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A Red Sun Rises Blitz

A Red Sun Rises banner

A Red Sun Rises cover

The New Earth Trilogy, Book 1
YA Sci-fi, Science Fiction
Published: February 2020
Publisher: Evernight Teen
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When the end of the world comes . . . face it on a skateboard
Nine years ago, an unknown poison called the “Red” saturated the atmosphere of the entire planet, killing off everyone except a remnant of immune survivors. Jake is a survivor, but the Red has left its mark on him, changing him in strange ways he does not understand. The answers to his questions, however, will not be found inside the gated confines of his small community.
Jake and his group are not the only survivors. A handful of non-immune scientists and their families also escaped death by retreating inside a giant underground bunker called the Hole. Unable to breathe the outside air, the inhabitants of the Hole search for a way to fix the air and save the species.
Seventeen-year-old Paige grew up in the Hole, skateboarding its hallways and chambers. Life underground is all she knows. Trained as a medic, her day job is helping find a way to cleanse the atmosphere and restore the balance of nature.
Paige and Jake live in different worlds, each seeking answers that seem impossible to find. Everything changes when their lives collide in a chance encounter. Paige realizes that Jake may hold the key to defeating the Red, and Jake, in turn, realizes that Paige and her people may have the answers about where he came from and why he is what he is. With time running out, the two rush to uncover not only what the Red really is, but also the strange connection growing between them.
When dusk arrived, Jake slowed his bike and began to search for a place to hole up for the night. He stood in unknown territory and had no intention of risking night travel when God knew what creatures might lie in wait for a stupid human to stumble into their claws. In the distance, lightning spiked through the night sky, and the wind had picked up, swirling around leaves and bits of debris that littered the crumbling interstate.
Bad storm coming. Another reason to shelter for the night.
Jake began searching for a place out of the weather, thinking that a nice abandoned SUV might work. He balked at exiting the freeway and wandering around the surrounding suburbs. The I-95 had five lanes in each direction, thus providing a broad, flat expanse all around him that would make it difficult for anything to approach without being seen or heard.
Eventually, Jake found a black Peterbilt tractor trailer with a sleeper cab parked on the shoulder. Its driver’s side door dangled half-open, leaves and dirt caked the windshield, and a dead seagull corpse lay mummified on the hood. Undeterred by the moldy smell emanating from inside, he climbed into the cab, stepping gingerly in case his foot broke through the rusted-out floorboards. Then he leaned around the front seat to look into the sleeping area behind it to see if it was a suitable place to rest for the night. With a strangled cry, he threw himself backward out of the cab and landed on his butt on the pavement, where he immediately lost his dinner in several, gut-wrenching heaves. Inside the sleeper compartment, lying on the bed, was a body, or what was left of a body: bones, teeth, tattered clothing, and tufts of red hair.
Whoa there, calm down. It’s just a Red body. You’ve seen hundreds.
Yes, he had. But it had been years and years since those early days when dead people clogged hospital parking lots and churches and airports. Long-buried memories of his journey through silent city streets before the people of Edentown found him flared to life, causing him to shudder.
After picking himself up off the asphalt, Jake walked to the back of the dull aluminum trailer the truck had once towed. He had no desire to step foot inside the cab ever again, thank you very much. He flung open the rear doors and, seeing no surprises, climbed inside, dragging his bike up after him. He half-expected the cargo hold to be jammed full of now-useless consumer goods, like computers or iPads, but the entire trailer sat empty and smelling of kerosene. The sound of his breathing echoed faintly through the cavernous interior. He decided to rest inside this giant metal tomb tonight, but not anywhere near the cab. Yes, he had experienced gross all too often, but he had no desire to bed down next to it.
As usual, sleep was a joke, so he closed his eyes and relaxed his muscles, and before long, his mind slid into waking dreams about the day-to-day mundanities of life in Edentown. Like a video replay, he relived helping Cyndi chop vegetables and stir the soup pot. He revisited his eleven-year-old self on the morning after the great January blizzard, when the snow piled up so high it nearly buried the vehicles left outside. He remembered the many evenings spent in the big house sitting before the hearth playing checkers with Carl. But his meandering reflections cut off and his eyes jerked open at the sound of a mournful cry that almost seemed human. The wail went on for several seconds before fading away. A call for help maybe? A defiant challenge? Either way, he quickly resolved not to leave the trailer until dawn, although he bit his lower lip at the realization that the sound had come from directly ahead of him. Tomorrow, he would pedal head-on into whatever vomited out those screams in the night.
With unease churning away in his gut, Jake crept over to the trailer door that he had left cracked open and eased it shut, interring him inside the empty semitrailer. Once he settled down again with his back to one wall, he closed his eyes and tried to relax. It didn’t work. Minutes later, he felt a tingling sensation spring up in the back of his brain, as if tiny worms were crawling around on the surface of his cerebral cortex, but the experience felt more mental than physical. Then images flashed through his mind. They came and went so fast, he couldn’t figure them out, although he picked out parts of some of them: a dark hole under an abandoned building, a dog, the severed leg of some animal, and a swarm of rats. The montage flickered by for several seconds before disappearing, leaving him confused and disturbed.
What the hell was that? Am I going insane?
The rest of the night slipped by without incident, and he spent the remaining hours of the dark poking and prodding at the elements of his plan for tomorrow. Wilmington, Delaware lay only a few miles away, so in the simplest iteration of tomorrow’s events, he’d zip in, find the diner, zip out, and beat a hasty retreat toward Edentown by lunchtime. If he rode hard, he could be back in time for dinner, although Carl doubtlessly would rip him a new one. He didn’t care. Other iterations were more complex. The biggest variable in his plan? The fact that he didn’t really know where Pete’s Diner was. The second biggest variable? Monsters and mind freaks. He considered them second because he thought—or maybe only hoped—that bad things avoided the day and only came out at night. Normally a true statement for the creatures around Edentown, but who could say what new and different predators prowled the empty urban landscape around him.
A Red Sun Rises tablet

About the Author

K.D. Van Brunt is the author of the well-received Win the Rings trilogy. A Red Sun Rises is the exciting first book of his latest trilogy. When not lost in space, his day job is lawyering in Baltimore.
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So Long Earth Blitz

So Long Earth banner


So Long Earth cover
Science Fiction
Published: January 2020
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2017. Dr. Thomas Burns, an environmental engineer, is listening to the President, talk about global warming. He and his colleagues quickly realize that Earth will no longer be able to sustain life in a few years. Environmental disasters all over the world are occurring at a quicker rate, and each one seems to be stronger than the previous one. As a result, Tom begins to develop and carry out his plans to build 4 spaceships for 1,000 people each to leave Earth and travel to a new galaxy to find a place to live. The Russians, Germans, and Australians all agree to build spaceships and join Tom in search of a new home somewhere in the Alpha Centauri Galaxy.
Over the next 20 years of planning Tom along with his wife, Sarah, determined but naïve son, Sam, his loyal second-in-command, Bob Jackson, and an amazing medical doctor, Dr. Sato, Tom must wrestle with inevitable questions. How are they going to sustain life for such a long journey? How can they travel fast enough? Will the Russians fully cooperate? How will they be able to successfully launch four huge spaceships at the same time? Most of all, will they be able to save humanity?
Denver, CO, September 2017
Dr. Thomas Burns could not believe what he was hearing. He was sitting in a restaurant with his eight-year-old son Sam after attending a baseball game. The Colorado Rockies had just defeated the New York Mets by a score of eight to six. They were discussing the various players on the team. That was until the president started talking.
Listening intently to every word President Trump said on CNN, the environmental scientist shook his head several times. He’s appealing to every gawker of developers and brand-loving radicals rolling everything back—radicals who want to de-regulate, de-environment, just de-anything—and it was deflating, thought Dr. Burns. Decades of work falling apart for a new consensus, it seemed. Depressing.
Not only was the president waging a permanent delay of just about everything, while making money for his backers, but he was hoping people were going to do nothing about it. He was buying time for some of his obscenely wealthy investors and developers; that was all. They somehow pinned their losses in the previous years from failed deals and investments on anyone but themselves, despite how their investments were only about money, not about the major concerns of the times everywhere you looked. Having had a great outing with his son only moments ago, Dr. Burns fumed as he sat there.
The president was like the suits many in the rural parts of the Dakotas, Tennessee, and his home state of Colorado worried about. They were all caught up in their excesses, mindless to what life outside their air-conditioned life was like. Who cared how his message on TV was going to benefit neglected areas? He just expected people to deal with it. Except, this time, this suit, staring at Dr. Burns on the high-definition TV screen, was the one barreling his way at anyone who gave him a microphone like a dusted wagon train full of barons with money bags who pulled into town. And he’d be building what he knew best, a wall of heat for struggling people. They were less interested in tackling the daily concerns in their lives, finding no areas of concern in common.
Dr. Burns shook his head again. And the environment was a no-brainer!
Sam looked up at him momentarily, and Dr. Burns gave a half-reassuring smile. Sam returned his attention to his cell phone.
The president was unconcerned about whatever no man’s land was left in his wake of ruin while he doled out skepticism and disparaging comments when people needed reassurances and to feel confidence that the authorities were doing their best to keep them safe and secure. In the old Wild West, they used to blame the Yankee, wondering if somebody up in the skyscrapers meant them more harm than good. They just wanted the top suite.
Dr. Burns couldn’t stop looking from the TV to his son. He felt like he was falling into an abyss when he should have been feeling like he was there to share a moment of joy with his son.
He stood up, and despite his tall stature—he’d almost made it to varsity baseball years ago at six feet, two inches tall—he felt powerless. It was time to put the agreed-upon plan into action—at full speed. First, he gave his son some ice cream and told him to stay seated across from him, take out his Game Boy, and put his ear buds in, as he did not want Sam to be concerned about what he was going to discuss with everyone. He pulled out his phone and dialed a group text number, the specific code setting of a meeting of his peers. Tom raked his hands through his solid black hair, practically pulling strands out as he waited impatiently for everyone involved in the meeting.
            Within five minutes, all of his colleagues around the world were on FaceTime. He’d been selective about which colleagues from Russia, Germany, Australia and America he involved in preparing the mission. Several of them had worked with him on projects at Boeing and others he had met at conferences around the world that had brought his attention to the staggeringly slow pace of applied research. He knew immediately what he wanted to say to the thirty people he’d reached. He trusted them. He sat back down as they met and discussed their plans.
Members from these four countries were going to be the first ones involved because they understood that to do nothing would ensure the end of the human race. These thirty people were the most esteemed researchers in their field of expertise. They published nearly 500 research papers researching climate warming and various environmental issues as well as future space travel. Russia as the leader in space travel was an obvious choice. Germany had some of the leading engineers in the world. Australians had suffered a great number of environmental disasters such as a deteriorating Great Barrier Reef and also had a large number of excellent engineers.
            Tom, despite his anguish, spoke calmly. “I hope everyone was watching the president’s disgusting speech. Obviously, he is not going to listen to any environmental scientists or reports. We have no choice but to go ahead with our agreed upon plan. It is full steam ahead. We will have to speed everything up. Based on the environmental evidence and facts, the human race probably has 200 years—or less—to live. To survive, we need to find a new planet.”
Several of his colleagues made comments agreeing with Dr. Burns. They all agreed they would go home and start implementing the agreed upon plans.
            With that, he ended the FaceTime meeting. He felt a spectrum of emotions including betrayal by the president’s actions and fear for his children’s future and the future of everyone else. He had hoped his family could grow up to lead normal lives, go to college, marry, have children and choose a career for themselves without worrying about the environmental disasters that were sure to take place. He also felt bad for just about everyone alive and every person yet to be born. Most people were going to face terrible hardships just trying to survive. Most of all, he felt determined.
            He and Sam walked toward the exit. Tom waved goodbye to the woman behind the counter.
As his son closed the door behind them to the restaurant, Tom felt the cool night air, hoping his son wasn’t too cold given the temperature had fallen quickly. It was September and although it had been a mild seventy-five degrees at Coors Field, they had to walk a block to get to their car. He didn’t want to embarrass his son, so he just put his arm around him to keep him warmer. Sam didn’t protest thankfully.
As they made their way to their car, Tom couldn’t help but look at Sam’s baseball glove that Sam held loosely in his hands. He’d given the glove to Sam after his son refused to use his old worn-out one. Tom had used that glove as a teenager when he was about Sam’s age. He laughed to himself when he remembered Sam’s look on his face as he stared at Tom’s old glove. It seemed so important to him to give it to Sam, but Sam wanted his own glove.
Tom knew that Sam had loved the game that afternoon. Sam had a fantastic baseball card collection and recited stats that baffled Tom, who also felt proud of his son for knowing and memorizing all kinds of stats. Seemed like the type of thing kids should be worried about in high school, not what was weighing on Tom’s mind. Tom shook away a bunch of thoughts. He still wanted to look like he was enjoying himself after he and Sam had watched their favorite team win and ate at their favorite restaurant. But that damn television and the news. He was overcome with concern and resentment, knowing that his son’s future was going to be nothing like his own.
Sam said, “You know my good friend Kory just made varsity, and I heard that there were even some top university recruits watching. I hope when I get to high school, I’ll play that well.”
Tom stared at Sam momentarily, masking the welled-up feeling of regret and sorrow that threatened to silence him, before he said, “Sam, you’re going to play with the best.”
He unlocked the car door, and they headed toward Interstate 70. All the while, Tom was glad that he had reached an agreement with his colleagues that there would be no more delays, no matter what lay ahead.
And so, it began.
So Long Earth standing book
About the Author
Michael Bienenstock is a retired teacher with over 35 years of teaching experience. He has published papers and given numerous presentations and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Rochester Institute of Technology, a Master’s degree from Gallaudet University, and a Ph.D. in Special Education from the University of Maryland at College Park. He is married with one son and lives in Florida. So Long Earth is Michael’s debut novel and no, his clone did not write this book.
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Arachana TOUR

Arachana banner

Arachana cover
Science Fiction/Colonization/Science Fantasy
Date Published: 12/5/19
Publisher: Chandra Press
The adventure continues in the second book of the Chronicles of Malick Series.
Reunited, Malick and the crew of the Pioneer embark on a new adventure to solve the mystery of the Domes. The Domes make it possible to travel vast distances instantly. But where do they go and how do they work? Their quest leads them to an abandoned civilization. It’s citizens are gone and have left no clue as to why they left of where they went. The capital of this far reaching society is meticulously maintained by sentient robots who offer little information.
Something happened in Arachana that led to the disappearance of an entire species. As Malick and the crew attempt to find answers, they are drawn deeper into the mechanical heart of the city. When Malick vanishes and the robots suddenly turn against them, can Nep, Daxx,Trell, and the rest of the rest of the team put the pieces together before it’s too late?
Arachana standing book
About the Author

 photo bio pic_zpsdkykkyol.jpg

The author spent his childhood in Colorado skiing and riding dirt bikes.  After spending way too much time in college, he took his engineering degree to the deserts of southern California.   After retiring to the mountains of northwest to play golf, his wife dared him to write a book.  The rest, as they say, is history.
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Pandora’s Eyes Blitz

Pandoras Eyes banner

Pandoras Eyes cover

Alex Cave Series, Book 5
Science Fiction
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The color of your eyes will determine if you live or die!
When an alien spacecraft is discovered under the ice in Greenland, geophysicist Alex Cave is called in to investigate and makes contact with the artificial intelligence named Pandora, who claims ownership of our world for her genetically superior race of humans.
Pandoras Eyes set
Other Books in the Alex Cave Sci-fi Series:
Dead Energy cover
Dead Energy
The Alex Cave Series, Book 1
Oil starts to disappear around the world, and the only clue is a dollar-size crystal found in the hold of an empty oil tanker.
Alex Cave quit the CIA for a less stressful life as a geophysics instructor. At least, that was his plan.
While on vacation sailing the waters of the Puget Sound, Alex sees a brilliant flash of neon blue light from an oil tanker and changes course to help. He discovers there was no explosion, no one on board, and the oil has mysteriously vanished without a trace. The bodies of the missing crew are found in the snow on Mount Baker, but there are no footprints leading in or out of the area.
Oil supplies begin to vanish without a trace and society starts to crumble.
Cold Energy cover
Cold Energy
The Alex Cave Series, Book 2
Sudden freezing temperatures threaten a catastrophe that will affect the entire world!
Geophysicist Alex Cave is called in to investigate the situation. He leads a small group of volunteers on the high-tech research vessel named Mystic in a desperate attempt to remedy the situation before civilization faces ecological disaster, but some of the crew have their own agenda.
Red Energy cover
Red Energy
The Alex Cave Series. Book 3
Geophysicist Alex Cave discovers alien technology on one of the Aleutian Islands!
Before he can take device to a safe location, it’s stolen and taken to COBRA, a top-secret research facility south of Yellowstone National Park. The scientist in charge has no idea what she’s dealing with and things go horribly wrong.
Alex goes back in time to stop the super-eruption, but starts a chain of events with far worse consequences for his new love and her little girl.
Gravity cover
The Alex Cave Series, Book 4
The moon suddenly moves two-thousand-miles closer to Earth!
The tidal affect is destroying shorelines around the world, and Geophysicist Alex Cave is asked to find the reason. He leads his team on a harrowing journey from Iceland to Nevada, but they don’t realize they are being followed by Janice Sloan, a ruthless woman dealing in stolen technology.
Sloan finds what Alex is seeking, and takes it to a private research complex in the Nevada desert belonging to billionaire scientist John Essex, who is fanatical about conquering outer space and mining the moon. When she turns it on, satellites start falling from the sky and the International Space Station is pulled from orbit.
Pandoras Eyes print ipad and iphone
Chapter 1
Alex Cave stares out the window of his sparsely furnished room in the barracks. Sagebrush covered desert and low mountains stretch away in all directions. The heat causes the air to shimmer, as he watches the CIA’s latest experimental stealth drone race down the runway and climb into the sky.
He grins, knowing that even the government’s most clandestine service is unaware of the alien spacecraft in Hangar 5. Since he discovered it in a dormant volcano of one of the Aleutian Islands, his life hasn’t been the same. At least things have settled down for now, he thinks.
His phone rings and he recognizes the image of a man with curly gray hair, Doctor Henry Heinz, his good friend and boss here at the base. “Hey, Doc.”
“I think you had better come down here right away,” he says with a slight German accent.
“I’ll be right there.”
He hurries from the room, down the hall to the stairs, and moments later, steps into his friend’s office. “What’s going on?”
Henry looks up at the tall man with wavy-black hair and dark blue eyes. “I have recently received a copy of a recording from the International Space Station. It was taken yesterday afternoon, shortly after the launch of a new satellite called the SV1, for Space Vacuum One. I looked through their permits, and they claim it is an efficient way to collect the space debris currently in orbit.”
“That sounds like a good idea.”
When Alex moves around to see the image on the monitor, his eyes go wide as he stares at the strange looking contraption as seen from the ISS. A ten-foot-long, orange octagonal cylinder with solar panels is floating among the stars, but what gets his attention is the twenty-foot-long, pewter-colored torpedo protruding from the center. “I see why you called me down here.”
“That looks like one of your devices, Alex.”
“I think you’re correct. The other three should already be here.”
Alex thinks about his best friend, Okana, who is searching for the last alien device in the Bering Sea. He’s the engineer and submarine driver onboard the high-tech research ship, Mystic. He and Okana were special agents and partners in the CIA, and his best friend got him out of Russia in one piece after his wife’s murder. Like him, Okana retired from the CIA and is now working for millionaire Mike Tanner, a private researcher, and owner of the Mystic.
Henry enters a command into his computer. “The inventory shows we have three of them. One from the Pacific Ocean, one from the island, and one from the spacecraft in Hangar 5. According to this, they arrived nine months ago.”
Alex stands. “Let’s go, Doc. I need to see for myself.”
He leads Henry to the elevator, and once inside, waits for him to insert his key into the control panel.
Henry presses a button and feels lighter as the car descends below the facility. “Why would someone want to put one in space? We do not even know what they do.”
“Uh, that’s not exactly true, Doc. I know they’re capable of great destruction.”
The door opens, and Alex hurries down the hallway. “The last door on the right, correct?”
Henry doesn’t answer as he tries to keep up.
Alex stops in front of a large steel door and waits while Henry enters a code and stares into the retina scanner. When he hears the click of the lock, he shoves the door open, enters the room, and slides to a stop. There’s only one of the twenty-foot-long cylinders in the room. He spins back to Henry. “Damn! Let’s get back and see if we can find out how that company managed to get their hands on them.”
Paul Carter, the day shift supervisor, stands behind a young man and a woman sitting in front of the computer monitors. He looks up at the two large televisions mounted to the wall. One shows live images from SV1’s on board cameras. The other screen shows the live video from the space station, about two-miles away. He places his hand on the man’s shoulder. “All right, Scott. Let’s see what she can do.”
Teresa Tylor, the night shift supervisor, turns her head to look up at Paul. “So you’ve decided the SV1 has a sex?”
“Hey, I’m from the old school, remember? All right. See what it can do.” He looks down at Teresa. “Are you happy now?”
She grins. “Yes, thank you.” She turns to Scott Brackenbury, one of the engineers on the SV-1 project. “Ready when you are. Let’s fire it up.”
Scott feels his heart rate increase. “Thrusters on standby. Sending command now.”
Carter stares intently at the images from the cameras, but doesn’t see anything happening. A moment later, the small end of a spinning funnel-shaped distortion appears off the pointed end of the SV1. When he looks at the image from the space station, the distortion looks like a tornado in space. “Good work, people. We have a stabile attraction cone. The debris we’ve selected for the test is within a two-thousand-foot radius of the field. Let’s start with the harmonic resonance frequency to attract carbon atoms.”
Scott enters the command into his computer. “All set.”
Teresa studies the data on her monitor. “Verified.” She presses a button. “It’s on.”
Carter stares at the wide-angle image from one of the SV1 cameras on the wall monitor. He notices a flash of reflected light, and smiles when a slowly rotating silver object enters the cone. “That looks like some kind of wrench.”
Scott looks up from his monitor. “The field is holding. We’ve caught it!”
Teresa captures a still image of the wrench and does a recognition comparison. “It’s one of the tools used by the Hubble telescope repair team. It’s been floating around up there for several years.”
Carter’s eyebrows bunch together in thought. “I wonder how it ended up in the debris cloud created by China destroying one of their satellites.”
Scott looks over at Teresa and up to Paul. “We’re attracting more material. It’s working. We should have this section cleared in a few hours.”
Scott sits up when he hears a soft beeping from the computer speaker. He types in a command to mark that point in the recording, while he tries to find the cause of the alarm. It appears to be a second resonate frequency, oscillating 180-degrees out from the one in use by SV1. A few moments later, it’s gone. That was strange.
Estelle Burkhart studies the flashing warning light on the monitor. It shows a large geologic disturbance two-hundred-miles north of the Beauford Glacier. “This cannot be right”, she whispers with a strong Icelandic accent.
She hurries from her lab down the hallway to the Director’s office and taps on the open door. “Do you have a minute?”
Jeffery Sliven indicates for her to sit down. “Of course.”
Estelle sits in the chair across the desk. “We had a significant event sixty-miles north of us in the Atlantic Rift. The odd part is that it was only a surface disturbance, about one-hundred meters below the crust.”
“That is strange. Is there any other indication of unusual volcanic activity?”
“Not that I can tell. It lasted thirty-seven seconds and stopped.”
“All right. Let’s send a ship to check the area for anything unusual. Who do we have available?”
“I think Terry and his people are doing research not too far from that area.”
“All right. I’ll have him stop and check it out before he heads back.”
Estelle stands. “Hopefully it is not a prelude to a new volcano forming above that section of the rift.”
Seth feels a soft breeze across his face when he gasps for air. A sharp pain from unused muscles erupts in his chest, easing slightly with each shallow breath. Even the muscles in his eyelids feel stiff as they slowly open, his irises adjusting to the artificial red light inside the narrow capsule. It takes a few tries to get his vocal cords working. “Pandora?”
“I am online, Captain.” A female computer voice answers through his neural implant.
“Are the surface conditions habitable again?”
“Then why did you take me out of stasis?”
“I detected an object in orbit with similar technology as our own, and I have been trying to interface with its operating system. The signal is sporadic and it’s urgent we make contact. I initiated override protocols and brought the ship to the surface.”
Seth almost sits up. “That means our people have returned. Open this stasis chamber and let me out. We need to make contact with them.”
“The device appears to be malfunctioning. This indicates there is no one to correct the problem. “
“I don’t care. Open this chamber.”
He feels his platform moving and the red light blinks off. “Bring main lighting up in seven angstrom increments. How long has it been?”
“You have been in stasis for one-hundred and twenty million years.”
Seth is stunned and stares up at the elevated roof of the control room. His mouth opens, but he doesn’t know what to say. He has never heard of anyone being in stasis for such an extended period of time. “Are the rest of the stasis chambers intact?”
“Yes, Captain.”
Shadows slowly grow inside the main control room as the lights come on. With great effort, he manages to sit up on the slender bed, and slowly stands up. He grabs the open door for the chamber when a rush of vertigo threatens his balance. Once everything stops swirling, he eases his way along one wall to a beverage dispenser, filling a small cup with water and draining it in two gulps. He fills it with green liquid containing electrolytes and drinks more slowly.
He looks around the interior of the forty-foot circular room, then stares up at the white ceiling. “Pandora? Activate transparency.”
Blue-white ice suddenly appears to be resting on top of the spaceship, filling the room with pale translucent light from the surface. “What are the outside conditions?”
“The atmosphere contains exceedingly high levels of toxic gases. Surface conditions indicate this planet is undergoing an ice age. There is no nourishment available at this location.”
Seth sits down in front of the control console and visually checks Pandora’s status. She is correct. He looks up at the ice, and releases a deep sigh of frustration. The ice age could last for thousands of years. “Great. You woke me up, but we can’t wake everyone else up and start over. Any recommendations for this situation?”
“Return to your stasis chamber until this location is habitable.”
He eases his way back onto the narrow bed. “Very well. Close the chamber.”
“Closing chamber.”
About the Author

Pandoras Eyes Author James M. Corkill

Bestselling and award-winning author James M. Corkill, is a Veteran, and retired Federal Firefighter from Washington State, USA. He was an electronic technician and studied mechanical engineering in his spare time before eventually becoming a firefighter for 32-years and retiring. He began writing in 1997, and was fortunate to meet the famous horror writer Hugh B. Cave, who became his mentor. He now lives in the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina.
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Okuda! Blitz

Okuda! banner

 photo Okuda_zpsiycx9k4w.jpg

A Dryden Universe Corporate Wars Novel
Science Fiction
Publisher: iUniverse
 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png
Synapse Biotechnology bred Lucy Okuda to be the ultimate killing machine. What they did not anticipate is that Lucy is completely uncontrollable.
Bred to kill, Lucy Okuda has escaped her space station prison. A schizophrenic psychopath, hunted by the Obsidian Order, her former captives and tormentors, Lucy lives a life on the edge as M-Prov Carnival Supply Company’s premier assassin.
Jillian Caldwell is the most powerful woman who has ever lived. The CEO of Linn Corporation, she leads one of the three most powerful corporations in the universe. And someone wants her dead.
Yet in a universe rife with corporate deception and intrigue, all is not as it seems. And Lucy Okuda finds herself, along with a recovering drug addict, a criminal syndicate’s boss, and an advanced robot, on a mission that might just end in intergalactic war!
 photo Okuda print ipad and iphone_zpse8stw68j.jpg
About the Author

 photo Okuda Author Daniel B. Hunt_zpsvydsuu99.jpg

Daniel B. Hunt grew up in the midwestern United States. He has a creative writing degree from the University of Kansas. He is a member of the Dryden Experiment writing group that focuses on writing science fiction set in the Dryden Primer universe.
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