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Embracing a Better You

Christian, Spiritual Growth, Christian Mentorship

Date Published: Nov 24, 2020

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press


Have you ever noticed that you are a greater cheerleader for others than

Imagine what you could accomplish if that same energy you applied to
others’ success was used on you. In our Christian walk, sometimes we need a
reminder of our internal tools. One of our greatest tools is to allow faith
to conquer fear. This book is meant to challenge all the negative images and
thoughts we often have about ourselves.

It will encourage readers to envision and take advantage of opportunities
to promote a different outcome. In this book, the reader will be challenged
to participate in self-reflection and deal with the hard issues, because
avoidance is never deliverance. Know what you can handle and how to deal
with it in a positive way. No matter how many bruises, scars, or flaws,
there is a “fabulous” within you waiting to come forth.


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God is an awesome God who desires for us to be made

complete. Sometimes, the scars of life will have us fake it

until we make it. Everything in life happens for a reason.

Scripture reminds the believer that “to everything there is a season”

(Eccles. 3:1). You are not what you experienced. The most important

thing you can remember is to use your experiences as opportunities

to learn from them. Embrace the better you by building off your

experiences. Maybe you planned on completing your education, but

the credit hours and grades did not work out. Or perhaps you have

been trying for a position with your company and cannot seem to

get the yes you have been waiting for. Did you know that the last

no does not mean no forever? There are countless professionals who

will share their stories of repeated failures before they got it right.

The point is that even if it does not work out the first time, that

is no excuse to quit. Let me challenge the better in you by saying

this: it is okay to try again.

About the Author

Michelle Best grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, under the leadership
of her grandfather, the late Bishop F. C. Barnes. She has worked in the
healthcare industry for more than 19 years and holds an MBA in project
management. Currently, Michelle is a faithful member of Monument of Praise
Ministries in High Point, North Carolina, under the leadership of Bishop
Kevin A. Williams. She serves on the minister’s staff as well as praise
& worship leader and a member of the choir. She enjoys any activity she
can find to do.


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