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My kindle died and I am lost.



Two days ago my trusty Kindle Fire died. Sniff, Sniff. I have had that Kindle for about five years or longer. When I went to bed my kindle was fine. Woke up about 3:30 in the morning, because I could not sleep and turned my kindle on and it was stuck in a boot loop. I have tried everything that I could find online, and nothing works. Yesterday, I spent nearly all day trying to revive it. No, luck. So, I broke down and ordered me a new one off of Amazon. It has a bigger screen and is lighter and thinner than the old one.

The only thing is I had a game I was playing and did not back it up on Facebook. Now, all that work on the game is lost. I cannot get in to link it to my Facebook account. Now, my poor cities on Empire Z is going to be farms for everyone else. SNIFF, SNIFF. I had 3 accounts and 6 cities on the game. I guess I will have to be content with the ones that I have left. Now, I have to read my books on my phone until I get my new Kindle in 4-5 days. I already feel quit lost without it. Until then I will continue with my morning.


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