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PRE-ORDER SALE OF THE WITCHES DEN BY D.L. BAKER – a paranormal erotic romance that will be released on 2/12/2015.

Young sexy woman in vintage lingerie over Christmas background

D.L. Baker is offering a  pre-order sale, where the book will be $.99 for pre-order, or $2.99 when the book is released. Go ahead and get your copy today!! This is a great opportunity to try a new author for $.99 cents.

Ruby is your typical girl; collector of penguins, works at a book store, tries to avoid sex because she doesn’t want her magic to spiral out of control and cause utter destruction around her.  She’s also a witch, living in secret like every other supernatural creature out there.  Trying to keep her emotions, and by proxy her magic, under control, she avoids the supernatural community and all the drama that entails.  Unfortunately, other people have plans for her and won’t let her remain a loner.  Forced to confront a manic witch who has designs on her powers, she turns to the owner of a supernatural watering hole, The Witches Den, in hopes that he can help and protect her, while trying to avoid the sexual tension that, literally, causes flames to dance.

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