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Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy – Blitz

Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy banner

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April 24, 2019
Koehler Books
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sixteen-year-old Bobby Ether is abducted and brought to the secluded Jade
Academy in Tibet, monks teach him and other special students how to tap into
their Anima—the universal energy that connects all living things. But the
headmistress of the academy is secretly exploiting the students, looking for
genetic triggers to create a new breed of humans with metaphysical abilities.
As his powers increase, Bobby is thrust into a cesspool of conspiracy, lies,
and betrayal. A jade amulet left by his clairvoyant grandfather may provide
answers, but what exactly is his family’s connection to this mysterious place?
Bobby master his talents in time to uncover the truth? If not, his fate—and the
fate of the entire Jade Academy—may be sealed.
for Bobby Ether and the Jade Academy:
mystery, and suspense make this scientific coming-of-age story a fascinating
read.” —
Clarion 5-star review
Ether and the Jade Academy is a thrilling action-packed adventure you never
want to end.” —
IndieReader 4.5 stars
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the Author

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Scott Boyer graduated from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 1996.
In 2008, he became fascinated with the idea of blending young adult fantasy
with new-age fiction and thus began his journey as a writer. While maintaining
a full-time job, he couldn’t help but envision the kind of book he wanted to
read. This exploration led to the creation of the Bobby Ether YA fantasy
series, which combines spiritual elements with ancient myths and legends to
create fun, fast-paced stories tailored for young adults but suited for
adventure lovers of all ages.
his writing, Scott likes to explore various spiritual and metaphysical themes,
including karma, serendipity, communion with nature, and the interconnectedness
of all living things. In his free time, Scott likes to play basketball and
tennis, as well as bike with his rescue dog, Patch. Over the years, Scott has
been involved with a number of volunteer youth organizations, including United
In Harmony, YMCA summer and winter camps, various basketball programs, and
in Santa Monica, California, Scott still resides in the Los Angeles area close
to his family.
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Luris: Memories of Dreams – Blitz

Luris: Memories of Dreams banner

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YA Fantasy
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published: January 2016
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Luris: Memories of Dreams is a full-color manga which follows the unfortunate life story of M—, a young adult suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Due to amnesia induced by the PTSD, M— cannot remember many details from her past. What remains in her memory are fragments of dreams that must be traversed in order to piece together the reality that traumatized her. Though often strange and ambiguous, her dreams hold the keys that will empower her to face and overcome the terrible events of her past and the deepest fears of her inner self.
Luris: Memories of Dreams is suitable for teens and older.
About the Author

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Rune Marie Nielsen is an author and artist who seeks to provide a glimpse of divine eternity in her work through creative storytelling, unconventional angles, and occasional humor.


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Thelema – Blitz

Thelema banner

Thelema cover

YA Fantasy
Date Published:  March 2018
Publisher: Thelemic Arts
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What if you were born into a world where the gods once walked among men and women? Where you wake up every morning to find a mystical pendant around your neck and know, as everyone knows, that the gods had granted you this awesome gift, to house your will, allowing you to perform incredible feats. But what if that blessing was also a curse in that it tethered your soul to the world; and if you removed it, you would forfeit the will to live? What if your pendant was merely the missing half to someone else’s pendant? Someone whom you’ve never met, and may never meet, for the gods were selfish and cruel in keeping you apart? Everytime you gaze down at your pendant, you feel the promise of great joy and despair simultaneously as every fiber of your being is drawn to your other half – your twin flame.
If only you could summon the will of a god yourself, perhaps you’d be united.
What if this same world was inhabited by legions of monsters known as juristic persons – living, breathing corporations with wills and minds of their own? What if such creatures had rights and powers that far exceeded those of humans?
Into such a world were born Dean Maynard and Jane Stewart – Justices of the Peace who use the Thelemic arts, along with their martial prowess and knowledge of the Law, to bring about order and justice in the land of Severa. When a routine trial by jury gets turned into a trial by combat, however, the balance of power between mankind and its creations shifts, leading some to question whether the course of history will be forever changed, and humanity’s future suddenly becomes uncertain.
As everyone tries to find peace and purpose in their lives, dark and sinister forces begin to emerge from the shadows thrusting the Department of Justice into a battle for the soul of Severa and the lives of its citizenry.
Journey now into that world in this fantastical tale of love, action, intrigue, and will.
Thelema stack of books
Where could he be? Justice Jane Stewart adjusted her dorky black glasses
on her gentle face and brushed her bangs from her eyes as she reviewed
the file in her hand for a third time.
The seventeenth day of the month of the Lamb, near Samuel Forest, just
outside Fiber City, Belier. Sixth step of Rael. She looked around to see the sordid
remains of the heavily deforested region that had once been Samuel Forest. The
location was right. The presence of the adverse parties, as well as the jury,
confirmed it.
She looked at her watch. It was already half a step passed midday.
He’s late. Could he have gotten lost?
In high-profile cases such as this, a Justice of the Peace would sometimes
request the trial be held at the scene of the crime in order to help the jury
understand certain key factors about the case. Jane specifically chose this
location in order that they might see the devastation the defense’s actions had
wrought to the trees, the animals, and the land itself. She hoped they’d be moved
to side with her against the adverse party.
However, none of her careful tactics would work unless the judge arrived
soon to administer the proceedings.
And I can’t do it without you, Dean.
The advocates for the defense began whispering amongst themselves.
“Is everything set?” asked the one.
“Yes,” said the other, “It’s been arranged, just as we planned. All we have
to do is wait for the trial to finish before we make our move.”
“That may not be necessary,” said the first, in a sinister insinuation, “At
this rate, there might not even be a trial. The other judge isn’t even here yet.”
“It’s not like they need two Justices to try a case, right?”
“No, but that was the agreement and it’s at our discretion whether we
exercise our rights or not. We both know our clients are guilty as hell, so we’d
be fools not to press any advantage we can.”
“In that case, let’s hope he never shows. Then we won’t even have to get
our hands dirty. We can just stand on our right to a speedy trial, motion for
dismissal, and since he’s not here, we would enter into default judgment and
estoppel. If that happens, the Department of Justice won’t be able to try this case
again because of the provision against double jeopardy.”
“That would certainly be an embarrassment for one of Severa’s top
“Just think how disappointed she’ll be to see all her hard work wasted
because her partner couldn’t be bothered to show up on time.”
The two shady lawyers cackled and snickered amongst themselves.
“We’ll give him a few more minutes before we move to dismiss,” said the
one, “Just so we can say we were gracious and thereby avoid drawing any
suspicion to ourselves.”
Jane’s slender calloused hands began to shake with anxiety.
Come on, Dean. Where are you?
She gripped the curved hilt of the two-handed hunting saber at her side in
an effort to calm her nerves. Her heart pounded. She closed her doe brown eyes
and took a deep breath. Judge or no judge, she could not stand idly by any longer.
It was still possible to stall for time by going over preliminaries.
“I guess we’ll get started,” Jane declared, the tinge of an Ionian accent still
lingered in her voice from her days in finishing school as a child abroad.
She turned to her clerk and said, “Hanji, summon Adaiah.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Hanji replied.
The young black-haired clerk grabbed the pendant around his neck with
his left hand and drew his quillon dagger from its sheath with his right. He held
the blade out in front of him with the tip pointed down, like an ice pick. This
position would allow him to draw energy out from the weapon and, in this case,
summon Adaiah.
“Arcesso!” he shouted.
Sparks of electricity and light surrounded his short, frail body as a surge
of unseen energy traveled from the dagger, up his right arm, through his stomach,
down his left arm, into his Thelema, through his heart, along his spine, and out
the top of his head, before finally discharging into the sky.
The energy body’s meridian path, through which one’s chi flowed.
A creature the size of the blade emerged from the disc at the hilt and floated
in midair just above it. She looked like a short, slender black bear with white
tufts of fur on her elbows, knees, paws, and ears. She had a long, thin prehensile
tail that ended in a white ball of fluff, as well as a pair of velvet-covered wings.
Her name was Adaiah and she was a Notary. Every Justice had one by operation
of law, though it usually fell to the Justice’s clerk to manage them.
The Notary’s sole job was to take in everything that transpired around
them and retain it with perfect memory for later use. The testimony of a Notary
was held as self-evident, legally treated as indisputable fact; and for this reason,
they made excellent record keepers.
“Adaiah,” Jane commanded, “Begin recording.”
“Yes, ma’am,” Adaiah replied in a high-pitched, squeaky voice. Her eyes
flashed white and a pale blue glow enveloped her. From that point onward, she
would remember everything that happened to Jane and Hanji until she exited the
Hanji returned his knife to its sheath. Beyond being the indenture that
bound Adaiah’s soul to the world, it could still serve as a weapon like any other.
“Clerk, call the roll,” Jane ordered.
“Yes, ma’am,” said Hanji. He cleared his throat and turned to the restless
crowd that had gathered in the clear-cut forest to watch the trial. “Are the
advocates for Bunyan Logging and Blue Ox Shipping here?”
“Here.” They said.
“Kindly step forward and present your indentures.”
They did as they were instructed. A man in a dark suit emerged from the
crowd and held up a small statue carved to look like a beaver wielding an axe
and wearing a flannel shirt with overalls and large boots. A lawyerly woman
also emerged from the crowd and held up a similar totem that looked like a
Minotaur with a ring piercing its nose and a yoke around its neck. These were
the indentures of the juristic persons of their respective companies.
Hanji squatted down in front of them. This time, he gripped his Thelema
with his right hand and placed his left hand on the ground in front of them.
“Infero!” he shouted.
The same light as before surrounded him. A surge of energy traveled from
the ground, up his legs, along his spine, through his heart, into his Thelema, along
his right arm, through his stomach, down his left arm, out his hand, and back into
the ground before discharging. A pair of glowing red seals, about the size of
Hanji’s hand, appeared. Each seal consisted of two squares offset by forty-five
degrees so as to form an eight-pointed star and inscribed in a circle, with a smaller
circle inscribed inside both of them. Centered within each of the triangles formed
by the overlapping squares was an elegant sigil depicting one of the eight
heavenly bodies.
Having completed the seals, Hanji withdrew his hand and stood up.
“Please place your indentures into the summoning circles,” he said.
The two advocates set their totems on the ground within the seals and then
stepped back. Hanji stretched out his arm towards them.
“Ligo!” he shouted.
The seals began to glow more intensely as a wall of light rose up to
surround the statues, binding them in place.
“All set,” said Hanji.
“Good,” Jane declared.
Such formal protocols as these aren’t strictly necessary, but they at least
help me buy time.
Jane grabbed her Thelema pendant with her right hand and held out her
left hand towards the two indentures. For anyone who was right-handed, this
position would have allowed them to emit energy from their left hand; but
because Jane was left-handed, the flow of chi through her meridians was
reversed, and so it would yield the opposite effect. Thus, she used it to draw
energy out of them the way Hanji had summoned Adaiah.
“All rise!” she commanded.
Her petite warrior body lit up in a bright aura much like Hanji’s did, only
more intensely. The seals around the statuettes erupted in a flash of electricity
and light. Two towering creatures slowly emerged from the indentures. Each
measured about eight to nine meters tall. Their appearance conformed to the
likenesses of their totems – an axe-wielding beaver and a burly, blue Minotaur.
These were the juristic persons of Bunyan Logging and Blue Ox Shipping in their
living, breathing forms.
They were also the principle defendants in this case.
Jane released her pendant, letting it fall against her chest.
Now we just need to wait for Dean to show up.
As if on cue, the rumbling of an engine crescendoed like rolling thunder
as Justice Dean Maynard came riding over the hill on his motorcycle. He parked
the vehicle under a tree away from the action and walked towards the group
without any sense of urgency at all. He marched with the confident poise of a
medieval knight having just dismounted from his trusted steed. His hooded black
cloak and the bastard sword hanging from his side only served to reinforce the
image. He wore his weapon with pride, like a badge of honor, for indeed a
Justice’s sword was a badge of their authority.
A modern rendition of the classic priestly robes, the uniform of a Justice
of the Peace consisted of a simple, yet elegant frock jacket and matching pants,
both black with elaborate gold trim around the edges. The jacket was designed
so that it could be worn over a judge’s regular shirt or blouse and provided a thin
layer of padded protection. A Justice’s duties to give chase and to engage in
combat were also taken into consideration, with most choosing to wear leather
boots of some kind as opposed to dress shoes.
Slight variations in the overall attire existed between male and female, and
also between members of the same sex, depending on season, climate, and the
need for mobility, with some parts being cut longer or shorter than others, but all
falling under the same general style. The idea, in the minds of the outfit’s
designers, was that anyone could look upon a Justice of the Peace and recognize
them instantly as such. This was not merely decorative, but practical as well in
that a Justice served as a symbol of authority among the people out in the real
The uniform also came with a cloak, which had a variety of subtle features,
such as earbuds, a visor, and an inflatable pillow all sewn into the hood for long-
distance trips.
A Justice’s cloak was usually black with gold trim as well, though in more
recent times, some latitude was given to tailor its interior to the judge’s personal
preference and to help distinguish them from one another. The interior of Dean’s
cloak was a cobalt blue that matched his deep-set eyes, while Justice Stewart’s
was a deep red-violet that paired well with her long, chestnut brown hair.
Jane felt relieved to see Justice Maynard finally arrive. Her opponents
were less than thrilled.
“Sorry I’m late,” said Dean nonchalantly, “I’m afraid my clerk was
nowhere to be found this morning. We’ll just have to start without him.”
“We’ve already started, Your Honor,” Jane said curtly.
Dean sulked in disappointed. “Aw, man, really? Well, in that case …”
He grabbed his Thelema with his right hand and knelt down on the ground,
touching the earth with his left hand.
“Saepio!” he shouted.
His body lit up even more intensely than Jane’s had. A thin wall of blue
light stretched out from behind him and carved a path in an enormous arc around
him. It continued outward, encircling Jane, Hanji, the jury, the juristic persons,
their agents, and the other officers and onlookers who were present for the trial, before eventually closing in on itself. All told, it formed a giant hemispherical dome, some fifty meters in diameter around them, isolating the group from the outside world. This was Dean’s Chambers. Its purpose was to prevent interference with the trial and all Justices were given discretion on when they could invoke such a power. Once erected, however, no one and nothing could enter or leave the area without the consent of its creator.
Dean slowly stood back up and released
About the Author
Marushia Dark is a mysterious figure whose real identity is unknown.  Only to a select trusted few are privileged enough to be invited to know their secret.  Marushia can often be found on social media, writing from the shadows of a blog called “The Darkness Files.”  Marushia self-identifies as your favorite dark transhumanist and has created a number of campaigns to help bring human beings together in an otherwise divided world.  As for why they choose to remain anonymous, you can learn more at: http://www.darknessfiles.com/
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The Path of Destiny – Blitz

The Path of Destiny BANNER

 photo The Path of Destiny_zpsobtsrgr8.jpg

The Cremelino Prophecy, Book 1
YA Fantasy
Date Published: September 23, 2018
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2nd Edition
A Prophecy.
A Powerful Sword.
A reluctant wizard.
Darius San Williams, son of one of King Edward’s councilors, cares little for his father’s politics and vows to leave the city of Anikari to protect and bring glory to the Realm.
When a new-found and ancient magic emerges within him, he and his friends Christine and Kelln are faced with decisions that could shatter or fulfill the prophecy and the lives of all those they know.
Wizards and magic have long been looked down upon in the Realm, but Darius learns that no matter where he goes, prophecy and destiny are waiting to find him.
If you love magic, sword & Sorcery and wizards read this first book in The Cremelino Prophecy to find out what destiny awaits Darius.
Praise for The Path of Destiny:
5 Stars – “Author Mike Shelton has done a great job in creating characters that his readers will enjoy, connect with, and even care bout. His world creation abilities are second to none, and his ability to describe surroundings is so vivid and great that readers will feel as if they can simply slip through the pages and into Darius’ world. Any reader, young adult or not, who enjoys a great work of fantasy with an extremely adventurous story line should absolutely read this book. I highly recommend it, and am very much looking forward to reading the next in the series from the talented Mike Shelton as soon as possible!” – Tracy A. Fischer for Readers’ Favorite
“A fantastic young adult series that even adults can enjoy! It is fantasy series full of magic, suspense and adventure…I loved the connection of the magic, the horses and Darius and Christine. It was so exciting! Especially to watch the magic grow in Darius as he learned how to control his magic and what it needs to work. The three books are well written, played out and lead into each other very well. They are incredibly exciting and full of suspense. These are perfect books for young adults but even older adults who love fantasy.” – workingmommyjournal.ca
5 Stars: “In a combination of medieval gallantry and fairytale fantasy, Shelton weaves a delicious tale reminiscent of Robin Hood or the Knights of the Round Table. The author’s command of the English language draws the reader into a vividly described setting.” – Lisa McComb for Reader’s Favorite
“An exciting and character-rich young adult fantasy novel. Author Mike Shelton is expert at world building: both the world the characters inhabit, and their inner world as well. Darius and his friends are true-to-life characters who will keep you turning the pages. This is a fun and well-thought-out introduction to this series. Fans of a certain teenage wizard, or fantasy fiction in general, will find a lot to like here.” Self-Publishing Review
“Mr. Shelton’s debut young adult novel…is captivating.” The characters are relatable, and the reader gets lost in their plights.4 out of 4 stars. – Onlinebookclub.org
 photo The Path Of Destiny print set_zpsaseuzja6.jpg
Other Boooks in The Cremelino Prophecy Series:
 photo The Path Of Decisions Book Two_zpsqjgvg3bh.jpg
The Path Of Decisions
The Cremelino Prophecy, Book 2
2nd Edition
Release Date: October 7, 2018
Cutting betrayal.
Increasing powers.
Complicated decisions.
A wizard walks the land once again, but he struggles with how to use his power.
Darius San Williams, now the first commander of the King’s Elite Army struggles with his emerging powers.
After winning his first battle against external foes, he must decide now to follow the King or to take matters in his own hands.
Back in Anikari, Christine wrestles with how to confront oppression against her people, while in Belor, Kelln must escape the clutches of an evil wizard and warn Darius.
Mezar, the captured Gildanian quietly watches everything closely and harbors a secret of his own.
Each of their decisions will determine the fate and destiny of their friendship and their kingdom.
For more magic, wizards, betrayal, and sword & sorcery read book 2 in The Cremelino Prophecy, The Path of Decisions.
 photo The Path Of Peace Book Three_zpsl947icsd.jpg
The Path Of Peace
The Cremelino Prophecy, Book 3
2nd Edition
Release Date: October 24, 2018
A wizard King.
An Evil influence. 
Powerful new magic.
Darius DarSan Williams, now newly crowned King of the Realm, is being pushed and tested on all sides by others vying for power.
His best friend Kelln is in Mar trying to find the escaped Preacher and his daughter.
Mezar discovers a plot in Gildan that could tear the Realm apart and put Christine in danger.
All are being watched over and guided by the mysterious Cremelino horses.  They hold one final magical secret that could help Darius save those he loves and find the path of peace.
Can everyone come together in time and find a solution or will the Realm fall to a conquering foe? 
With magic and wizardry abounding, and a race against time, the conclusion to The Cremelino Prophecy will not disappoint.  Read it today!
About the Author

 photo The Path Of Destiny Author Mike Shelton_zpsc89mbckz.jpg

Mike Shelton is now on his third young adult/teen fantasy series. For information on his new releases, book reviews, and other relevant info, please join him at www.MichaelSheltonBooks.com
Mike was born in California and has lived in multiple states from the west coast to the east coast. He cannot remember a time when he wasn’t reading a book. At school, home, on vacation, at work at lunch time, and yes even a few pages in the car (at times when he just couldn’t put that great book down). Though he has read all sorts of genres he has always been drawn to fantasy. It is his way of escaping to a simpler time filled with magic, wonders and heroics of young men and women.
Other than reading, Mike has always enjoyed the outdoors. From the beaches in Southern California to the warm waters of North Carolina. From the waterfalls in the Northwest to the Rocky Mountains in Utah. Mike has appreciated the beauty that God provides for us. He also enjoys hiking, discovering nature, playing a little basketball or volleyball, and most recently disc golf. He has a lovely wife who has always supported him, and three beautiful children who have been the center of his life.
Mike began writing stories in elementary school and moved on to larger novels in his early adult years. He has worked in corporate finance for most of his career. That, along with spending time with his wonderful family and obligations at church has made it difficult to find the time to truly dedicate to writing. In the last few years as his children have become older he has returned to doing what he truly enjoys – writing!
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Dawn of the Reaper – Blitz


Dawn of the Reaper

Dawn of the Reaper cover

YA Fantasy
Date Published: 04/03/2018
Publisher: Fire & Ice YA
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  Firestorm, a legendary creature thought lost to the ages, has returned to the land of Evernight. Following centuries of exile, the dragon plots his revenge against the kingdom that vanquished his kind. After he murders Rowan’s family to safeguard his identity, the boy is taken in by the notorious sorcerer, Archibald Scott. Showing promise in the ways of magic, the orphan becomes the eccentric magician’s apprentice and is tutored in the elusive art of wizardry. Hoping to discover his purpose in life, Rowan finds himself thrust into a perilous quest to find a legendary weapon. Accompanied by longtime companions and new allies alike, he must use all of his wits if they’re to survive the storm brewing on the horizon. But evil lurks in the shadows as a secretive assassin stalks their every move. Can Rowan unravel the mysterious riddle of his past and fulfill his destiny? Only time will tell as he races to recover the dragon slayer, an ancient sword known as the Reaper. Together they’re humanity’s only hope of defeating Firestorm and his legions!
About the Author

“Paul was born in Yorkshire, England to Irish parents. His most vivid memory as a child was travelling to Egypt and visiting the Pyramids of Giza and Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings. Currently he resides in Kansas City with his wife Jozia and his son Gavin. Paul graduated from medical school and plans to pursue residency training as a pathologist. He loves to travel and also enjoys ethnic food, Celtic mysticism-type music (think Enya and Clannad), and is a fervent Game of Thrones fan. Favorite books would be Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”, T.H. White’s “The Once and Future King”, R.A. Salvatore’s Dark Elf Series, Harry Potter, and George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series.”
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