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Twas a Charlie Christmas

Snapshot 2 (10-9-2013 3-57 PM)It was the night before Christmas and the masters forgot to lock me up. I sat in front of the Christmas tree watching the lights blink on and off. When I heard such a ruckus on the roof around the fireplace. I run to the other room to see what was going on, when I see some dog cookies bounce across the floor. I rush to get them, because I like cookies so much. When a jolly, fat man pops out of the fireplace without a speck of soot on him. With a twinkle in his eyes, and his Rosie cheeks he bends down and pets me and tells me what a good girl I have been. He then straightens up slings his bag on his shoulder and continues toward the Christmas tree.

He then starts to pull out presents to put under the tree. A few for Jade, Wendell, Tom, a few more for Kirk, Jennetta, Gladys and Jennifer. Then he starts to pull out the ones for Chester, Cissy, and then Me. I had a new bed, toy, harness, and a Dallas Cowboys jersey. He then left a few more things in the stockings, and away he went. To give more joy to every boy, girl, dog, and I guess cat, and a few others. I won’t tell anyone that I met Santa, for that is my seimagesCA7AYLRPcret. My little Christmas miracle, because before I did not believe.

I look outside way up into the sky, and I see his sleigh, and it starts to snow. I smile and I know that tomorrow will be a very good day. For I got to see Santa, a site so few get to see. So if you are very good, and patient you just might get to see him too. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM CHARLIE AND HER FAMILY.

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