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Karda – Blitz

Karda banner

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Adalta Vol. I
Green Canoe, LLC
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the beautiful world Adalta, an ancient threat emerges. Young Marta is dropped
to the planet for her first secret mission alone. Raised by her father on an
orbiting trade ship, he trained her for this – and to live by two rules: Don’t
get attached. Don’t get discovered.
cover for her mission, Marta joins the Mi’hiru, the all-female elite guard who
patrol the skies on Karda, majestic hawk-headed flying horses.
this planet where the only weapons allowed are arrows and swords, Marta
discovers a high-tech weapon she knows could only come from her ship. Someone
is smuggling them to use in the bitter power struggle between two noble
brothers. She knows she must stop this threat, and she reluctantly joins forces
with the handsome but arrogant Altan. As their connection grows, Marta
struggles to keep her secret and to keep the rule of not getting attached.
tensions rise and the ancient threat grows, will Marta accept the frightening
elemental magic powers Adalta wants to give her to save the planet she loves?
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Books in the Adalta Fantasy/Sci-fi Series:
 photo Hunter Volume 2_zpsavg6qyp3.jpg
Adalta Vol II
Green Canoe, LLC
August 2018
a young girl with a shattered dream, must unite with Galen, a young man with a
shattered emotional shell.
dream to reclaim her trauma-blocked elemental talent and become a healer
fractures when a powerful flying hawk-headed horse claims her as the
Austringer, one who hunts with hawks. Instead of learning to heal, she must
learn to kill the ancient evil arising on the planet.
has no dream, and the emotions he can no longer hide threaten to explode.
Assaulted by overwhelming elemental forces from the planet, he becomes the
legendary Kern––with power over plants and soil he doesn’t believe in and
doesn’t want.
a blood-and-death magician releases an ancient alien imprisoned for centuries,
its horrific creatures rise to kill everyone who threatens to block its
returning powers and its invasion of the planet. Together Tessa the Hunter and
Galen the Kern must fight this alien evil that threatens to enslave their
wagon slowed, and Bren poked an elbow into her ribs. Marta
herself on the side of the seat before she tumbled off and embarrassed herself.
“Look there,” he said, pointing up through a break in the clouds. “Karda.”
swelled in her chest, and she forgot to breathe. Two enormous
figures were high in the sky, wings outstretched as they circled
a thermal. Sun glinted from bronze and gold wingtips. Their
were tucked under, hind ones stretched behind. Manes and
by the Lady Adalta,” Bren breathed. “Did you ever see
more beautiful?”
watched the creatures rise ever higher into the sky, spread their
wide in a glide, and disappear into the clouds. And something
her shifted. Her whole body prickled with the need to see them
To get close to them. She grabbed the side of the wagon to
herself. The few images the spy bugs had sent couldn’t
I can’t believe I might fly on one of those beautiful beings. They are
What if I’m rejected for the training program? What if my cover
has too many holes?
as she was at blending in on a new planet, the possibility of getting recalled
or caught was too real. On this, her first mission alone she would not, could
not, fail. A cold, hard knot formed in her stomach. Getting expelled was not
the only danger. She was going to have to guard against commitment that went
too deep. That might be worse than not being accepted. The beautiful
horse-bodied, hawk-headed Karda filled her mind. A sharp, involuntary shiver
shot up her spine. How could she not become attached to them? But Adalta
her home. She couldn’t stay here forever.
the Author

 photo Karda Author Sherrill Nilson_zps2skmntlx.jpg

Nilson used to raise horses. Now she writes about flying horses–with hawk
heads and wicked talons.
of the Adalta Series, she’s been a cattle rancher, horse breeder,
environmentalist, mother of three, traveler to exotic places-even a tarot card
reader. She’s lived in Santa Fe and Ruidoso, NM, San Francisco, and Austin
after leaving the hills of Eastern Oklahoma and her ranch.
has a Ph.D. in East-West Psychology, and those studies opened her to the world
of ancient myth and story. The rigor of writing so many papers and her
dissertation suited her. She loves science fiction and fantasy and is a
prolific reader.
day she put the book she just finished down and thought, “I’m going to run
out of books to read. I love imagined worlds. Maybe I could create my
own.” So she took a leap of faith and embarked on writing Karda and
Hunter-the first two books in the Adalta series. She’s now working on Falling,
the third book, and lurking in the back of her mind is another series about the
trees deciding whether or not to leave earth.
lives, writes, and reads SciFi/fantasy in Tulsa, Oklahoma–back where she
started as the oldest of seven kids (don’t ask to drive), three of whom are
writers who love telling each other how they should write.
“Sometimes,” she says, “They’re mean to me and use too much red
doesn’t have a dog, a cat, or even a bird, but she does have an old Volvo
convertible and loves to drive around with the wind blowing her hair. It’s how
she gets her vitamin D.


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The Mad Lieutenant The Lost Planet Series, Book Three by K Webster & Nicole Blanchard
Sci-Fi Date Published: June 11, 2019 Da Vinci’s secret pales. Michelangelo concealed an explosive truth
The Mad Lieutenant The Lost Planet Series, Book Three by K Webster & Nicole Blanchard
Mystical Fantasy/Sci-fi, Occult, Supernatural Publisher: FriesenPress Can time become stuck at NOW or does it


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A New World Fantasy Novel Trilogy – Blitz

A New World Fantasy Novel Trilogy banner


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March 31, 2019
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crystal ball assures existence, but when separated from its divine setting many
years ago, its waning vigor generates panic; various worlds will cease to
subsist if not found in time.
search intensifies as witches and mortals together strive to elude the
obstructions of specters, including a demon, in their expeditious intent to
exclude the probability of perpetual darkness.
       Rena faced the doors of Whilom
Elementary once again. She stared at the crevices she had never taken notice of
all those years walking toward them. There was no reason to turn back; it was
only an urge. Just as she was about to turn away, she gazed downwards, slowly;
one door was ajar.
probably didn’t leave yet,’ she thought because the door was slightly open.
Ms. Biddock’s reaction frightened Rena, she understood the reason for her
terrifying behavior: it must have been humiliating for her watching her
colleagues walk away without offering to help her off the floor.
she murmured, scratching her chin, contemplating about whether to shut the
door. “Maybe Ms. Biddock has cooled down and will offer her apologizes to
was eager to give Ms. Biddock the opportunity to do so. With each passing
minute, which had only been about three, since the time of the “closing of the
door,” she decided to take that chance.
Hello?” She peeked, bug-eyed, tentatively pushing the doors ajar. “Can anyone
hear me?”
had shone through the old classroom windows; its rays beamed vibrantly through
the unclosed entries, and into the deserted hallways.
walked inside and stopped at the corner of the hallway that led to Ms. Biddock’s
office. The entrance was welcoming; the light was on, an indication that she
was still there. Rena proceeded, soundlessly, until a distant voice was
perceived, mumbling; she believed it to be that of the principal … Ms. Biddock.
the teachers came back,” Rena whispered under her breath. “She can’t be talking
to herself.”
used many words to describe what I seek! I’ve searched for passages until blood
showed on my feet!”
stopped; her eyes grew larger; she looked to her left and then to her right.
I was wrong.” She remained still, and then the bellowing chant had startled her
yet again.
have asked repeatedly, help with my finding, the place where these memories and
I were residing!”
rapidly supplanted the sun’s warm rays right before a storm produced
instantaneously. Ear-piercing thunder resonated within the school building, consolidated
with twisting winds that had abruptly slammed all the doors shut. Rena’s
trembling hands capped her ears, and her eyes squinted as she flinched with
pain. It was in that moment when she had decided—it was time to leave; however,
a similar overwhelming urge enticed her just as it had on the school’s front
steps: whether Ms. Biddock would apologize.
eyes half-closed, Rena moved through the vigorous winds, and victoriously
achieved the course that would conduct to her desired direction by way of the
light glaring through the frosted glass atop the office entryway. She extended
her arms outward and expressed perseverance, striving for Ms. Biddock’s door,
and seized hold of the doorknob.
triumphed in achieving her arduous grasp.
tremoring hands and all her weight—all ninety pounds, Rena pushed upon the
door, until there was an opportunity; little by little it opened; she persisted
her fight against the storm, but she wasn’t strong enough; the winds on the
other side were as vigorous, prompting her strength to weaken. The slight
access she had obtained—closed; nonetheless, she refused to give up, and shoved
again upon that office door, hard, and then even harder. It was surely opening,
slightly, and more, and then more; she hurriedly stuck her foot inside,
wiggling within the snug opening; then instantly, she was intrigued by the
ceiling turned open sky of stupendous swirling clouds, the roaring of deep
rumbles of thunder, and bursts of flashes of lightning!
dominated the rattling door with one hand while the other kept back her
‘tangled hair in the wind’ away from her face. Then, staring at her was a woman
with piercing, glowing green eyes, which Rena had imagined, derived from the
flashes of lightning.
… Biddock?” she questioned aloud over twisting winds.
Ms. Biddock turned away. She held out her arms under the blustery sky, aiming
her gold, etched wand, as lightning strikes soared out of its wooden tip.
distinguished one of the letters carved into the wand—the letter M; afterward,
she was drawn to an outlandish desk, covered by an old, green leather-bound
book, with bright lights beaming out of its oversized pages.
Biddock lowered her arms; her black layered gown waved simultaneously with her
loose hair blowing wildly.
I tell you to leave!” she yelled.
About the Author

 photo I.V. Phillips Author Photo_zpssgqytmyq.jpg

and raised in New Jersey, she currently resides in Florida.
her spare time, she writes poems, novels, and savors in the opportunity to read
an enthralling story.
novel, A New World Fantasy Novel Trilogy, was written to capture the minds of
fantasy novel readers with unique characters fitted in a montage of events as
they set on an enigmatic adventure.
RABT Book Tours & PR
Fantasy Fiction Date Published:  03-18-2017 Fiery fissures close, and thick descending clouds dissipate, revealing the
Science Fiction / Steampunk / Fantasy / Fiction Date Published: 7 May 2019 Aubrey Hartman
Fantasy Published: May 2018 A fantasy novel about a modern-day American boy who wakes up
THE WARLOCK’S CONQUEST, A Magical Shifter Fantasy Romance by Lorelei Moone Shifters of Black Isle,


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The Clockwork Detective – Blitz

The Clockwork Detective banner

 photo Clockwork Detective - ebook finished_zpsim1k41kx.jpg

Fiction / Steampunk / Fantasy / Fiction
: 7 May 2019
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Hartman left the Imperial battlefields with a pocketful of medals, a fearsome
reputation, and a clockwork leg. The Imperium diverts her trip home to
investigate the murder of a young druid in a strange town. She is ordered to
not only find the killer but prevent a full-scale war with the dreaded Fae.
Meanwhile, the arrival of a sinister secret policeman threatens to dig up
Aubrey’s own secrets – ones that could ruin her career. It soon becomes clear
that Aubrey has powerful enemies with plans to stop her before she gets
started. Determined to solve the mystery, Aubrey must survive centaurs, thugs,
and a monster of pure destruction.
the Author

 photo ClockworkDetective 1_zpsycg5wjq5.jpg

McCandless has been a writer both professionally and creatively for nearly two
decades.  He was born under a wandering
star that led him to a degree in Communication and English with a focus on
creative writing.  He is the author of
urban fantasies Tears of Heaven and Hell Becomes Her. His short stories have
appeared in numerous anthologies including In Shambles, Gears Gadgets and
Steam, Nine Heroes: Heroic Fantasy, and Holes: An Indie Author Anthology. R.A.
is a 2015 EPIC Award finalist, and winner of the 2014 Preditors and Editors
“Best Science Fiction and Fantasy” Award. He continues to research and write
historical and genre fiction, battle sprinklers, and play with his three boys.
RABT Book Tours & PR
In Pursuit of Dragons An Elemental Web Tale by Anne Renwick Publication Date: August 8,
Steampunk Date Published: November 17, 2017 Publisher: Leonardoverse Books In the tradition of “City of
    Steampunk/Anti-Romance/Gothic Suspense Date Published: February 28, 2017 Publisher: Transmundane Press Commander Raymond Burntwood
Science Fiction Date Published: May 3rd, 2019 Publisher: Chandra Press If you like the epic

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Bollywood Invasion – Blitz

Bollywood Invasion banner

 photo Bollywood Invasion_zpsairzunyy.jpg

May 2018
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fantasy novel about a modern-day American boy who wakes up in 1958 India as the
reincarnation of John Lennon.
Invasion opens when the protagonist, a sixteen-year-old boy from Brooklyn,
finds himself with riches and power beyond his wildest fantasies in India,
thirty-five years before he was born.
is readily forgotten. Life becomes a constant stream of debauchery, coming to a
stand-still only when he meets “the one.” However, love doesn’t come easy. He
must become a better man, a pursuit ignited by his memories of Beatles songs on
his iPod.
these legendary songs change his life?
he escape Lennon’s eventual tragic fate?
he ever find his way back to Brooklyn?
fate will unfold in Bollywood Invasion.
Invasion blends Indian cultural experience, time-travel blend perfectly with
the legendary songs from the Beatles.
 photo Bollywood Invasion graphic_zpsebryztmq.png
for Bollywood Invasion:
imaginative…rock ‘n’ roll fantasy.” Kirkus Reviews
engrossing saga that excels in unexpected turns of plot.” Midwest Book Review
you’re sixteen, and living in Brooklyn, being bullied by every kid who’s bigger
than you. Then, BAM! You wake up as a young prince in 1958 India. Suddenly, you
find yourself with riches and power beyond your wildest fantasies. This is how
your journey starts in Bollywood Invasion, which uniquely blends Indian
cultural experience, time-travel and the legendary songs from the Beatles.
is readily forgotten. Life becomes a constant stream of debauchery, coming to a
stand-still only when you meet “the one.” However, love doesn’t come easy. You
must become a better man and you decide to sing your way into her heart with
the songs based on your memory of vintage Beatles music. One night, you come to
the lawn outside her dormitory building to ask her out, for the last time…
eleven in the night, Ankita woke up to a familiar voice calling her name
outside her dorm. “Not again!” she groaned as she crawled from under the
don’t you write a song for me too? I am not that bad!”
could hear the banter outside. She walked to the door but could not open it.
Priyanka must be in the building, she thought.
stood on the lawn exactly where he had the last time he was there.
wrote another song, especially for you!”
opened the door and saw Raj standing next to Arun with his acoustic guitar.
“Raj, please leave,” she begged.
until you’ve heard this!” Arun started playing a tune on his guitar and the
entire dorm fell quiet.
Raj, don’t make it bad …” https://youtu.be/vxv_6YDOqvs
never took his eyes off her the entire time that he sang Hey You, his parody of
Hey Jude. Had she always been this beautiful?
Raj, don’t be afraid …”
the hell is singing at this ungodly hour!” the matron shouted from somewhere.
Raj continued to sing, not flinching at all. Arun, on the other hand, was not
feeling as confident as Raj.
we should go!”
am going to break every single one of your bones, you rascal!”
run! She will catch you!” yelled Ankita.
smiled. She cared about him.
continued to sing.
 “It’s you again!” The matron was on the lawn
now, brandishing a large broom in her hand ominously.
we should go!”
playing! Na nanananana!”
started running, the matron after him.
am done here,” said Arun and ran away into the darkness.
nanananana!” Raj continued to sing while running around in circles in the lawn,
the matron closing in. Some of the girls watching the moment unfold started
singing with him. “Na nanananana!”
what are you doing?” yelled Ankita. “Go back!”
nanananana!” The entire dorm building sang.
he shouted as he ran, his breath running out. “Give…me…a…chance!”
am going to break your legs, YOU RASCAL!” The matron flung the broom at Raj.
god’s sake, run! I will go out with you! Just once! Go now!”
entire dorm building erupted.
love you, Ankita!” said Raj as he broke into a run. “Na nanananana!” he
continued to sing as he disappeared into the darkness.
the Author

 photo Bollywood Invasion Author Ricardo Alexanders_zpsyqc3drns.jpg

Alexanders, an indirect descendant of the Great Yyu, was born in China. After
obtaining a doctorate in science, he became a passionate writer with keen
interest in in time-travel fictions that blend fantasy, science, and real
history together.    
RABT Book Tours & PR
  Fantasy Date Published: March 31, 2019 A crystal ball assures existence, but when separated
Science Fiction / Steampunk / Fantasy / Fiction Date Published: 7 May 2019 Aubrey Hartman
THE WARLOCK’S CONQUEST, A Magical Shifter Fantasy Romance by Lorelei Moone Shifters of Black Isle,

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THE WARLOCK’S CONQUEST, A Magical Shifter Fantasy Romance

by Lorelei Moone
Shifters of Black Isle, #4
Publication Date: April 19, 2019
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Shifters, Paranormal, Novella, Standalone





He would have his revenge. Nothing and no one could stop him.
Ferris has spent the better part of six years training and preparing for vengeance. The barbarians who abducted his sister so long ago would pay for their sins in blood. With the help of his magic, he’d avenge her honor, and wipe out the Black Isles once and for all. It’s all so clear, until he starts to wonder if he’s fighting for the wrong side.

She knows she must kill him. So why does she hesitate?
As right hand woman to the General, Eryn plays an important role in the defense of the Black Isles and its people. When a ship full of human mainlanders is spotted in their territory, she knows they must strike the enemy hard. War will tear the Isles apart if the warlock on-board the ship isn’t stopped. Only, she can’t bring herself to do the needful… He has put her under his spell.

They’re sworn enemies, fighting for opposing teams. The battlefield is the last place where love should bloom. But as they are about to discover, passion and hate are two sides of the same coin…



It was unmistakably him. Eryn was instantly mesmerized by the man’s eyes.

This was the one who had attempted to read her mind as she had flown past the ship earlier, staring up at her from his cabin, assuming she wouldn’t notice.

Only, she had noticed.

Now here he stood, his sword held high, circling her in a bid to evade the aim of her bow and arrow. He wouldn’t be able to, of course. She was faster than any human. More accurate.

And she had orders to kill. All it took was one swift flick of her finger. The arrow would hit any body part of her choosing instantly.

Time seemed to stand still for her, as soldiers rushed past and clashed with the other humans. The latter were no match, of course. Every single one of her fighters had at least a foot or two on the feeble humans. But her opponent was different.

The warlock was unique.

He stood taller than his companions, with broad, muscular shoulders to match. They were about equally matched as far as height went. And he looked younger than the others, probably closer to her own age.

His blue eyes hid all sorts of sins.

But these superficial observations hadn’t shaken Eryn. As physically impressive as he was for one of his breed, Eryn had been affected by a much deeper power.

It must be his magic, she thought. And yet she felt no sign of his presence in her own mind.


All she could do was observe him, as though she was not truly in control of her body.

Then, the spell was broken by his first move. He charged ahead and swung at her with his sword, and instantly she snapped out of her trance.

She defended herself with her bow, whipping it around to break the impact of his weapon, then swiftly flung it over her shoulder and unsheathed a blade of her own.

They danced around each other, eyes locked on, taking turns to attack and defend. But his impact lacked strength. Were humans really that much weaker? Or was he as reluctant as she was to do real damage?

Where had her hesitation come from? She didn’t have time for this!

Eryn bit her bottom lip as she swung around again. In this carefully orchestrated charade of a fight, it was her turn to strike. She’d had enough of the pretense and more importantly, she had orders to follow.

She raised her sword and aimed. He stepped aside to evade her attack, just as she suspected he’d do. In response, she changed direction mid-swing, found an opening, and brought the tip of her blade to a halt right at his throat.

It would be so easy to push a little harder and draw blood. So easy, and yet impossibly difficult. With a heavy heart she realized she couldn’t finish it. She couldn’t bring herself to kill him.

“You’d better drop that sword,” she hissed.

The man did as he was told, but his expression was as calm as it had been all along. Like this wasn’t a real fight, and he hadn’t really been defeated.

“I surrender.” As he spoke, the corner of his mouth curled up just slightly.

Was he smiling?

Eryn could not be sure. All she knew was that the longer she looked at his boyishly handsome face, the deeper she would sink. He’d given up so quickly, she couldn’t even justify carrying out Rhea’s demand here. Not in full view of her soldiers, who had been given clear orders to keep the prisoners alive.

So in a way, it was she who had lost this fight after all.

Rhea would be furious and rightly so. She was angry with herself.

A quick glance around revealed that most of the other humans had surrendered as well. If this was the sum total of the threat against the Isles, then they had nothing to worry about. As she looked back at her own prisoner, something shook Eryn to her core. His expression was so relaxed, it almost looked smug. There was something more coming.

She might regret capturing him alive before the day was over.

“Tie them up and stash them below deck, then we’ll tow the entire ship back to Black Mountain,” Eryn ordered. “Good fight, everyone!”

Her soldiers let out a loud cheer before getting to work and doing what she’d ordered. Eryn stood back and let someone else secure the ropes around the warlock’s wrists.

There was something about him that she could not understand. She wasn’t just apprehensive of his powers; it wasn’t fear she felt.

Yet she dare not touch him. Or look him in the eye for too long.

Her heart was beating just a little too fast. Her breaths had become too shallow. If she didn’t know any better, she thought it might be nerves. A funny tickle in the depths of her stomach made it hard for her to remain focused.

If she was in fact nervous, there was another, heavier feeling making things worse. A deep sadness had crept into her chest. It tore at her, and dragged her down.

It was only once he was completely out of sight that she could breathe a little more freely.



Lorelei Moone is an author of paranormal / fantasy romance based in London. A lover of all things sweet, and caffeinated, when she’s not writing about sexy bear shifters and their strong-willed curvaceous love interests, Lorelei can be found baking cookies or cakes for her family.

Website Facebook Twitter Newsletter Goodreads Bookbub Instagram Amazon Author Profile


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DIRTY POOL by Bethany-Kris Publication Date: May 6, 2019 Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Organized Crime.
CLAIMED BY THE KING by Lorelei Moone Shifters of Black Isle, #1 Publication Date: July
THE WEIRD GIRLS by Cecy Robson Weird Girls, #0.5 Re-release Publication Date: December 28, 2018

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