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  I was just legrandmatting everyone know a quick update on my Grandmother. She passed out during her physical therapy session today, but she is fine. She was just dehydrated, and they hooked an I.V. up to her to replenish her fluids. My mom and me were talking about this the other day that she was not getting enough nutrients through her feeding tube. She is still having trouble swallowing so she is not able to have liquids by mouth so she is not able to replenish her fluids like she should after her rehab sessions.

 It really was only a matter of tome before this happened. It was during the session when they were helping her walk and she passed out. The guy behind her was able to keep her upright and get her in a chair. The y called the ambulance and a doctor checked her out  and she was o.k.. She is still at Health South Rehab Center. The doctor thought it best to keep her there and just hook up an I.V. and just monitor her there. Otherwise she is doing very well on rehab. She is still having trouble with her left arm, but she was complaining that it was hurting and itching. So I believe the nerves are waking up. When I have more to report I will let you know. Thank you for all your prayers.



Things are not looking good for my Grandmother

We had the neurologist come in later today and gave us news saying that they are giving her a 10% chance to make it. If she makes it thru the night she has a better chance. The Doctor’s that have seen her have been all doom and gloom. Her heart doctor was more optimistic that the others. He is also the one that suggested a second opinion. She is talking, writing her name, she knows who everyone is, she is even moving her head to the left. Not very far, but she is still moving it, she is doing more that some patients that have had a major stroke.

Also we found out she should have been on oxygen since was admitted on Saturday and she hasn’t, and she should have been in the ICU unit also. These doctor’s have done everything back a$$ backwards. Sorry for my language. It has just been frustrating and exhausting. I am trying to stay strong for my mother and sister, but each day gets harder and harder. Today I did not even go into her room because I knew I would lose it. I am already such a tender-hearted person that if I look at you and you are crying, I will cry. I will keep you updated. Keep the prayers coming her way, they will help. I appreciate all that everyone is doing. Thank you.




Sorry I have not posted anything since this morning. After I had gotten back from my physical therapy appointment,and doing some grocery shopping. I came back home and cooked Turkey chili for supper. I tried to surf the net while I was doing the cooking, but I was having some issues with the the internet.

After I finished eating and cleaning up, I tried again to and no luck. So here I am doing a quick post to let you know that I am having technical difficulties with the internet. Here lately it has been having these little lags, or as my niece calls them hiccups. We are going to have to call provider to see what is going on, and let them know I am not paying for air. We are are paying for a service and we expect to b able to get onto the internet when we need to.

WELL I better call it a night I have to get up early for a Doctors appointment for my shots for my knee. I have to be there by 9:15am. My sister is taking me in case they don’t want me to drive. My Mom Is taking my grandmother for her procedure.She is going in to have her heart put back into rhythm. They have been trying to figure out why she has been tired all the time and gives out walking long distances. They found out that her heart is out of rhythm, or called heart arrhythmias. So they have to stop her heart and restart her heart to get it back in rhythm. I will let you now more tomorrow.





Knee (Photo credit: mariandy_gizfel)

I survived my second day of physical therapy. The day went great, and no pain in my knee. After my first day of therapy, I am having pain in my gluteus, hamstrings,  and calves. I can barely lift my legs, or sit in a chair. If I need to get up and get anything, I basically decide I don’t need it. I hurt to get up, but my knee don’t hurt. Just everything else. After today’s session we will see how sore I will be tomorrow. If I am too sore, maybe I will just stay in bed and not move.

I DO NOT LIKE PAIN!!!!!! I have until my next appointment on Wednesday @3pm to get over from being sore. I also have to set up an appointment for my injections for my knee, they have come in. The Doctor’s office called yesterday to let me know and to let me know what my part of the cost would be($312.42). I told them to let me get paid and I would set up an appointment next week. So I have to call them Monday and set one up. I will need to set it up opposite my physical therapy appointment, because I can’t do anything for 24 hours. Some say that the shot can be painful, and some say there is no pain. I hope I have no pain.

 Right now I just want the pain in my lower half to go away. I will have to do some stretches to get the muscles used to the exercises that I am doing. Until my next session this is a painful book junkie, thank God I have a lot of books in my room I need to read. Until tomorrow, Jennifer out.  

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My Sister who suffers from what the Doctor’s call Pseudotumor cerebri (SOO-doh-too-mur SER-uh-bry) occurs when the pressure inside your skull (intracranial pressure) increases for no obvious reason. Symptoms mimic those of a brain tumor, but no tumor is present. Pseudotumor cerebri can occur in children and adults, but it’s most common in obese women of childbearing age. She now has to go in for a spinal tap to relieve the fluid build up in the brain to relieve the pressure. This makes the third one since she was diagnosed almost 16 years ago. She also has to see a heart Doctor because her blood pressure was very high, and when they checked her blood pressure on both arms one was high the other was normal. So now they suspect that she has a blockage somewhere.

My Sister also asked her Doctor about losing weight, and she told her that the best for her right now would be the stomach surgery. So she has a bunch of Doctor appointments today, and they are setting up her surgery. My Sister has gone through so much in the last few years that she needs a break. She had an Aneurysm and it finally shrunk down to where the Doctor’s could not find it anymore. That was a blessing. Then she was being treated for breast cancer. She went in and the test showed that it was pre-cancerous and they had to shrink it down.

Now we just do the tests and the spinal tap, and we go from there. Four years ago I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor cerebri also, but mine has not gotten to the point that my sisters’ has. Mine has put pressure on my optic nerve and then returned to normal. I have not have had any headaches since. I still go in and have the pressure on my optic nerve tested to make sure it is not getting out of control. Now we just wait until we get the tests back and see what the Doctor’s are going to do.


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