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Returned and Reborn – Blitz

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Tale of a Korean Orphan Boy
Austin Macauley Publishers
March 2019
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than 200,000 South Korean infants and toddlers left their motherlands in the
arms of strangers from the postwar era. “Returned and Reborn: a Tale of A
Korean Orphan Boy” is the first novel about such an orphan–a boy fathered
by a missionary priest who established the first Catholic Adult Institute in
South Korea. This fiction is based on a true story, mixed with Korea’s modern
history–Vietnam War in which 300,000 South Korean troops fought (5001 were
killed); the unintentional harm the American military caused to the Korean
people by disposing millions of gallons of toxic chemicals called “Agent
Orange” in the Korean water ways and soil; and the Korean society’s
contempt against children of mixed blood, children born of unwed mothers, and those
born with birth defects. It’s the story of a young man’s journey of self
discovery from an aimless American with no knowledge of himself or his roots
who returns to his birth country, reunite with his Korean birth mother dying
from cancer caused by consuming toxic water over time, but unexpected accident
separate them permanently. Yet, through her and his deceased father’s former
co-workers, he learns of his father’s greatness as well as his weakness, as an
ambitious American Jesuit who fulfilled his big dreams but caused his birth and
troublesome journey as an orphan forced to leave his mother who couldn’t raise
him. Still, in a mysterious way, he finds his own path–the path to a mission
trip to North Korea.
the Author

 photo Returned and Reborn Author Therese Park_zps3d7ctyxw.jpg

Park came to the United States to be a cellist with the Kansas City
Philharmonic (now the Kansas City Symphony) in 1966. After 30 years, she
retired and began writing. Her first novel A Gift of the Emperor (published in
1997) is about a Korean schoolgirl forced into military prostitution by the
Japanese government during World War II. With this book, Park was one of the
featured authors at three national bookfairs in 1998: The Los Angeles Bookfair,
The Miami Bookfair, The Heartland Bookfair. A Gift of the Emperor was selected in
the reference volumes Reading Groups Choices for 1998 and she was mentioned in
Contemporary Authors 2001.  Her second
novel: “When a Rooster Crows at Night” is based on her own experience
of the Korean War she lived through as a child.
Her third “The Northern Wind: a Forced Journey to North Korea”
deals with intense inner war between the two Koreas divided by two extreme
ideologies–Communism and Capitalism after WWII. 
recently published “Returned and Reborn: a Tale of a Korean Orphan
Boy” published by Austin Macauley Publishers, LLC. in New York, NY.
has written more than 400 essays and articles that have been published in The
Kansas City Star, The Sun Publication, The Graybeard, the National Korean War
Veterans Magazine, The Best Times, and Our Family (Canada), The Beat Magazine
and Korea Bridge (South Korea) and more.


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Owen – Blitz

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The Tudor Trilogy, Book One
Presei Press
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on the true story of a forgotten hero, OWEN is the epic tale of one young man’s
incredible courage and resilience as he changes the course of English history.
1422: Owen Tudor, a Welsh servant, waits in Windsor Castle to meet his new
mistress, the beautiful and lonely Queen Catherine of Valois, widow of the
warrior king, Henry V. Her infant son is crowned King of England and France,
and while the country simmers on the brink of civil war, Owen becomes her
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of 1422
tense at the sound of approaching footsteps as I wait to meet my new mistress,
the young widow of King Henry V, Queen Catherine of Valois. Colourful Flemish
tapestries decorate the royal apartments of Windsor Castle, dazzling my senses
and reminding me how life in the royal household presents new opportunities. My
life will change forever, if she finds me acceptable, yet doubt nags at my
doors open and Queen Catherine’s usher appears. I have been told to approach
the queen and bow, but must not look directly at her or speak, other than to
say my name, until spoken to. Taking a deep breath I enter the queen’s private
rooms where she sits surrounded by her sharp-eyed ladies-in-waiting. I have the
briefest glimpse of azure silk, gold brocade, gleaming pearls and a breath of
exotic perfume. I remove my hat and bow, my eyes cast down to her
velvet-slippered feet.
Tudor, Your Highness, Keeper of your Wardrobe.’ My voice echoes in the
high-ceilinged room.
of her ladies fails to suppress her giggle, a sweet enough sound, if you are
not the reason for it. I forget my instruction and look up to see the queen
regarding me with confident, ice-blue eyes.
are a Welshman?’ Her words sound like an accusation.
full name is Owain ap Maredydd ap Tudur, although the English call me Owen
Tudor. I come from a long line of Welsh noblemen, Your Highness.’ I regret my
boast as soon as I say the words.
Tudor…’ This time her voice carries a hint of amusement.
put on my hat and pull my shoulders back. She examines me, as one might study a
horse before offering a price. After years of hard work I have secured a
position worthy of my skills, yet it means nothing without the approval of the
look more like a soldier than a servant?’ The challenge in her words seems to
tease me.
have served in the king’s army as a soldier.’ I feel all their eyes upon me.
you have no sword?’ She sounds curious.
are not permitted to carry a sword in England, Your Highness.’ I am still
bitter at this injustice.
remember the last time I saw her, at the king’s state funeral in Westminster.
Her face veiled, she rode in a gilded carriage drawn by a team of black horses.
I followed on foot as the funeral procession passed through sombre crowds,
carrying the king’s standard and wearing the red, blue and gold livery of the
royal household.
fought in France?’
the king’s bowmen, Your Highness, before I became a squire.’
queen has none of the air of sadness I expected. Slim, almost too thin, her
childlike wrists and delicate fingers are adorned with gold rings sparkling
with diamonds and rubies. Her neck is long and slender, her skin pale with the
whiteness of a woman who rarely sees the sun. Her golden-brown hair is gathered
in tight plaits at the back of her head and her headdress fashionably
emphasises her smooth, high forehead.
Henry V chose as his bride the youngest daughter of the man they called the
‘mad king’, Charles VI. They said King Charles feared he was made of glass and
would shatter if he didn’t take care. Charles promised Henry he would inherit
the throne and become the next King of France and there were rumours of a
secret wedding dowry, a fortune in gold.
a year into his marriage, the king left his new wife pregnant and alone in
Windsor. He returned to fight his war in France, capturing the castle of Dreux
before marching on the fortress at Meaux, defended by Jean de Gast, the Bastard
of Vaurus, a cruel, brave captain. The king never saw his son and heir, his
siege of Meaux was hard won and he suffered the bloody flux, the dreaded curse
of the battlefield. Men had been known to recover, if they were strong and
lucky. Many did not, despite the bloodletting and leeches. The flux is an
inglorious way to die, poisoned by your own body, especially for a victorious
warrior king who would never now be King of France.
queen has an appraising look in her eyes. She has buried her hopes for the
future along with her husband. I remember I am looking at the mother of the new
king, once he comes of age. One thing is certain; she will not be left to raise
the prince alone. Ambitious men are already vying for their share of power and
last she speaks. ‘And now you are in my household?’
appointment to your service was made by Sir Walter Hungerford, Steward of the
King’s Household and constable here at Windsor.’
Walter was one of my husband’s most trusted men—the executor of the king’s
worked as squire to Sir Walter for many years, in England and France.’
speak French?’
little, Your Highness.’ I answer in French.
you with King Henry at the siege of Rouen?’ Now she speaks in French.
was, Your Highness. I will never forget it.’ I answer again in French. I
learned the language on the battlefield and in the taverns of Paris and can
swear as well as any Frenchman.
heard the people of Rouen were starving… before they surrendered.’ Her voice
is softer now and she speaks in English.
is cruel, yet now there is less appetite for it.’
pray to God that is true.’ She glances back at her ladies, who are watching and
listening, as ladies-in-waiting do. Queen Catherine regards me, giving nothing
away. ‘I welcome you to our household, Master Tudor.’
you, Your Highness.’
first meeting is over. She is unlike any woman I have known, fascinating, intriguing
and beautiful. More than that; there is something about her I find deeply
attractive, a dangerous thing to admit. Perhaps my fascination is with the
glimpse I’d seen of the real woman, the same age as myself, behind the title of
Dowager Queen of England.
high, boy,’ my garrulous longbow tutor once advised me, his voice gruff from
too much shouting. ‘It’s not the Welsh way to play safe and wait until you have
a clear shot!’ The man spits hard on the ground to add emphasis and stares
knowingly into my eyes, standing so close I can almost feel the coarse grey
stubble of his beard. ‘When you aim high,’ he points an imaginary bow up at the
sky, ‘your arrow will fly far into the enemy ranks and strike with the full
vengeance of God.’
of course, is on our side.’ A daring, foolhardy thing for a boy like me to say
to a man who can punch me to the ground or worse.
a moment I see the old man’s mind working as he tries to decide if I am being
disrespectful, sacrilegious or both. The moment passes. I notch a new arrow
into the powerful yew longbow and fire it high into the sky, without a care for
where it will fall.
smile at the memory as I return down the long passage to the servants’ hall.
Life as a king’s archer was hard, but I enjoyed the camaraderie of the other
men and it taught me many things. As well as how to use a longbow, I learned to
watch my back, when to speak up and when to remain silent. My tutor died in the
thick mud of Normandy, yet his lesson serves me well. I know to aim high.
night, wide awake in the darkness, I reflect on the unthinkable turn my life
has taken. I always imagined I would become a merchant, setting up shop
somewhere in the narrow, dirty streets of London, or perhaps an adventurer,
sailing off to seek my fortune. I remain a servant, yet for the first time I
have my own lodging room, however small and cramped.
reward for long and loyal service as squire to Sir Walter has been this new
appointment, a position of great responsibility. The queen’s wardrobe is a
treasure store of priceless gold and jewels, as well as all her expensive
clothes and most valuable possessions. Such a senior post in the royal
household pays more than I have earned in my life and carries influence,
allowing me regular and privileged access to the queen.
resolve to become indispensable to her. High and mighty lords and dukes will
come and go, with their false concerns and self-serving advice, yet I will see
her every day, tending to her needs. I recall how she referred to Sir Walter as
one of the king’s most trusted men. That is what I wish to become; Queen
Catherine’s most trusted man.
the Author

 photo Owen Author Tony Riches_zpsc5sikbwc.jpg

Riches is a UK historical fiction author living in Pembrokeshire, Wales. You
can find out more on Tony’s website www.tonyriches.com and his blog ‘The
Writing Desk’ at www.tonyriches.co.uk.
Find him on Twitter @tonyriches. Owen – Book One of the Tudor Trilogy is
available in eBook and paperback on Amazon, where it is a #1 historical fiction
bestseller.  There is a short video
trailer for the book on YouTube http://youtu.be/ELH4IU5pxds


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Home to Kentucky – Blitz

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The McCoys: Before The Feud, Book Two
Western Presse Publishing
February 2019
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treacherous journey. Wagons packed with gold. Will the McCoys outrun a group of
lawmen or swing from the gallows?
1865. Wiley McCoy can’t wait to return home. He counts down the days until his
family can stop laying low and return to Kentucky with the rightfully plundered
valuables they took back for the South. But crossing the open prairie with four
wagons full of gold may bring Wiley a lethal set of new problems.
desperate outlaws and opportunistic deserters at every turn, Wiley and the other
McCoys must watch their backs to survive. But they never expected their
greatest enemy to come in the form of ten brilliant Pinkerton detectives…
Wiley make it home before the lawmen slip a rope around his neck?
to Kentucky is the second book in The McCoys: Before the Feud saga of
historical Western novels. If you like determined heroes, realistic Southern
settings, and quests for justice, then you’ll love Thomas A. McCoy’s
treacherous wagon ride.
Books in the The McCoys Before The Feud Series:
 photo The McCoys Before The Feud book one_zpsotl0qczo.jpg
McCoys Before The Feud
Western Presse Publishing
January 2019
corrupt general. A stockpile of plundered Southern riches. Can a proud family
reclaim the gold for its rightful owners?
border, 1865. Tommy McCoy burns for justice. Reeling from the end of the bloody
Civil War, he learns that a corrupt Northern general has raided the bounty of
the Confederacy and plans to keep it. Tommy and his shrewd father vow to get
back the valuables for innocent Southern families or die trying.
time running out before the general’s reinforcements arrive, Tommy risks a
deadly confrontation in a series of secret raids. Can he secure the rightful
Confederate property before the North deals the McCoys a final crushing blow?
McCoys: Before the Feud is the first book in a deeply-researched historical
Western saga. If you like dusty battles, a different point of view on
yesteryear, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Thomas A. McCoy’s
gripping tale of justice for the people.
 photo Back At The Ranch book three_zpsvz1gpe86.jpg
At The Ranch
McCoys Before The Feud, Book Three
Western Presse Publishing
March 2019
honor. Northern greed. The cost of failure could be their lives…
1865. Tommy McCoy sees a bright future ahead. After succeeding in several risky
raids to reclaim the South’s gold from a thieving Union general, he’s finally
back home with the woman he loves. But when Pinkerton detectives start snooping
around, he’s worried his temporary comfort will end with execution.
keep his family safe, Tommy devises an ingenious but dicey plan to protect his
family from suspicion. After some of the McCoys refuse to take part in the high-stakes scheme, Tommy may lack the men he needs to outmaneuver the law one
final time…
Tommy evade the Pinkertons or will his family’s rightful property fill a
corrupt general’s pockets?
at the Ranch is the third book in the McCoys: Before the Feud historical
Western saga. If you like go-for-broke action, clever twists, and turns, and
good people fighting for what’s right, then you’ll love Thomas A. McCoy’s
riveting adventure.
the Author

 photo Home To Kentucky Author Thomas A. McCoy_zpsfefdyske.jpg

Allan McCoy is a direct descendant of the original McCoy family that was
involved in the start of the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys, and an
author of new Western books of realistic fiction.
new book series, The McCoys Before The Feud, is about what the real McCoys
would have done during the events portrayed in the novels. Being direct a descendant of the real McCoys (The original family that started the feud) gives
him an insight as to their character and how their actions would have played
blends factual events of the 1860s with his own ideas and literary devices. The
writing in these new Western books is in the traditional Western style,
presented in an enjoyable, readable fashion that leads to entertaining
storylines and interconnected reading experience.


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The Other Side of Him – Blitz

The Other Side of Him banner

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Fiction, Historical Mystery
Publisher: California Country Press
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smart, successful girl finds herself trapped in dangerous relationship with a
the middle of the twentieth century, World War II is finally over, and Claire
Wagner is on the brink of an exciting new life. With a well-deserved
scholarship in hand, and much to her immigrant mother’s dismay, Claire flees
the Chicago tenements for a prestigious graduate school program in California.
first Claire keeps her nose tucked firmly into her books, but when her brother
asks for a favor, she reluctantly agrees to a blind date. Greg turns out to be
handsome, successful, and rich—and he’s definitely smitten with Claire. He
introduces her to a sophisticated world she thought only existed in the movies,
and before she knows it she’s trading her bobby socks and German home cooking
for black silk and caviar.
Greg starts to show signs that he’s not as perfect as he appeared, Claire’s
friends urge her to overlook his occasional short temper and controlling
behavior. But the warning signs pile up, building to a crisis that will test
even Claire’s power to persevere.
by true events and steeped in the details of the 1950s, when vulnerable women
weren’t protected by the law or society, The Other Side of Him is a provocative
look at how darkness can lie under the most polished exteriors.
the Author

 photo The Other Side of Him Author Alice Rene_zpsgfgsdtml.jpg

Rene wrote her award-winning memoir, Becoming Alice, after a grandson
interviewed her about her early life when Hitler marched into Vienna,
foreshadowing in WWII. She followed this work with a historical fiction/ romantic a thriller inspired by true events, The Other Side of Him. The working title of
her next book at this time is The Lieutenant from Podolia.
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The Other Angel – Blitz

The Other Angel banner

 photo The Other Angel_zpsl5mv3fua.jpg

Historical Fiction
Published: February 2019
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishers
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The Other Angel is a dramatic, startling tale of how four young people from diverse backgrounds, each with their own aspirations and values, become unlikely though firm friends. It is an absorbing story that will attract readers as they get to know the characters, whose disparate lives intertwine before the Civil War splits them up. The Gettysburg battle aftermath brings them back together. It is an exciting story filled with breathtaking scenarios of plots, war and espionage, as well as romance and pathos. The story will resonate with readers as it unfolds to an emotion-charged conclusion that will invoke their empathy.
 photo The Other Angel Blitz_zpsqz5nogze.jpg
About the Author

 photo The Other Angel Author Ann Covell_zpspmisbgud.jpg

Ann Covell is a British citizen and lives in England’s glorious south-west. Ann had a long career with the British health service research section, and also served as a Justice of the Peace in England.  Her interests include history, writing and politics. She is the author of “Remembering the Ladies” (a book of unique essays on the 19th century U.S. First Ladies,) and “First Lady, Jane Pierce,” who was the 14th U,S, First Lady”.
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