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Taste of Darkness by Katie Reus
Book Description
Publication Date: July 24, 2014
Release week SALE price of $2.99! Regular price will be $4.99

New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Katie Reus continues her paranormal romance “Darkness” series with … Taste of Darkness.

He spent more than a thousand years imprisoned in Hell…

Drake is an ancient dragon shifter, one of the most powerful beings in existence, but over a millennium trapped in utter darkness has left him ill-equipped for modern society. If it wasn’t for Victoria, the sweet female brave enough to befriend him, he’d be lost. She’s smart and gorgeous and everything he never dared dream of during his years of agonizing loneliness. He may not have anything to offer her, but one thing he knows for sure: he’d die to keep her safe.

Only to fall into the heaven of her touch.

Victoria is a wolf shifter, healer of the Stavros pack. She’s seen a lot, but she’s never met anybody quite like Drake, the fiery, fascinating shifter who can blaze through the skies unseen by mere mortals. He’s lost, dangerous, and the last male she should fall in love with, but the more time she spends helping him navigate modern life, the deeper—and hotter—their connection becomes. She’s thrilled when they finally locate his family, but reuniting with his people plunges them both into unimaginable danger. It’s a race against the clock trying to figure out who wants them dead and who they can trust, especially when the threat is closer than they ever imagined.

Length: Full novel (88,000 words)
Author note: Can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Books in Darkness series:
Darkness Awakened, #1
Taste of Darkness, #2


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

Drake was twelve or thirteen years old when he was sacrificed to open a Hell gate. Now fifteen hundred years later he does not know who sacrificed him, because when he came beck through the gate in New Orleans he cannot seem to remember anything from that time. The first time he saw Victoria he knew she was his mate, and he will make her his one day when he has the means to support her. Victoria is the healer in the Stavros pack, and she really likes Drake and wishes he would make some kind of move on her. When Drakes brother Conall and his sister Keelin show up, things go to hell when some unknown dragons show up and poison Victoria. Now they are taking Victoria to Dragon clan to a healer who can help Victoria with the poison. He doesn’t know who to trust now that he is surrounded by dragons he does not know. When Victoria and Keelin are kidnapped he finally remembers who sacrificed him all those years ago, and now he is going to use Keelin to open the gate once again.  TASTE OF DARKNESS was a great read, with action, romance and drama. I would recommend it to everyone. I give it 5/5 stars.






LAID BEAR 2 BY MARINA MADDIX Book Description Publication Date: February 20, 2014 THE NOVEL-LENGTH STAND-ALONE SEQUEL TO THE BESTSELLER LAID BEAR From New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Marina Maddix Curvy bear shifter Veronica Muir is ready for a new mate. It’s been six long and lonely years since her husband was killed, leaving her to raise rambunctious twin cubs on her own. And wouldn’t you know it, the first time she dips her toe into the dating world, she ends up falling head over heels in love…with a human. Marine biologist Jess Slade is still raw from his divorce when he spots Veronica’s online profile. Unable to resist her luscious curves, he takes a second chance on love by moving to her hometown of Kodiak, Alaska. But the one thing he doesn’t know about her might be the one thing he can’t get past. When a group of human-hating werebears called The Brotherhood threaten to tear them apart — quite literally — Jess and Veronica, with a little help from Max and Bethany, must decide where their loyalties lie and if their love is worth fighting for.

Don’t miss the story that started it all: Laid Bear (A Werebear Shifter BBW Romance)
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LAID BEAR 2 is a great sequel to the first and a fantastic read. It has great character interactions and a well-developed  story line. It can read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading the first. Veronica Muir and Jess Slade met on an online dating site and grew to really like each other a lot.  Now Jess wants to meet face to face, but is he ready to learn her secret? Can he handle that she can shift into a bear? Well when their first date becomes hot and heavy, news is attacked by one of the BROTHERHOOD. She has to save him and turned into a bear in front of him. Apparently this is too much for him to take in and leaves, but he cannot get her out of his mind. I really loved this book and give it 5/5 stars, and recommend it to everyone.




how to marry a cowboy carolyn brown

Book Description

 July 1, 2014

Book 4 of Cowboys & Brides

From New York Times and USA Today-bestselling author Carolyn Brown comes a contemporary Western romance filled to the brim with sexy cowboys, gutsy heroines, and genuine down-home Texas twang.

Texas rancher Mason Harper’s daughters want a new mama in the worst way, and when a beautiful woman in a tattered wedding gown appears on their doorstep, the two little girls adopt her-no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Mason isn’t sure about taking in a complete stranger, but Lord knows he needs a nanny, and Annie Rose Boudreau stirs his heart in long-forgotten ways…

Annie Rose is desperate, and when a tall, sexy cowboy offers her a place to stay, she can’t refuse. After all, it’s just for a little while. As she settles in deeper, her heart tells her both Mason and her role as makeshift mama suit her just fine. But will Mason feel the same way once her nightmare past catches up with her?

Fans of Linda Lael Miller and Diana Palmer will thrill to this moving story of a lonely cowboy and his two little girls finding the family of their dreams.

Cowboys & Brides Series Order:
Billion Dollar Cowboy (Book 1, Cowboys & Brides)
The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby (Book 2, Cowboys & Brides)
The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride (Book 3, Cowboys & Brides)
How to Marry a Cowboy (Book 4, Cowboys & Brides)

Praise for Bestselling Contemporary Western Romances by Carolyn Brown:
“Sizzling… Brown imbues her lively story with lots of heart.”-Publishers Weekly
“Hilarious…a great, entertaining read.”-Fresh Fiction
“Writing so expressive I could almost hear the country drawl.”-Night Owl Reviewer Top Pick, 4 stars

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

HOW TO MARRY A COWBOY had me rolling on the floor laughing every time Mason ‘s two girls Lily  and Gabby would open their mouths. The scene where the two girls were piercing the two goats ear and then the old Tom cats ear was priceless. I could picture them clearly in my head while they did it. I love it when an author brings in kids like Lily Ann Gabby, they tend to bring more shenanigans to the story. Without these two twin girls so desperately wanting a mama, the story would not be half as funny. There name for Annie Rose that the girls called her mama-Nanny brought back memories when I helped to raise my oldest nephew and he would call me aunt-mama.

Morgan and Annie Rose has a long road to finally accepting that they belong together. He has to get over the death of his first wife, and let himself love another woman without guilt. Annie Rose has to get over the fear that the guy she was running from would not find her and kill her. She also had to get over the fear that Mason was not like her last boyfriend and settled disputes with her with his fists. I loved the way Annie Rose handled the parenting situation with the girls wanting  the goats to stay in their room. That was sooo funny, that I had tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so much. This book will have you laughing so much that you want to make sure that you are not eating or drinking while you are reading for fear of choking from laughter. CAROLYN BROWN is truly the Queen of Romantic Comedy.I give HOW TO MARRY A COWBOY 5/5 stars. If I cold give more I would, it was that good. I recommend this book to everyone.

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