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Reclaimed – Blitz

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Reclaimed book cover

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: May 30, 2018
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Beyond all else, Samira Foster wanted one thing: Elliot Dowling. He was her passion, her need. They were just kids but she knew it was real. The way he kissed her; the way he held her. Yet he’s the one thing that was denied her. The scion of a powerful and wealthy family, she’s now the head of Foster Acquisitions. But she doesn’t have it all. The pressure, the demands, the wolves. And she’s all alone. She needs someone. She needs him. And she’ll have him … even if it destroys her.
Elliot slowly began to realize that, despite the adrenaline flooding his system, nothing had truly changed since he had walked away years ago. He had to fight not to reminisce of the days they spent together, whether it was at the park, the lake or hiking the trails while the world waited back in the city. She was still the perfect girl, and now woman, that every man dreamed of, and he knew that she had no business slumming it with the likes of him. Samira’s eyes started to glow in the same way they used to when she looked at him. She could see deep into his soul, all of his feelings, and right now he wondered if she knew the truth.
“I almost gave up hope trying to find you,” she said. “It’s been years since you disappeared. I was beginning to think I would never see you again. Then the name Dowling Holdings came across my desk and I heard you’d returned. Why didn’t you reach out to me?”
“I thought about it, but there’s things…”
“I know.” Samira nodded. Her smile faded slightly, but she suppressed the frustration that Elliot knew she must’ve been feeling. “I had my investigators do a complete work up on Dowling Holdings. The only thing they can’t tell me is why you left. Was it because of what your father did?”
Elliot shook his head, he was certain there were things no one could know, and truthfully said, “My father’s actions might have held something over me at one point, but that doesn’t shadow my decisions anymore.”
Samira looked confused, then sad for a split second. “Was it me? Did you not reach out because of something that I did?”
Elliot once again shook his head. “God no, Sam, you’re amazing!”
He watched something click in her head, and even though he had never told her what happened that night, she figured it out.
“It was my dad then,” she said. “He never approved of us; even if he never told me, I knew that he hated the thought of us together. Did he threaten you? Forbid you from seeing me?”
Elliot could not look at her. Samira’s face flushed with anger as she continued, “Two and a half billion dollars in profit last year from a holding company that you built yourself. If you can’t see how impressive that is, I would be shocked! That was your hard work and determination! If my dad was even alive, he would not have a leg to stand on to keep us apart.”
“Sam, I wanted everything to be just right, or at least, cleaned up…”
Samira stood up. “No, Elliot. I don’t believe you. Everything you’ve gone through, everything you’ve built, doesn’t matter. You’ve let him stand between us for all these years. He was my father, and no matter what he said, I was never afraid of him or let him run my life. You could have everything you want now, but instead you just keep trying to prove yourself to a dead man.”
Samira got up, clearly upset, and headed for the door.
Every part of him wanted to run after her, and take her into his arms again, but where would they go from here? He saw now how crazy it was to bring her back into his dark world again.
About the Author
Marcella Swann has been putting words on paper for as long as she can remember. After working for years in the hard-edged world of journalism, she now devotes her time to writing contemporary romance stories of strong-willed women who win the men of their desires.
As passionate about love as the beauty of a story well told, Marcella is a complete romantic and believes everyone desires their happily ever after.
A small-town girl from Louisiana, Marcella now lives in New York City and starts each day walking her Yorkie in the park. She also swings a mean kettle bell at the gym and loves Karaoke nights with her friends.
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Celebrity Status – Blitz

Celebrity Status  tour graphic

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Contemporary Romance
Date Published: May 9 2018
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Famous Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Stanfield, has a glamorous lifestyle with a lavish house, glittery parties, a people magazine’s fifty most beautiful people fiancé and best friend Billy Stone – Famous actor, producer and secret organized crime enforcer.
Everything is not as it seems…Elizabeth’s fiancé cheats on her, a studio head and director are hell bent on making her life miserable and it gets harder to keep her secrets protected.
The only good thing in her life is Billy, their budding romance, and connections that give them freedom to do whatever they want in Hollywood.
Will their connections be enough to keep their secrets hidden and Celebrity Status safe or are they doomed to be torn down?
I had my driver take me back to the hotel. I went straight to the restaurant inside the lobby and ordered spaghetti with meatballs.
“Where’s your boyfriend?” Sonny asked as he sat down next to me.
“Not that boyfriend,” Benny Micheletti said as he sat on the other side of me.
“Billy is at a meeting, what do you two want?” I asked, in a snarky tone. I was exhausted from the tension on the set and all I wanted to do was wait for my meal in silence.
“We need to speak to Billy and thought you would know where he is,” Sonny said.
“Like you talked to him the night before the hit on Trassari?”
Both men stared at me without saying a word.
“Leave him out of shit like that,” I demanded.
“Mind your own business,” Sonny threatened.
The waitress came over with my meal. I ignored Sonny’s threat and dove into my meal.
“Is there anything else I can help you guys with?” I asked. “If not, I’d like to eat in peace.”
“Hard day on set?” Benny asked as he went to take a meatball off my plate of spaghetti.
I smacked him hard on the hand with my fork.
“Ow,” he yelled.
“All those meatballs are spoken for, get your own, and yes every day is a hard day on set with Antonio Suarez.”
“Need us to take care of anything?” Sonny asked, becoming serious.
“No, but thank you for the offer.” I sarcastically answered.
“Well isn’t this rich.” Elena materialized at the table. “I came to drag you back to the set and here you are with your friends.” She practically spit out the word friends.
“Who is this stunning vision of beauty?” Sonny stood up from the table, taking Elena’s hand in his and kissing it.
I gagged on a mouthful of food.
“I’m the studio head in charge of the film Elizabeth is supposed to be working on right now.” She blushed as he kissed her hand again.
“Well, Bella, you are quite the sight,” Sonny continued to fawn. “But I’ve never heard of a studio head on set.”
“Unfortunately, the director is having a hell of a time with his lead actress.” She glared at me. “So, I have to stick around and babysit.”
“Do you mean Elizabeth?” Sonny asked, as if he was truly concerned.
“Yes, Elizabeth and the director, Antonio, don’t get along.” Elena answered, in a softer tone, no doubt falling for Sonny’s charm.
“Perhaps, Bella, then you need a new director because Elizabeth here is the best in the business.”
Elena ripped her hand out of his grip as I gave her a smug smile with a mouthful of food.
“Yeah, Elena, why don’t we get a new director?” I asked sarcastically.
“My brother Benny and I could help with that if you want?” Sonny propositioned Elena.
She blanched at his words.
“Sonny,” I blurted out. “Seriously?” I couldn’t believe he had offered his services.
“The offer is on the table. Let’s go, Benny.”
“Sorry about that, they’re idiots,” I apologized to Elena after the two men had left.
“Yet you were having lunch with that sort of people. I should’ve known.”
I glared at her in response.
“I expect you back on the set in thirty minutes,” she demanded as she haughtily turned and walked out of the restaurant.
About the Author
Angela Scavone is the author of two Soulmate novels, Love by the book and A Journey Home. As well as,  a contributing author to the Christmas anthology, ‘A Soulmate for Christmas’. Her latest novel Celebrity Status is now available from Pearman Literary Publishers on Amazon. She lives in Ontario, Canada sharing her home with her father and much-loved trio of pups. Apart from her avid love of story telling, she likes to read, spend time with family and friends and concoct dairy free recipes from scratch. Sometimes she wins and sometimes she loses – tofu, banana and peanut butter pudding we are looking at you
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Holden's Regrets cover
Diane Zparkki
Series: Branson’s Kind of Love Book 2
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: March 25, 2018
Second chance love with secrets to be revealed
Ever since they were kids, Shannon has been in love with her best friend’s old brother, Holden. She once hoped that Holden would come to his senses and accept that they are meant to be together.
Holden, on the other hand, only ever saw Shannon as his kid sister’s best friend, and a royal pain with her crush. That was, until one night in college when his sister and Shannon visited him. That was when Holden saw Shannon for the beautiful, vibrate young woman she had grown into.
When he returned home from college, he planned to declare his feelings to her; to tell her that he realized what he had been denying all these years and to give them a chance. However, he was too late. Shannon had finally taken the hint and moved on, dating another man, one she agreed to marry. The only place left for Holden was in the friend zone.
In a turn of fate, circumstances change and Shannon feels like she has no choice but to leave town with a secret of her own. Holden, meanwhile, will do anything to mend their friendship and hopefully build it into something more.
Will Holden be able to handle the surprises that are coming his way and continue to love Shannon the way he really wants to? Can Shannon trust the man who drove her out of her home and hurt her yet again?
“This was a great read and although I shouldn’t have liked Holden to begin with but I did because I felt his pain and understood he was lost in the sorrow of his bad decisions. He had to hit rock bottom before he could make things right. It made it real for me.”
– Anne Citro, Goodreads Reviewer
“This book has a lot of twists. Some you may see coming, but not all. Zparkki did well in keeping a lot under wraps so things will blow up in your face in the end.”
– Kristin Campbell, Goodreads Reviewer

Book Tour Schedule

Follow the book tour from June 4 – 16, 2018.
Join us and visit each tour stop daily and discover more features, excerpts, reviews, interviews, fun facts and more! To check the latest tour schedule, visit the Holden’s Regrets Book Page at Book Unleashed.
Holden's Regrets Tour Graphic



The tables had turned at the Branson family dinners. For years the focus had been on Sydney, worrying about her state of mind and the stalker no one could catch. Now the spotlight had turned to me.

My family would never pry into my life, but the heaviness around the dinner table was thick. I remembered how Sydney would escape these dinners by quickly eating her food then moving into the kitchen to help Mom with the cleanup. I chose to have a different approach to the family’s loud silence. I simply sat quietly with an asshole attitude written all over my face, daring them to bring up any subject that would piss me off. I welcomed the fight.

Why didn’t I just stop coming?

“Sydney, your cell is ringing,” Mom called from across the kitchen.

Sydney jumped up and skidded across the kitchen floor to get her phone out of her bag. “Hello?”

Our meal continued as normal until we heard Sydney shouting Shannon’s name in surprise. Then all eyes went to her.

We watched her moving around the room with one hand holding her phone to her ear, while she covered her other ear to block out the noise, which there wasn’t any because everyone else was frozen in place, trying to listen. Meanwhile, I chose to ignore the whole thing, reaching for the roasted chicken marinated in buttermilk, crusted in cornflakes, and baked to a perfect golden crisp.

The only reason I knew those ingredients was because it was my favorite meal that Mom made. I had noticed most of our family dinners recently had consisted of my favorite meals.

Everyone’s eyes went between Sydney and me as I made my plate. They were most likely shocked that I wasn’t acknowledging the phone call. Why would I? She had moved on, not looking back. A courtesy call was all it was, and at the request of Liz.

“Are you not curious about what Shannon has to say?” Mom whispered, not to disturb everyone else who was eavesdropping.

My dad watched me as I answered, shocking my mom with my response.

“Nope. Don’t care.” With no emotion, I dug into my chicken as though it was my last meal.

Sydney swiped her phone to end the call and put it back in her bag before returning to the table with a confused look on her face.

Everyone was waiting to hear what Shannon had said.

“That was Shannon,” Sydney said as she sat down next to Jaxon, her face unreadable.

I knew what I was feeling, though, and it was not happiness.

“What did she say?” Jaxon asked as though he didn’t know a thing, putting his arm around her chair and trying to give the illusion that he was honestly engrossed in what she had to say.

“She really didn’t say anything. Just that she’s fine and not to worry. She wouldn’t tell me where she was, though.”

That wasn’t sitting well with Sydney, nor the rest of the family. My parents had a ton of questions that they started firing off. Of course Liz, Logan, and Jaxon said nothing, allowing my parents to ask. They just sat there quietly with no expressions on their faces, probably afraid it would give them away.

“I just don’t get it, Mom. Why would she leave like that? Why would she lie about going to school? I feel bad. Shannon blames herself for everything that happened to me.”

“I don’t think Shannon is thinking that,” Liz quickly spoke up. “She’s probably worried that, if she was around, it would be a reminder to you of the trouble Danny caused you, and that it would take you longer to heal and get back on your feet.”

“But that’s crazy. She’s a victim as much as I am. We all are, really. We all trusted him.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Shannon is no victim. She has always looked out for herself. Thought only of herself and continues to. She used all of us. She ran when things got hot, just like her folks. Don’t waste your time worrying about that tramp. She has moved on to the next sucker.”

“Holden!” Mom scolded me, but she had no idea what I had seen the previous weekend.

About Diane Zparkki

Diane Zparkki

I was born and raised in the greater Toronto area and raised my own family in the suburbs of the city. I’m a busy working mom with writing being my second full time job. With my husband, we have raised three great kids. Who constantly keep me on my toes and laughing. I enjoy planning themed parties and traveling with my family creating memories. Thrill seeking of some sort is always on the menu which I usually drags my family along with me. Going to the movies is always a good night out or curling up with a book and a steaming cup of tea. I have been known to do some Netflix binge watching.
I was never a big reader or writer in my youth-Coles Notes were my best friend throughout college. My enthusiasm for reading came later in life when I joined a book club. I enjoyed reading those initial books that got me hooked into the literary world, but I wanted raw, simple, and happily ever after with a bit of get down and dirty. That was when my love for Alpha bad boys on a Harley was set in motion.
After becoming an avid reader, my mind started to create my first story, and I needed to get it out.
Fixing Sydney and Holden’s Regrets are the first two of Branson’s Kind of Love Trilogy. I hope you enjoy Sydney and Holden’s stories with Logan’s coming in the near future.
Social Media Links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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Contest runs from June 4 – 16, 2018.

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The Crown Princess – Excerpt Reveal

The Crown Princess tour graphic

Today Kathleen Samuels’ is stopping by to share an excerpt of THE CROWN PRINCESS with us! Check it out and grab your copy June 13th!

The Crown Princess cover

Title: The Crown Princess

Author: Kathleen Samuels

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: June 13th

About The Crown Princess

Dependable Crown Princess of Cordova, Gwen, is dreading the day she gives up her life for her country. With the day of coronation looming, Gwen decides to make a bucket list of crazy things she wants to do before the big day. Taking her list, she travels to Las Vegas, a place where no one will question wild behavior and she can be just another normal person on vacation in sin city. Enlisting the help of Alex, a notorious entitled playboy, she finds herself checking off more than just the items on the list. Is she willing to risk it all and take a chance at falling in love?

Fiercely independent Alex, the black sheep of his family, was raised in the hotel business. Breaking out on his own, he built a successful Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas. When Gwen asks for Alex’s help on completing her list of ‘bad girl’ activities he readily accepts. Who else knows how to let loose but the Billionaire Playboy himself. But as he starts helping her with the list, he begins to realize that this Princess might be worth trading in his bad boy image.


Preorder Your Copy Today:


Exclusive Excerpt:

Escape. A single word. A tempting path. And out of Gwen’s reach. She strode across the balcony of the royal palace, her hands clenched at her sides. There had to be some way for her to escape the peering eyes, the criticism.

My duties.

Her troubled gaze drifted over the idyllic scenery of Arens, capital of Cordova, her beloved country. The beautiful greenery that melted into the shoreline usually brought calm and serenity. Not today. Even the light, earthy scent of heather, the flowers influenced by neighboring Germany, didn’t lighten her mood. Pulling her arms tight across her chest, she continued to trace the length of the balcony with quick steps.

“Your pacing is making me nauseous.”

Gwen brought her steps to an abrupt halt and glared at her brother resting so casually against the stone balustrade.

“Oh shut up, Samuel. You’re not the one with the noose around your neck.” Leaving her brother behind, Gwen marched through the open French doors and collapsed behind the centuries-old desk.

She listened as the thump of Samuel’s cast hit the tiled floors, following her inside. He slumped into the chair across from her, grinning at her obvious frustration. She knew she acted childish, but better in front of her closest brother than her aide or, God forbid, the media.

“A noose, Gwendolyn? Really? Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic? Duty to the crown, duty to the country. Hail Cordova.” Sarcasm dripped off each word. Samuel hefted his casted foot and plunked it down onto the desk, knocking off a silver picture frame.

Gwen retrieved the framed picture from the floor, some of her tension ebbing from her slender body. Five laughing children smiled back at her through the glass. Her older brother, Jonathan, stood in the back with a toothy grin, golden hair gleaming in the afternoon sun. Only ten years old in the picture, but the weight of the country already pressed down on his shoulders. Gwen’s seven years held no worries, her head thrown back in mid-laughter as she watched her five-year-old twin brothers, Samuel and Arthur, dangle from the tree above. Her youngest sister, Petra, swaddled in her mother’s arm, wild red hair peeking from the blanket.

The picture snapped outside the doors of the palace, exactly one month before her mother suddenly took the crown. What a difference it made in her life, her mother transitioning to Queen of Cordova after losing their dear grandmother to cancer.


About Kathleen:

Kathleen Samuels knew the moment she picked up a Sweet Valley High book that happily ever after endings were the only books to read. She began writing in junior high school, determined to become an author someday. After college, she became a teacher for children with disabilities, still writing in her spare time. Joining Romance Writers of America in 2011 focused her efforts and she created The Royals of Cordova series. Kathleen is a collector of everything based on the Cinderella story and truly believes she will find her Prince Charming one day. Until then, she will write about them in her books. Kathleen makes her home in Southern California with her two college age children and little Tibetan Spaniel, Jack.


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Exciting New Blog Tour – Tuck Me In Tight

Tuck Me In Tight banner

Today we have the blog tour for Tuck Me In Tight by Jennifer Rebecca! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy:

Tuck Me In Tight cover

Title: Tuck Me In Tight

Author: Jennifer Rebecca

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover by Alyssa Garcia at Uplifting Designs.

About Tuck Me In Tight

George Washington Township, New Jersey has been relatively quiet ever since it was turned upside down following a high profile kidnapping. During the lull in excitement Detective Claire Goodnite has enjoyed being in the love bubble with the sexy SAIC Wesley O’Connell.


Never fully believing that she was capable of a committed relationship—with Wes or with anyone—leaves Claire feeling undeserving of the elusive happily ever after. She has never let herself enjoy what was within her grasp . . .


Until a string of murdered women dressed and posed like sleeping dolls shakes the very foundation of everything Claire thought she knew. Particularly when the only connection to be found between the three victims is the man who finally stole her heart for keeps, Wes.


But it’s like she always said, she’s bad at love.

Tuck Me In Tight teaser

Get your copy today!

Amazon | iBooks | Nook | Kobo

the claire goodnight series banner

Catch up on the series:

Amazon | iBooks | Kobo | Nook

Tuck Me In Tight teaser 2Tuck Me In Tight teaser 3

About the Author:

Jennifer is a thirty something lover of words, all words: the written, the spoken, the sung (even poorly), the sweet, the funny, and even the four letter variety. She is a native of San Diego, California where she grew up reading the Brownings and Rebecca with her mother and Clifford and the Dog who Glowed in the Dark with her dad, much to her mother’s dismay.


Jennifer is a graduate of California State University San Marcos where she studied Criminology and Justice Studies. She is also an Alpha Xi Delta.

10 years ago, she was swept off her feet by her very own sailor. Today, they are happily married and the parents of a 8 year old and 6 year old twins. She can often be found in East Texas on the soccer fields, drawing with her children, or reading. Jennifer is convinced that if she puts her fitbit on one of the dogs, she might finally make her step goals. She loves a great romance, an alpha hero, and lots and lots of laughter.


Website | Email | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Tuck Me In Tight teaser 4

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