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Coconut Cream Pie

Coconut Cream Pie (Photo credit: I Believe I Can Fry)

Hopefully everyone is having a great start to the New Year? We had family over for barbecue, potato salad, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese, homemade rolls, cabbage, 3-berry cobbler, and coconut cream pie,(also homemade).  We all ate so much that we made ourselves sick. The kids played rock band and did some singing. We watched some movies, and mom took my brother, his wife and my grandfather to see my grandmother. She is almost ready to do some standing, they are also letting her eat some soup and when she does eat they disconnect the feeding tube to see how she does. So far she is doing great. Here lately she has been a pistol, she will let you know what is on her mind.

She did get a bed sore, but the nurse is making sure that it is being taken care of.  She doesn’t have the infection anymore , so that is one less thing to worry about. I have started working in the photo lab at work, and I do not like it. I would rather go back to doing back to what I was doing. It is slow and the printing machines are always broken down. It is very frustrating. We are always having customer complaints because of the machines being down and the pictures are not being done. I am getting the hang of the register and the site-to-store part. There is still some things I need to learn, but I don’t like the constant standing. It really makes my knee and back hurt. It is very painful. Some days it is a 2 painkiller day.

I am hoping I can lose the weight  that the doctor wants me to lose so that I can have my knee surgery. Now that the holidays are over, I can concentrate on losing the weight. Well I am starting to fall asleep it has been a long day, and I need to take a shower to wash off the smell of smoke from the barbecue pit. I will talk with everyone tomorrow, and have a Happy New Year.




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Book Description

Publication Date:July 1, 2012

Eat, play, love

Plain old ice cream just isn’t going to cut it. To beat these blues, chef Olivia Marconi needs the good stuff: rich, creamy tiramisu gelato. And no place better to get it than Italy. But a fresh start is nearly impossible with Sean Kindred dogging her every move. She’s been burned by his too-hot-to-handle antics before. Though there’s no denying the man can still get her all fired up. Could a weeklong affair finally turn into something more lasting…or will it all go up in flames?

Book  description courtesy of Amazon.

Sean has given Olivia all the time she needed after her divorce, before he asked her out. He has always been attracted to Olivia, but has been unable to act on it because she was married and he had to take care of his brother who was on parole. Now that has all changed. He follows her all the way to Verona, Italy to her parents’ luxurious resort.

Now he is going to take her up on that sexy proposition that he walked away from in high school. Now he has no distractions to pull him away. This is a rediscovering yourself book. Trying to figure out who you are after a divorce, and rediscovering your sexuality and her cooking skills.

Olivia’s Ex was always making her second guess her cooking and lovemaking skills, and now she has to rediscover herself. Sean will be there to help her in whatever way she needs.

I loved the characters in this book, not just the main, but the secondary characters also. Olivia’s family all love her and want the best for her. I give this a 5/ 5 stars.

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