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Book 4 of the Father of Contention series

Science Fiction / Fantasy


Date Published: 10-01-2021

Publisher: Tellwell Talent

After tragedy strikes the United States Capitol, a new government seizes control backed by an elite army brutally enforcing its new set of laws. Terror rapidly spreads throughout the nation, and then globally, as people fight back to preserve what’s most important to them . . . their freedom and their beliefs.

One puppet master holds the strings with two distinct objectives in mind: destroy the Christian population and obtain immortality for himself and his loyal followers.

To locate what he covets most, a motley cast of felons is hand-selected and sent to a remote island facility. Pooling their talents and resources, the group of ex-cons must find one of the most elusive, ancient wonders of the world. Or die trying.

But they are not alone on their quest. The map and the key to achieving immortality accompanies the group: teenager Dani Juris. She’s the one person who can help the puppet master reach his prize or prevent him and his army from destroying the world. The power is in her hands. The only glitch is that she’s already dead.

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Chapter 1

A quarter of a mile from the White House in Washington, D.C.,

Vice President Dean Ryzer waited in a discreet location—the

overstocked storage room in the bar of his half-sister Lou Lou—for

his handler to arrive. Nobody would know of this meeting, not even

Lou Lou; he made sure of that. He killed her yesterday. A “Closed

for Renovations” sign was hung on the entrance door that afforded

them all the privacy they would need to complete the transaction.

Normally not a violent man, things had dramatically shifted

in the last year. The VP lived with renewed purpose, and nothing

would interfere with the task he was given. It was a revolution of

sorts in which he played a vital role, although the credit would be

doled on someone else. An unsuspecting pawn who would take

the fall for Ryzer’s genius.

There were several missions concurrently planned, with all

of them intricately balanced upon each other, like a complicated

game of Jenga. But he felt his mission was the most important

piece in the puzzle. Without this next strategic move, all the other

plans would fail.

And they could not fail.

A light rapping at the back door made his heart skip a beat:

three consecutive taps, a pause and then one last tap. The code they

had agreed upon. Vice President Ryzer unlocked the deadbolt and

ushered in a tall woman with a floral-patterned shawl draped like

a cowl, meant to keep her face obscured. But once the door was

closed and the lock reengaged, she unravelled the cloth, revealing

a f lawless, cream-coloured complexion, and blond hair scraped

back into an austere bun taut enough to pull the wrinkles smooth

around her stone-cold blue eyes.

Through plump lips coated in blood red lipstick, the woman

greeted the VP and took a seat by a tower of liquor boxes. He

stood awkwardly in front of her. Not only her beauty caused him

to feel inferior, but her demeanour and level of power within the

organization reminded him that he was less important than he

had foolishly deigned to think, and if one tiny error occurred, he

would be squashed beneath her Louboutins with zero remorse.

Someone else would swiftly take his place.

“Do you have the money?” the VP asked. He remained standing

in the vain attempt to puff up his stature, looking down his nose at

her for a change, at least in a physical sense. The woman was cruel

and bitter, even before they “changed”—a friend of her father’s,

he had known her for years, witnessed many a tirade—yet it was

impossible to deny his attraction for the blond, even though he

feared her. Or perhaps that’s what added to his desire. He wanted

her in the way that a man wants what he can’t have. His handsome,

cleanshaven face, expensive black suit, and silk tie, thick, wavy black

hair perfectly arranged, were all lost on the woman. She couldn’t be

less interested in him. That snake would not be charmed.

She was there for one reason. Complete the mission.

About the Author

Lanie Mores

Lanie Mores is the award-winning author of the science fiction and fantasy book series, Father of Contention. She has an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is a certified hypnotherapist and personal trainer. An active member of the Canadian Authors Association, Lanie enjoys sharing her perspectives through her fictional novels and poetry. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her reading, binge-watching Netflix, baking, and slaughtering zombies and other monsters on her Xbox. She lives in Ontario with her family and forever barking fur babies, Batman and Petri.

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Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Date Published: May 27, 2016

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The next Superhero adventure installment of the Dark Spores Series from acclaimed author Chayil Champion.

2035. It’s the dawn of a new era where power-hungry war generals are forming a New World Order. The nation of Israel comes under attack by evil Tanwar Terah, a Syrian mastermind in science and politics. Through Terah, five countries are united in order to form The Caste Republic. Under his rule, The Caste Republic uses neoteric technology to create new weapons, genetically altered beasts with super powers, and human giants – a new breed of super villains -wreak havoc and put fear into the hearts of humanity. But seven soldiers, led by Jewish-Italian Lieutenant Peter Carmoni, are released among several military sleeper teams to locate Terah and destroy his campaign before it is too late. In their journey to find the evil dictator, they are detoured and find themselves taking cover in a peculiar cave where they are introduced to Oramite, an element that changes their DNA and renders them with new super powers and abilities. Now, it is up to these seven super heroes to learn to hone their new powers and use it against their enemies in the biggest war the world has ever seen…or all will be lost.



The smoke cloud now appeared in the lobby, growing into a portal. The remaining six jumped out. Both giants stepped forth. Blessed and Aganathin, who stood at six-foot-six and six-foot-eight respectively, looked like dwarfs next to the two twelve-foot giants.
“You’re not one of us, puny people,” said one giant in his deep voice that echoed throughout the lobby.”
“No, you’re right. We’re none of you at all,” said Blessed.
At that moment, Blessed’s fists and arms became coated with the Oramite material. With all his might, he punched the giant in the mid-section, bringing him down on his knees, grunting. The giant’s face was now within reach. Blessed cocked back for another punch and broke the giant’s helmet, sending him flying into the wall, unconscious.
Slaycick saw the other giant draw his weapon and before he could get a shot off, he ran with Mach speed towards the giant slicing through his arm with his Oramite sword. The armored suit of the giants was no match for the Oramite weapons. The giant’s arm fell off with the gun still inside his hand. He screamed, and his yell could be heard throughout the whole building. Slaycick sent one more slice with his sword across the giant’s leg, severing him at both kneecaps. Blood began gushing out onto the lobby floor.
“Let’s get to the elevators!” yelled Blessed. “I’m sure there’ll be more giants and soldiers on their way.”
As they headed to the elevators, the two soldiers from outside came charging in. K’nia spotted them and hit them with two Oramite stars shot from her hands. More soldiers were running into the main lobby only to see the two giants decommissioned and on the floor. The team entered the elevator and rapidly punched in the first code. As the elevator doors were closing, Rekluse took a grenade from her hip and rolled it out the door towards the oncoming soldiers who were now firing towards the team. The doors closed as the grenade exploded.
Once they got to the underground level, the doors opened and the team stepped out with their weapons drawn. The few scientists left in the lab quickly stopped what they were doing and raised their hands. Kasitia’s voice could be heard over the COM links.
“Hey, gang. Someone radioed Tanwar. They know you’re here, and you got giants coming your way. They’re starting to open the hangar now so the aircrafts can leave. I’m going to try to halt them.”
“Be careful,” said Blessed. “We’re coming to you now.”
Slaycick took several plastic handcuffs out of his vest pockets and began tying up the scientists with super speed, then had them sit on the floor. “You all stay put now you hear?” he joked. “Now, which one you know the combination to this door?”
“We don’t need a combination,” said Blessed.
Blessed walked up to the huge, steel-plated door and punched a hole in it with his fist and then pulled it off its hinges. Coming down the corridor were three huge giants with large hydrogen-powered guns aiming straight at Blessed. They fired a few shots, which he managed to dodge as he took cover to the side of the broken doorway.
“I have an idea,” said Tenan as the giants approached. He quickly created a portal in the doorway.
The giants ran through it, thinking it was only black smoke. They stepped out and found themselves falling thousands of feet out of the sky. Tenan quickly closed the portal as the group made its way down to the second elevator door leading to the underground hangar. Blessed typed in the second set of code numbers and they made their way down to assist Kasitia.
When the doors opened, the team stepped out amongst gunfire and panic. Kasitia was going in and out of shadow form, killing Tanwar’s soldiers, who were in a state of confusion. Several of Tanwar’s soldiers started firing towards the team when they entered.
“Split up and let’s finish these boys off!” yelled Blessed.
Two of the aircrafts had already taken off with the giants’ pods attached them.
“We can’t let the other carriers take off, gang!” said Blessed. “Let’s stop them and worry about the other ones later.”
“Tenan, give me three of your timed explosives,” said Slaycick.
Tenan handed Slaycick the bombs, and in a blur, he swiftly placed the three bombs on aircrafts that were preparing to take off. He ran back and hid behind a computer board, undetected. The aircraft carriers exploded and caught on fire, never having a chance to leave the ground. Suddenly, the pods opened and the other giants stepped out running from the planes that just caught fire.
The crew was now split up, fighting off soldiers and giants. Aganathin’s axe ripped through the giants as he swung with one motion. Rekluse and Tenan fought off soldiers with precise shooting and some ballistic, martial art techniques. One soldier swung at Rekluse. She blocked his punch, and while still holding onto his arm, she jumped in the air, wrapped both of her legs around his neck, and brought him to the ground. With her sheer strength, she hyper-extended his arm with a strong twist, causing an extreme fracture to his limb. She then pulled a Desert Eagle handgun from her hip and stuck it in the soldier’s mouth. Squeezing off two rounds, she then moved on, continuing to dominate enemies using hand-to-hand combat.
Soldiers from Tanwar’s army were dying by dozens. The hangar was filling up with bodies as more men kept falling.
Slaycick zoomed around the hangar, slicing down giants and soldiers with his double swords. Blessed went on a rampage with one hand on his gun, and with his free hand, he knocked out anyone who was close enough to him. K’nia shot down giants with her stars, while her sister flashed in and out of shadow form, catching her enemies off guard with deathblows and stabs to the heart. The battle lasted less than ten minutes before every giant and soldier was put down by the seven super soldiers.
“Kasitia, where’s Tanwar?” asked Blessed.
“He’s over there, unconscious. When they heard you people storm the building, he made a run for it with General Selur and the doctors. I snatched him in shadow form, knocked him out, and dragged him back behind the barrels. By that time, his men were shooting at me, so I had to begin the fight without you.”
“We’ve finally come face to face with Tanwar Terah. The dictator and leader of The Caste Republic. Finally, in our hands,” said Aganathin.
“No time to relax now. Two carriers got away, carrying ten giants apiece. They’re headed to Israel where their alliances have already been given orders to attack,” said Kasitia “We need to get to Jerusalem to notify Prime Minister Mashol and let him know we have Tanwar.”
“Good work, Kasitia. You’re getting into a habit of knocking out men. Keep it up and you’ll be single for the rest of your life,” joked Slaycick.
“Very funny,” retorted Kasitia, rolling her eyes.
“All jokes aside, because of your smart thinking, we have our guy. Let’s tie him up before he comes to,” said Tenan.
“You’re right,” acknowledged Blessed. “You did what you had to do, Kasitia. Great job.”
Tenan created a portal leading back to Jerusalem. “Let’s get back. Time is not on our side right now,” he reminded the crew.
“One sec,” said Slaycick. The speedster disappeared and reappeared in one second, carrying two scientists on his shoulder. He ran back and got the other scientists who were tied up. He also unhooked several computers from the lab and brought those back.
“We need them to learn more about these giants that were created,” Slaycick continued.  “If one doesn’t talk, we’ll make an example so the other ones will. I’m sure these computers have valuable information on them as well.”
The team entered the portal with the captured dictator, the scientists, and the confiscated computers. A brief victory was won for the moment.
About the Author
Chayil Champion is a graduate of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida where he double-majored in both English and Journalism while competing as a two-sport athlete in both football and track. After graduating from UM in 1998, Champion received his masters and doctorate degrees in education from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He embarked on a career in education as an English teacher and vice principal in South Florida’s Dade County and West Palm Beach County public school systems respectively before moving to Los Angeles, California in 2009.
 A native from Evanston, Illinois, a suburb that borders Chicago’s north side, Champion developed a love for writing at a young age which carried well into his adult years. After penning his first book in 2009 upon his arrival to Los Angeles, Champion has gone on to write five more books, which include the Young Adult fiction novels, Affiliated and Going Pro, both from The Lost Souls literary series. Champion also wrote Exiting The Wilderness and But He Said He Was A Christian, two nonfiction Christian self-help books. His latest book, Majesties of Canaan: The Goliath Project is a Young Adult, super hero novel. It is the first book of many within the Majesties of Canaan Superhero Series and the second book of The Dark Spores Series where Champion has partnered with best-selling authors Keshawn Dodds and Braxton Cosby to form the new superhero universe and to collaboratively pen the upcoming superhero novel Infinity 7 due in early 2017.
Outside of his love for writing, Champion, runs his own education consulting company in Los Angeles where he continues to teach and tutor students. In his free time, Champion focuses on fitness as he is a gym rat, frequents movies, and enjoys spending time with his daughter Vanessa.
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Twitter: @chayilchampion
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There is always one book that we always go to that makes you happy. What book is it that makes you happy? Is it a book from your childhood, or something more recent? Is it a tried and true classic, a romance, science fiction/ fantasy, mystery, or one of the many other genres? Me I guess it depends on my mood. if I want to feel nostalgic about your childhood, I will read GREEN EGGS AND HAM BY DR. SUESS

If it is just a quick pick me up then a funny romance, maybe a book by SHELLY LAURENSTON( G.A AIKEN)
 Any of her books always bring a smile to my face.  Also there is EVE LANGLAIS AND HER (f.u.c series) FURRY UNITED COALITION. These are all great books to read. SO TELL ME WHAT BOOK MAKES YOU HAPPY? 🙂

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