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Here lately it seems that everyday I try to play my days off, with what I need to do. Every day it seems those plans just fly out the window, and be plans take their place with me not even looking.

When I go to do what I need to do, and I always tell myself, “This is not what I planned on doing today!”

We always tell ourselves that we need to just quit planning things out and we won’t be disappointed when we don’t go through wit our plan’s. Like today, I wanted to finish putting up shelves in my bedroom. I finally picked up the shelf brackets a few weeks ago and wanted to finish putting them up. GUESS WHAT? They are still in the floor waiting for me to put them up. After I finished making a pie for GRANDMA and making two fresh loaves of bread, I did not want to put up shelves. Also I have been planning to have my taxes done , so I can get them done and over with. So far they are still in my bag not done. I will try at them done tomorrow.

I try not to plan my days for I know they will usually change, for it never fails that omeone wants to go with you. Well I better go,before I fall asleep while I am writing this post. GOODNIGHT.




Today was one of those days that you wished you never got out of bed. I was almost late for work, because I fell back to sleep sitting in my chair after I ate breakfast. When I arrived at work and went to the photo lab, management wanted me to do some touch up cleaning on the photo lab. This put me behind in getting pictures developed. The machine was acting up and I had to wait to fix it until I finished the cleaning by 10 am. I arrived at work at 8:30am. The closing person from yesterday left notes telling me to call in our Rimage machine that makes our archive discs. I looked at the machine and it had a disc stuck in it and needed a new ribbon put in it. After I did this it was still not working. I had to reboot the machine and it started working.

The photo printer machine has been down since Thursday. It has been printing lines in the photos, it has been a nightmare since the holidays. We would get the problem fixed and the next day at around noon it would do it again. Now they want us to keep a log of how many pictures print until lines show up in the pictures. Then we need to do a rear print pattern check, and if there is any broken lines in the patterns then we need to do a normal or powerful print head cleaning. Between doing this and helping customers and being griped at by customers, it was a HELLLLLL  of a day. I had to reprint pictures for 5 customers that wanted them right then and there. The machine did not want to co-operate with me. I did not get to take my first break until I took my lunch at around 1 o’clock.

Things did not get any better after I got back from lunch. They seem to have gotten worse with more customers getting mad that their pictures are not done, and the machine still printing lines in the pictures. I just wanted to take the machine out back and shoot it full of holes and then drop it off a cliff. I got my last break waiting for my manager so he could change my schedule for tomorrow so I could get off work early to go to my physical therapy appointment. I asked him to check next weeks schedule, because I am only scheduled 20 hours. I am full-time and I am supposed to get 35-40 hours. He said that they were cutting hours and he was not sure if he could give me anymore hours. He would talk with the store manager and see if he could give me anymore. He said he will let me know Friday. I am getting sleepy , so I will go for now. See you tomorrow.

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CHARLIE    Hello everyone! The day starts off like every day. We get up and are let out to do our business, and come back in to eat. My master she gets ready to see her mom at the THERAPY place and help her out, and also take her father up there also. The master’s daughter she gets up and gets ready for work. I wish she didn’t have to go back to work. It as fun having her off for the time that she was with her injury. She played with me a lot. And I as able to sleep in he lap almost all day. Now I have to wait until someone comes home to play, or let’s Cissy  play with me. Then I have to be carefully that she might go all cujo on me.

Anyway the day started like any other day and we are let outside, when this squirrel comes flying out of the tree right on Cissy’s head. That as kind of funny because of the look on her face. It was a mix of “What hit me, and you are gonna die.” I was backing away from her and telling her that it was a squirrel while trying not to laugh. The squirrel was standing behind her just chattering away. Cissy finally looks behind her and how ballistic. She charges the squirrel and the squirrel jumps over her head therefore making Cissy have to stop and turn around . Me , I am just watching the show to see who will win Cissy or the squirrel. Cissy chases the squirrel all over the yard, and making me a little dizzy with some of their back and forth motions. When the squirrel finally gets tired of playing and zips up into the tree. Now Cissy is determined to get that squirrel and attempts to climb th tree and falls to the ground.

The squirrel just laughs at her even harder. This makes Cissy even madder. Then we are called in by our master’s. We go inside and eat, then we play until we get tired.  The squirrel was the most interesting part of the day, unless you count all the belly rubs that I received. Well I am getting tired so I am going to bed. Charlie out.

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The extraordinary New York Times Bestseller for 230 weeks must be on your reading list this year. This book is a treasure, a modern classic I would say. Set during the time of Nazi Germany and World War II, it tells the story about a foster girl, Liesel Meminger with a fine and an extraordinaire narrative by Death. The narration was one of the reasons I picked this book due to the immense curiosity, I can say I am completely satisfied and I have read after along time, a totally satisfying book. It leaves with a mysterious thrill which is hard to define in words and can only be experienced if you read it. The book is very well structured. It seems all perfect due to the intensive narration of the Death’s perspective. Markus Zusak is impressing in this one.

The narrative, Death, in not some kind of boring grim reaper with a scythe. He’s a jolly character, tries to enjoy himself and is always indulged in his work. His role is a strong one, and in some ways he makes himself a slave of humans – dealing with the impact of their wars and atrocities as he is always haunted by humans. A reader’s imagination also has a serious part in coping up with the characters. The other characters of Liesel Meminger, Hans Hubermann, Rudy Steiner, and Max Vandenburg are some perks of the book. Each character has its own story as always. I could not find myself falling for one character ( just like The Great Gatsby) which is a good thing as I could maintain the transparency of my readership towards the book. Though The Book Thief succeeds on the most post-modern of levels, its impact on the reader is as much due to superb old fashioned plot and characterization as anything else. It is, afterall, simply a beautiful and painful story of a young girl as she deals with an important and tragic point in history.

There is no doubt that you are not going to enjoy this story. It is one hell of a story.  The story wraps itself around you. Your mind and your heart will be stolen as it did mine. It won’t disappoint you, that’s for sure.




The Great Gastby   

I read the book over the last weekend and spent quite a time as its length would not suggest. Some would say its a tragic love story with crime and corrupted minds. But I say its a very close resemblance to Fitzgerald’s own life, especially his struggle for his own love. That is the main theme. The story starts with Nick Carraway’s narration when he visits his cousin, Daisy. Nick, is an exceptionally mild person to the point of being dull. But through this narration framed in the thoughts of an exceedingly dull person Fitzgerald creates characters and lays out scenes that are vivid and bright and engaging.

By coincidence or by luck, Jay Gatsby, the lavish millionaire who throws extravagant parties to celebrate his wealth, is the neighbor of Nick. The story intertwines with Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan who is Gatsby’s long lost first love and still the object of his desire, Daisy’s husband Tom Buchanan who is having an affair with Myrtle Wilson.

It’s a mild story and the gripping depends all on the reader mind. With insignificant complexity the plot is an impressive display of analysis through rhetoric.

There are some similarities between the author Fitzgerald and the character Gatsby. Both had the opportunities to attend world’s most prestigious universities, Princeton and Oxford, but failed to graduate either of them. Both also attended the army. These are some insignificant similarities, though.

But the analogousness between them is the love of their lives. Both of them fell in love being young and neither of them could provide what their ladies, Zelda and Daisy, wanted. Both of these ladies were highly interested in money, and terminated their relationships. In Gatsby’s case, Daisy promised to wait but instead dated many men and married Tom Buchanan. In Scott’s case, he was engaged to Zelda and he went to New York seeking fortune but his plans took longer than expected. Thus, Zelda broke their engagement. It was not until the first book which made him rich enough to marry Zelda.

Both Daisy and Zelda resemble each other. They both were unloyal to their respective lovers. Gatsby’s struggle to get back his love fully resembles the struggle Scott might have experienced.

But as story needs to have an ending, Fitzgerald wrote down one possibility of his own love life could have ended or in other words the ending.

I quite like the story and the way it is written. It is, no doubt, one of the American Classics.

4.5 out of 5 from me.