URBAN FANTASY -BOOK REVIEW – Magic and Loss: A Novel of Golgotham BY NANCY. A COLLINS

magic and loss by nancy a. collins
Book Description
Publication Date: November 5, 2013
Located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Golgotham has been the city’s supernatural district for centuries. Populated by creatures from myth and legend, the neighborhood’s most prominent citizens are the Kymera, a race of witches who maintain an uneasy truce with the city’s humans…

It has been several months since Tate Eresby developed her new magical ability to bring whatever she creates to life, but she is still learning to control her power. Struggling to make a living as an artist, she and Hexe can barely make ends meet, but they are happy.

That is until Golgotham’s criminal overlord Boss Marz is released from prison, bent on revenge against the couple responsible for putting him there. Hexe’s right hand is destroyed, leaving him unable to conjure his benign magic. Attempts to repair the hand only succeed in plunging Hexe into a darkness that can’t be lifted—even by news that Tate is carrying his child.

Now, with her pregnancy seeming to progress at an astonishing rate, Tate realizes that carrying a possible heir to the Kymeran throne will attract danger from all corners, even beyond the grave…


MAGIC AND LOSS is a fun, fast read. It has well-developed story line and characters. The struggles they face keeps you interested and wanting more. This is the last book in the series, and I hate to see it end. It tied up some loose ends from  other two books. Tate  and Hexe are finally getting their quiet life back, or as quiet as Golgotham can be.  Until Boss Marz is let out of the tombs(prison).  This sets off a chain of events that causes Hexe to finally lose his left hand instead of his sanity and family. Tate is trying to protect her unborn child who will be half Kymeran and human, and the possible heir to the Kymeran throne.  MAGIC AND LOSS has a full cast of mythological creature we all grew up with in Golgotham city. You will love the leprechauns, centaurs, fauns, satyrs, and others in this book. I really loved this magical world and hate to see it end. I give this urban fantasy 5/5 stars. I recommend everyone to read this series.

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Magic and Loss: A Novel of Golgotham



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  1. I am never going to catch up on my reading, you know. Every time I turn around, I wind up with something else on my list that you have pointed out to me! This sounds great. . .