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I decided today I want to be lazy. The only important thing to do is going to the doctor and give him blood for some more tests. My sodium levels were low and my D3 levels were low and he wants to recheck them. After that I am taking my Nephew’s to Barnes and Nobles. I have not been in a while and one of my Nephew’s let me know that I have not taken him there in a long time.So we planned to go today.

I love the smell of a book store. I now wish that I had never left the one that I had worked at over 20 years ago. I had so much fun working there and finding new author’s to read. Every new shipment was like Christmas or my birthday. They say hindsight is 20/20, I always wanted to look up that saying and see how an where it originated. So lazy is my word of the day, and that is exactly what I plan on doing. I also plan on surfing other blogs to see what others are talking about today. What are you planning for today?

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Bullying and how it can ruin peoples lives of the ones you love.

English: this is my own version of what bullyi...

English: this is my own version of what bullying looks like (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A lot of you are probably wondering why I am talking about this topic? Well a lot of it is about some of it being really close to home. One of my Nephew’s is and has been bullied. He is currently ¬†probation for something that he did not do, but was discussed of doing because of billing. Now those same kids are bullying him by calling him and harnessing him on the phone. Now this is getting very serious to the point that my Nephew wants to take his life. We as parents or Aunts,Uncles, Grandparents need to talk to our kids an find out what is going on in their lives, because bullying is becoming a major issue.

This is very serious when you have kids wanting to take their lives because of the harassment from other kids, this is not right. To me this is almost like premeditated murder. It is like giving a person a gun or letting them drink and drive and they kill someone. Murder is murder be it dressed up as a suicide, or from a drunk driver. We need to teach our youth that their actions have consequences. When you do something you have to pay for it.

They have talked to my Nephew and they going to see about taking some legal action. We will ¬†what happens. Suicide is never the answer, for it creates more problems. I was bullied in school a few times, but it didn’t last very long. I either stopped the notion from going any farther with a little talk, or a meeting after school. Then there was the arm wrestling of the guys in class and beating them. That kind of gave the bullies a whole new outlook of me. I just wasn’t the fat girl anymore, I was the fat girl who could kick their ass. The only fight the I really was in at school, I don’t remember. The only thing I remember is the bell ringing for us to go back to class. My cousins who were a grade ahead of me and were at recess also said that I hit her a couple of times. I don’t remember doing that. I think what started it was she called me some names, she was always calling me something, and I just blacked out .Then I heard the bell.

To this day that girl is nice to me. Billing has to stop. It is not just up to the kids to stop it,it is up to everyone. The parent’s, teachers, students, community. If we all work together maybe we can make a difference. It has to stop somewhere, so let’s start at home first. Then we go from there. LET’S ALL MAKE A PLEDGE TO STOP BULLYING!!!!