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Isle of Savages coverIsle of Savages by T. Briar

Publisher: �MuseItUp Publishing (June 15, 2017)
Category: Thriller/Suspense, New Adult, Sub-Human Cannibals
Tour dates: Mar-Apr, 2019
ISBN: 978-1771279277
Available in Print and ebook, 220 pages

Isle of Savages

Description Isle of Savages by T. Briar

Eleven souls are shipwrecked on an island teeming with sub-human cannibals. Who will survive to tell the tale?

On July 20, 20� a charter school�s sponsored sail from San Diego to Hawaii hits a reef during a violent storm. Sixteen souls abandon ship. Nine students, along with the hated captain and first mate, wash up on what they believe is a deserted island.

Separated into three groups by circumstance and mutual distrust, treachery and death lurk for all. Over the course of a single day, one student betrays all the others. Another drowns. Two others get ambushed by a great white shark. And, like falling dominoes, the captain, first mate, and six students fall prey to a tribe of bloodthirsty cannibals.

In the face of almost certain death, who will escape the isle of savages to tell the tale?

Isle of Savages Excerpt #2

“What if it’s a trap and you get caught?” Mia’s bottom lip quivered and tears welled in her eyes. “I’m not going to cry for you. Not one single tear.”

“That’s good to know. Instead, just think how happy I am that you and Keri got away. That’s the most important thing to me anyway.” Eric took up the paddle, digging into the ocean to edge them toward the shoreline. As an afterthought, in hopes of lightening the mood, he added, “But just think how foolish we’re all going to feel when we find out it’s not a trap.”

“Whatever,” Mia answered. Keri didn’t say anything.

Eric angled them into the breakers and a lone wave sent them skidding all the way up onto the beach. The moment he stepped out of the raft, he looked back. “Get ready to shove off, in case…”

Keri hopped from the raft with Mia following. Mia grabbed his arm, spinning him around. “Hold on a second.” She stretched up on tiptoes and kissed him on the lips. Just a peck really, no tongue, and no lingering.

“What was that for?” Eric was surprised by the kiss…and pleasantly pleased. He stared directly into her eyes, a smile surfacing.

“The hero always gets a kiss at the end of the movie. I’d hate to know that you died without getting one, you foolish, good deed doer.”

“You wouldn’t have me any other way,” Eric joked. Displays of affection in public settings always made him uncomfortable. Turning to go, he glanced back over his shoulder. “No worries. I’ve got this.”

“Be really careful,” Mia called out after him.

Eric proceeded cautiously up the beach, wishing he’d not lost the knives earlier. Tanya still sat in the exact same spot. She seemed to pay his advance no mind. The closer he got to her, the more he sensed that something was wrong. Maybe with her, maybe because of her. He didn’t really know which it was, only that something was very wrong.

For starters, she had a despondent look on her face as she stared at the ground directly in front of her. She was also naked as the day she’d been born, arms hanging limply at her sides to allow a full view of her heavy breasts. The position of her crossed legs presented the sight of her bare pubis. Nothing about her demure posture or physical appearance seemed natural. He couldn’t help remembering that this girl had once been the most flirtatious girl on the cruise.

At a distance of fifteen feet, he called out, “Tanya, look at me.”

She didn’t look up or acknowledge him in any way.

“Tanya! Look at me and tell me what happened to you. Why are you sitting there naked? What happened to your clothes? Is Gregory and the captain still alive? Start talking, or I’m going back to the raft and leaving you here.”

At this, Tanya looked straight at Eric, a glimmer of recognition dawning. She blinked and tears trickled down her cheeks. She extended arms toward him, opening and closing her fingers like a child signaling they wanted to be picked up.

Eric took another cautious step forward as a chill crept up his spine to raise the short hairs on the back of his neck. He immediately stopped in his tracks, scanning the jungle for signs of danger. He didn’t see any, but couldn’t make his feet take another step forward. Despite his former argument in favor of doing this, he wished he’d stayed in the raft with Mia and Keri and risked everything in open water. But here he stood now, with no other alternative than to see it through.

“Come to me, Tanya,” he instructed. “Stand up and come to me.”

“I can’t.” She sniffled. “Help me, Eric. Please don’t leave me here to die.”

Stifling his fear, he forced stubborn feet to move forward in the soft sand. The moment he reached down for her hands, she lunged forward, wrapping both arms around his legs.

“I’m sorry, Eric!” Tanya muttered as she toppled him over onto his back. “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

Eric, stunned by the sudden attack, struggled to get away, but Tanya held his legs in an iron grip. To further thwart his efforts, a group of what looked to be primitive pygmies swarmed out of the jungle to seize his arms and legs. Though small, they were immensely strong, easily flipping him over onto his stomach and pinning his arms behind his back.

“Nooooo!” Mia’s tortured voice wailed.

A view of the beach stretched out before him. He saw Mia running toward him; Keri darting forward to quickly tackle her to the sand; Mia outstretching her hands as Keri forcibly dragged her back to the raft and tossed her inside; Mia never taking her eyes off him as Keri pulled the raft into the ocean.

He never stopped looking at Mia. Not even when the pygmies snatched his head back by the hair to nick his neck with a razor-sharp, volcanic glass knife.

The last thing he knew before losing consciousness was all-encompassing pain emanating from the wound on his neck, accompanied by uncontrollable convulsions, and the dual images of Mia and Keri escaping to sea.

Praise Isle of Savages by T. Briar

�Freaking Amazing! This books was such a wild ride from page one. So many twists and turns that you just can’t figure out what the hell is going to happen next! It was so hard to put down and very, very well written.� I am very picky with the books I read, I know I say that a lot, but it’s true. This book met every single one of my expectations and then some.

With the characters, you either really felt for them, or you held seething hatred for them. It was like the main characters couldn’t seem to catch a break and the villains of the story kept getting a leg up. It was driving me crazy! I was found yelling at my kindle, cursing, clenching my fists, all because this story was so easy to get into! In fact, it was hard NOT to!

This is not a happy story, by any means. There is so much death and destruction and it’s written in great detail. So if you get wigged out easily, this might not be the book for you. Me, I love this kind of stuff. The blood, the gore, the chaos, this book had it all! Definitely 5 out of 5 stars for me!�- Amanda, Rabid Readers Book Blog

About T. Briar

Briar spent his formative years in the treacherous worlds of The Savage Sword of Conan, The Warlord, and Jonah Hex comics. So he�s been fascinated with action adventure stories for most of his life. From there, he eventually discovered Jack London, Louis L�amour and Jack Higgins. These days he�s devouring thriller novels by James Rollins, Clive Cussler and a host of other adventure writers.

This led him to start writing at an early age and he didn�t stop until he saw his name in print. Although, it wasn�t in the thriller genre. Not at first. But it was always a given that he�d eventually write and publish a thriller. It just took him a few extra years to get around to it.

He lives in South Georgia with his wonderful wife of 25 years.

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