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Teddy and Teri – Blitz

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Roosevelt Crenshaw, “Best Heart-Throb” of his high school class, now
in is early thirties is looking to get what he wants out of life regardless of
what anybody thinks.
meets Pamela White, a sharp 38-year-old business woman whose sexual hunger
cannot be drowned in bourbon. She makes him an offer he can’t refuse.
nearly the same time he runs into Beverly Simons, a slightly neurotic, rather
plump high school classmate with whom he once had a one-night stand. She is now
widowed with a strikingly beautiful six-year-old daughter.
Jerry Weinstein, Esq., a rotund, gourmand bachelor lawyer specializing in
criminal law and a very dead Bradford Vincente, the 17-year-old son of pizza
king Tony “Pan-a-Mint” Vincente of Palos Verdes…
in the South Bay beach communities of suburban Los Angeles some thirty years
ago, the novel is a lurid tale of murder, lust and the inevitable consequences
of ravenous appetites that can never be satisfied.
the A

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been a soldier, a newspaper reporter, a high school English teacher, a day
trader and a poker professional. I’ve written literally millions of words in my
career as a writer, and think of myself primarily as a writer. My work has
appeared in popular publications like Playboy and Smoke magazines and in
literary journals where it has won some minor awards. My novel A Perfectly
Natural Act gained royalty publication from G.P. Putnam’s in 1973 and was
brought out in paperback the following year by Pinnacle. First Artists was
considering an option on it when they went defunct. The novel would make a
rather good movie. (Maybe I’ll write the screenplay one of these days.)
Additionally, I’ve written over fifteen hundred reviews (over a million words
in all!) for various Web sites, most notably Amazon and the Internet Movie
Database. Some of my reviews are among the best appearing anywhere (or so I
have been told). Over the years I’ve also written about a dozen book-length
manuscripts. My project now is to present perhaps eight to ten of these
manuscripts before the public in book form. I was graduated from UCLA in 1969
with a major in Political Science and minor in English Literature.
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Fiction, Literature Published: September 2017 Publisher: Napili Press   In The Era of Lanterns and
Book Description Publication Date: August 26, 2014 A sassy redhead with an axe to grind…
Book Description Publication Date: June 17, 2014 "Too funny for words." --All About Romance They
Book Description Publication Date: March 4, 2014 There's Something He's Never Told Her... When her


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Matching Configurations – Blitz

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Light Sci-fi, Satire
March 2019
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Chapman returns in this third edition of Quantum Roots, as Calvin Cannonball
Cooper, a vigilante from yesteryear who uses powder guns, throwing knives and
cannonballs to neutralize the bad guys of today’s society.
books fail to mention Calvin Cooper, but this defender of the weak and  helpless, went down with Jim Bowie, Davy
Crockett and William B.Travis in that 1836 slaughter we remember as The Alamo.
or not, Cooper lives again each time Olan Chapman dons a cavalry outfit, found
in a New England attic overlooking the sea.
Configurations is based on a belief that any quark assembly that spins through
a series of worm holes, must format with a matching configuration triggered
from this side of the Time Wall.
296 page novel contains some adult material not suitable for readers under 18.
Books in the Quantum Roots Series:
 photo Quantum Roots_zpsyrprsmhb.jpg
Roots: The Vigilante Sightings
agents, Alexis Grumman and Jeremy Wade track down a current day vigilante,
whose fingerprints match those of a Korean War veteran. Author Kyle Keyes uses
characters from two previous novels, to promote a theory that particle energy
formats with a quantum root system, that can bypass time and space. Keyes
believes that such fiction could turn to fact as we move into the age of
quantum mechanics. Adventure fans everywhere should delight in this fast paced
action story, that brings yesterday’s gun play back to settle cyber-age
injustice. Synopsis: Jesse Joe Jacks was born sometime during the snow blizzard
of 1923. The Lower Elk County, game warden died from a lightning strike on July
23, 1959, while wearing a sheriff’s star. Olan Chapman came to life in August
of 1974 and found a computer career with a center city, electronics firm.
Chapman drinks heavy and is haunted by flashbacks of an older sister, lost to
an unsolved case of gang rape and murder. Jacks loved nature and lived to
protect wildlife. He stood tall and fought to uphold justice. Jacks was also a
crack shot with a firearm – any firearm. Chapman attends the theatre, plays
piano and at one time led a march against the National Rifle Association. Both
men have the same fingerprints, much to the chagrin of Lt General Alexis
Grumman who heads the federal department for para-normal activities. Working
with special agent, Jeremy Wade, Grumman breaks open the case when Chapman’s
fingerprints also match those of the vigilante.
 photo Quantum Roots II_zpszzymhozv.jpg
Roots II: Worm Holes
February 2017
Fiction, Satire
this sequel to Quantum Roots, the meekish Olan Chapman faces danger as
vigilante Samuel Leroy McCoy, a US deputy marshal who upheld law and order in
1876, Dodge City.
metamorphous holds an eerie transformation, cloaked with rolling sagebrush and
horse whinnies from yesteryear, which causes DPA Director, Alexis Grumman to
rethink the validity of worm holes.
is a worm hole,” replies Dr Norman Daly, “Atoms require hadrons to form a
nucleus, and each hadron comes through it’s own worm hole. Two quarks form the
bi-dimensional plane needed to support the hole. The remaining quark squeezes
through this hole, after which the first two quarks follow to shape the hadron
to a given genetic, configuration. The hole then closes to divide time from timeless.”
gunfighter is wanted for multiple killings, a consequence that keeps the
slender computer wizard on the run from authorities – and domineering wife, Ivy
in Quantum Roots, aka The Vigilante Sightings, Quantum Roots II is based on mounting
evidence that people form from recycled energy.
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the Author

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Keyes is widowed, has two children and an armload of grandchildren and great
grandchildren. When Keyes isn’t at work, he can be found in the nearest sand
trap, hitting himself in the ankle with a sand wedge.
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Fiction, Satire Date Published:  February 2017 In this sequel to Quantum Roots, the meekish Olan

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The Clockwork Detective – Blitz

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Fiction / Steampunk / Fantasy / Fiction
: 7 May 2019
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Hartman left the Imperial battlefields with a pocketful of medals, a fearsome
reputation, and a clockwork leg. The Imperium diverts her trip home to
investigate the murder of a young druid in a strange town. She is ordered to
not only find the killer but prevent a full-scale war with the dreaded Fae.
Meanwhile, the arrival of a sinister secret policeman threatens to dig up
Aubrey’s own secrets – ones that could ruin her career. It soon becomes clear
that Aubrey has powerful enemies with plans to stop her before she gets
started. Determined to solve the mystery, Aubrey must survive centaurs, thugs,
and a monster of pure destruction.
the Author

 photo ClockworkDetective 1_zpsycg5wjq5.jpg

McCandless has been a writer both professionally and creatively for nearly two
decades.  He was born under a wandering
star that led him to a degree in Communication and English with a focus on
creative writing.  He is the author of
urban fantasies Tears of Heaven and Hell Becomes Her. His short stories have
appeared in numerous anthologies including In Shambles, Gears Gadgets and
Steam, Nine Heroes: Heroic Fantasy, and Holes: An Indie Author Anthology. R.A.
is a 2015 EPIC Award finalist, and winner of the 2014 Preditors and Editors
“Best Science Fiction and Fantasy” Award. He continues to research and write
historical and genre fiction, battle sprinklers, and play with his three boys.
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In Pursuit of Dragons An Elemental Web Tale by Anne Renwick Publication Date: August 8,
Steampunk Date Published: November 17, 2017 Publisher: Leonardoverse Books In the tradition of “City of
    Steampunk/Anti-Romance/Gothic Suspense Date Published: February 28, 2017 Publisher: Transmundane Press Commander Raymond Burntwood
Science Fiction, Sci-fi Adventure Publisher: Austin Macauley Published: October 2018 What is it like to

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Five Hundred Feet Above Alaska – Blitz

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Feet Above Alaska is the story of Peter Connors, a young man who moves to
Alaska in pursuit of his dream of becoming a commercial pilot. While the pilots
in Alaska are known for their superior airmanship, they are also famous for
their disregard of the rules that govern them. Determined to ultimately be an
airline pilot in “the lower forty-eight” Peter vows to walk the straight and
narrow. Yet, when Peter is the only pilot available to rescue a comrade who
crashed in the snow-covered tundra, he is forced to compromise the very ethics
that define him. Over time, Peter’s competence begins to overpower his regard
for the rules. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Peter begins a downward spiral.
The life Peter had carefully constructed for himself is at odds with the “live
or die” flying of Alaska. Over the course of a year of doing battle with the
elements on a daily basis, armed only with his plane, his wits and his skill to
bring him home every night, Peter must decide whether it is more important to
embrace life or cheat death.
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the Author

 photo Bob_Brantner_8128554_zpsw1jvg9rl.jpg

M. Brantner is currently working as both a captain and a line check airman for
a major US airline.  He started his
flying career as a bush pilot in Alaska, which later led to a job as a pilot
for Trans World Airlines.  He spent four
years with TWA before he landed his dream job, working for the airline he flies
for today.
was born in Southern California and attended high school there before heading
to Arizona for college.  After graduating
from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he moved to Alaska when he got his
first flying job as a bush pilot.  During
his time in Alaska, Bob first tried his hand at writing, penning a memoir on
his experiences flying Cessnas in the untamed Alaskan wilderness.                        
All throughout his flying
career, Bob continued to write.  He
penned several (unpublished) manuscripts.
It was after Bob’s completion of Claus: The Untold Story of Kris
Kringle, that he decided to work with his younger sister (and editor), Taylor
Brantner, on cleaning up the story until it was fit for publication.  After some success with Claus, Bob dug out
his previously edited (however, unpublished) manuscript of Five Hundred
Feet.  He teamed again with Taylor and
re-edited the material.
Bob is a certificated
Airline Transport Pilot and is type rated in the Beech 1900, Boeing 737, 757,
767, Airbus A320 and the DC-9.  He is
also a rated Flight Engineer.  He also holds
a commercial sea plane rating that he obtained in his time in Alaska.
Hundred Feet Above Alaska is Bob’s third published book.  He wrote the afore mentioned Claus, as well
as My Year as an Alaskan Bush Pilot, a non-fiction account of some of his
experiences flying in “The Last Frontier.”
 Bob is married to Kelly Kaczka Brantner and
they have one daughter, Madison, and a dog, Fergus.  They live just outside of Annapolis,
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QUANTUM ROOTS III Fiction, Light Sci-fi, Satire Date Published: March 2019 Olan Chapman returns in
Science Fiction / Steampunk / Fantasy / Fiction Date Published: 7 May 2019 Aubrey Hartman
World Literature, Fiction Date Published: January 2019 Publisher: Carline Fhurst Publishing LLC   In the


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Bonfires of the Gods – Blitz

Bonfires of the Gods banner

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World Literature, Fiction
Date Published: January 2019
Publisher: Carline Fhurst Publishing LLC
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In the wake of violent outbursts over the creation of a new local government area by the then military regime, two warring tribes, the Ijaws and the Itsekiris with an age-old ax to grind come head to head in a bloody and brutal battle for land ownership throwing a once peaceful and lovable city into chaos.
Set in March of 1997 in the war-torn city of Warri, Nigeria, BONFIRES OF THE GODS tell heartrending fictitious accounts of real-life experiences of people who had suffered great losses during the violent outrage. It tells a story of love and hate, of life and death, and of a quest for survival in one’s own homeland.
 photo Bonfires of the Gods - Book Blitz_zpsvwnzif5p.jpg
About the Author

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Andrew Eseimokumo Oki was born in Nigeria and grew up in the city of Warri. He has a first degree in English and Literature and a masters in Information Technology Management. ‘Bonfires of the gods’ is his first novel and has been featured as a special selection at London’s premiere “Africa Writes” festival of literature. Andrew lives in the United States.
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