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Yesterday, I was blindsided right along with the rest of my work family. It seems that the store I work at has plumbing issues that require the store to be closed for 6 months-1 year. We did not have any warning at all. We were required to attend a meeting and we were told the news. Now we have to attend a meeting on Thursday or Friday to see if there is a spot for us at other stores. If we don’t want to be transferred,   we can opt to take the severance pay(if we qualify).

I am taking this news very well, but others are not. I look at this a somebody telling me that I need to do something different.  Recently I tried to apply for disability, because of my arthritis making it hard to sit or stand for long periods of time without a lot of pain. Unfortunately, I was denied, due to still working full time. I would have to only work 15 hours to get the benefits, but I would lose my insurance. Now I can re-apply and hopefully get the disability. Right now my employer will pay us for sixty days, or we transfer to another store, or take the severance package.   If I take the severance package, i can still file for unemployment until I get disability. My insurance will still be paid for the sixty days. Then I will have to find my own or I can pay for my insurance that I have now out of my own pocket through Cobra insurance. I just have to let them know when I get the notice in 44-days.


I was looking to do something else already. I have enrolled in a copy editing and proofreading class to make a career change. I will continue with my schooling until I finish. There was a reason I started all this before I got the news of the store closing. Maybe deep down I had a feeling or someone else was whispering to me to take these steps. I don’t know, but I am glad that I listened. Now I can concentrate on what makes me happy. The last year- year and a half, I was not happy with my work. I would wake up and dread going in. I usually love working with the public, but lately I dreaded going in.

Maybe, starting this blog has been my salvation, because it reminded me that I love to write. It has also given me more confidence in myself and my writing. I will keep you informed with any updates in my status. I love my work family and my blogging community family. You have all helped me through difficult times, and I deeply appreciate you all. God Bless Everyone.

This morning I was also given the news that my great aunt Gloria-Jean Braggs has passed away. I have fond memories of her and her family playing music at our family reunions. I always enjoyed their singing and playing.  My heart and prayers go out to them.





Since I have been off work, due to knee surgery, I have been contemplation a career change. I work in retail putting up freight for Wal-mart. I have been with them for almost 13 years. The toll of working the freight is causing me to have back trouble and knee trouble. I need to find something less physical. One career that I am thinking about is becoming a Copy Editor. I have been reading up on this field and all that it entails.  My nephew has a friend in publishing that he has been talking to in trying to learn how to get into freelance copy editing. He showed her my blog and she liked what she saw. She really liked the way that I edited the story that I am writing with my sister, HOW TO CATCH A HUMAN.

So now I am asking you for any information and insight into this career. I would like to know, Should I take a course in copy editing or go back to school and get a degree? Any information that you can give me would be highly appreciated. I would like to have as much information that I can before I make a decision.  I know I will have to work at it for a while before I can quite my job and do nothing but copy editing. I just need to do something that is not as physical as what I am doing now. So let me know, What you think about this change? Any and all information is welcome. I have also invested in a few books on the subject to help me with this decision.

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