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Yesterday, I went and had injections in my knees. This is a viscosupplement injection. Made from a natural substance that lubricates and cushions your joint, it can provide up to six months of osteoarthritis knee pain relief with just one injection. I could not in do anything strenuous for 48 hours.  The first day my knees were a little sore and feverish, but otherwise my knees feel good.

Today my knees feel better, and can actually climb the steps out front to get to my truck without pain. The only time I have had any pain is if I step wrong or when I am eating at a T.V. tray in my seat in the living room. The doctor said it will last about 6 months. I hope by then I can have my surgery. To fix my knee. So  now I have to concentrate on losing the weight so I can guarantee that I get the surgery.

Friday I have physical therapy at 7:30 in the morning, so no sleeping.  The torture will begin, then at 1:00 I have to go for a fitting on my new knee brace at Allen’s Orthotics. I will be glad to get it. It is going to be yellow, not the drab grey, or black, yeah yellow! As you can tell I like yellow. So I guess that is all for now.


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Knee (Photo credit: mariandy_gizfel)

I survived my second day of physical therapy. The day went great, and no pain in my knee. After my first day of therapy, I am having pain in my gluteus, hamstrings,  and calves. I can barely lift my legs, or sit in a chair. If I need to get up and get anything, I basically decide I don’t need it. I hurt to get up, but my knee don’t hurt. Just everything else. After today’s session we will see how sore I will be tomorrow. If I am too sore, maybe I will just stay in bed and not move.

I DO NOT LIKE PAIN!!!!!! I have until my next appointment on Wednesday @3pm to get over from being sore. I also have to set up an appointment for my injections for my knee, they have come in. The Doctor’s office called yesterday to let me know and to let me know what my part of the cost would be($312.42). I told them to let me get paid and I would set up an appointment next week. So I have to call them Monday and set one up. I will need to set it up opposite my physical therapy appointment, because I can’t do anything for 24 hours. Some say that the shot can be painful, and some say there is no pain. I hope I have no pain.

 Right now I just want the pain in my lower half to go away. I will have to do some stretches to get the muscles used to the exercises that I am doing. Until my next session this is a painful book junkie, thank God I have a lot of books in my room I need to read. Until tomorrow, Jennifer out.  

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Left knee-joint from behind, showing interior ...

Left knee-joint from behind, showing interior ligaments. (Lateral meniscus and medial meniscus are cartilage.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well my trip to the orthopedic doctor was enlightening. I do need surgery, but for them to do the surgery safely they want me to lose about 50 pounds. I do have an ACL tear a meniscus tear and bone spurs. Their fears are whether or not the orthoscopic tools are long enough to go through my knee, because I am overweight.

They want me to do injections in my knee to take the pain away, and to start water aerobics therapy to help me lose weight. He basically told me that nobody has died from knee pain, but they have died from surgery. So at the moment surgery is on hold until I lose a little weight. He also wants me to stay home and not go to work until after the injections and to see how much weight I lose in about 3 weeks. Wish me luck that I can have surgery soon.


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