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I Hear the Black Raven Virtual Book Tour

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A Petite Memoir

Date Published: 06-04-2021

Publisher: Equal Age


At 31 years of age, Claire Ishi Ayetoro has lived enough lives to fill an
ensemble cast. In this, her first memoir, no topic is off-limits as she
paints portrait after portrait of her triumphs and her battles with bipolar
disorder, religiosity, and that ever elusive cure-all: love. A vividly
compassionate depiction of psychosis, Ayetoro weaves words of wisdom,
encouragement, and inspiration into every layer of her storytelling. Journey
with her through the mountains and valleys of manic depression, guided by
that singular spirit of flight: the black raven. You never know, it may even
be calling to you.



I Hear the Black Raven paperback


About the Author

Claire Ishi Ayetoro

Claire is an African-American author and a creative at heart. Born in the
southern hills of Mississippi, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in
Mechanical Engineering and has been re-designing and re-defining her world
to live her best life ever since. She is an advocate for human rights and
helps others to find freedom of mind through her coaching. When she is not
writing, she can be found catering to Rupert (the family cat), daydreaming
about warm spring days and cool fall nights, and whistling (a favorite
pastime taught to her by her beloved “Papa Ray”).

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