Hi everyone! I thought I would give you an update on the children’s book that I am working on with my sister. I think we are getting close to the end. With luck, maybe we can be finished by the end of next month. Enjoy this little snippet.


Everyone runs to the edge of the forest, where the grass ends. Everyone watches the humans going in and out of the stores, wondering if there is something in there to tell them what humans eat.
Emmykins and Shorty run in-between the cars, while Hoss flies above. At the back of the store where no human can see them, Emmykins, Shorty and Hoss watch for a chance to go in. While they are waiting Emmykins finds a pickle on the ground and tries it.
Emmykins eyes get real big as she tries this delicious treat. “Mmmmmm……”Emmykins replies with a mouth full of pickle. “This is my new best food.” She starts to drool.

“Shorty!!” Emmykins shouted holding the pickle up in her paws. “Look! Look! This yummy green thingy.”

Shorty picks up the pickle, looking at it in extreme distaste she cringes. She takes a bite of the crisp green pickle. “Blah… What is that nasty thing?” She spits out the pickle, while wiping her tongue off, and jumping up and down with disgust.

“Noo… My Yummy green thing!!” Emmykins exclaimed as she cries over the dropped pickle. “My precious, Why… Why!! “Emmykins weep dramatically over the loss of her pickle.

Shorty looks around for Hoss and sees him digging through the shiny bags of cotton candy. “Oooo shiny… SHINY!!!!” He picks up the bag in joyous glee, bouncing with his shinny bag of sugary sweets between his beak.

Shorty looks around trying to find Hoss, and sees him by the packages of cotton candy. Ravens love shiny things and the silvery shine of the packages of the cotton candy catches his eyes. Emmykins was still throwing her fit over her pickle, and Shorty catches glimpse of a human grabbing a bag of chips.

She sneaks into the store and snatches one bag of chips. When the employee sees her snatching one, she chases her, while flapping her arms and yelling. “Shoo.. Go away.”

The three thieves run back to the others, were they are waiting for them in the distance.

When they return, they are asked by Elmo the bear, “Did you get the book?”

Shorty shakes her head, while trying to catch her breath. She lifts up the bag of chips and replies. “I saw a human grab a bag just like this one, so I grabbed one too.”

Hoss drops his shiny goodie in front of them and said. “This was also near where the human was standing.” Hoss picks up the bag and opens it, and the sweet smell ruffled from the bag.

Elmo being a bear was naturally attracted to the sent and with dazed eyes tries to devour the sweet smelling goodies as the bag was snatched away from him.

Hoss stares in stunned disbelief, as Elmo grabs the bag from him. “Noo, Elmo not the shiny!!”

Everyone dives on Elmo trying to grab the bag from him. Munchkin grabs the side of the bag, pulling as Doe sits on Elmo’s back as the others try holding his arms and shoulders down.

“Elmo, give me that bag!” Shorty yells.

Everyone is talking all at once, when out of nowhere Jelly yells! “S.T.O.P!!”

Jelly grabs the bag as everyone slowly releases Elmo and start to let him back up. Shorty grabs Elmo’s cheeks and gets close to his face and asks loudly. “Snap out of it Elmo!”

Elmo shakes his head. “Are you o.k.? Shorty asks loudly.

Elmo pulls away and nods his head, while he grabs Emmykins to wipe the drool off his face.

Emmykins has a look of disgust as Elmo puts her back down and starts to wipe the drool off her fur. Jelly looks at the bag and tells everyone. “We need this bag of pink fluffy stuff; for I have seen the little humans eat this fluffy stuff. We can use this to catch the little human that is with the Ranger on the weekends.”

“Ummm…, Jelly where did you see this pink fluffy stuff at?” Munchkin asks.

“It was at a place with dancing bears, lions, and these weird people with big feet, red noses, and a painted on smile. It was a scary place and the painted people always scared me. What they did to the elephants, it was not nice.” Jelly shudders.

Emmykins leans over to Shorty and whispers. “Maybe we need to send Elmo there?” Shorty snickers.

Jelly stares at Emmykins and with a straight face replies. “They won’t take Elmo, but they do take Munchkins.”

Munchkin stands up straight swallowing the laughter he was about to let loose. “No, No, No, Me not want to go to scary place!”

“Well if you don’t behave, I will take you there.” Jelly tells him.

“I will behave, I promise.” Munchkin crosses his heart.




“From over there.” Munchkin replies as he points towards the way he came from.

“Why are all of you here?” Jelly scratches her head.

“Jelly we need your help.” Shorty walks up to her.

“What happened to your fur, Shorty?” Jelly looks at her with a puzzled look on her face.

“Doe did it with his doe-nuts he was making to try to use as bait to catch a human. They were nasty tasting and they turned my fur rainbow colors. That is why we need your help.” Shorty wraps her arms around her leg as she finishes telling Jelly her tale.

“Oh my, that is not good. You definitely cannot feed that to humans, no telling what it will do to them.”

“We need you to tell us what humans eat. So we don’t kills them.” Emmykins replies.

“Yes, Yes, You need to go to town and find a book that has some recipes that will show you how to make food for humans.” Jelly tells them.

“Who wills go?” Munchkin shrugs his shoulders and raises his palms up.

“I can’t go, they are still looking for me.”  Jelly replies in fear.

“I will go.” Hoss flies up on the limb above Jelly.

“Me and Emmykins will go too.” Shorty states with her shoulders thrown back.




“What are we going to do? We can’t feed these to a human.” Shorty was still rubbing her tongue with the fern leaf, trying to get the bad taste out of her mouth. “If they turned my fur colors, no telling what it would do to a human.”

“Yeah I could have really hurt someone feeding them this.” Doe replies with a sad face.

“If only we knew what humans eats?” Emmykins replies, while shrugging her shoulders and turning her palms up.

Elmo looks at everyone and replies, “Wouldn’t Jelly knows what they eat, or where we can get information on what they eat?”

Everyone looks at Elmo like he was the smartest animal in the forest. For at that moment he was.

“Yes, Yes Jelly would know exactly what to do.” Hoss replies hopping from foot to foot and flapping his wings.

“Yes, let’s all go to Jelly’s!!” Everyone shouts and runs to Jelly’s place.

As they approach Jelly’s place they hear mumbling and the sound of things being thrown around. “I know I put it here…hmmm or did I put it over there?” They see Jelly standing in a sea of books all around her scratching her head with a puzzled look on her face.

“Jelly, Jelly, Jelly, and guess what guess what?” Munchkin hops up to Jelly in extreme excitement.

Jelly jumps up and quacks with fright. “Oh my, mother goose where the feathers did you come from?”

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I will be late in publishing the next installment of “HOW TO CATCH A HUMAN”. We are having a little bit of writer’s block. The last installment my niece and nephew helped us out. We are going to try to work on it today, depending if we don’t have any company come over. It has really been fun writing this story. I have had many laughs coming up with different scenarios for these characters. We have some ideas that we are trying to add to the story, we just don’t know how we are going to do it. My sister wants to do a whole series based on these characters. She already has ideas for the books. My niece and nephew want to do a comic book strip to post on the site later on based on the characters.

We will have to wait and see if we will do it later on. We have big dreams and ideas, let’s just hope we haven’t bit off more than we can chew. If any of you have any comments about the story, posts, or the site, your suggestions and comments are welcome. This is all new to me and I am still learning the ropes.

I always loved to write, I just never thought I would do it for the public. I guess I over came my shyness.  Well, I need to do a few mundane chore before I write on the story. Also, I have to watch football “GO, COWBOYS!”.

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“If you don’t believe me why don’t you try one” Doe was proudly showing his donuts off to his skeptic friends.

They all gave grim faces accept Munchkin who bravely bite’s into the donut as the other’s stare at Munchkin for his brave act.

Munchkin thumped his foot against the forest floor “Try it… try it…!” He bounces around in a delightful joy only to shove his face in the donuts.

As the others looked at the strange looking food, Shorty the all so spunky squirrel “It can’t be that bad” She acclaimed, pinching her nose she bravely took a bite of the strange donut. She ran around only to spit out the donuts.
“It’s that bad…” She shook her head as the others stared amazed as she changed from green to blue.

“Oh… My! What pretty colors!” Hoss accliamed, tinkering with his glasses, he gave a serious look.

Shorty ran sticking her head into a stream that happened nearby, as she sat up with a relieved sigh.

The others pointed and laughed, as she looked at her extremely fluffy fur.

“Never again will I eat donuts…” She rubbed her tongue with a fresh fern leaf to cure the taste of the extremely bitter treat.

Munchkin showed little concern for what was going on, only to enjoy his fine snack with great persistence.

Hoss sat next to Munchkin “I do not think these so called ‘Donuts’ are for human consumption.”

“What is Consumption?” Emmykins asked with a bewildered look upon her face.

Hoss glasses tinkled in the sunlight as he gave a serious looked he tap his head with his feathers “It means to eat or to use” He gave an explanation.
Emmykins giggled pointing at Munchkin “He’s consumptioning!” She giggle repeating herself as she bounce around Munchkin.

Doe gave a bewildered looked as he tried to figure out what was wrong with his donuts.
“I don’t understand?” He questioned his self.

“Oh… what is it this time Doe?” Hoss asked with extreme distraction.

“My Donuts turned Shorty into a rainbow!” He acclaimed.

Hoss shook his head “Tsk! Tsk! Humans cannot eat those contraptions.” He shook his head with the flick of his feathers. “No…No! This simply won’t do!” Hoss agreed with his self.