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REVIEW-Unblocked – Episode Five (Timber Towers #5) by Marni Mann

unblocked episode 5


This is Episode Five, the final Episode in the Timber Towers Series.

Derek Block needs to protect those he cares about.
Frankie Jordan fears the loss of those she loves.
Darkness drives them.
But could it drive them apart?


I was given a copy of this book by the Author for an honest review.


UNBLOCKED (EPISODE FIVE) is the thrilling conclusion of this great series. Marni Mann is a master storyteller! Frankie and Derek’s relationship is getting hotter and hotter. I love these two characters and the chemistry between the two. Secrets will be revealed and the past will be put to rest. Derek thinking that his past will tear him and Frankie apart, only makes their relationship stronger. If you have not started this series, I urge you to do so. The characters and the story line is well-developed and a romantic masterpiece. I hate to see the series end, but I know that Marni Mann will have something great in store for us next. You will enjoy this book like I did, and pick it up as soon as it is released. I give UNBLOCKED (EPISODE FIVE) 5/5 STARS.



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