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Why is it when it is freezing cold outside you tend to have to go potty more? I swear I have to go at least three times more than usual. When you are let outside you are freezing so bad that it basically freezes inside you.Then when you are let back inside and you thaw out, you decide that you have to Lee.So you find a place inside the house, then they find it and you give then this sad puppy dog face with a little shiver. THEY JUST SIGH AND FINALLY SAY”YOU Must Have Been To Cold for you to go to the potty.”  I give them one more good shiver and they clean up the mess.

Now don’t get me wrong this does not work all the time, just some of the time. I hate the cold with a passion. I am so glad that they have a better for me otherwise I would freeze to death. Yes I have a blanket, but that helps a little. Sometimes Sissy lays on the bed with me , but she usually is in her cujo mood. I usually warm up by chasing Sissy around and trying to take her squeaky toy away. I will definitely be glad when it warms up.I do not like going outside when it is cold, and wet like it is today. Tomorrow is the same, and we might even have snow.

Now I won’t only be freezing I will be wet also. My days just keep getting better and better.

Stop your whining CHARLIE! You would think that you were the only one that didn’t like the cold. Well I don’ either.

Who asked you Sissy?

Nobody, but I was getting tired of your complaining.

I was not talking to you, now WAS I!!!

It is kind of hard not to hear when yo so loud.

I am not the one who talks loud.

So you want to start a fight now, in  everyone?

No, I am not trying to start nothing.

I am sorry about this folks.Let me take care of this little disagreement, and I will get back to you. Charlie out.




Now they know that I love fried potatoes, and one of them made them for supper . I could smell them cooking and boy did they smell sooooo… good. When they were ready she was sitting there eating them in front of me, it was pure torture. She finally gave me a few bites, but it was not enough. Before long they were gone. So I decided to play with Sissy. I chased her around the house, and played with our toys.

It is getting cold outside, so I had them put my sweater on. Dang, Sissy found her pumpkin. I am going to have to hide it again. She gets so neurotic when she has it, that she is hard to be around. I will have to find a better hiding place. She is hurting my ears with her high-pitched yipping. Well I am getting sleepy so I am going to bed. So until next time, Charlie out.




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Well my friends, today was not a bad day. I did annoy my master a little bit when she let me out to go potty and she had to chase me down when I did not come when she called. I guess she did not feel good. So she put me to bed. Later in the day I made Jade (aka: shorty)  chase me all over the backyard trying to get me to go into the house. It was a fun game of tag. I would run around the plants and stop waiting for her and then I would run of toward the trailer. She was not wearing the clunky things on her paws, so it made it even better, she was getting her paws dirty. I would wait under the trailer for her, then she made a noise that scared me . I ran out from under the trailer to the shed, and I turned and looked at her, giving her my Elvis smile. “Why  did you do that?” look.

Then I run through a puddle and under a porch and around the yard again. Now really is giving me this frustrated look, and I am really in trouble. So I went to the backdoor myself, and I was begging, knocking on the door to be let in before shorty got on the porch.  Unfortunately I got a time out. Bummer. :>.<

When I finally got out of jail, I terrorized Sissy. Boy did I have fun. SSSSh, don’t tell Sissy that I stole her pumpkin. She will never forgive me, EVER!!!!

LATER THAT DAY……. I received a  massage from my master, boy did that feel really good. Then me and Sissy played tug with our toys. So now it is bed time. So until next time, Charlie out.





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That is all I hear lately is “Sorry Charlie.” I am just a curious pup. I want to see what everyone is doing, and if I want to join in with them. If they have food then they can share with me. Today all I want to do is stay warm and dry. It is raining outside and they want us to go out there and potty. No way, I will get wet, but they get mad at me and they put me to bed. It is not my fault that is raining.

I had to push Sissy out-of-the-way so she could not get my piece of chicken. After we ate we played a little and then laid on our bed and they put my sweater on me, because I was cold. I wanted to get off my bed and play, but they would not let me. I tried talking to them to let them know, but they would not listen to me. They were to busy watching a movie. I can not do anything. They treat me like a child. I just want to play.

Charlie do this. Charlie do that. Sorry Charlie. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie lay down. Don’t you growl at me. Go to your bed. Well I guess I will go to my bed, since no one will let me have any fun. So until next time Charlie out.



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