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Cold front moved in and now I am hurting.

Yesterday it turned very cold and my back and knees are killing me. Standing here at work is not helping. Today is even colder than yesterday. My knee seems to be hurting me more and more each day. Also my right knee is starting to hurt me also.I guess I am overcompensating.  I have to get back go work, so I will talk with you later.

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grandmaAt close to 2pm when my Mother was on the phone with my Grandmother to see if wouldn’t mind having a buttermilk chess pie, one of the nurses or aides told my Grandmother to shut her damn mouth. My Mom left out of here telling us to make sure to have enough money to bail her out if needed. By the time my Mom had arrived at the facility, my Grandfather had taken care of the problem.

He had walked down to the manager’s office and let them know that he almost knocked down one of their employees for what she had said. The manager told him that they will take care of it and look into it. My Grandfather was fuming ma ,because he was in the room when this happened. This is the first time that we know of that she has been verbally abused. It will be the last time. I think we still have family trickling up there after hearing about this incident. They have been a little rough when they had to change her and when they get her out of bed, so now they must have two people and use a hoist. They also have to have two people to change her also.

My Grandmother lets them know when they are a little rough with her. It  doesn’t go on very long before it gets reported. Nobody hurts one of our family and gets away with it. If you are having problems at work or at home , you DO NOT TAKE IT OUT ON YOUR PATIENTS. They cannot defend themselves and some of them don’t see family for years.  It is not worth losing your job over it. You are there to help them, not to harm them. So I will step down off my soap box now. Other than this incident, my Grandmother is doing well and improving daily.

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Well I had another episode where my blood pressure dropped this morning at around 3am and caused my to have pains in my chest. I don’t know what caused it this time, but I think it might be because my sodium levels are still low. I have not received my test results from my last blood tests, when the doctor had me come back in and have more blood drawn so he could re-test my sodium levels.

When my Grandfather’s blood pressure dropped one day and caused him to have chest pains, the nurse at the rehab center  told him to eat something salty and to walk around. So I put an aspirin under my tongue and then ate a pickle. By then my blood pressure was back to normal. I go the next month to the doctor for my check-up, and I will ask him then what would be the cause  of my blood pressure dropping. I did not take my blood pressure pill today because of it dropping like that. I will continue to monitor it to make sure that there is no other problems.

That was not a good feeling to wake up to. My mid-back was hurting when I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I got out my chest was starting to hurt. I automatically grabbed an aspirin out of my bag and put it under my tongue. My nephew was still awake and I let him know and he went and told my sister in case she had to take me to the emergency room. Everything was alright and the pain went away. Now I am just tired from the long day. it is getting late and I will talk with you later.

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G Series introduced in 2010, from left to righ...

G Series introduced in 2010, from left to right: Gatorade Prime 01 (pre-game fuel) Perform 02: Gatorade Thirst Quencher (original Gatorade) Perform 02: G2 (low-calorie version of original Gatorade) Gatorade Recover 03 (post-workout Gatorade with additional protein) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started a new medication yesterday and ended up with one of the mild side effects. Lets just say me and a half of a bottle of Imodium later, I think I might have it beat. I have not been able to eat much today, because my stomach won’t let me. I also have been drinking a lot of water and Gatorade. I also have slept almost all day today. We had a front move in overnight that brought in sleet, rain, and some snow, I have been in pain with my back and knees also.

Last night I took a painkiller before bed, and then woke up around 3am to take another. I was still in quit a bit of pain. This morning I was still in pain, so I ate a little bit of something and went back to bed. I am thinking about bed again. My stomach is doing that gurgling thing, so I am going to make this short. I hope I am better tomorrow. Talk with you later.

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I thought I would give you an update on my grandmother before I go into work. She has pneumonia, an it is in the first stages. So they caught it soon enough that she will recover pretty quickly. Th familiarize of mad at the place she is at,because she is not getting the THERAPY she is supposed to like at Health South. They only give her therapy once a day. Where at Health South she was having therapy twice a day. They where also sitting her up and moving her so she would not get pneumonia.

So they to this other place that they need to start moving her more and giving her therapy at least twice a st. They were giving excuses, that she would probably never be able to move her arm or leg. My Mom had to set them straight and tell them that she is doing better than she did in the hospital.That now she can hold her head up, and she can move her foot,and she could not close her eye and now she can. She is doing a lot better now than then. We will see if things get better after this butt chewing that they have gotten, and by somebody else at the rehab place. Well I have to finish getting ready for work, talk with everyone later.