Christmas-Tree-Wallpaper-christmas-8142630-1024-768As the holidays get closer, and the stress gets higher we all try to make the perfect holiday for our family. I wonder what everyone else does for their holiday traditions. When I was younger and there was more children around and everyone gathered at Grandma’s house, we would choose names out of a hat and buy a present for that kid. We would celebrate Christmas Eve and exchange presents. Now we spend Christmas Day with my sister and brother and their family. We either have breakfast or lunch together depending how early everyone gets up. We don’t cook anything extravagant. We normally cook soup, chili, or some other meal.

We sit around play games, let the kids play their video games, sing, play guitars, watch movies, just have family time. The holidays are for family’s, not about the material things. If you have family you have everything. I have not even bought one thing for Christmas right now I don’t have the money for it , because of the unexpected medical cost on my knee. Plus having to take off from work and only getting part of my check. To me this year my Christmas gift is that I still have my Grandmother, and that is all that I need. So let me know what you do to celebrate the holidays?

It's the one day each year when being single is a sin . . .
 I can't believe it either. Where has this year gone? Just thinking about it has
It was the night before Christmas and the masters forgot to lock me up. I