He stomped on it until his heel cracked the screen and the display went dead.

Stacey ran to her mom and sister on the other side of the room. The pounding at the front door had developed from one fist to a half-dozen. Shadows of men and weapons moved about on the other side of the frosted glass window set in the door.

The pastor looked to the silhouettes, then to his wife. ‘Bring them upstairs.’

‘Honey, I don’t thi-’

‘Do it! All of you! Get up there and pray!’

As the rest of the family hurried upstairs, pastor Prendergast went for his gun. The shadows outside his door howled as he yanked open the closet and put the combination into his lockbox.

‘Open up, pastor Aaron!’

‘Come on!’

‘Let us in!’

‘We know you’re in there!’

The pastor pulled his snub-nosed revolver out of the box and loaded it just like the guy in the store taught him. He aimed the gun toward the frosted glass with a shaky hand.

‘Unlock the door, pastor Aaron!’

‘We know you’ve got three ripe pussies locked up in there!’

‘It ain’t fair, man!’

‘Yeah! You’ve gotta share, pastor Aaron!’

The pastor lowered his gun, knowing what he truly needed to do, and knowing exactly how hard it would be.

The frosted glass shattered and the sweaty, white-trash men outside jostled for position, all trying to reach through the small aperture at once.

The pastor made his way upstairs. He joined his family in the master bedroom and was relieved to find them on their knees praying as he had instructed. There was a distant rumble and the house shook underneath them. The lights flickered on and off in the overheard lamp, the fan spun wildly, and the whole chandelier began to sway on its hanging chain.

Stacey rose to her feet. ‘Dad, what are you doing?’

The lights pulsated like lightning, rising and falling in intensity. The brutes downstairs burst through the  front door, hollering excitedly.

‘Keep praying.’ The pastor said, preparing for the act to come. He did the sign of the cross twice in a row.


‘This is not our world anymore.’

And as the words left the pastor’s lips he raised the gun to the back of his wife’s head. ‘You’ll see each other in heaven.’ He knew he wouldn’t be able to join them but for this mercy. ‘Goodbye.’

He pulled the trigger and the gun let out a deafening blast. He watched as blood coated the bedroom wallpaper an instant before his wife’s head smashed through it. He forced his eyes to the swinging, pulsing chandelier above the bed as his children screamed. He pivoted his arm and fired again. The tandem screams became a solo performance as Stacey hit the floor, silenced. Letting the tears flow, pastor Prendergast pivoted once more and punctuated poor little Polly’s screams with another gunshot.

The intruders made it to the bedroom doorway just in time to see the pastor bring the revolver to the underside of his chin and the squeeze the trigger one final time. The ceiling fan spread his displaced brains across the room.

The Fall of Polite tablet

About the Author

Sam Kench is a 23-year-old writer and independent filmmaker. His
screenplays and short films have been awarded by festivals and competitions
around the world. In 2014 he was named one of the top defenders of free
speech by the National Coalition Against Censorship. He grew up in New
England and spent years exploring many of the locations that found their way
into the novel. He now resides in Los Angeles. ‘The Fall of
Polite’ is his debut novel.


Contact Links



Twitter: @BrickwallFilms

Instagram: @brickwall_pictures



Purchase Link


Read FREE With Kindle Unlimited

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Black Veil Tour

Black Veil banner
Black Veil cover


Date Published: 7/1/2020
Publisher: Épouvantail Books, LLC
photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Murder and Madness in the High Sierras
The tragic and gruesome story of the Donner Party is being made into a movie, a tale of cannibalism and treachery high in the snowbound mountains. The cast is made up entirely of children. One by one, they are dying. The series of deaths are haunting the production, each one of the “accidents” at the hands of Florentino Urbino. Driven by greed and jealousy, he is killing off the film’s stars to line his pockets by selling off the gruesome footage of the accidents.
Six-year-old actress SeaBee Danser in her black veil is his next target. She is the only one who can see through the black curtain that Florentino Urbino drapes over his deranged and murderous heart.
Can she survive?
Can he be stopped?
Will any of the children be left standing?


Black Veil tablet


Chapter One


Film Title: Rascals – The Sequel

Production Day: One

Story Date: April 16, 1846


The first explosion inside the munitions warehouse launched timbers, hot shards of metal, and body parts out across the wharf. Black plumes of hot smoke boiled upward, clawing from the windows as the roof blew apart, feeding a downdraft of cruel oxygen to the angry orange flames. Yellow bursts of ammunition cooked off. Rounds of steel-balled cartridges fired in all directions. Reverberations from the secondary blasts of the crates of dynamite blanked out the screams and cries, which went on, anyway, from those still living and erasing those of the dying. Out on the wharf, distraught, stunned, and wounded dock workers dove behind wagons and shipping pallets as others were torn apart by flying, burning debris.

  Eleven-year-old Sarah Graves appeared from the side of the brick warehouse under a rainstorm of flaming wood and metal shrapnel. Her face, hands, and arms were blackened, her path changing as she climbed, dove, and ran through the crashing beams of timber and sections of falling brickwork. Right on her heels, a vengeful open mouth of flames opened, its teeth of wood and stone chomping.

Her sister, six-year-old Frau Graves, leaned out of a third-story window followed by a launched coil of rope. The hair on the right side of her head was smoldering, her face was scraped and pale and bleeding from wounds to her ears and nose. Climbing out, she clenched the coarse horsehair line with her little hands, her smock and coat pocked by smoking burn holes and flaming embers. The girl’s eyes were tightened down with fearful resolve belied by the beginning of a beautiful, satisfied grin.

The cast iron fire bell clanged from further up the wharf from the cobblestone plaza where child workers squatted, kneeled, and lay, staring open-mouthed into the devastation in the southwest corner of the shipyard waterline. 

Three of the young workers staggered onto the loading dock, their clothing in flames, their cries piercing the echoes from the blasts. One was cut to his knees by the bloody punch of bullets exploding out through his chest like a high-speed pitchfork. A deafening secondary blast inside the building propelled a heavy work table out through the doors, decapitating the second and propelling his headless body out onto the cobblestones, where it slid to a crash against a lorry parked across the way. The third worker was missed by the table but was cut vertically in two as a sheet of hammered metal was flung from the building like an errant, deadly toy.

Sarah and Frau Graves met up, eye to eye, kneeling on the stones as brick and wood continued raining down, their heads temporarily sheltered by the burning tool wagon they were under. Their eyes were locked on each other—the older girl appearing stunned in disbelief, the younger one no longer grinning. Frau Graves took her sister’s hand, looking wide-eyed for a path through the burning, twisted carnage. Helping her up, she led the way.

Reaching the edge of the warehouse yard where the wharf boards replaced the stone road, they ran as best they could while still hunched forward. Shrapnel was still flying and impaling anything in its path as additional explosions tore through the warehouse. 

A secondary explosion of chemical and powder stores eviscerated the interior of the first floor of the building, adding coils of thick black smoke under launched beams and timbers.

The town bell continued its deep and dulled ringing from the tower in the vendor square. Two platoons of well-armed, diminutive child soldiers double-stepped from the harbor garrison, in effect cornering the chaos. Their rifles poised to fire, they turned every which way, eyes frightened and deadly. Fire wagons rolled up before the warehouse, staying well back of the flames and continuing explosions, the crews making no moves to unfurl the hoses or work the pumps.

Running along the wharf boards right at the edge of the foul and stagnant harbor, Sarah and Frau Graves breathed the eye-burning stench of human and farm waste, the oily water mottled with village refuge. 

“This one,” Frau Graves yelled, pointing with her small, filthy hand to the stern of the fishing trawler named Desperation.

Both staggered as their boots snagged in a nest of fishing nets abandoned on the planks. Frau Graves led her sister along the boards past a sail-powered cargo vessel, weaving around crates and hoisting arms and a small flock of sheep. Wild-eyed young sailors were bent low, staring at the boiling black smoke climbing over the wharf. 

Passing along the sail ship’s starboard side, its mast was smashed by a flying strongbox wagon of exploding dynamite, slaughtering and torching crew members. They ran to the gangway of the long boat to their right, a worn and run-down fishing craft. The plank ramp to the Desperation was guarded by a squatting, jaw-dropped boy. His unbelieving eyes were sweeping from the fire on the ship beside them and across the black water to the burning warehouse. He had dropped his flintlock to his feet where it lay forgotten.

Sarah Graves brushed past him, knocking him aside. Frau Graves shoved even harder, shouting, “There, there, now. Few fireworks is all.” 

The disheveled and filthy-clothed crew were huddled low on the foredeck, ducking and scampering along the port rail for stolen views of the carnage on the wharf and the burning ship ten yards away. Sarah and Frau Graves jumped from the gangplank and tumbled to the deck, landing before the decapitated head of a goat. Its blood-soaked body lay a few feet away, a twitching, kicking mess. Sarah Graves booted the head away while Frau Graves studied the crew of children.

“Lord, they’re an ugly lot,” she piped, looking at their young faces and bodies. Without exception, each was badly maimed and injured.

“Who the rip are you?” a kneeling, angry-eyed sailor yelled at them.

“Stroke the boilers!” another youth hollered.

Before the sisters could answer, an explosion on the opposite ship launched a steel axle joint across the dock. A young girl’s back exploded in crimson as the hot orange shrapnel tore through her chest. The impact launched her into the side of Sarah and Frau Graves, bowling both over.

“Get us out of here!” Frau Graves yelled at the huddled sailors.

“We’re short crewed!” a frightened boy called back. He was crouched against a sail-wrapped beam, pulling inch-long slivers from his neck and shoulder.

“The captain’s ashore!” another yelled, waving at the oily smoke rising from the embers on the deck. 

“Skipper’s at the pay house!” another frightened voice called.

“We’ll go nowhere without pay,” a tall, angry-eyed boy barked.

A volley of musket fire tore through the din. The head of a young sailor disappeared with a cascade of bloody spray. Her body remained upright, her hands and arms still stroking the smoke for fresh air before her missing head. Seconds passed before her bones and muscles gave up the ghost and she crumbled to the deck.

“They’re firing at us!” a disbelieving voice cried, the sailor on her haunches in between the rail and casks.

“Not us. Them!” The tall boy pointed at the sisters, flinching and dropping as the muskets discharged again.

Bullets dug into the wood and sparked off metal as the second round struck the foredeck.

“Who are you?” yelled a short, overweight sailor on his hands and knees.

“No time for that!” another called up from the main deck.

“Lines in!” he shouted the command.

At the fore and aft rails, child sailors swung axes at the cleated ties rather than work the knots. With three deft stokes, the ship was freed from the dock.

“We need full steam. And now!” Sarah Graves bellowed, clambering to her feet and running to mid-deck for the ship’s wheel.

“Stroking the boilers!” a crew member screamed up through the deck hatch.

The sailors on the foredeck ran for their stations, leaving Frau Graves kneeling on the blood-soaked boards in the fire and smoke, destroyed casks and crates, and the two dead bodies. Pushing the severed sheep head aside, her tiny blackened hands tore into the pockets of the dead bodies, pulling out a few coins from each. Pressing them deep inside her sock and left boot, she crawled away.

The approaching soldiers fired another salvo. The long boat was backing into the harbor, bullets sending up sprays of wood. A youth cried out in dying disbelief. A plume of hot, sparking smoke billowed from the steel exhaust spout at the back of the helm where Sarah Graves was cranking the large, spoked wheel as fast as her thin arms could swing.

The bow turned, the trawler listed, and the props spun in the filthy black water. The platoon of blue-coated Spanish soldiers lined up on the wharf, their lieutenant commanding another volley with a down sweep of his saber.

“Get down!”

“Look out!”

“Find cover!”

Bullets struck like deadly knives of steel. Chunks of railing flew and deadly wood shards were launched. A high-pitched scream of pain came from somewhere in the chaos. The boat was ten yards off the dock, leaning hard to starboard as its engines spun at full throttle, propelling the fishing craft out and away.

A sailor crawled to the side of Sarah Graves and stood up. 

“Name’s Trenton, why are they after you?”

“I might’ve been the one who dropped the match,” she swept smoke from her lovely face and coughed.

“It’s not going to stop the slaving, but it was an impressive explosion.”

“Thanks,” she spun the wheel fast in the opposite direction. “I need more steam!”

Trenton bashed the throttle bar forward, setting off signal bells. The long boat shuddered and wood beams and metal groaned. He stared at her, beautiful even in her dirty and torn and ember-smoldering dress and coat.

The long boat responded painfully to the change in pace and the turn but gathered speed away from the wharf and out into the low-tide harbor of Puerto Mita. Looking away from her, Trenton stared out across the waters.

“The rocks!” he shouted. “The tide’s too low!”

Sarah Graves looked forward and grimaced. The waters to the open sea wove between encrusted boulders and dangerous rocks. 

“We can make it!” she yelled back, trying to see how.  

From the right side of the harbor mouth, cannons fired with white puffs of smoke. Along the ramparts of the Spanish fort came the deep thundering booms. Seconds later, the overhead rigging came crashing down from the foremast and yardarm, smashing onto the main deck. A fountain of ugly black water rose twenty yards forward of the bow, the second cannonball missing the trawler.

The planks underfoot shuddered as the vessel took a waterline hit from the next roar of cannon fire. Crew members dove for cover as the deck leaned hard to port. Sarah Graves was still on her feet, spinning the wheel. Squinting into the dense smoke, she studied the passage, ignoring the cannons, looking for a way to snake to open water.

“We’ll never make it!” Trenton climbed to his feet. “You’re going to get us all killed!”

“Not today!” she yelled back. 

Frau Graves climbed through the broken mast timbers and furled and burning canvas, clawing her way to the forward hatch. Swinging her small legs out into the darkness below, her hands gripped the stair rails and she lowered herself into the heat and chaos of the engine room. Flames were licking the joist and beams as the boilers and engines screamed in a metallic roar. The cracking of timbers mixed with panicked shouts and cries of agony. 

Seeing that one of the boilers was unmanned, she struggled to it. Taking up a shovel, she went to work feeding the open mouth of flames. The long boat made an aggressive turn to port. Behind her, a sailor screamed, toppling into the open box of the transmission. His body was half-consumed in the grinding gears. He was still screaming and spraying blood when the top half of his body crunched and disappeared.

A one-legged coaler shoved Frau Graves hard, knocking her aside as he planted his good foot in the mountain of coal. 

“The breach!” he shouted at her, tearing the shovel from her hands.

Making her way forward around the engines, she splashed through two feet of water to the chubby boy struggling with hammer and wedges trying to stem the spraying seawater. At his heels were wooden buckets of saws and shims and a box of square-head nails and rail spikes. Pulling a horse-hair brush from a cask of tar patch, she slathered the first seam he pounded a board over.

“Make it fast! When we level, we’ll be swamped.” He turned his half-burned face to her, his eyes narrowed, steeling himself from panic.

A sailor reversed the bilge while another pumped the hand bar. A third youth turned the hose to the flaming beams. Frau Graves and the rotund boy were blasted as the nozzle swept around to the fire. Both were knocked from their feet, their filthy clothing drenched. Under the smoke boiling from the low ceiling, embers circled, orange gnats sizzled as they landed in hair and headscarves. The goats penned in the forward steerage were thrashing and braying.

Frau Graves got to her feet and took up a mallet. Pounding nails into a second board, she was splattered with black pitch as the overweight boy at her side splashed and sealed the seams. 

“Should hold,” he shouted, stumbling back from the repairs.

“Let’s hope,” she yelled back and crawled through the tight space between the two steam engines to the left side transmission where what was left of the dead sailor lay under the housing. Kneeling before the gore and shredded clothing, she dug in with her hands. Finding a bit of fabric with a pocket still attached, she pilfered a few farthings and stashed them inside her sock and boot.

“God will smite you!” the round sailor with the melted face shouted at her.

“He’s gonna have to get in line,” she yelled back.

About the Author

Greg Jolley earned a Master of Arts in Writing from the University of San Francisco and lives in the very small town of Ormond Beach, Florida. When not writing, he researches historical crime, primarily those of the 1800s. Or goes surfing.
Contact Links
Twitter: @gfjolle
Purchase Links
iBooks: Black Veil is available via search

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Chasing Wild Horses Teaser

Chasing Wild Horses banner

Chasing Wild Horses cover

Wild Horse Ranch Book 1

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: August 7, 2020

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


A slow-burn romance between two outsiders from opposite worlds:


He’s the biggest outcast in town…

Chase Collins has never met a horse he didn’t like. Too bad he
can’t say the same for people. In his hometown Lutton, his poor
reputation follows him like a dark shadow. It’s best for everyone if
he sticks to where he belongs. At least on Wild Horse Ranch, he’s safe
from judgment. Then one day a familiar face from 10 years ago shows up out
of the blue.


She’s a wanderer who comes and goes…

Samara Grant is a nomad at heart. She doesn’t like staying put for
too long. But when her Grandma Bunny passes away, she has to put her
carefree lifestyle on hold to handle her affairs. She might have spent
childhood summers in Lutton, Texas, but it’s no place to live. She
wants to get in and out as fast as possible. Little does she know life has
other plans.


Together, they form an unbreakable bond…

After a series of near-death experiences, Samara decides to take back
control of her life. She asks Chase to teach her how to ride. Neither expect
to find common ground—and a fiery attraction—when Chase agrees.
But their blossoming relationship isn’t celebrated by everyone. The
closer Chase and Samara get, the more an unforeseen enemy seeks to tear them

Chasing Wild Horses phone

 About the Author

Mila Nicks has a thing for romance. Chick lit, chick flicks, you name it,
she’s there. She’s all about basking in a quality, well-told love story.
It’s why she’s decided to use her passion for writing to pen love stories
featuring women of color.

When she’s not engrossed in all things romance, she’s probably out
shopping, sampling food off of someone else’s plate, or hanging with her
feisty and dangerous pet chihuahua, Zayden.

For more on Mila, including upcoming releases and story freebies, check out
her website and subscribe to her newsletter:

Contact Links







Purchase Link



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