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I received a new haircut the other day. I didn’t want the haircut, but that is what happens when you get stuck in sticky grass. First, I got sticky grass on both sides of my snout, and had to have it cut out. Then later I was chasing a cat and got stuck in a patch of sticky grass and my master had to get me loose. This time the sticky grass was on top of my head. When I got into the house, I ground the sticky grass in my fur more. I thought I was helping to get it out.  My master could not brush it out, so she gave me a bath to see if the shampoo would help to get it to release.Guess what? It didn’t! 🙁 She was able to get some out, but there was still a large patch hanging on.

They had to get the scissors out, and cut it loose. I look like I have a buzz cut on top of my head and my snout is almost clean-cut. I look kinda funny, but my master loves me anyway. Tomorrow I have to go to the Vet to have a tooth removed that is giving me problems. I can’t eat hard food,like my cookies, because they make my mouth hurt. The Vet said that it looks like it was shoved up and laying down on the other teeth. That is why it hurts. So, tonight after a certain time I cannot eat or drink anything. I have been fighting this tooth ache for a while.I guess tomorrow or the next day I will have more adventures for you. Charlie out.










Charlie Writing Her Post.


I thought I would drop you a few lines about how things are going. Sorry I have been silent in my posting. I have been going out with my master to get supper a few nights a week. It has been a
blast to ride in the truck and to be seen around town. People are always friendly and waving at me.
When we get go Sonic she let’s me order my chili cheese tots. I always get a laugh out of the carhop. Cissy has been gone this weekend, do it has been quiet. I didn’t get to do much outside, because it rained all weekend. The only part of the rain that I did not like is walking in it and getting my feet wet.
Well I am going to call it a night. Until next time Charlie out.

Here is me at Sonic.


Jennifer Reed

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