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Book One of a trilogy

(Upper) Middle Grade fantasy adventure

 Date Published: October 15, 2020

Publisher: Rainscape Media Inc.


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 Walking talking rats aren’t real, right? After Kyra, 13, is transported from Earth to another world, Antiica, she’s thrust into her father’s war with the rat people, the Raturro, and must save her kidnapped mother. Kyra sets out on a dangerous journey to rescue her and is aided by Coyne, a teen who deserted the army and Mercy, a teen rat girl who was once Kyra’s childhood friend. But it’s Kyra’s new bond with the Chimera, a magical creature that travels through stone, which changes her life completely. The Chimera’s Apprentice is the story of a girl and her monster—and a desperate search for her family.


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The laundry room was eerily quiet. It was a small room: washers on one side, dryers on the other, and a gleaming white wall in the back. A creepy feeling overcame me like someone was watching me. I held my breath, threw the clothes in the washer, and shoved the coins in. To heck with the soap. Something went through me—a feeling, a shiver, like I knew I was in danger. 

That’s when it happened. The craziest, weirdest thing ever.

I dropped the laundry basket and let out a squeak. At the door was a little man, but it wasn’t really a man, even though “it” was standing on two legs. He had a thick snout like a dog and long, long whiskers. His black nose was shiny and wet; a limp pink tongue hung out of his panting mouth. Goggles covered a worn leather flight cap, and he wore a too-tight army uniform with mismatched brass buttons about to pop open. A furry little paw with long, sharp black claws held up a smooth, milky-looking stone. Was it a weapon? 

“Kyra of Murch, I’ve come to take you home.” And then he laughed, an evil, maniacal laugh like the bad guys in the movies. 

“Uh, I’m not Kyra Murch. You have the wrong person,” I lied. I was talking to a RAT. A walking, talking rat-man. Impossible. But soooo amazing!

“I’d recognize a Murch anywhere,” he sniffed the air, advancing towards me. “I can’t believe my luck. You’re here! Ha! I’ve succeeded!” 

This wasn’t happening. I was talking to a rat. It was real. And I was seriously trapped. He was smaller than me, about the size of a ten-year-old. I could do some moves on him. I’d seen Karate Kid. But I wasn’t much of a fighter; in fact, I hated seeing people get hurt.

“Are you going to throw that little rock at me, rat face?” I bluffed.

The rat-man was stunned. “Er, this is an ancient weapon. You can’t insult the Adularia. There are only two in existence, and the Raturro have protected them for eons. The Adularia is, er, all-powerful.” He held the weapon out towards me as if to show me. 

“I’m warning you,” I stood as tall as I could. “This is your last chance!”

The rat-man’s eyes went wide. He was scared of me! 

“So shoot me! Get it over with already!” I bellowed, gaining some momentum.

“I-I’m not here to shoot you.” He lowered his weapon. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Shale of the Deep Nestling Raturro.” He held out one of his paws for me to shake, then changed his mind. “I’ve come to save you. You’re in grave danger.”

“Deep what?” 

“They’re coming for you.”

“They?” I asked, curious. “Who? There’s more of you?” 

But he didn’t answer me. He only choked out a tiny squeak. Something on the wall behind me caught his attention. 

“It’s the m-monster—” he stammered. “Run!”

About the Author


Roslyn Muir is new to middle grade fiction fantasy but feels she comes by it honestly—“I still feel like a ten year old making up elaborate adventure stories in my head.” Born in Scotland and now living in Vancouver, Canada, she often uses the similar landscapes of both countries in her stories. Roslyn has another life as an award winning screenwriter who writes YA stories, family drama and thrillers. She was a writer on the Global/CBS one-hour drama, Ransom, created by Frank Spotnitz (Man in the High Castle). Roslyn has also written several movies that have aired on TV around the world: Washed Away, Stranger in the House, and Reluctant Witness to name a few. Roslyn also wrote and produced the dramatic feature film, The Birdwatcher, directed by Siobhan Devine. Her half-hour YA comedy, The Tutors, is in development with the CBC.


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