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Angel Flight Tour

Angel Flight banner


Angel Flight cover


Suspense Action Fiction/Women’s Action & Adventure/Women’s

Date Published: September 8, 2020

Publisher: Acorn Publishing LLC


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Two women. The men they love. One desperate plan.


Pilot Tris Miles is finally getting the recognition she deserves. She is a
trusted captain and confidante to her boss at Westin Charter Company, and
mentor to her young, ambitious co-pilot Bruce. Tris is offered a coveted
promotion and the opportunity of a lifetime—to fly a prestigious
“angel flight,” transporting a critically ill woman from a
remote town in northern Canada to the US for medical treatment.

But Tris needs more than professional success. Still alone almost three
years after her lover Bron’s death, Tris meets Mike, a local pilot
with a secret past he refuses to discuss. Their budding relationship
stumbles when Mike gets hired by Westin Charter to compete for the promotion
Tris was promised.

As Tris & Mike’s professional battle intensifies, their personal
relationship deepens.  Life is getting a whole lot more complicated for
Tris, and it’s about to get worse as the angel flight embarks. No one
could imagine what awaits them in Canada, and how each will have to fight
for their lives on this mission of mercy.


Love. Loyalty. Obsession. What propels YOU?



Angel Flight tablet phone

Excerpt – Tris and Mike set a date…. 

A BURLY TAXIDERMIED bear stood at the entrance to the Snake River Lodge. Reared up on its hind legs, teeth bared, it looked poised to devour anyone who walked past. Tris was not a fan of the wall-mounted moose heads in the lobby, or animal trophies generally, but she loved this bear. Something about his ferocious expression, paws raised and ready to shred an attacker, made her feel somehow shielded from the harsh winter environment. While she waited for Bruce, she reached up and petted its head.

It was cold. Tris eventually shoved both hands in their thin leather gloves deep into the pockets of her parka. Impatient to get going, she rocked back and forth on the heels of the red and black cowboy boots she had dusted off for this trip.

Tris was taking Bruce on the nickel tour of downtown Jackson before dinner. First, they’d hit the square and walk under the famous Antler Arch. They’d have a beer at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar. Yes, she told him, they really had saddles instead of bar stools.

Her mobile phone rang. She didn’t recognize the number on the caller ID, but it might be their passengers with a flight update. While she was technically off-duty, she was on the road, and Woody paid for the phone, so she had to answer it.

“Hello. Tris Miles.”

“Tris? Hey, Tris. This is Mike. You know, from Heather and Bruce’s party? And, well, Lemaster, but I hate to lead with that.”

His voice had a sexy scratchy tone, like he’d just woken up. For a second, he sounded like Bron.

She held the phone closer to her ear. “Oh, hey. How are you? Where are you?”

“Actually, I’m on an overnight in Medford, Oregon. In a Royal.” First the location, then the equipment. Typical greeting among pilots.

She laughed. “Ah. Nice. But I think I can do you one better.”

“Oh yeah? How’s that? You in Miami or something?”

“Miami? I’ll never figure out people’s love affair with that place. No. Much, much better. Jackson Hole.”

A slight whistle accompanied his long exhale. “Wow. Where are you staying?”

“Snake River Lodge.”

“The one with the big bear?”

“Yep. I’m standing right next to him.” Tris leaned against her stiff furry friend and grabbed one of his extended paws.

“Tell him hello for me, would you?” The proverbial ice broken, Mike paused. At first Tris thought it was the connection.


“Yeah, I’m here. So, uh, Tris? Uh, are you around this weekend? Like, to possibly go out? With me? To do something?”

Tris squeezed the stuffed paw. “Love to. When?”

Moments later, after they’d set a date, Tris twirled around the arms of her static furry partner in an improvised Texas Two-Step. 

About the Author

Award-winning author Robin “R.D.” Kardon had a twelve-year flying
career as a corporate and airline pilot. She holds an Airline Transport
Pilot certificate and three Captain qualifications. Her travels took her all
over the world in every type of airplane from small single-engine Cessnas to
the Boeing 737. Robin earned her B.A. in Journalism and Sociology from NYU
and J.D. from American University, Washington College of Law. A native New
Yorker, Robin now lives in San Diego, California with her beloved rescue

Her first novel, Flygirl, a work of fiction inspired by her own aviation
experience, is Book #1 of The Flygirl Trilogy. It is a #1 Amazon Best

Angel Flight,  Book #2 of The Flygirl Trilogy, examines the personal
and professional pressures faced by Captain Tris Miles as she plans and
executes a critical “angel flight,” designed to carry a critically
ill woman from a remote area in Canada to the US for medical treatment while
struggling with a new relationship.

To learn more about Robin, visit her website at www.rdkardonauthor.comRead
about Robin’s writing process and early influences on

For podcast appearances, visit and hear Robin’s
interview on the Nan McKay Show and The Dear Discreet Guide podcast.


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Materials: Starfighter Rising Release Blitz

Materials: Starfighter Rising banner

Materials: Starfighter Rising cover

 Science Fiction

Date Published: 9/17/2020


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The enemy wanted him. The galaxy needed him.

Sixty years ago Nolvarics nearly conquered the solar system. They were
defeated by starfighters.

Konran dreamed of becoming a starfighter, but he blew his one shot five
years ago. Now his life is stuck in neutral as a glorified rock

He didn’t expect to find Nolvarics lurking within the solar system.
They didn’t expect him to survive the confrontation.

Now all eyes are on Konran as he is plunged into a whirlwind of space
battles, peril, and conspiracy. The Nolvarics will stop at nothing to catch
him, dead or alive.

Can Konran rise up and claim his destiny, or will the galaxy fall?



Finally, his target comes into view. Barely visible despite the sparkling backdrop of one hundred million Milky Way stars, an icy, gravitationally bonded cluster of space rocks emerges through the inky darkness of deep space: one of a hundred Nolvaric operating bases lurking out here in the Kuiper Belt.

Some of the ice rocks loom large with the diameter of Neptune’s Nereid. Others glisten like meteors, swirling dangerously throughout the chaotic cluster on rapid, angular orbits. Ambient light is scarce at 5.9 billion kilometers from the sun, but Konran has no trouble seeing. Holographic overlays enhance his vision, displaying the objects teeming about by rendering their infrared emissions and quantum gravity distortions. Augmented so, the scene almost looks like a video game from the ’80s—the 2180s, to be precise.

Nolvaric starfighters converge on Konran like bloodthirsty mosquitos at sunset. With four wings like crab legs, pointed fuselages like herons’ beaks, and shark-fin masts protruding from the top and bottom, the enemy starfighters glint like demon spiders against the galactic backdrop. Known as Askeras, these are the nimblest, nastiest, most infamous of all Nolvaric starfighters. No longer able to ignore the escalating starfighter threat, Konran’s plasma cannons unleash upon his foe. Mounted in rotating turrets at his Sparrowhawk’s wingtips and nose, the cannons gyrate like shoulders in sockets, auto-tracking Nolvaric targets and spraying plasmic death in all directions. Enemies surround him, and Konran jolts and jags through their ranks. Askeras explode like firecrackers as he evades their return fire.

Passing through their midst, he stabilizes his trajectory and slows down just enough, letting them get close. The Askeras flock behind him, closing in as if for the kill.

Works every time, he thinks with a grin.

Konran inverts his Sparrowhawk, and his cockpit and craft reorient in an instant, flipping his point of view toward his aft thruster. In the same instant, his wingtip and nose-tip plasma cannons transmute from guns to gravito-nuclear rocket engines, providing him maneuvering capability as his formerly aft thruster assumes the role of megacannon.

Konran’s fingers find the targeting solution before his computer signals a lock.

He pulls the trigger, unleashing a concentrated kiloton blast of plasmic devastation from what moments before had been his backside. Fifteen Askeras disintegrate as forty more scatter. Konran reverts his Sparrowhawk, his weapons and propulsion systems resume their standard roles, and he rockets once more toward the gravitationally bonded cluster of chaos that was the Nolvaric operating base.

His Sparrowhawk careens around the diameter of an ice-encrusted, Texas-size rock, skirting no more than a dozen meters above its surface. More crablike Askeras descend upon him, and he releases his orbit, quickly dodging through a cloud of man-size space debris before losing the Askeras between a scattering of larger space rocks.

Gravity switches constantly within the agitated anarchy of asteroids, but Konran adjusts effortlessly, surfing the gravitational gradients like he was born for this kind of action. His guns tear through another pack of Askeras as he winds around an oblong icicle half the size of Portugal. And then there it is: a glowing, pulsating ice rock at the center of the swirling chaos—the heart of the Nolvaric operating base.

It rotates there, seemingly slower than the surrounding bedlam. It beckons to Konran, washing his cockpit in an ethereal, incandescent green. More Askeras focus on him, and he diverts all power to his aft thruster, jetting forward on the power of a thousand sequential gravito-nuclear explosions.

This will be the only attack run, the one chance to win or die.

Konran inverts his Sparrowhawk. His cockpit flips and his craft reorients in preparation for the killing stroke. A green light appears at the edge of the energy source, then another and another, revealing the deadliest of the Nolvaric defenses: concentrated plasmic energy bundles propelled like cannonballs from the heart itself. The green plasma balls fill the vacuous space before him, each trying to end him. They destabilize as they get close, exploding with vicious stored energy and rocking his Sparrowhawk with relentless plasmic shockwaves. Konran dodges one, then ten, then fifty of the blasts, intent on his target.

His megacannon comes within range, and he depresses the trigger.

A column of orange plasma leaps from his Sparrowhawk: a kiloton of destruction inbound on the target as if someone had just hooked a firehose up to a hurricane and funneled in all the lightning at once. The green Nolvaric heart shudders, wracking and cracking beneath the blast. Konran’s sensor displays indicate massive fissures forming within the glowing green asteroid—but it isn’t dead yet. His trigger finger itches as his megacannon cycles and he dances between waves of green plasma balls.

One more well-placed shot will complete the job.

Konran knows the spot, feeling it more than seeing it within the monstrosity of a space rock. He takes aim, angling slightly with a careful boost from his dual nose-tip cannons—which, inverted so, are presently providing propulsion to his Sparrowhawk.

He squeezes the trigger.

And with an enormous green flash, a Nolvaric plasma ball smashes straight into his cockpit. And everything goes black.



About the Author

Daniel Seegmiller grew up loving Star Wars, Mech Warriors, and all things
sports. He started out as an English major before switching to his other
love, science. He has an MS in mechanical engineering and has worked on
everything from biomechanics, to machine learning, to defense technology.

Daniel loves dreaming up awesome adventures…like, literally, he
wakes up in the middle of the night with the best ideas. Most of the stories
he writes are for his kids. Starfighter Rising is his debut novel.

He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and three squirrelly


Contact Links


Facebook: Daniel Seegmiller Author

Twitter: @DanSeegWrites 

Goodreads: Daniel Seegmiller


Purchase Link


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Hollywood Player Release Blitz

Hollywood Player  banner

Hollywood Player cover

Hollywood Name Game, Book 3

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: September 17, 2020


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She has zero friends . . . and is wary of men, living life as a

His only friend is 90 and when she dies, he’s adrift.

Can a dyslexic actor and a shy loner find happiness together?

Famous from the time she was fourteen, London Russell lands the cover of
Sports Illustrated to cap off her modeling career. Leaving the fashion world
behind, she follows her dream of becoming a singer-songwriter. Thanks to an
ex-boyfriend’s vicious attack on her, London becomes a recluse who
turns out hits but never tours—and can’t trust a man. Her life
changes course when she encounters a Hollywood screenwriter and director and
agrees to write the theme song for their next movie.

Knox Monroe grew up as America’s darling, a child actor featured on
several popular television series. After his mother’s betrayal, Knox
drops out of sight, returning years later to make the successful transition
to adult roles. A known womanizer and loner, Knox meets London by chance.
Through her connections, he winds up with the lead role in a new

Will London be able to open her heart and move past Knox’s player
reputation? And will Knox knock down the emotional fortress that he’s
built around his heart?

In Hollywood, anything’s possible. . .

Hollywood Player is the third book in the Hollywood Name Game series. Each
book in the series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of



Other Books in the Hollywood Name Game Series:


Hollywood Heartbreaker

Hollywood Name Game, Book 1

Release Date: August 6, 2020


From internationally bestselling romance author Alexa Aston comes a
stunning new Contemporary Romance series. Book One in the exciting Hollywood
Name Game series has arrived. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Being late to an interview lands her the biggest job opportunity of her

He may be rich and successful—but he’s just this side of

Can a wannabe be The One for the biggest star in Hollywood?

Cassie Carroll came to Hollywood with big dreams that never materialized.
Acting isn’t even on the back burner anymore—it’s
completely off the stove. Working for a third-rate agent, Cassie hopes to
land a new job that will give her credibility, as well as help pay the rent.
Late to her interview, she swerves to avoid hitting a dog—and totals
the car of Hollywood’s leading action superstar. Surprisingly, she
walks away from their encounter with a job—as the sexiest man
alive’s personal assistant.

Rhett Corrigan is bored with the movies he makes and the drop-dead gorgeous
model he’s dating. He’s afraid that Hollywood has typecast
him—and that he’ll never be able to break out of his action mold
and try new acting challenges. When Cassie Carroll literally slams into his
life, she brings a breath of fresh air and common sense to his world. She
pushes him to be a better actor and a better man

Can these friends become lovers—and can their love survive—in a
tabloid-happy town that thrives on rumors and backstabbing?


Read Free with Kindle Unlimited




Hollywood Flirt

Hollywood Name Game, Book 2

Release Date: August 27, 2020


From internationally bestselling romance author Alexa Aston – Book
Two in the exciting Hollywood Name Game – a stunning new contemporary
romance series. Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


She’s Hollywood royalty whose trail vanished a dozen years ago.

He doesn’t do relationships and thinks commitment is a four-letter

They Google each other . . . and sparks fly . . .

Sydney Revere, the daughter of a famous movie couple, left Hollywood behind
over a decade ago. Christened The Wild Child by the media, she reinvents
herself as a serious student who becomes an attorney and marries a safe,
predictable man. When her husband cheats on her and the law loses its
glitter, Sydney returns to Hollywood. Her father hires her to storyboard his
upcoming movie, No Regrets—and then stuns Sydney when he offers her
the job as his assistant director.

Dash DeLauria is a rising actor who hasn’t trusted a woman since his
mother left. He’s now the guardian of his mentally-challenged brother.
Dash is looking to grow professionally and after he wins the lead in No
Regrets, he finds he’s lost his heart and soul to Sydney. With both
their careers on the upswing, life is sweet.

But Sydney’s ex-husband isn’t finished with her yet.
Discovering who she really is—and that she’s wealthy—he
tracks her to California, ready to start over with her again.

No matter what it takes . . .

Hollywood Flirt is the second book in the Hollywood Name Game series. Each
book in the series is a standalone story that can be enjoyed out of


Read FREE With Kindle Unlimited



Coming Soon:

Book 4 – Hollywood Double

Book 5 – Hollywood Enigma



Hollywood Player tablet




London looked up and saw a dog bounding her way. Before she could react,
the golden flash crashed into her table, spilling her glass of tea
everywhere. She opened her mouth to speak and the dog jammed his nose into
her crotch. Mortified, London tried to push it away.

“Bunker!” she heard a second time. Looking up, London saw Seth
Walker dashing toward her, a leash with a dangling collar in one hand. No,
not Seth Walker. The actor who played Seth Walker in her favorite movie

The one whose name escaped her as he arrived at her table.

His cobalt blue eyes looked even bluer against his tanned face and
sun-kissed blond hair. If Adonis had come to life, he would be this

“I’m going to kill you,” the actor growled, frowning at
the dog. “I mean it.”

The golden retriever buried his nose against her leg.

London burst out laughing.

“I apologize for my dog’s lack of manners.” He reach to
latch onto the dog but Bunker was having none of it. He wriggled even closer
to London, mashing her skirt against her. The man’s hands froze. She
knew he hesitated because it might be hard to get a decent grip on the dog
without invading London’s very personal space.

“I give up,” he said in frustration. “Do you think you
could help me out?”

“It’s my favorite thing in life to help a man in

Wait . . . was she flirting? She never flirted. Ever. Ever. Ever.

He smiled then, exposing even, white teeth against his tan. Amusement lit
his eyes.

“Hand it over.” She reached out and he surrendered the collar,
still attached to the leash.

She pried the dog’s nose away from her and looped an arm about him as
she slid the collar over his head and lowered it to where it sat loosely
around his neck.

Bunker’s owner knelt and tightened the collar. “I won’t
fall for that look again,” he told the dog.

“What look is that?” she asked.

He grinned. “The pathetic one that tells me his collar is too tight.
The one that got me to loosen it up, which was all the invitation he needed
to slip out of it and make his way lightning fast to the most beautiful girl
on the block.”

London sensed the blush creeping up her neck. To distract herself, she
reached out to pet the dog. Her fingers glided through his silky, golden

“Mind if I sit?” the handsome actor asked.

“Be my guest.”

He sank into the chair next to her and ran a hand through his thick hair.
London suddenly wanted to run her fingers through his hair and not
Bunker’s. She averted her eyes and focused on the dog again.

“I owe you a drink. At the least. For Bunker’s impertinence.
And for making this mess.” He glanced at his watch. “I guess
it’s too early for a glass of wine.”

She grinned. “It’s never too early for wine. I spent a lot of
years in Tuscany. I’m surprised my father didn’t give me wine in
a sippy cup for breakfast.”

He laughed and she liked how his eyes crinkled up when he did. How the
smile touched his mouth as much as his eyes. Seth Walker didn’t smile
much on screen but this actor did in real life. It made her pulse quicken.
Suddenly, she recalled his name. Knox. Knox Monroe.

“Then wine it is. Anything in particular strike your fancy in the
middle of the afternoon?”

“I love a good red. No matter what time it is.”

He gave her an appreciative nod. “A good red for a beautiful redhead.
I like it.”


About the Author

Award-winning and internationally bestselling author Alexa Aston lives with
her husband in a Dallas suburb, where she eats her fair share of dark
chocolate and plots out stories while she walks every morning. She’s a
binge fiend (The Crown and Ozark are favorites) who enjoys travel, sports,
and time with her family.

Her historical romances bring to life loveable rogues and dashing knights,
while her contemporary romances are light and flirty and sometimes contain a
bit of suspense.


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Against My Better Judgement Release Blitz

Against My Better Judgement banner

Against My Better Judgement cover

Mauzzy and Me Mystery, Book 1

Mystery, New Adult, Young Adult

Date Published: September 16, 2020

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


When freshman year at the University of Alabama draws to a close, Sara
Donovan finds herself grappling with the same old question—listen to
her head or follow her heart. What she ends up doing is purchasing an

souvenir funerary mask, and after a mysterious phone call, she’s certain a
ring of antiquities smugglers are operating in Tuscaloosa.

With finals never far from her mind and her return to ‘Bama hanging in the
balance, she should be studying. Instead she launches her own investigation
to prove her mask is indeed a stolen artifact, and not a cheap trinket. When
it comes time to snoop, Sara is more than ready, or at least she was until a
hot new teaching assistant moves in next door.

Suddenly she learns things are never as they seem. Ever.

About the Author

After a long career as a business executive, B.T. Polcari tried to retire.
Spoiler alert: he’s really bad at retirement. Bowling, tennis, and sailing
can only keep you busy for so long, so B.T. is now pursuing his childhood
dream of becoming a published author.


Contact Links

Author Website

Author Blog

Facebook Page






Purchase Links

Amazon Links:

Amazon US:


Amazon Paperback


Amazon UK:

Kindle Paperback


Amazon Germany (Paperback Only): Paperback


Barnes & Noble:


B&N Paperback


Books A Million (Paperback Only):

BAM Paperback


Apple Books (Digital Only):



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A Whirl With My Mocha-Chocolate Swirl Tour

A Whirl With My Mocha-Chocolate Swirl banner

A Whirl With My Mocha-Chocolate Swirl cover

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: September 9, 2020

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


Rebecca Layton returns to her beachside hometown of Sunnyville, California,
determined to explore the possibility of rekindling her past relationship
with the love of her life, Raymond Colton. She’s devastated to discover that
he has moved on and is now engaged.

Raymond Colton harbors resentment towards Rebecca for abandoning him to
pursue her dreams of life in the big city. Now she’s back and more beautiful
than ever. But Raymond’s heart has been broken more than once and risking
more heartache with Rebecca isn’t a gamble he’s willing to take.

When Rebecca agrees to use her marketing expertise to help Raymond’s father
salvage his failing family business–Colton’s Ice Creamery–she and Raymond
are thrown together, and old flames are ignited. Can they heal the wounds
from their past and embrace the possibility of a brighter tomorrow?


A Whirl With My Mocha-Chocolate Swirl tablet

 About the Author

After years of not pursuing my writing dreams, I decided it was time to stop
sitting on the sidelines of my publishing aspirations. In 2019, I contracted
with The Wild Rose Press for a three book series, California Hearts. The
release date for my debut novel,
Orange Blossoms-Love Blooms, is October 19,
2020. My novella,
A Whirl With My Mocha Chocolate Swirl is part of The Wild
Rose Press’ s One Scoop or Two series and will be released in
September 9, 2020.

I write contemporary romance and women’s fiction with emotion-driven
characters and unexpected plot twists and turns. The character’s
journeys are layered with heart and soul and reflect the diversity of the
world around me. My stories center around love, familoes, friendships,
following your passion, second chances and overcoming obstacles.

 When I’m not busy plotting my next novel, you will find me bike riding
along one of Southern, California’s scenic beaches with my husband or
discussing love, life and the mysteries of the universe with my daughter.


Contact Links


Twitter: @dalia_dupris


Pinterest: Dalia Dupris



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