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Dying to Live – Book Tour

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Date Published: May 10th, 2019
Publisher: Lucid Books

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An inmate finds himself in an impossible predicament after a life-changing encounter in prison, his survival tied to three seemingly unconnected people on the outside.  Unseen forces work to destroy them before they can discover their destiny.  Divided families, destroyed careers, sexual abuse, drugs, violence, and attempted murder combine to derail their lives and thrust them into peril.  If they can find a way to overcome these obstacles, they can change their world forever; but if they fail, they will set in motion a series of events spelling destruction for future generations.  A cosmic war rages in an attempt to prevent the unleashing of hell’s agenda.  Four lives converge at the center of the battle…THREE MUST DIE SO THAT ONE MAY LIVE.
About the Author

Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Jono Comiskey grew up in a country that was struggling for economic stability.  Following his two older brothers, he embarked on a journey to find adventure in the land of hopes and dream-the United States of America.  Twenty years later, he is convinced more than ever that each person carries incredible potential to affect the world around them in either a positive or negative way and that their God-granted privilege is to choose which path they will follow.  Jono is married and has three wonderful children.  Having spent more than two decades in the corporate world, he now pastors Transformation Church in Conroe, Texas, which focuses on making disciples who understand their identities in Christ.
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QUANTUM ROOTS III Fiction, Light Sci-fi, Satire Date Published: March 2019 Olan Chapman returns in
  War, Fiction Publisher: Xlibris Set in the Southwest, this is a story of soul
  Wendy C. Jorgensen grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and began writing in second
  Literature, Fiction   Theodore Roosevelt Crenshaw, "Best Heart-Throb" of his high school class, now


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Matching Configurations – Book Tour

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Light Sci-fi, Satire
March 2019
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Chapman returns in this third edition of Quantum Roots, as Calvin Cannonball
Cooper, a vigilante from yesteryear who uses powder guns, throwing knives and
cannonballs to neutralize the bad guys of today’s society.
books fail to mention Calvin Cooper, but this defender of the weak and  helpless, went down with Jim Bowie, Davy
Crockett and William B.Travis in that 1836 slaughter we remember as The Alamo.
or not, Cooper lives again each time Olan Chapman dons a cavalry outfit, found
in a New England attic overlooking the sea.
Configurations is based on a belief that any quark assembly that spins through
a series of worm holes, must format with a matching configuration triggered
from this side of the Time Wall.
296 page novel contains some adult material not suitable for readers under 18.


The intruder slipped into the masquerade party unnoticed, an easy feat in a noisy room filled with zany people and daffy costumes. 

Mickey Mouse was there, and Donald Duck. 
As was Bugs Bunny, Bat Man, the Green Lantern and a host of other rubber faces. The intruder wore a black head stocking to cover a black mustache and two evil eyes, spaced too close together. His name was Muhammud Dym Lyt Farouki. He had a picture of a camel painted on his car top, and a Luger tucked in his black waistband. He was here on a holy mission to kill women and baby infants. 

“I don’t see any children,” he whispered to a woman dressed as Xena-Warrior Princess. 

“This is an adult party” said the woman. 

“Allah will be angry,” replied the intruder. 

“I’m sure you can find your way back to your camel,” said the woman. 

World wars have been started with less fuel. The intruder pulled the Luger and aerated some mildewed ceiling tiles. 

Bedlam continued. 

The terrorist walked calmly to a roped off dance floor and targeted a be-speckled senior dancing with his wife. He shot the senior through the head. 

Screams filled the air as blood squirted to the floor. Party goers stampeded to the exits of this fire house second floor, only to find the stairwell doors locked. The terrorist fired more shots into the ceiling. 

All fell silent. 

“Thank you for your attention,” said the camel jockey, “I will now have all men drop to your knees, and all women line up against the wall for execution.” 

This particular Halloween gala was a staff party for employees of a small, New England computer firm. Mostly, the men had bookkeeper bellies and the women were anything but jocks. 

There wasn’t a hero in sight. 

Then, as the men knelt on trembling knees and women cowered against a stolid wall, deliverance appeared in the form of a U.S. Cavalry soldier. The terrorist was just about to execute the first woman in line, when the new comer came out of a nearby men’s room. He was dressed in blue and navy garb, with a flat brim stetson hat. A powder pistol hung from his right side, a throwing knife hugged his left thigh. 

The two men locked eyes. 

“Drop to your knees,” ordered the terrorist. 

“Fuck you,” said the soldier. 

The terrorist raised his pistol. 

Witness accounts would later vary on details, but the bottom line was written in blood. The cavalryman’s dagger went from it’s scabbard through the terrorist’s throat in a move second only to lightning. Not one witness could swear they saw the draw or the under hand throw. 

The men did testify that the terrorist’s broken ribs came from revengeful kicks to rectify being shamed to their knees. 

The cavalryman vanished. 

Books in the Quantum Roots Series:
 photo Quantum Roots_zpsyrprsmhb.jpg
Roots: The Vigilante Sightings
agents, Alexis Grumman and Jeremy Wade track down a current day vigilante,
whose fingerprints match those of a Korean War veteran. Author Kyle Keyes uses
characters from two previous novels, to promote a theory that particle energy
formats with a quantum root system, that can bypass time and space. Keyes
believes that such fiction could turn to fact as we move into the age of
quantum mechanics. Adventure fans everywhere should delight in this fast paced
action story, that brings yesterday’s gun play back to settle cyber-age
injustice. Synopsis: Jesse Joe Jacks was born sometime during the snow blizzard
of 1923. The Lower Elk County, game warden died from a lightning strike on July
23, 1959, while wearing a sheriff’s star. Olan Chapman came to life in August
of 1974 and found a computer career with a center city, electronics firm.
Chapman drinks heavy and is haunted by flashbacks of an older sister, lost to
an unsolved case of gang rape and murder. Jacks loved nature and lived to
protect wildlife. He stood tall and fought to uphold justice. Jacks was also a
crack shot with a firearm – any firearm. Chapman attends the theatre, plays
piano and at one time led a march against the National Rifle Association. Both
men have the same fingerprints, much to the chagrin of Lt General Alexis
Grumman who heads the federal department for para-normal activities. Working
with special agent, Jeremy Wade, Grumman breaks open the case when Chapman’s
fingerprints also match those of the vigilante.
 photo Quantum Roots II_zpszzymhozv.jpg
Roots II: Worm Holes
February 2017
Fiction, Satire
this sequel to Quantum Roots, the meekish Olan Chapman faces danger as
vigilante Samuel Leroy McCoy, a US deputy marshal who upheld law and order in
1876, Dodge City.
metamorphous holds an eerie transformation, cloaked with rolling sagebrush and
horse whinnies from yesteryear, which causes DPA Director, Alexis Grumman to
rethink the validity of worm holes.
is a worm hole,” replies Dr Norman Daly, “Atoms require hadrons to form a
nucleus, and each hadron comes through it’s own worm hole. Two quarks form the
bi-dimensional plane needed to support the hole. The remaining quark squeezes
through this hole, after which the first two quarks follow to shape the hadron
to a given genetic, configuration. The hole then closes to divide time from timeless.”
gunfighter is wanted for multiple killings, a consequence that keeps the
slender computer wizard on the run from authorities – and domineering wife, Ivy
in Quantum Roots, aka The Vigilante Sightings, Quantum Roots II is based on mounting
evidence that people form from recycled energy.
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the Author

 photo Matching Configurations -Author-Kyle-Keyes_zpsby6txocd.jpg

Keyes is widowed, has two children and an armload of grandchildren and great
grandchildren. When Keyes isn’t at work, he can be found in the nearest sand
trap, hitting himself in the ankle with a sand wedge.
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QUANTUM ROOTS III Fiction, Light Sci-fi, Satire Date Published: March 2019 Olan Chapman returns in
Dark Humor, Satire Publisher: Xlibris Published: February 2017 The Outlandish and the Ego is the
Literary Fiction, Satire Date Published: June 2017 Publisher: Black Letter Editions F*ck You, Your Honor
Satire, Humor, Self-Help Date Published: 12-15-17 Dear Reader, Knowledge, success, hope--this book will provide you


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Chasing Quetzalcoatl to the American Dream – Blitz

Chasing Quetzalcoatl to the American Dream banner


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in the Southwest, this is a story of soul evolution – the story of a soldier
who came back from Vietnam and knew he had to adapt to a rapidly changing
world.  The story chronicles his
transformation from a soldier to a man of God, but for him the process of
change was not always kind.  Making his
journey more difficult is the fact that he comes from a mixture of two
cultures, Native American (Navajo) and white.
He encounters people who are further along the path in their soul
evolution than he is, along with incredible obstacles to his education and
business endeavors.  But most
importantly, he must learn to reconcile his warrior nature with God’s plan for
the Author

 photo Chasing Quetzalcoatl to the American Dream Author_zpsex82whwf.jpg

Godwin received his BA in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and
his MA in English literature from Temple University in Philadelphia.  He was the Robert Sterling Clark scholar in
classics at St. John’s College in Sante Fe, New Mexico, and he holds an MBA
from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is
the author of True Philadelphia Stories (aa collection of short stories and
essays)< three novels – “Chasing Quetzalcoatl TO The American Dream:,
:Down and Out in Philadelphia and New York:, and “Through THe Dark Looking
Glass” and an anthology of poetry, “As You Sow”.  He lives in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.


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QUANTUM ROOTS III Fiction, Light Sci-fi, Satire Date Published: March 2019 Olan Chapman returns in
  Wendy C. Jorgensen grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and began writing in second
  Literature, Fiction   Theodore Roosevelt Crenshaw, "Best Heart-Throb" of his high school class, now


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Stars on Ruby Mountian by Wendy Jorgensen – Blitz

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Wendy C. Jorgensen grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and began
writing in second grade, furiously recording her hopes and dreams in a
denim-covered diary. Besides hanging out at the library, she loved soaking up
the rays—while reading a book, of course. During her sophomore year of high
school, Wendy’s family moved to Carson City, Nevada, and she thought her life
had ended. The desert, sagebrush, and cowboys were a far cry from the ocean,
palm trees, and surfers of Florida. Fortunately, within six months, the family
relocated to Lake Tahoe, and her outlook improved dramatically.
Wendy started college at the University of Colorado in Boulder,
followed by a year at the University of Nevada in Reno and two years at Brigham
Young University, where she worked as a reporter and copy editor for The Daily
Universe. A decision to take a short break from school turned into a
twelve-year college hiatus in Lake Tahoe. After a two-year stint in the civil
engineering program at California State University in Sacramento, Wendy
returned to Colorado and graduated from CU with a degree in English Writing. It
was a long, but valuable, educational journey.
After twenty years in Colorado, Wendy recently moved back to
Northern Nevada, close enough to Lake Tahoe to enjoy the beautiful scenery but
far enough away to escape the heavy winters. She lives with a wonderful
husband and a golden retriever who’s often mistaken for a sloth. Her
two brainy and creative sons make her want to be smarter. Wendy hopes someday
to journey to the stars.

Facebook ~ Website ~
Twitter ~ Instagram ~
Stars on Ruby Mountian cover
A teenage girl recovers in a Sacramento hospital,
the sole survivor of a terrible accident that killed her parents—parents she
can’t remember.
All she knows for sure is she’s in danger.  For the girl, known
only as Angie, staying put is not an option.


After saving a friend from a vicious attack reveals
she’s no ordinary human, Angie races to find a safe place. A chance encounter
with the intriguing Michael Winter leads her over the Sierras to Lake Tahoe,
where she’s nearly abducted. As she escapes to Colorado, she struggles to
unravel who she is and where she came from; instead the mystery of her identity
Her only hope is to find the truth before it’s too late.
When we
entered the hospital morgue, Dr. Burns and Penny each took one of my arms as if
they could protect me from what was about to occur. A faint, sickly odor
emanated from the icy cold, meticulously clean chamber. A somber technician
guided us to the bodies which were covered with sheets and lying side by side.
I shuffled over and braced myself as the covers were pulled down to reveal what
lay beneath.


            I gasped at the still, pale faces.
Something deep inside of me reacted to the man and woman. Both were blond and
sharp-featured, and the woman’s fingers were long like mine. Even though I
couldn’t identify them, I felt certain these people meant a great deal to me. Tears
of sorrow mixed with frustration sprang to my eyes. Were these really my
parents? Would I ever remember?

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QUANTUM ROOTS III Fiction, Light Sci-fi, Satire Date Published: March 2019 Olan Chapman returns in
  War, Fiction Publisher: Xlibris Set in the Southwest, this is a story of soul
  Literature, Fiction   Theodore Roosevelt Crenshaw, "Best Heart-Throb" of his high school class, now

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Teddy and Teri – Blitz

Teddy and Teri banner


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Roosevelt Crenshaw, “Best Heart-Throb” of his high school class, now
in is early thirties is looking to get what he wants out of life regardless of
what anybody thinks.
meets Pamela White, a sharp 38-year-old business woman whose sexual hunger
cannot be drowned in bourbon. She makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
nearly the same time he runs into Beverly Simons, a slightly neurotic, rather
plump high school classmate with whom he once had a one-night stand. She is now
widowed with a strikingly beautiful six-year-old daughter.
Jerry Weinstein, Esq., a rotund, gourmand bachelor lawyer specializing in
criminal law and a very dead Bradford Vincente, the 17-year-old son of pizza
king Tony “Pan-a-Mint” Vincente of Palos Verdes…
in the South Bay beach communities of suburban Los Angeles some thirty years
ago, the novel is a lurid tale of murder, lust and the inevitable consequences
of ravenous appetites that can never be satisfied.
the A

 photo Teddy and AuthorTeddy and Teri_zpswt36s3ro.jpg

been a soldier, a newspaper reporter, a high school English teacher, a day
trader and a poker professional. I’ve written literally millions of words in my
career as a writer, and think of myself primarily as a writer. My work has
appeared in popular publications like Playboy and Smoke magazines and in
literary journals where it has won some minor awards. My novel A Perfectly
Natural Act gained royalty publication from G.P. Putnam’s in 1973 and was
brought out in paperback the following year by Pinnacle. First Artists was
considering an option on it when they went defunct. The novel would make a
rather good movie. (Maybe I’ll write the screenplay one of these days.)
Additionally, I’ve written over fifteen hundred reviews (over a million words
in all!) for various Web sites, most notably Amazon and the Internet Movie
Database. Some of my reviews are among the best appearing anywhere (or so I
have been told). Over the years I’ve also written about a dozen book-length
manuscripts. My project now is to present perhaps eight to ten of these
manuscripts before the public in book form. I was graduated from UCLA in 1969
with a major in Political Science and minor in English Literature.
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Fiction, Literature Published: September 2017 Publisher: Napili Press   In The Era of Lanterns and
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