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February 25, 2014
Tattoos with hearts, minds, and dreams. Created to be the armor that protects my body, these obsidian shadows come alive at night—demons made flesh.After the Aetar nearly kill Maxine’s unborn child, and a betrayal within her own ranks leaves Maxine’s husband, Grant, poisoned and dying, Maxine is forced to attack a race of beings that possesses almost unlimited power. Doing so will require she make a deal with the devil—the devil that lives inside her—risking both her sanity and her soul as she slowly transforms into something more than human.But even that might not be enough to save Grant, because the very thing that Maxine is becoming is destined to destroy the world.

BOOK DESCRIPTION COURTESY OF AMAZON Another great read by Marjorie M. Liu, with kick-ass action, and a rollercoaster ride that will have you shaking your head at he end. The characters and story line were very well-developed and I always enjoy reading about the boys. I can always picture them in my mind, especially when they are eating the stuffed test bear or chain saw. That always for some reason makes me want to grin. In this installment of the   HUNTER KISS NOVELS, Maxine Kiss has to protect her unborn child, while also find out who developed this poison that is killing the demons and that has made Grant(her husband) sick and also her. Time is running out For Grant, she must find out who developed this poison and if they is a cure obtain it to help Grant and the others before it destroys her world.

In the end Maxine becomes what she is destined to become, more than human and immortal. The boys are passed down to her daughter on her death, so now they are permanently with her now that she cannot die. At the end of this book I kept saying to myself “WOW!” , the ending as that good. I believe this is the last of this series for right now, I hate to see it end. When you have a series like this you always want more. I loved, love ,loved, oh did I say I loved LABYRINTH OF THE STARS that I give it 5/ 5 stars.

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It seems that after all the drama of my Grandmother’s stroke is in the past and the rehabilitation I still in progress and this makes her third rehab place that she has been put in. Family that you come to depend on helping in taking some of the load  has suddenly stopped helping or coming by as often as they did. I don’t know if this is them thinking that she will not get any better than she is right now or they have suddenly gotten too busy to help out. If it is the first, then I would like them to take a moment and reflect on all the setbacks that my Grandmother has gone through that has halted a lot of her rehabilitation time. She has had c-dif, dehydration, first stages of pneumonia, a bedsore that has not healed because of neglect, 2 different types of infections, and a kidney infection. One of the infections was one that she had to be hospitalized because it was antibiotic resistant and had to be treated by IV antibiotic fluids. The bedsore could have been healed by now if one of the places did not let her sit in her own feces for 2 hours, in which caused bacteria to get into the bedsore and make worse.

My mom and my aunt can not do it alone. They also have my cousin who is my aunt’s daughter who also checks on my grandmother and helps out. Now today my mother went up there early this morning and took my grandfather, and this evening she asked one of my uncles to take my grandfather to see my grandmother. He was to call my grandfather, he never called and my mom took my grandfather to see my grandmother. If my uncles besides the one that is helping already would just help out one or two days a week this would help the others take a break. They are getting burned out an it is taking an emotional and physical toll. Something has to give before my mother has a total meltdown. When that happens all hell will break loose and I don’t want to be around when it happens. That saying when David Banner tells people who “You won’t like me when I get angry!” That is my Mom. For when she gets mad it is not a pretty site and it is usually hard to get her back in control.

If family would just help out more it would be better for all. Also if they would educate themselves more on stroke victims and how it affects them, they would know that when they are stressed or have a high level of anxiety, they will progress a lot slower on their therapy. So there is my ranting for the day, I will go back to reading and writing on my book.  I will talk with you later and remember May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Until tomorrow.

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I have been sick for about a month now. It started last month and I went to the doctor on March 19, 2014 and was given a round of antibiotics and some cough medicine. I finished the medicine up and got my voice back but kept the cough. I went back to the doctor on April 9, 2014 because I had a relapse and lost my voice again. I still had the cough and congestion. So far it has not turned into bronchitis or pneumonia, it has stayed as laryngitis. I still can not talk above a whisper and have the cough and congestion. I am almost out of medication for it. I guess if I am not over it when I go back in on April 30 for my check-up since the doctor put me on a new diet pill and put me on byetta.

I usually once a year get laryngitis, but the wind has been really bad here in west Texas that my allergies have been kicked into overdrive. That is what started this whole mess. This has been the longest that I have been sick in a while. I don’t know what I did today, but my knee and back is killing me. It might be the cold front that moved in last night that is making me hurt. I am going to call it a night and turn in. I will talk with you tomorrow.

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I have been having too much fun to write. Yesterday I chased off three cats who were in the backyard. That sure was fun watching them scatter. The squirrel has been pestering Cissy and me here lately. I went outside the other day to do my business and I was dive bombed by a crow and that blasted squirrel. I would have had both of them if I was not chained up, because I like to go exploring out of the yard. The squirrel likes to tease me by walking on the fence or hiding in the tree. If it would just stand still and let me play with it we would have so much fun. the squirrel always runs away.

Also when they let me back in the house they still will not share their food with me. Like the other day they had pizza and I wanted some and they would not let me have it. I begged and pleaded, and even tried talking earnestly with my master but she still would not let me have any. I also tried to see what she was drinking in her cup the other day and licked her straw and her sister caught me. They then started calling me a freak because I like to lick their straws. I have been having so much fun. I also was taken to the pet store to pick out some cookies, because we ran out. I don’t know who is eating them all but they have to quite. I have been terrorizing Cissy and it has been great. I constantly hide her toys and when she is not looking I steal her treats. Heh… Hehh.

Well it is time to go to bed and I just thought I would try to catch you up on some things. I will talk with you tomorrow. Charlie out.

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I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley

for an honest review.

Book Description

March 31, 2014

Book two of the Realm Walker series

Juliana Norris, Realm Walker with the Agency, is an Altered. A fact that she runs up against every time she’s forced to work with human police officers, and their species-ist commissioner, on cases they can’t solve themselves. Which happens more than they would like to admit.

Her gift—the quality that makes her the best Realm Walker in the business, without boast—is the ability to read magical signatures. Whether the gift came from her father, the dark fae god of death, or the mage mother she can’t remember, is anyone’s guess. And when Altered children start going missing with only wild magical signatures as clues, her heritage is the last thing on her mind.

She can’t afford such distractions, and she definitely can’t afford to worry about the fact that her mate, master vampire Thomas Kendrick, hasn’t spoken to her since she saved him from a demon—maybe it’s because she had to stab him to do so. Because whoever is kidnapping these children must be very powerful to wield wild magic. Very powerful, and very dangerous indeed.

68,000 words


I loved Book 1 – Realm Walker in this series, and Book 2 delivers even more than the first. The story line and characters are very well-developed. DEATH’S DAUGHTER will take you on one wild rollercoaster ride. Realm Walker Juliana Norris with the Agency is called back in early from her suspension from the last case in Book 1, to help find THE THIEF, the psycho who is kidnapping altered children and purifying them. When her niece is taken and one of their own is killed, she must find THE THIEF before anyone else is harmed. Unknowingly that THE THIEF is someone within her own circle looking for the missing children.

When I first started out reading the book I had somewhat of a feeling of who THE THIEFwas, but with a few red herrings thrown in, I was not quite sure until the last. DEATH’S DAUGHTER will have you guessing until the very end. The only part that I did not like was when one of the characters that I liked was killed off, but I know why the author did what she did. When certain characters cannot move a story forward anymore, you have to somehow eliminate them from the story line. This certain character did not move the storyline forward for the character, therefore the death. There is also some resolutions to things from book 1 that help to move the story further along for both Juliana and Master Vampire Thomas, her mate. I really enjoyed the book and cannot wait for the next book in the series. If you have not read REALM WALKER DO SO BEFORE YOU READ DEATH’S DAUGHTER. I give it 5/5 stars.



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