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Healthy Habits for a Healthier You TOUR

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Health, nutrition, holistic health, smoothies, research, gut health,
Flavonoid Superfood, and more…

Date Published: Sept 1st 2020

Publisher: Master Kuthumi Consulting (Imprint Serapis Bey Publishing)


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This book is a detailed account of the research on gut health and the
benefits of healthy eating. The book describes 21 smoothies along with a new
superfood Flavonoid additive that will help people with health benefits.
Holistic living in total.

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Also, along with the increase in population and agricultural lands becoming more and more rare, the nutrient content of the soil is depleting and our daily nutrient requirement is not met even by eating double the amount of food as our grandparents did. But we don’t have the time and patience to make loads of nutritious food every day. So what’s the alternative?

Juicing and smoothies have been accessible to us for centuries. Many different smoothies were part of Indian, Mediterranean and even Middle Eastern Cuisine for a long time. Sharbat, lassi, and other kinds of fruit blends came more into prominence after the invention of the electrical Blender in 1932 by inventor, Stephen J. Poplawski, who received patents for a machine that would reduce fruits and vegetables to a liquid.

About the Author

At 14 years old, to be a health advocate, researcher, entrepreneur,
innovator and a publicist is a huge feat and Diya encompasses all of these
with flair. She is not just a born natural but also very thoughtful,
inquisitive and enterprising. Diya’s mission is to change this world from
inside out and motivate self help and self healing using unique healthy
recipes, introducing her own brand of super food of flavonoids (Oxi-Blast)
and also by introducing meditation and breathing techniques to live a better

Her discord server SPEAK (Support, Positivity, Equality,
Acceptance/Assistance and Kindness) that she started with only 2 people a
few weeks back now has over 30+ subscribers who wants to talk to her about
their problems and frustrations, and Diya being a good listener, listens to
their problems and asks them to practice breathing and meditation with her
or provide some encouraging words that the friend was desperate to

She is also the youngest proponent of smoothies and has developed 64 unique
combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables, Oxi-Blast, superfoods,
condiments and a liquid base. She shares 21 of those in this book and she
also provides a grocery list of ingredients in her website to make efficient
shopping possible. Her book is also full of treasured facts for each of the
ingredients with their nutritional values to you to make a conscious
decision about the food that you are eating.

Her passion to learn from her life lessons and motivate the youth to be a
better version of themselves, take care of their stress, depression and
anxiety by simply learning to express their feelings and also eat healthy to
keep chronic illness away. She comes from a family history of diabetes,
blood pressure, chronic allergies and heart problems, so she is trying her
best to stay healthy and also reach the younger generation to maintain a
balance in their lives from very early in life to ward of predisposed

Her research on microbiome (E.coli) and how it is affected by different
chronic medications that we take on a daily basis like metformin, losartan,
ibuprofen , tylenol and even vape , shows the deleterious side effects it
can have on gut bacteria. Hence, with the help of her research, while
working at an ASU lab, she is trying to quantify the amount of flavonoids in
Oxi-Blast to give a healthier option to oneself and start on a journey of
self healing.


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Facebook: @diyasworld1

Twitter: @diyaworld_1

Instagram: @diyasworld_1



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A State of Decay Book Tour


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Non-fiction, Health, Dentistry, Addiction/Substance Abuse,
Drugs, Medical, Well-being, Self-help
Date Published: 6/4/2020
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“Doctor, your exam patient is ready in operatory #1”! But are you ready when your patient opens his mouth to reveal teeth blackened, broken, and rotted with decay?  At first glance, you might think the decay is from poor oral hygiene, candy or your patient’s soda consumption. But could it be from methamphetamine, a drug that causes severe tooth decay? Before you pick up your anesthetic syringe or dental drill, pick up and read “A State of Decay”: Your Dental Guide to Understanding and Treating Meth Mouth. With step-by-step advice and her outspoken style, Dr. Brown, walks you through how to Recognize, Communicate and Treat patients who have “meth mouth”. In these pages you’ll learn:
•       What methamphetamine is and why it causes rapid tooth decay
•       How to recognize patients in your practice who are using methamphetamine
•       Effective strategies to treat your patients with “meth mouth”
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Often by the time a patient presents to our dental

offices with teeth that are blackened, broken, rotted,

and crumbling from their methamphetamine use, they

are embarrassed by their unattractive smiles and overwhelmed

with dental pain. Similarly, as dentists, we

are often equally overwhelmed by the magnitude of

decay and uncertain about which aspects of treatment

(preventive, restorative, surgical, or prosthetic) to prioritize

and initiate. We may mistakenly develop treatment

plans that do not take into account the decreased

salivary flow, increased oral acidity, increased plaque

levels, increased bruxism, and increased sugar consumption

associated with methamphetamine use, and

subsequently provide treatment that has no real chance

of reversing the cycle of poor oral health for these

patients. Our treatment plans may also be a mismatch

for our patient’s precarious financial situation, which

may include unemployment, homelessness, and a lack

of insurance. We may be so focused on saving that one

tooth with a root canal, crown lengthening, build-up

and crown, that we have depleted the patient’s finances

to address the other 31 teeth which are also blackened,

broken, and rotted! We may even put on our superhero

costumes, hidden underneath our surgical scrubs, and

develop heroic treatment plans that include full-mouth

reconstruction with bone grafts, sinus lifts, implants,

and crowns that shortly succumb to peri-implantitis,

periodontitis, and recurrent caries. Our treatment

plans may also not take into account the most important

factor that drives success or failure: the patient!

We may place implants in patients who go for days

without brushing, or who “nourish” themselves with

energy drinks, caffeinated sodas, and candy bars. As

a result, our best laid plans fail, and our patients’ oral

conditions remain in a state of disrepair and disease.

Therefore, we must approach treatment for our patients

with meth mouth both cautiously and realistically, and

utilize preventive, restorative, surgical, and pain management

strategies to address the myriad of problems

facing both the patient and the dentist

About the Author
Dr. Ronni Brown is a dentist, researcher, speaker and author who bridges the gap between dentistry, public health and substance abuse. Her work treating patients with “meth mouth” at a medium-security jail, research on the oral effects of methamphetamine, and courses at the world’s top dental conferences positions her as a leading expert on “meth mouth”. When not treating, speaking, or writing, Ronni can be found hiking, baking and visiting zoos across the world.
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It seems that after all the drama of my Grandmother’s stroke is in the past and the rehabilitation I still in progress and this makes her third rehab place that she has been put in. Family that you come to depend on helping in taking some of the load  has suddenly stopped helping or coming by as often as they did. I don’t know if this is them thinking that she will not get any better than she is right now or they have suddenly gotten too busy to help out. If it is the first, then I would like them to take a moment and reflect on all the setbacks that my Grandmother has gone through that has halted a lot of her rehabilitation time. She has had c-dif, dehydration, first stages of pneumonia, a bedsore that has not healed because of neglect, 2 different types of infections, and a kidney infection. One of the infections was one that she had to be hospitalized because it was antibiotic resistant and had to be treated by IV antibiotic fluids. The bedsore could have been healed by now if one of the places did not let her sit in her own feces for 2 hours, in which caused bacteria to get into the bedsore and make worse.

My mom and my aunt can not do it alone. They also have my cousin who is my aunt’s daughter who also checks on my grandmother and helps out. Now today my mother went up there early this morning and took my grandfather, and this evening she asked one of my uncles to take my grandfather to see my grandmother. He was to call my grandfather, he never called and my mom took my grandfather to see my grandmother. If my uncles besides the one that is helping already would just help out one or two days a week this would help the others take a break. They are getting burned out an it is taking an emotional and physical toll. Something has to give before my mother has a total meltdown. When that happens all hell will break loose and I don’t want to be around when it happens. That saying when David Banner tells people who “You won’t like me when I get angry!” That is my Mom. For when she gets mad it is not a pretty site and it is usually hard to get her back in control.

If family would just help out more it would be better for all. Also if they would educate themselves more on stroke victims and how it affects them, they would know that when they are stressed or have a high level of anxiety, they will progress a lot slower on their therapy. So there is my ranting for the day, I will go back to reading and writing on my book.  I will talk with you later and remember May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Until tomorrow.

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I have been sick for about a month now. It started last month and I went to the doctor on March 19, 2014 and was given a round of antibiotics and some cough medicine. I finished the medicine up and got my voice back but kept the cough. I went back to the doctor on April 9, 2014 because I had a relapse and lost my voice again. I still had the cough and congestion. So far it has not turned into bronchitis or pneumonia, it has stayed as laryngitis. I still can not talk above a whisper and have the cough and congestion. I am almost out of medication for it. I guess if I am not over it when I go back in on April 30 for my check-up since the doctor put me on a new diet pill and put me on byetta.

I usually once a year get laryngitis, but the wind has been really bad here in west Texas that my allergies have been kicked into overdrive. That is what started this whole mess. This has been the longest that I have been sick in a while. I don’t know what I did today, but my knee and back is killing me. It might be the cold front that moved in last night that is making me hurt. I am going to call it a night and turn in. I will talk with you tomorrow.

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Today Grandma had a busy day. My Aunt made arrangements to have the lady who usually cuts my grandma’s hair to come to her room at the west campus in Midland. My Grandmother was so excited to get her hair cut. She is doing better and better every day, Now that she is out of that place she was at. II don’t know when, it could be tomorrow. She is being transferred to Stanton at a Rehabilitation facility there. She has been having more spasticity in her arm and leg. They have her on muscle relaxers so it won’t be so painful for her.

With all the setbacks that she has had,  infections, dehydration, pneumonia, and abuse, she has not had a lot of therapy on left her arm, and leg. Since she has been at the west campus, she has done a lot better. She has had the feeding tube removed from her stomach, and is eating solid food. It is either cut real small or is soft enough so that she can chew or swallow it easily without getting choked. Her left arm has moved on it’ own twice. This is good news. It means that the brain is trying to wakeup or make new pathways. This means that one day that she could suddenly just move her arm. That is why she needs the therapy to keep the muscles from becoming stiff and atrophy, so when it does happen she can move her arm.

If you set limits on yourself, you will never go beyond those limits and get better. If you tell yourself hat you will walk and move your arm one day. YOU WILL DO IT. You will have set backs along the way, that is only expected. The brain an heal itself  if given the right tools to do it with, Nutrition, vitamins and  minerals, exercise. There is still a lot we don’t know about the brain, or how it can heal itself. All I know right now is that I am happy that I still have my Grandmother still with us. So anyone in the family who reads this would like to visit her when she does get moved to the Stanton facility, It is called Stanton Nursing and Rehabilitation.


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