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Mistletoe Fangs Blitz


Mistletoe Fangs cover


The Fang Series, Book 4



Vampires, Shape Shifters, Romantic Comedy, Thriller


Date Published: November 18, 2020


Publisher: DCL Publications

Dr. Lauren Marsh, a pregnant vampire, seeks therapy to overcome a recent trauma, but is her creepy doctor interested in more than her well-being? Will evil intercede, dashing the promise of a Christmas baby?


What is stirring in that conniving mind of yours?” Ras squinted at his assistant.

Hmm. I’m thinkin’. Your life mate’s supposed to be a virgin.”

True, but I gave up on that notion long ago. She is also supposed to be a born vampire, not made.”

So, if you could arrange for the mother to go into labor, we could disappear with her child. What’s time to you? The baby’d grow up soon enough. You’d have a virgin bride and a born vampire.”

Ras tapped an index finger to his lips. “Brilliant idea—so glad I thought of it.”

Teensy rolled her black eyes. “I’ll get to work. Let’s see, what prescriptions will we need? Pitocin to start her labor and morphine to knock her out? Of course, all this hinges on the child being a girl.”

I’ll write the prescription for the meds.” Before Ras passed the smelling salts under Lauren’s nose, he eased his hand under her pink sweatshirt and placed his palm on her round belly. The baby pushed against his hand, and he closed his eyes, envisioning the tiny bundle in her mother’s womb. Ras smiled broadly. “She has violet eyes.”

About the Author

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Inspired by her fascination with vampires, Susan Blexrud used her background in journalism and political speechwriting to pen a 5-book series on a pair of wedded vampires (she a dentist, he a lawyer) who have a penchant for getting into trouble. With their wacky sidekicks and a duo of best friends, they navigate the world as vigilantes while expanding their immediate family and maintaining a veneer of normal careers and PTA meetings.

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dark lord of kismera cover
Easy-going Drace MacKinnon loves his job playing a hero knight in an equestrian themed dinner theater in Las Vegas. Fate, a dragon and an ancient god have other plans for him. Abducted by magic, Drace is thrust into the medieval world of the Were, shape-shifting warriors. Leading them is the woman warrior, Ki, whose spirit matches the lioness she can become. While beautiful, she is also arrogant and deadly. Forced together to fight an old enemy of her people, love becomes their destiny. A love that is hard to keep.


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest Review.

DARK LORD OF KISMERA is an Amazing! The characters and world building is very well-done, and it balances out the story nicely. I loved the Dragons in the story. They balance out the story beautifully. This book shows that love has no boundaries. Drace is a medieval performer in Las Vegas, and is called the Dark Lord. He is from a different plane than Ki a shape-shifter who turns into a lioness. Now they brought Drace to their plane to help with a threat that will be coming from the South, and he is to help to eliminate the threat. He falls in love with Ki and he thinks everything is going their way. Until he is hurt very badly and the only way to save him is send him back to his plane. Once there he cannot go back.  He will grieve, thinking Ki forever lost to him. He finds someone to help him find a way back. This story is awesome!! It shows that love knows no bounds when you need to find the one you love. There is a lot of action, magic, and folklore in the story. I recommend this book to everyone. TAMARA H. HARTL is an author to watch out for. She is going to go far. I give DARK LORD OF KISMERA 5/5 STARS.  Don’t miss out on this great read. Get it today! You will not be disappointed.