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It seems that after all the drama of my Grandmother’s stroke is in the past and the rehabilitation I still in progress and this makes her third rehab place that she has been put in. Family that you come to depend on helping in taking some of the load  has suddenly stopped helping or coming by as often as they did. I don’t know if this is them thinking that she will not get any better than she is right now or they have suddenly gotten too busy to help out. If it is the first, then I would like them to take a moment and reflect on all the setbacks that my Grandmother has gone through that has halted a lot of her rehabilitation time. She has had c-dif, dehydration, first stages of pneumonia, a bedsore that has not healed because of neglect, 2 different types of infections, and a kidney infection. One of the infections was one that she had to be hospitalized because it was antibiotic resistant and had to be treated by IV antibiotic fluids. The bedsore could have been healed by now if one of the places did not let her sit in her own feces for 2 hours, in which caused bacteria to get into the bedsore and make worse.

My mom and my aunt can not do it alone. They also have my cousin who is my aunt’s daughter who also checks on my grandmother and helps out. Now today my mother went up there early this morning and took my grandfather, and this evening she asked one of my uncles to take my grandfather to see my grandmother. He was to call my grandfather, he never called and my mom took my grandfather to see my grandmother. If my uncles besides the one that is helping already would just help out one or two days a week this would help the others take a break. They are getting burned out an it is taking an emotional and physical toll. Something has to give before my mother has a total meltdown. When that happens all hell will break loose and I don’t want to be around when it happens. That saying when David Banner tells people who “You won’t like me when I get angry!” That is my Mom. For when she gets mad it is not a pretty site and it is usually hard to get her back in control.

If family would just help out more it would be better for all. Also if they would educate themselves more on stroke victims and how it affects them, they would know that when they are stressed or have a high level of anxiety, they will progress a lot slower on their therapy. So there is my ranting for the day, I will go back to reading and writing on my book.  I will talk with you later and remember May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Until tomorrow.

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grandmaAt close to 2pm when my Mother was on the phone with my Grandmother to see if wouldn’t mind having a buttermilk chess pie, one of the nurses or aides told my Grandmother to shut her damn mouth. My Mom left out of here telling us to make sure to have enough money to bail her out if needed. By the time my Mom had arrived at the facility, my Grandfather had taken care of the problem.

He had walked down to the manager’s office and let them know that he almost knocked down one of their employees for what she had said. The manager told him that they will take care of it and look into it. My Grandfather was fuming ma ,because he was in the room when this happened. This is the first time that we know of that she has been verbally abused. It will be the last time. I think we still have family trickling up there after hearing about this incident. They have been a little rough when they had to change her and when they get her out of bed, so now they must have two people and use a hoist. They also have to have two people to change her also.

My Grandmother lets them know when they are a little rough with her. It  doesn’t go on very long before it gets reported. Nobody hurts one of our family and gets away with it. If you are having problems at work or at home , you DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR PATIENTS. They cannot defend themselves and some of them don’t see family for years.  It is not worth losing your job over it. You are there to help them, not to harm them. So I will step down off my soap box now. Other than this incident, my Grandmother is doing well and improving daily.

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Grandma is doing well right now

My Grandmother is doing well, and still spunky as ever. My Uncle told her that he was going to take her water away manage told him “Bull Shit!”. That definitely sounds like something that my grandmother would say. She is moving her arm, leg, and head. They said all her vitals are good.

We will keep praying, and hope for the best. We all want her home. Nobody likes to wait, but the body takes time to heal.She is 85 and we still have her with us. Thanks to all of you for your prayers. They mean so much. I will try to post more reviews later. I am having internet trouble at home, and I am writing this at physical therapy. I will talk with you later. Thank you.



Things are not looking good for my Grandmother

We had the neurologist come in later today and gave us news saying that they are giving her a 10% chance to make it. If she makes it thru the night she has a better chance. The Doctor’s that have seen her have been all doom and gloom. Her heart doctor was more optimistic that the others. He is also the one that suggested a second opinion. She is talking, writing her name, she knows who everyone is, she is even moving her head to the left. Not very far, but she is still moving it, she is doing more that some patients that have had a major stroke.

Also we found out she should have been on oxygen since was admitted on Saturday and she hasn’t, and she should have been in the ICU unit also. These doctor’s have done everything back a$$ backwards. Sorry for my language. It has just been frustrating and exhausting. I am trying to stay strong for my mother and sister, but each day gets harder and harder. Today I did not even go into her room because I knew I would lose it. I am already such a tender-hearted person that if I look at you and you are crying, I will cry. I will keep you updated. Keep the prayers coming her way, they will help. I appreciate all that everyone is doing. Thank you.



Everybody PRAY for My Grandmother

Things are not looking good. Her kidneys are shutting down, and there is bleeding in the brain. We need a miracle.So if everyone can pray for her I would greatly appreciate all the prayers you can send her way. Her family is here with her, there is about 65 people here. We are waiting and praying. Thank you and GOD BLESS.