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rolling like thunder
The last cowboy…

All work and no play makes Finn a dull cowboy. Since his divorce, Finn O’Roarke has put all of his time into his Seattle-based microbrewery, unaware that back in Wyoming, his foster parents are on the verge of ruin. Now Finn and his foster brothers are trying to save Thunder Mountain Ranch—and only one woman can help them turn it all around.

Marketing guru Chelsea Trask has had a thing for the gorgeous brewer for ages. When they work together at Thunder Mountain Ranch, however, she starts to see Finn’s cowboy side. And it’s irresistibly hot. Best of all, the attraction that’s been sizzling beneath the surface has erupted in some very sexy situations. But is Chelsea falling for the real Finn…or for the cowboy he used to be?

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I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

Vicki Lewis Thompson has another hit on her hands with ROLLING LIKE THUNDER. The characters and story line are very well-developed and we also see other character from past books. Chelsea is an investor in Finn’s bar. She is going to Thunder Mountain Ranch to help save it from being foreclosed on. They are going to the Last  Chance Ranch to try and round up investors for Thunder Mountain Ranch. As they get closer together on this trip, they start to have strong feelings for each other. Finn does not want to commit to the relationship, for he believes that he cannot let loose of having full control of his business and the relationship would suffer. Chelsea has to show him that he can delegate the smaller day to day tasks to free up his time. This is such a great book, that I loved every minute of reading it. I recommend this book to everyone and give ROLLING LIKE THUNDER 5/5  STARS.








Book blurb and cover


Title: Desolation

Author: ML Banner

Genre: Science Fiction

A #1 Hot New Release in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

A world devastated: a sky filled with magical auroras at night and deadly radiation during the day; technology all but gone; hundreds of millions dead by fire, starvation, disease and violence. The survivors will have to face their own desolation.

Three groups struggle to endure and hold onto what little they have, while others will do anything to take it all. On a beach in Mexico, a small town in Wyoming, and a rural ranch in Illinois, epic battles between good and evil will be fought. Winners will have to face forces of nature never seen before.
But there is a dim light on the horizon. A 150 year old secret may lead the lucky few to a place that holds the promise of a new future, unless the sun sets on humanity first.

The stunning follow up to the #1 Amazon Best Seller STONE AGE.

Movie Rating: PG-17 for descriptions of violence and language.



I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest review.

Desolation is a great  apocalyptic story. I didn’t read the first book called STONE AGE, but it was not hard to follow this story. It has a great storyline, with well-developed characters. The world building is just awesome. The story follows a group of people that know each other, they are friends and family. When a massive solar storm knocks everything out (all electronics), cars will not run that have computers in them, cell phones, computers, etc. Anything electronic will not work. The radiation from the storm is rising, and slowly killing plant life, animals, and eventually humans. These different groups of people must get to a place called Cicada, is the key to their salvation. This is a great story that kept my interest throughout the book, and made me want more. I give DESOLATION 4/ 5 stars.



From Chapter 16:

Blood and Water!

Western Nebraska


Melanie’s thirst was insatiable as she pushed down again on the old pump handle, summoning another refreshing torrent of water. She drank, filled her water bottle, and then doused her head and neck, cooling her body down, slurping the last drops as the gushing flow trailed off into rivulets. She had had her fill. Not so insatiable after all, she mused.

The well pump was located in back, conveniently visible from the driveway of the farmhouse she had been approaching for the last hour. When she spied the pump, she had paid no mind to the state of the house, or to whether it was occupied or not. She regarded it now.

Before their escape module had crashed, she could see that all of North and South America were dark. This was no doubt the result of the giant solar storm that took out the ISS’s systems. She was pretty sure that anarchy reigned in the cities, but unsure if its ugliness had yet taken root in the more rural western states, where she was. Being one to not take chances, she approached the house with care, hoping that her caution was overdone, and she would find Ma and Pa Kettle having their Sunday dinner. Speaking of which, she was hungry.

She painstakingly peeked in each of the back windows, following the wrap-around porch, finding no one moving about. However, there were several signs of occupancy, and one in particular that caused her concern. Her vision and focus, previously lost in a haze of dehydration, were now sharp and hyper aware as she approached the back door. Its small window, about chest height to her, was broken. She peeked through the jagged opening, looking into the home’s kitchen. A light breeze blew through the opening, brushing the single curtain aside, and then letting it fall back into place. Each breeze revealed more of what she was looking at: lots of dishes and discarded food strewn around the kitchen; a wood-burning stove–it was on, its heat visible–and resting on top, an old camp-fire coffeepot with steam gushing from its spout; and a man.

Melanie hurriedly looked to her left and then right and then back through the breach again, attempting to will the curtain aside once more so that she could see. A man with crazy hair dressed in overalls walked out of a large pantry into the kitchen. He wrapped a folded towel around the coffeepot’s handle to temper the heat.

One of the porch’s old wood floor boards creaked, sounding an alarm behind her. She spun, shocked, as she was staring at the ugliest mug of a man she could ever remember seeing. Rotten breath and the words, “What do we have here?” spilled from a mouth missing several teeth. The gun he pointed at her and everything about him announced this was one bad dude.


Author Bio

Hello lovers of apocalyptic fiction!

I devour the same books I enjoy writing: science fiction, but especially anything apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic or dystopian. I love stories about regular people being put into extra ordinary circumstances, and having to rely on their own cunning and that of others to survive.

Stone Age & DESOLATION are that kind of story. They’re fast moving, have some regular and amazing characters who must make life changing decisions, all while the world is experiencing an apocalypse unlike anything imagined.

When not writing fiction, my wife and I split time between Tucson, Arizona and the sunny beaches of Mexico. I also write for a few blogs, and I still write articles to assist small business owners for one of the companies I founded, SmallBiZ.com.








looking for trouble by victoria dahl Book Description

Publication Date: August 1, 2014

A good reason to be bad… Librarian Sophie Heyer has walked the straight and narrow her entire life to make up for her mother’s mistakes. But in tiny Jackson Hole, Wyoming, juicy gossip doesn’t just fade away. Falling hard for the sexiest biker who’s ever ridden into town would undo everything she’s worked for. And to add insult to injury, the alluring stranger is none other than Alex Bishop—the son of the man Sophie’s mother abandoned her family for. He may be temptation on wheels, but Sophie’s not looking for trouble! Maybe Sophie’s buttoned-up facade fools some, but Alex knows a naughty smile when he sees one. Despite their parents’ checkered pasts, he’s willing to take some risks to find out the truth about the town librarian. He figures a little fling might be just the ticket to get his mind off his own family drama. But what he finds underneath Sophie’s prim demeanor might change his world in ways he never expected.


I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

LOOKING FOR TROUBLE IS A FUN, SEXY, ROMP.  Alex is back in Jackson Hole, Wyoming after 16 years to attend a memorial service for his dad that has been who has been dead for 25 years. He died while running away with Sophie Heyer’s mother. The first day Alex sees Sophie he is entranced, but he does not know yet she is the daughter of the woman his dad ran off with. The sex is hot and steamy. This book has well-developed characters and story line. I really enjoyed this book and give it 5/5 stars.I recommend it to everyone.



redneck romeo

Rough Riders, Book 15

Three years ago, Dalton McKay looked across the altar and saw the woman he knew he’d love for the rest of his life…only it wasn’t his bride. That’s when he took the McKays’ love-’em-and-leave-’em reputation to new heights—fleeing the ceremony and Wyoming.

Now a family issue has brought Dalton back to Sundance, giving him a chance to prove to everyone—especially the woman he thought he lost—that he’s a changed man.

Aurora “Rory” Wetzler has fallen for cowboy hottie Dalton’s smooth-talkin’ ways too many times. So he’s determined to convince her he’s playing for keeps this go around? Fine. She’ll call that bluff—she can’t ignore their intense chemistry or resist smokin’ hot sex, but she’s not willing to gamble her heart again.

Dalton has plenty of fences to mend with the McKays, but his biggest fear is that Rory doesn’t believe they have a future. He’ll have to pull out all the stops to show her they belong together for the long haul.


Warning: Contains a sexy cowboy who tames his sassy lady-love with his romantic and his kinky side. In explicit detail.


Here is a podcast of Lorelei James talking about her new book Redneck Romeo. Check it out, it is a very interesting interview.  I enjoy her work


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