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The Ladies of Harrington House, Book One

Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Publisher: BWL Publishing


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Lady Sophie Harrington is not one to abide by society’s strictures.
If there’s one thing she knows, it’s that she will not be
paraded on the London marriage market in hopes of finding a suitable
husband. When a handsome bachelor moves into the neighbouring country
estate, she thinks her wedding prospects are solved – all she must do is
make the man fall in love with her and convince her parents he would be a
good match.

Successful barrister Lord Bryce Langdon escapes London to begin a new legal
practice in the rugged county of Cornwall. However, being the object of
desire for two beautiful sisters disrupts his life and distracts him from
his true purpose for being there – infiltrating a local
smuggler’s ring.

Can Sophie win Bryce’s love? What will she do when she discovers
Bryce is not the honourable man he appears to be? Sometimes temptation
cannot be resisted…

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The Ladies of Harrington House, Book 2

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The Ladies of Harrington House, Book 3



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Sophie slid off her mare, looped the reins over a convenient shrub and gave
the horse a quick pat on the nose. She turned and began the familiar trip
down the little path that meandered through the dunes to end up at the
gravel and shell beach just on the edge of her family’s estate. When
she neared the edge of the sea, she held out her arms and tilted her face to
the June sun before stripping off her bonnet. She tossed it in the air where
the breeze caught it and whirled it about, ribbons and all, before it landed
in a frivolous clump on the beach.

She sat down and removed her
riding boots and stockings and wriggled her toes with sheer delight. Then
she unpinned her hair and shook her head so the chestnut curls spilled over
her shoulders and down her back.

“Aaaaaah.” Pleasure
spiraled through her. “I have missed this so.” Feeling a little
foolish for talking to herself, she glanced around to be sure that she
hadn’t been heard. It would not do to have the locals gossip that Lord
Harrington’s eldest daughter was daft!

Sophie gathered up the skirts of her kerseymere riding habit and crunched
across the beach to the water’s edge, dabbling first one big toe then
the other in the chilly waves. The gravel pricked against the soles of her
feet, delightful in its intensity and for the first time in weeks she felt
alive, well and truly alive. Not that she hadn’t enjoyed her stay at
boarding school, particularly the time assisting in the school library, but
it had been restrictive, to say the least.

She mimicked the head mistress. “Sophie, you must pour this way,
Sophie, you must set a stitch that way, Sophie, mind that your voice is
never raised.” Mama would be scandalized if she saw Sophie now, poking
fun at Miss Smythe and standing bare foot in the sea.

“Your mama would be scandalized.” A masculine voice interrupted
her, echoing her thoughts perfectly.

She spun around, dropping her skirts into the water. Rueful, she glanced
down for it was sure to leave a stain. Then she raised her gaze to the
stranger before her. And raising her gaze it was for he stood at least a
head taller than her own five foot five inches. Her breath caught in her

He was handsome, to say the least – tall, dark and lean with a
rapacious air about him as if he would pounce on his prey at any moment.
Judging by his burnished cheeks, tousled black hair and the crop dangling
from one wrist, he had also been out riding.

Sophie realized she must look a fool standing there dumbfounded and ankle
deep in water. For once in her life she was completely nonplussed.

“You, you …”, she stammered, managing to wobble her way
back on to the beach without incurring further damage to her habit.

“Yes?” Amusement tinged the stranger’s voice.

Bravado was her best option so she squared her shoulders and jutted her
chin. “I meant to say you’re trespassing.”

“I think not.” He pointed to a marker just off to one side.
“I believe that is the edge of my property. Indeed, you are the one
who is trespassing, Miss…?”  The question dangled between
them. When she didn’t answer, he swept forward in an elegant bow.
“Allow me to present myself. I am Lord Bryce Langdon. And you?”
Again he waited for a response and again she declined to answer.

Oh dear, she knew very well who
Lord Langdon was. He’d just acquired the adjacent land. In fact, they
were all to meet him this evening for the first time.  However, if word
ever got out that she’d met him in this situation, her reputation
would be ruined. Anger at herself for the foolishness that had brought her
here unchaperoned made her tongue sharp.

“You, sir, are an ill-mannered boor.” She spat the words at
him. “Only an ill-mannered boor would compromise a young lady as you
have just done to me.”

“I must beg pardon then for I had not recognized you as such.”
He pointed to the ten toes peeping out from beneath the hem of her skirt.
“I dare say your behaviour is sadly lacking.”

“You, you scoundrel, how
dare you insult me so,” she fumed.  “You, you -.” Her
mind went blank, sucked bare by the devastatingly handsome man before

“Wretch?”  he suggested, the corners of his mouth
beginning to lift.

Sophie stared at him for a few seconds, watching the devilish grin threaten
to take over his entire face. Her lips twitched and she scowled in a vain
attempt to maintain her decorum. It didn’t work.

Giggles burbled up and burst free and she began to laugh. He joined her,
the sounds of their laughter mingling with the cries of the sea gulls
circling above. Bryce Langdon must be an astute judge of character for he
was entirely correct in his assessment of her. She detested the rules and
strictures of the upper class and it was that rebellious quality that had
landed her an extended stay in boarding school in the first place. There was
no point in denying it.

“No, you’re absolutely right. I’m not behaving like a
lady. That is,” she hastened to correct herself, squeezing out the
words between giggles, “in the sense I do not enjoy sewing and such.
Much to the dismay of my mother and sisters, I prefer to be

“And I am no drawing room fop so I see we shall get along
famously.  You have yet to introduce yourself?”

She curtsied. “Lady Sophie Harrington. We are to meet this evening
for dinner at Harrington House.” A wry expression twisted her
face.  “Please don’t mention to anyone that you saw me here

Bryce took her hand and raised it to his lips. “Rest assured, I shall
tell no one. Tonight when we meet, it will be as if for the first
time.” His dark eyes were admiring and warm with promise as he kissed
her hand again before dropping it. “I look forward to seeing you
again, Lady Sophie Harrington.” He said her name carefully, rolling
out the syllables as if he savored the cadence. He saluted her with his crop
then turned on his heel.

About the Author

A.M. Westerling

A.M. Westerling, a best selling author for boutique Canadian publisher BWL
Publishing, has written ten books, including Barkerville Beginnings, Book 4
of the popular Canadian Historical Brides Collection issued in honour of
Canada’s 150th birthday. A former chemical engineer, Astrid traded in
her calculator, mechanical pencil and spreadsheets for a keyboard, history
books and membership in her local RWA chapter. From Vikings to Viscounts,
her adventure filled historical romances span the ages. Sophie’s
Choice , the first book in her Ladies of Harrington House Regency romance
series, was a finalist in Long and Short Reviews Book of the Month. She
enjoys walks through her neighborhood, spending time in her garden and
camping. This avid sports fan loves watching NFL (ballet on the grid iron!)
and NASCAR (hot cars, cute drivers!) and cheering on her hometown Calgary
Flames and Calgary Stampeders.

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Scarlett’s Web Virtual Book Tour

New Adult Romance

Date Published 05-03-2021


Scarlett Camden met her Prince Charming-Harvard bound, Michael, the first
week of her sophomore year. Her life went from less than mediocre to
something resembling epic. With her new best friend, Jade’s help, she
managed to transform from the quiet girl no one remembered to the
most-envied girl at their private school, Philips Kimball Academy. But
things took unexpected turns.

Looks were more than deceiving. Life became unpredictable and

What happened behind closed doors and away from intrusive eyes was anything
but the fairytale everyone assumed she was living.

Years later, her past collides with her present life. Once again, her world
gets thrown into a whirlwind filled with painful memories, unforgivable
crimes of lust, and the loss of hope. Devastation and regrets.

This is the story of first love and loss. Lies and lust weaved into a web
too big to escape.

Will Scarlett’s web of lies keep her terminally trapped by her committed
sins when she was practically a child, or will forgiveness grant her a happy
ever ending filled?



It’s okay, you don’t have to talk to me.” Michael chuckled. They continued walking hand in hand. She looked over at him and saw him staring up into the night’s darkness. 

“I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to say.” 

“You don’t make a habit of taking late-night strolls with guys with bad intentions?” he surmised. 

“I don’t.” She paused. “Does that mean you have bad intentions?” 


“That makes me pretty unlucky.” 

“I’ll be a gentleman for thee shy lady, Scarlett.” 

Scarlett smiled, feeling warm and giddy all over. 

About the Author

Bree McKennedy is the pseudonym of a published author that wanted to break
out of the cookie cutter world she was writing in. After completing a BDSM
trilogy and being begged to continue on, she had to take a mental break. She
looked around and saw misery and good intentions that led people straight to
the gates of hell. After waking up in the middle of the night, from a dream,
the character of Addison evolved.

Bree is happily married to a wonderful and loving man. They have two
children and an overly mothering cat. She spends her days with psychiatric
patients among the gamut. Her first love will always be healing the sick,
nurturing the wounded and showing compassion in the field of nursing. At
night, she taps keys on a keyboard or puts a pen to paper creating story
lines that will pull someone in on an emotional level.

Bree is a self-proclaimed “lover of the dark and tragic.”

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Fire & Ice REVEAL


Fire & Ice cover

A Mauzzy & Me Mystery, Book 2

Cozy Mystery, Young Adult Mystery, Mystery

Date Published: 08-15-2022

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press


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After encountering a brief power outage at work, college student Sara
Donovan might be allowing her imagination to run wild. The main vault in the
Carlton Museum holds the Fire and Ice Exhibit, a collection of rare gems,
including the Star of Midnight, a 175-carat diamond. Although all the stones
are accounted for, Sara suspects the Star of Midnight was stolen and
replaced with a fake.

While conducting her own investigation, what Sara uncovers is beyond even
her wildest imagination: a coded message, papers with strange characters,
and a mysterious set of numbers carved into an office wall. Despite
dismissive historians and other experts, she is certain these clues point to
a mysterious centuries-old legend.

Unfortunately, her colorful history of usually being right, but always
being wrong, means she must solve the mystery to prove her theory.


About the Author

B.T. Polcari

B.T. Polcari is a graduate of Rutgers College of Rutgers University, an
award-winning mystery author, and a proud father of two wonderful children.
He’s a champion of rescue pups (Mauzzy is a rescue), craves watching
football and basketball, and, of course, loves reading mysteries. Among his
favorite authors are D.P. Lyle, Robert B. Parker, and Michael Connelly. He
is also an unapologetic fantasy football addict. He lives with his wife in
scenic Chattanooga, Tennessee.


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Harri Unbound Teaser Tuesday

Harri Unbound banner


Harri Unbound  cover

Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Suspense

Date Published:  May 27, 2022 

When the ruthless magician Madrin dies, opportunists seek revenge for his
cruelty. They kidnap his daughters, meaning to sell them into sexual slavery
at a brutal club for sadistic, wealthy men. Lady Harri Madrin manages to
escape before the doors close behind them and vows to rescue her sister,

Gareth Lamb, the handsome son of a local merchant, finds Harri and hides
her from her furious pursuers. When she begs him to help rescue her sister,
he agrees. They decide to pretend she is his concubine so they can gain
entry to the club to search for Morgan.

The master-slave charade forces them into sizzling erotic encounters. Soon,
they fall in love, but Gareth knows he could never aspire to marriage with
the high-born Lady Harri.

Though Harri’s magical abilities give them an edge, they’re
badly outnumbered by the slavers. Even if they manage to rescue Morgan, will
Gareth’s disapproving father disown him if they declare their love and
attempt to marry?


All rights reserved.

Copyright ©2022 Rebecca York


Harri Madrin woke in her narrow bed in the dark hours of the night. For a
moment she thought she might be dreaming — until she realized there was
some sort of disturbance in the convent, something she had never heard in
this place of tranquility.

With moonlight streaming through the narrow window, she slipped across the
stone floor of the small chamber to where her sister still slumbered.
“Morgan, wake up. Something bad is happening.”

Her younger sister’s eyes blinked open as the sound of rough male
voices came closer. Men in the convent? Never, unless there was some task
that the vestals could not accomplish on their own. And never at

Sister Matilda rushed into the room. “Hurry, you must hide! They are
after you.” She had always been kind to them, and now her wrinkled
face was full of fear.

“Who? Why?”

“For revenge. Your father is dead.”

Harri felt nothing for her sire besides a flood of relief. In all her
eighteen years, she had feared her father, the magician, Madrin. Now he
would no longer rail at her for being born the wrong sex — and for not
inheriting any of his powers. Or so he thought. He was incorrect about the
latter, but she had kept that knowledge from him, unwilling to give him the
satisfaction of her talent. It was the same for her sister, Morgan.

“You must hide before they find you.” Sister Matilda

“But where?”

“Come with me,” she pleaded.

“We must dress,” Morgan protested.

“No time.” The elderly vestal ushered them out of their room.
The stone floor was cold on their bare feet as they followed the sister to a
small chapel. She led them up the aisle to the front of the room, then
removed two candlesticks and opened the top of the altar where they saw a
deep cavity under the horizontal surface.

“In with you.”

The girls climbed into the box, curling on their sides and scrunching down
to fit into the space.

“I will come back for you when it’s safe,” Sister Matilda
promised before lowering the lid. The sound of metal hitting wood told Harri
she had replaced the candlesticks.

Harri moved in the cramped space, trying to get comfortable. She froze when
a rough male voice demanded, “What have you done with


“You’re lying, you old bitch.”

“You dare such sacrilege?”

“You are no better than Madrin, sheltering his demon’s

The words were followed by the sound of a hand slapping against flesh.
Sister Matilda cried out in pain.

“Where are they?”

There was no answer, but Harri heard something hitting the floor. She
crammed her fist against her mouth as she struggled not to scream.

Outside in the chapel, a whirlwind of destruction erupted — heavy pews
being tossed about, glass breaking. And then silence.

Harri trembled in their hiding place, and she could feel her sister’s
similar vibrations.

Footsteps approached the altar, and she struggled to keep her teeth from
chattering. A sweeping noise sent the candlesticks clattering to the stones.
The top creaked up, and Harri cringed away.

“And what have we here?”

About the Author

New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author Rebecca York began her
career as a journalist writing articles for newspapers and magazines, but
after several years decided to try writing fiction. She’s a highly
successful author of over 50 romantic suspense and paranormal novels and is
the head of the Columbia Writers Workshop. Her many awards include two Rita
finalist books. She has two Career Achievement awards from Romantic Times:
for Series Romantic Suspense and for Series Romantic Mystery. Her Peregrine
Connection series won a Lifetime Achievement Award for Romantic Suspense
Series. She collects rocks, and enjoys cooking, walking, reading, gardening,
travel, and Mozart operas.



Follow the Publisher on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @changelingpress

Pre-Order Now 


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The Roguish Baron Blitz

The Roguish Baron banner


The Roguish Baron cover

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 9


Historical Romance, Regency Romance

Date Published: May 24, 2022


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

He had to risk losing her so he would realize how much he loved

Jack Lancaster, Baron Hawthorne, hasn’t been home in four years.
He’s been too busy running from his emotions. So when he finally does
return and discovers his childhood friend, Sophia Fenmore, has gotten
engaged, he’s not only shocked, but determined to change her mind and
make her his.

Sophia has always known Jack was out of her league. But she valued his
friendship, until he broke her heart. Now he’s back, as eager to charm her
as she is to thwart him.For as much as she’d like to believe Jack has
changed, she cannot risk taking a chance on a rogue. Unless of course, he
proves himself worthy.

Other books in the Diamonds in the Rough series:

Diamonds in the Rough series


A Most Unlikely Duke

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 1


The Duke of Her Desire

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 2

The Illegitimate Duke

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 3

The Infamous Duchess

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 4

The Forgotten Duke

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 5

The Formidable Earl

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 6

Her Scottish Scoundrel

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 7

The Dishonored Viscount

Diamonds in the Rough, Book 8



The Roguish Baron tablet

About the Author

Sophie Barnes

USA TODAY bestselling author Sophie Barnes spent her youth traveling with
her parents to wonderful places all around the world. She’s lived in five
different countries, on three different continents, and speaks Danish,
English, French, Spanish, and Romanian. But, most impressive of all, she’s
been married to the same man three times—in three different countries
and in three different dresses.

When she’s not busy dreaming up her next romance novel, Sophie enjoys
spending time with her family, swimming, cooking, gardening, watching
romantic comedies and, of course, reading.

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