Sorry I have not posted in a while, things have been crazy around the house. The MASTER HAS been doing some remodeling and has not had time to play. So I have been leaving her little presents around the house. Now I am on probation and cannot roam all over the house. I have to be in the living room supervised on my bed. What a real bummer!! With it getting colder they have been putting my sweater on me, and I look like a bib orange ball. That is probably why Sissy has been chasing me here lately. She thinks I am her pumpkin.

Now I also have to be put on a leash when I go out to do my business, just because my master’s mate left the back gate open and I decided to explore some. I guess I should have answered them when I called my name and I would not have to be on a leash. All because of her idiot mate does not know how to shut a gate when he comes home. The big dummy. So now I am trying to be on my best behavior and get out of the dog house, Hah.. Hah . hah. Dog house. That was a good one. It is time to eat I better go before Sissy eats it all. Charlie out.

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