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The Princess Knight by G.A. Aiken

The Princess Knight cover

USA Today Bestseller
An Amazon Best of the Month Selection

“Electrically fun…turns the usual fairy-tale class dynamics upside down…this is a book that encourages trust in people’s goodness, if not their patience or good sense. It’s light on the romance, but prodigiously good for the heart.”
—The New York Times 

In New York Times bestselling author G.A. Aiken’s gripping new fantasy romance series, the Blacksmith Queen must confront armies and pretenders desperate to take her new-won crown. But with the Princess Knight at her side and a centaur warrior clan at her back, she’ll risk everything for victory . . .
Gemma Smythe dedicated her life to the glory of battle. With her fellow War Monks, she worshipped the war gods, rained destruction on her enemies, and raised the dead when the fancy took her. Until her sister Keeley became the prophesied Blacksmith Queen, and Gemma broke faith with her order to journey to the Amichai Mountain and fight by Keeley’s side.

The Amichai warriors are an unruly, never-to-be-tamed lot, especially their leader-in-waiting, Quinn. But when the War Monks declare support for Gemma’s ruthless younger sister Beatrix, the immaturity of her key ally is the least of Gemma’s problems. She has to get to the grand masters, dispel their grudge against her, and persuade them to fight for Keeley and justice. If her conviction can’t sway them, perhaps Quinn’s irritating, irreverent, clearly unhinged, ferocity will win the day . . .


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

Gemma a Warmonk and now The Princess Knight, because her Sister Keeley who is now The Blacksmith Queen. Well,kind of, sort of the Queen. She is one of two that can be the new Queen. Her sister Beatrix is the other who can be Queen, one problem, she is soullessand therefore must be stopped at all cost. Even if they have to kill her. Beatrix is up to something  and they have no clue of what it is. Monks are coming up dead and thier whole orders decimated and any artifacts taken. Gemma is then paired up with the Amichais warriors, Quin of the Centaurs to be exact. Thier bannter between each other is laugh out loud funny sometimes. I could not get enough of them. At the end we get a little suprise when someone shows up. That is when shit is about to get real. I cannot wait until the next book in the series is released.

I give The Princess Knight 5/5 stars.



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bring the heat cover

“Can you stand the Heat?”

HE SAYS . . .

I, Aidan the Divine, am, well divine. My name was given to me by the Dragon Queen herself! I’m a delight! Cheerful. Charming. And a mighty warrior who is extremely handsome with a very large and well-hidden hoard of gold. I am also royal born, despite the fact that most in my family are horrendous beings that don’t deserve to live. And yet, Branwen the Awful—a low-born, no less—either tells me to shut up or, worse, ignores me completely.

SHE SAYS . . .

I’ll admit, I ignore Aidan the Divine because it annoys him. A lot. But, we have so much to do right now, I can’t worry about why he keeps staring at me, or why he always sits so close, or why he keeps looking at me like he’s thinking about kissing me. We have our nations to save and no time for such bloody foolishness . . . no matter how good Aidan looks or how long his spiked tail is. Because if we’re going to win this war before it destroys everything we love, we’ll have to face our enemies together, side by side and without distractions. But if we make it out alive, who knows what the future will hold . . .

“A hot-hot series.” —Library Journal

“This potent story mix is wacky and fun-filled, with plenty of humor and blood-thirsty action.” —RT Book Reviews on Feel the Burn

“A chest thumping, mead-hall rocking, enemy slaying brawl of a good book.” —All Things Urban Fantasy on The Dragon Who Loved Me


I was given a copy of this book Netgalley for an honest review.

Bring the Heat (Dragon Kin) is SCORCHING HOT! Ancient mountains have been turned to rubble and Annwyl is missing. Aiden and Branwen will follow Keita on a mission. During this time Branwen an Aiden will fall closer together and in bed together. What Branwen doesn’t know is Aiden has fallen for her. One of my favorite moments in the book was when Caswyn at her horse that was dying. Here he is just chomping down on the horse with no idea he was doing anything wrong. Aiden is trying to hold Branwen back from killing Caswyn. He just looks at them, Caswyn that is, and just tells them that the horse was already dying and he was hungry. All Branwen wants to do is kill him for eating her favorite horse. There is many more bust out laughing moments throughout the book. I love all the books in this series, and recommend them to everyone. Branwen and Aiden are just right for each other! They help to balance each other out. I give BRING THE HEAT 5/5 STARS.


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feel the burn
I, Gaius Domitus, one-eyed rebel dragon king of the Provinces, know that better than most, since I have to fight off half my ungrateful family on a regular basis to keep law and order here in my lands. But I never expected to have to consort with a barbarian human woman.

Kachka is beautiful, if you like them fierce—and of course I do. But she keeps complaining about how spoiled and decadent I am, and how a feared Daughter of the Steppes has no time for foolish dragons. I think she likes my eye patch, though. It is quite dashing. With death always at our tails, we take our passion like we take our allies. As they say, love the barbarian you’re with…

Book Description Courtesy of Amazon

I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

FEEL THE BURN  is another laugh fest. I don’t know how she can keep the laughs coming in every book, but she does.  Kachka is the sister of Elina Shestakova. Kachka is bored, and when she has a chance to go after the Chramnesind Cult she takes it. She goes o her kin to recruit a few of her sisters to help her crush this Cult and rid them from the land. She ends up saving Gaius Domitus, The Iron Dragon. Her sisters are almost as bad as the Cadwaldr dragons. There is one of Kacka’s sisters that is always happy-go-lucky, and is always finding husbands for her daughters. It is really funny to see Kachka try to not kill Zoya because she is so happy. This book will have you laughing out loud. I recommend this book and series to everyone. I give FEEL THE BURN 5/5 STARS. 







dragon on top
I am Glheanna the Decimator. I am a warrior. A soldier. I know no fear. No pain. No mercy. I do, however, know acute embarrassment! How could I not after getting dumped by a bastard dragon in front of my own troops? So I tuck tail and return to my cave, drowning my sorrows in ale—as is my family’s way. But instead of leaving me to my misery, I’ve been summoned to the Dragon Queen’s court.

As if my life wasn’t pathetic enough, Her Majesty now has me escorting the highborn Bram the Merciful through dangerous territories—not exactly the best use of my military training. And just so he can negotiate with enemy dragons instead of battling them? Honestly, what has my world come to? Then again…Bram is quite easy on the eyes. And the perfect distraction for what ails me. Perhaps I’m looking at all this the wrong way. Maybe there is a place for a little “mercy” in my life…

Previously published in Supernatural.


I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

DRAGON ON TOP is a laugh-out-loud, great read. Bram is the quiet scholarly type in a family of boisterous dragons. He has loved Glheanna for a long time, but he didn’t think she would go for a dragon like him. Now the Queen has assigned Glhenna to go with Bram to negotiate a contract between the Lightning dragons. They are ambushed by a group that does not want this meeting to take place. Glhenna is mortally wounded and he has to get her help, and the only one he can think of is the Sea dragons. Now they are trapped in the sea,  while Glhenna heals and they get very close. They find out that they are meant to be together  and nothing will get in the way. This book will have you laughing like all the other books by G.A. Aiken. She always delivers a great read. I want to be part of the Cadwaladr clan, they are a lot like my family. I love my family, and I love this family. They always bring a smile to my face. DRAGON ON TOP is a great book and I recommend this book and series to everyone and I give it 5/5 stars.







light my fire
Book Description
Publication Date: November 25, 2014
Laugh-out-loud funny–I loved it!” —New York Times bestselling author Thea Harrison
The trouble with humans is that they’re far too sensitive. Forget you put a woman in the local jail for a few months–and she takes it so personally! And yet she is the one trying to assassinate the queen. And now I’m trapped with Elina Shestakova of the Black Bear Riders of the Midnight…gods! That endless name!

But what am I to do? I am Celyn the Charming with direct orders from my queen to protect this unforgiving female.

Even more shocking, this unforgiving female is completely unimpressed by me. How is that even possible? But I know what I want and, for the moment, I want her. And I’m sure that she, like all females, will learn to adore me. How could she not when I am just so damn charming?

Praise for The Dragon Who Loved Me

“A chest thumping, mead-hall rocking, enemy slaying brawl of a good book.” –All Things Urban Fantasy

“Aiken aces another one.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars



I was given a copy of this book by Netgalley for an honest review.

LIGHT MY FIRE is another masterpiece by G.A. AIKEN, and a laugh out loud installment to the DRAGON KIN SERIES.  When Elina Shestakova is sent to assassinate the White Dragon Queen, Rhiannon the White, she just cannot do it. Celyn the Charming who is part of the Dragon Queen’s guard, is tasked with taking care of Shestakova, and puts her in jail. He then forgets her for eight months, when the Queen decides to use her to get an Alliance with Anne Atli ruler of all the tribes of the Outerplains tribes. Celyn the Charming is chosen to accompany Elina to the outerplains. This book will have you laughing out loud at inappropriate times, that will have people looking at you strangely. It has all the characters that we love, especially Annwyl the Bloody. The family that brawls, argues, and drinks together, stays together, even if they do not want to. I love this book and this series, and I give it 5/5 stars. If you have not read this series, I urge you to do so.


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