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Monster Mash Countdown Blitz – Day 7

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Catina worked her way through college as a TV reporter and a dating game show host. She’s a sucker for Young Adult romance stories (both real and make-believe). She has a panache for match-making and loves that many of her “set-ups” have resulted in marriages. 
After spending most of her adult life in Las Vegas, Catina traded in tumbleweeds for earthquakes and now lives with her husband and four children near San Diego, California. If she’s not home, chances are you can find her at the beach, Disneyland or In-N-Out Burger.
Angela Larkin writes clean teen romance and is a big fan of kissing (in life and in books). She’s been a gold miner, a pool cleaner, a mannequin dresser, and a teacher. She’s lived a true romance: meeting her husband in a case of mistaken identity. They recently moved with their four children from the sparkling city of Las Vegas to the shade of the North Carolina Pines. Chances are, she’s reading past bedtime.
Before cover
True love doesn’t always mean a happy ending. Presley and Landon finally have a chance at a real relationship when they travel back in time, but their leap backward to two months before his accident has altered reality: Landon has no memory of Presley. 
Hurt and lonely, Presley is still determined to save his life, even as Landon’s death-date looms. He’s alive for now, but nothing is like it was . . . Before.


Top Ten List:
Top 10 Fun Facts/Favorite Things
1. Worked as a dating gameshow host to pay the bills in college
2. My maiden name is Cecchini (pronoucned Check-eenie) and I grew up on Chickadee Street. So, Catina Cecchini on Chickadee Street. Try saying that 10 times!
3. I was secretly in love with my husband for an entire college semester before he even knew I was alive.
4. I grew up in Beyond’s setting. If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be the Lake Tahoe area.
5. I love helping other families who, like me, have a child with autism. I’m currently working on developing new services for people with autism in Southern CA.
6. I love Thai Food
7. Just tried Sushi for the first time a week ago and after all these years of avoidance, discovered I love it too!
8. Seriously nearly lost consciousness when I learned BEYOND was #1  in four Amazon categories shortly after its release
9. Wore sequins for the first time to the Whitney gala this May where Beyond was a finalist in two categories
10. Actually, I wore sequins in High School too as a member of the dance team! 🙂
10 Fun Facts about Angela Larkin (the girl in the white top)
1. I’ve worked five summers in a gold mine.
2. I used to dress mannequins at GAP.
3. I learned how to drive stick in an alfalfa field.
4. I have a favorite direction: west.
5. After my first kiss in fifth grade, I went straight home and tried to draw a representation in my journal of how it felt.
6. I used to choreograph roller skating routines in my garage to the soundtrack of The Little Mermaid. I took it VERY seriously.
7. I have no idea how much ice cream it would take to make me feel gross. I’ve never reached that point as hard as I’ve tried.
8. I met my husband in a true case of mistaken identity.
9. I want to learn Hula and perform it somewhere.


10. Weiner dogs are cuter than all the dogs. And I want one. 


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Ann Swann was born in the small West Texas town of Lamesa. She grew up
Coming of Age Published: June 2018 Danny McCall loves basketball more than anything in the
Contemporary Romantic Suspense Date Published: March 14, 2018 My first and only boyfriend believed I
Historical Fiction Publisher: BAK Books It was the roaring 20s, and Americans were living the

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Monster Mash Countdown Blitz -Day 5

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Ann Swann was born in the small West Texas town of Lamesa. She grew up much like Stevie-girl in The Phantoms series, though she never got up the nerve to enter the haunted house. 
Ann has done everything from answering 911 Emergency calls to teaching elementary school. She lives in Texas with her husband, Dude, a rescue cat named Oscar, and a part-time box turtle named Piggy. 
When she’s not writing, Ann is reading. Her to-be-read list has grown so large it has taken on a life of its own. She calls it Herman.

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Stevie- Girl and the phantom Student cover
Stevie asks Jase to help her find out why the ghost of a girl keeps appearing in her mirror. They think it has something to do with the new student at their school, a boy who has Tourette syndrome. Both the boy and the phantom seem to need some kind of help. All is revealed when the new kid falls prey to the school bullies. 
Will Stevie and Jase be too late, or will a tragic moment in their school’s history be repeated on Halloween night?



Top Ten List:
My top 10 favorite things in this world:
1. Family
2. Pets
3. Reading
4. Writing
5. Music
6. Movies
7. Chocolate
8. Diet Coke w/vanilla
9. Jalapeños


10. Chocolate (Hahaha)


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YA/MG Fantasy Publisher: BAK Books It isn't easy being 13 ... And being raised by
★☆★Teaser Share★☆★ From salvage mission to cluster-fuck before they even got out of the hatch.
Fantasy, Science Fiction Published: October 2018 A romantic tale of fantasy and thievery that explores

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