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A Truth About… Blitz

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Non Fiction / Self-Help / Motivational / Personal Development
Date Published: 19th of January 2020 (ebook) – Paperback
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“A Truth About…” is a composition of 52 poems for nurturing your ever -growing soul. Exploring topic from mind, body and intuition to love, parenting and life goals, the book embraces the broad and wondrous spectrum of the human experience. Covering 52 keys areas of our life, this book provides one insight per week. A year of inspiring poetry.
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A Truth About


Who are you?

Or who do you think you are?

Do you truly know yourself? Do you, really?

So do you know you are a winner?

Do you realize you have won your first race and then claimed your life as the prize?

They say a leopard can’t change his spots;

thus, born a winner, you ought to live as a winner;

you have to accomplish, you have to achieve.

How can you achieve if you do not take on challenges? You need to dare.

How can you win if you do not start the race? You need to choose your lane,

Though unlike your first race

you do not need to win at the cost of others’ failures.

Cécile Correa
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Famous Inspirational Quotes – Blitz


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Fiction, Self Help, Motivational
Elite Online Publishing
March 10, 2019
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Inspirational Quotes: Ideal for prepping speeches, letters or just for
empowering you to live life. The Perfect Graduation, Birthday Gift, Mothers day
gift, or Father’s day gift.
       Over 100 Of
The Greatest Quotes By Great Leaders Like:


       Athletes: Venus Williams, Emmitt Smith,
Babe Ruth
       Authors: Dr. Seuss, C.S. Lewis, Charles
      Business: Leaders: Steve Jobs, Walt
Disney, Ted Turner
      Civil Rights: Activist: Nelson Mandela,
Dr. Martin Luther King
      Motivational Speakers: Tony Robbins, Zig
Ziglar, Brian Tracy
      Musicians, Artist, Philosophers,
Politicians, and More…
        These quotes have stood the test of
time and each can be used to motivate, bring happiness, success, a positive
mindset, encouragement and sheer awesomeness.
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the Authors
Bestselling Authors, Melanie Johnson & Jenn Foster, owners of Elite Online
Publishing, an independent boutique publishing company. Elite has published
over 75 #1 BESTSELLING books for authors on Amazon. Both Single Moms, Melanie
and Jenn started their business hosting a book writing retreat in the Dominican
Republic to help authors write their book while relaxing on the beach! They
host a weekly podcast titled Elite Expert Insider featured on iTunes, Google
Podcasts and TuneIn. They are dedicated to educate, inspire and motivate
entrepreneurs, innovators and growth seekers. Jenn & Melanie have been
honored speakers for numerous conferences around the country, including Tedx
Sugarland, Texas. They have been Featured guests at Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl
party for 3 years in a row. Together they have produced over 2500 books under
their own imprint. Elite books include planners, journals, guest books,
activity books, story starters, and coloring books. They are enthusiastic about
helping authors to create, publish and market books, to build businesses and
brands. Learn More about Jenn & Melanie online.
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